Bhaldberk Sykursyn

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Bhaldberk Sykursyn
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
"I have made many mistakes in my twenty years of piracy. I will atone for them all."



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Bhaldberk is a large man, rather wide and tall even by Roegadyn standards. His face is scarred and worn with age and the marks of a hard life. His eyes are impassive, almost disinterested. A golden headband sits atop his head at all times.

Bhaldberk is most often seen in heavy armor, giving him a silhouette of a standing bear. The black metal of his equipment is trimmed with bands of soft gold. Strapped to his back is a wicked looking headman's axe.


Despite his appearance, Bhaldberk is a soft-spoken, gentle man. He keeps to himself at most times. Catching his eye will lead a slight nod and a warm smile. Bhaldberk is a deeply spiritual man and can often be found in prayer or quiet contemplation.



In battle, Bhaldberk is a force to be reckoned with. He uses his size and former ferocity to great advantage, charging through enemies like a maddened beast in an attempt to draw their attention to him.



  • Tea
  • Prayer
  • Writing


  • Loud and abrasive noises
  • Alcohol
  • Cloudy weather


  • Bhaldberk tends to write at the end of his day, keeping track of anything of note that's happened. He claims it helps keep him calm. He's started to copy scripture as of late, as well.
  • Bhaldberk desires to make up for his failures with Loezwilf, offering fatherly advice or comfort to anyone who comes to him.
  • Bhaldberk spends a fair bit of time tinkering with old rifles or pistols, preferring older Limsan models.



Loezwilf Bhaldberksyn - Bhaldberk's son. He was a Maelstrom soldier, belonging to the 5th Squadron. Loezwilf believed his father had died in combat with pirates and began working for the Grand Company of Limsa in order to avenge him. The young man was mortally wounded during a raid that Bhaldberk himself took part in. He died in his father's arms.


Drohkya Dotharl - WIP.


Those that prey on the weak - Bhaldberk's sense of justice and crusade for atonement puts him at odds with pirates, brigands, and any others that would target the weak and defenseless.


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Early Life

Bhaldberk was born in a small coastal village. His father and mother did honest work; Sykur, his father, hauled goods from ship to ship as the crews demanded. His mother, Dennwyda spent her days fishing, selling her bounty on the markets. She routinely ventured out to sea for larger, more exotic, and more challenging catches, leaving the young Sea Wolf and his father to their own devices.


Bhaldberk would leave home as a young man, aspiring to become a sailor. Bhaldberk was inspired by the stories of his grandfather, Herlanka, who had migrated from the old Sea Wolf homelands to Vylbrand many years before Bhaldberk was born. Despite his best attempts, Bhaldberk was often bested by his temper. The boy found himself

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