Bappo Dalappo

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Gridania-transparent.png Bappo Dalappo
Welcome to Gridania!
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Gridania
Server Mateus
Relationship Status Single
Grand Company N/A
Free Company N/A
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Basic Info

Bappo is your stereotypical child of a merchant. All he ever wanted was to make his parents happy and open a storefront in Eorzea. That dream was put aside after hearing the haunting melodies played by the bards of Gridania. He still plays the markets every now and then, but his dream is to play center stage in his new wooded home.


Bappy grew up working the counter in his parents' shop. He knew it wasn't his calling, but he wanted to make his parents proud. He went to the greatest trade schools money could afford and finished top of his class. He eventually caught the eye of a Monetarist from Ul'Dah but ultimately turned down an offer of apprenticeship. Borrowing funding from his parents, Bappo set off to expand the family business. After trekking for many days, and getting lost countless times, he made it to the forest haven of Gridania. To go from studying in Ul'Dah for many years, the forest was a welcome change.

One drunken night Bappo stumbled into the tavern where a bard was performing. He watched until the early hours of the morning and made an inebriated vow to become a bard himself. He set out the next day to save up the money to afford an instrument himself.


Quick to excite, Bappo finds himself in trouble more often than not. Always wanting to make everyone happy, he often bites off more than his Lala mouth can chew. Despite his tendency to talk to himself, people seemed to flock to him wherever he went before moving away. In the end he is friendly and dedicated.


Other Notes