Bazil Zoso

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Gridania-transparent.png Bazil Zoso
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Gridania
Age ??
Guardian Menphina, the Lover
Occupation Bard

The Lowdown

Stage Name: Bazil Zoso

Real Name: Zozobazil Sosobazil

Early Years

According to his ghost written biography, The Spice of Life (all copies of which have since been destroyed thanks to Ul'dan refugees using them for kindling or toilet paper), Bazil grew up in abject poverty, scraping by on the streets of Ul'dah.

It was later revealed that he actually was the black sheep of a prestigious merchant family, yet still grew up wanting for nothing.

He took to playing the harp not as an act of rebellion, but simply because he was bad at math, couldn't be trusted to continue the family business, and thus had no other job prospects. Of course, none of that really matters, as no one remembers who the hell he is.

The Forgotten Music Career

Bazil's traveling band, known as Bazil and the Magnificent Bastards, toured Eorzea for twenty years leading up to the Calamity. Their music consisted of the sort of things popular in tavernsā€”upbeat songs that were typically about drinking, loving, or dying.

Bazil was there on the battlefield when Dalamud cracked open, but he wasn't there to take part in the epic battle, nor was he accompanied by the band. They thought him crazy to try and stick to the fringes and watch, hoping it might inspire some great ballad that would ensure he was remembered forever more, and they were right.

Ironically, Bazil's presence on that fateful day left him forgotten along with the true Warriors of Light. The members of the Magnificent Bastards, having no memory of their front man, went their separate ways in the years since.

Solo Work

Bazil's attempts to try and rekindle his career have thus far failed, thanks largely to writer's block that's plagued him ever since he reappeared from... wherever. For lack of anything better to do, he took up adventuring mostly to assure he would have no end of things to drink, snort, smoke, or lick. The substance abuse doesn't inspire him like it used to, but he doesn't let that stop him. As far as he's concerned, he just hasn't found the thing that'll finally inspire him to compose again.

Substance Abuse

Bazil's tendency to snort, smoke, or drink anything just to see what will happen is well known.

The Botanists Guild of Gridania strongly suspects he may have a hand in a black market field guide to herbs and their recreational uses, though no real evidence exists beyond his own propensity for abusing whatever substance he finds while adventuring.

In spite of the fact he is always under the influence of something, Bazil is a remarkably good shot with a bow. It has even been observed that his accuracy greatly decreases on the rare occasions when he's caught sober.

Love Life

Bazil has been married at least three times. Nothing more can be said without risk of inciting further legal action.

Legal Action

His biography led to no less than two dozen attempts to sue for libel thanks to a chapter entitled "Kiss & Tell".

All cases were dismissed when it was revealed Bazil didn't even have the gil to pay his own lawyer, and had skipped town to avoid paying even that bill. He was later declared wanted for unrelated incidents, but the reward was small, and it became moot upon his vanishing with the Calamity.

Attempts to sue his family in his place proved futile, as Bazil had signed an agreement legally absolving his family of any and all association (thus why there is no Family section) shortly before he started touring.

Known Associates