Bharbryda Zirnundwyn

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Gridania-transparent.png Bharbryda Zirnundwyn
"I'm not just any mean green fighting machine! I'm THE mean green fighting machine!"
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolves
Citizenship Gridania
Server Mateus
Age 35
Deity Llymlaen, the Navigator
Orientation Heterosexual
Marital Status Single
Occupation Primal Hunter
Nameday 20th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
Bharbryda Zirnundwyn, better known as Bhar, was born on the 20th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon and is a Roegadyn of the Sea Wolves clan. Although the blood of the Sea Wolves courses through her veins, her biological parents were deceased long before she even understood how to walk and communicate, and was taken in by a roegadyn couple from the Hellsguard clan who she considers her true parents just as much as she does her deceased parents.
Locations where Bharbryda will most often visit are with her squadron at the Adder's Nest in New Gridania, shopping in Limsa Lominsa Aetheryte Plaza, or hang around with the other veteran adventurers at Rhalgr's Reach Aetheryte Plaza.
Although she is fully aware of the politics that occur within Eorzea, she tends to not care much for such topics so long as she is free to go out and fight Primals, Monsters, Bandits, and any other threats that endanger the innocents.
Her feelings about Free Companies are somewhat mutual since she does not mind adventuring by herself most of the time, but also has no objections cooperating with other adventurers that are in need or share her interests. Normally, Bhar does not involve herself with any free companies, but only one has made the exception and changed her mind who as well peaked her curiosity and is by far the one that she has enlisted in for the longest time, the Collector's Organization of Magitechnical and Esoteric Treasures or better known as COMET.

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- Travels with her most loyal companion Fox Kit.

Height: 7 fulms 3 ilms

Weight: 355 ponz

Complexion: Pale Green

Hair: Black

Eyes: Yellow

The noticeable features of her face are her thick lips, dark thick eyebrows, big eyes, dark black eyeliner, large pointy shaped nose, and has two moles, one under her right eye and a smaller one on the left side under the corner of her lips.
The shape of her body type is muscular while having a curvy figure.
The sound of her voice is comparable to a singing dragon.
The smell of her body is similar to that aroma after heavy rain has subsided around plantlife.
Her attires range from light armor to leather and cloth. She is not fond of dresses and very rarely will expose herself in public in any dresses.
Is usually polite upon meeting strangers, but tends to listen rather than speak.
Will often speak about her adventures or offer assistance to any or all who understands her and vice versa.


Is often forgetful
Will not admit that she requires help when needed
Has trouble multitasking in certain situations
Bharbryda Zirnundwyn 03 02 2018 15 54 44.png


The Sea and any large body of water


Is able to drink three times as much alcohol than the average man
Can survive much longer without eating or drinking any food and water than a person normally would
Has very high pain tolerance than the common roegadyns


Only eats with her mouth
Snorts when she laughs
Grinds her teeth while sleeping



Underwater Swimming
Chocobo Racing


New Adventurers
White Mages


Bharbryda Zirnundwyn 03 02 2018 15 59 30.png


Favorite Colors: Ice Blue, Royal Blue, Kobold Brown
Favorite Foods: Grilled Sweetfish, Princess Pudding, Sweet Rice Cake
Favorite Drinks: Orange Juice, Hot Chocolate, Spiced Cider
Favorite Scents: Leather, Rain, Victory
Favorite Places: Costa del Sol, The Gold Saucer, Quarrymill

For most of her fights, Bharbryda is generally calm and cool headed whenever it comes to the heat of battle, especially when up against a Primal, but is less tense when fighting alongside her most trusted companions.


Expert with Gladiator's Arms: Doesn't mind the shield, but prefers having a spare arm.
Expert with Marauder's Arms: Personally her favorite out of all the arms.
Expert with Dark Knight's Arms: This is her second favorite choice among the rest.
Expert with Samurai's Arms: Took an interest after watching Gosestu in action.
Expert with Machinist's Arms: Interesting, but prefers to meet her enemies up close and personal.
Expert with Pugilist Arms: Her fists and kicks rival her favorite weapons.


Adept with Conjurer's Arms: Not the best at healing but feels very glad saving others.


Adept with Weaver's Tools: Fashion is important, and is the main reason why she picked up weaving.

Birth and childhood (0-10)

Your character's life as a child.

Bharbryda Zirnundwyn, is of the pride Roegadyn race from the Sea Wolves, but was raised on a small volcanic island up in the northeast seas, fostered by Hellsguard parents in a Hellsguard village. Initially, she was born on a Maelstrom battleship, where her parents had born her, both roegadyns hailing from the Sea Wolves. Once branded criminals, now serve the Maelstrom, were ex-members of the infamous pirates such as the Sanguine Sirens and the Kraken's Arms. Bharbryda's mother, once with the Sanguine Sirens, and her father, who as well ran with the Kraken's Arms too was a pirate. Both young, and that of rivals, often clashed in the past, but during sometime, they suddenly grew fond of the rapid encounters from that time, and grew a relationship which led to bearing Bharbryda's birth.

As soon as her mother became pregnant, they both soon retired from becoming pirates for a while, and wished to set out living a normal life in peace in Limsa Lominsa. After finding out they had worked in the notorious pirate gangs, they were immediately recruited by the Maelstrom for some insight and experience in dealing with their former members. At first, they denied joining, but later, changed their minds to join the cause due to the safety of their child. While the father wanted to join alone, the mother was very persistent and would not have her husband fight without her. Though risking her unborn child, she promised him that she would not directly participate in fighting, and instead would support him away from danger. Around the northern seas, there was a great clash approaching, and the fighting broke out between the Maelstrom and some of the pirates. It was when trouble had started while the Kraken's Arms were settling a deal with the Sanguine Sirens, but some sort of betrayal had occurred while the Serpent Reavers had intervened with their trading plans. The battle unfolded and caused quite a bit of damage nearby some merchant and traveling ships who were crossing the seas. This is where the Maelstrom were called in to help maintain order across the seas to ensure the innocent bystanders traveled safety to their destinations. It was an all out battle between the Sanguin Sirens, the Serpent Reavers, the Kraken's Arms and the Maelstrom.

Bharbryda's father too joined the fight, while her mother couldn't fight directly, she did support the soldiers and took care of the wounded. While the battle was going on, the moment had struck Bharbryda's mother, that during that time, her newborn child, was ready for birth. As soon as the father heard, he had no choice but to withdraw from his current battles and return to his wife to support her with the baby ready. Some of the Maelstrom soldiers and medics helped the mother and father, after birth was given place, it was their most valued and cherished moment they had spent together, watching their newborn come to existence, they couldn't be more happier. It was only for a short moment, the father had to take his leave quickly, and jump back into the fight, while some soldiers remained guarding the mother and the wounded.

Though the Maelstrom fought hard, their struggle to calm the pirates within the chaos was too great to avoid casualties. The battle had continued for eight straight days to no end. Fights broke out on sea, on land, and even aboard the ships. Death and casualties were everywhere, and then, it is when the Serpent Reavers had called forth their trump card. It was when the Sahagins joined the fight, and even went as far as to summon the fearsome primal Leviathan. With the primal unleashed, it struck terror to all ships across the raging sea, and a storm roared louder than the fighting itself. It was then that Leviathan has called forth a great Tidal Wave, dooming both all the pirates and the Maelstrom, where no one could escape the wrath of Leviathan's destructive Tidal Wave. Bharbryda's father and mother knew exactly what was to come, they knew fully well that they couldn't escape with their lives as soon as Leviathan was within sight. They begged the healers that they create a protective shield around their child. Responding to their pleas, the healers complied, but explained that they could potentially protect the entire Maelstrom with their defensive magics, it would be nowhere near enough to survive the lethal Tidal Wave, though they swore that they would expend all their mana to create and near invulnerable defensive shield around their newborn Bharbryda, as she did not absorb so much of their mana as an fully grown adult would, despite all this, they only said it was near invulnerable, so the mother and father did everything in their entire being and power to fully protect their baby with their very own lives.

As the Tidal Wave was soon within reach, and completely overshadowed all the ships, in just one fell swoop, all the battleships were torn apart, and sunken, pieces everywhere, along with bodies floating above the sea.

About a few hours had passed, on a small volcanic island close to the northeastern seas, was a village near the shores, full of Hellsguard natives. Among those Hellsguards, two seemingly in particular, a woman and a man, both parents, were out fishing when they spotted a glowing orb-like object floating towards them. As it approached, it was then that it became clear at what they were looking at. In the bubble, it was visibly shown to be, two dead sea wolf roegadyns in Maelstrom uniform, appearing to be in an embraced position, with arms wrapped around each other, and their heads tilting low, like as if protecting something underneath. As the hellsguards stood there in shock, they step into the bubble, and that was when they heard a baby's cry, a cry of pain, of fear, and of in need. The newborn, who was guarded by the roegadyn's corpses, was Bharbryda.

Teen Years

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"Bharbryda? She is always fun to fight! Never a dull moment with her in battle!" ~Curious Gorge
"Bharbryda Zirnundwyn...I feel sorry for the lass, her father and mother were good people, if only I had been stronger to save my crew back then." ~Eynzahr Slafyrsyn
"Do not speak of her name! I fear the boredom of the Sea Wolf child knows no bounds!" ~Titan

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Sinn Harvest: A female Au Ra from the Raen clan and is generally cheerful and outgoing for the most part, and is also a very close friend and her most trusted ally, as well as the one who taught Bhar everything she knows about most of her melee skills in battle.

Joyful Song: Better known as Joy, is a female Roegadyn from the Hellsguard clan and the leader of COMET, as well as one of Bharbryda's trusted companions, and is the main reason why Bharbryda even considered joining COMET, not to mention she has some sort of pride with other roegadyns. Joy is often viewed as a bold and intelligent woman among her company and many other famous veteran adventurers among Eorzea and is very skilled Scholar. Although her time and memories spent in COMET are unforgotten, Joy herself, will still remain as a role model to Bharbryda, and an ever inspiring fellow adventurer that Bhar will always see fit as a comrade.

Marieke Schulte: Marieke, also know as Mari, is a female Hyur from the Midlander clan who is one of Bharbryda's newest, but also one of her closest friends. For the most part, she is quite kind, perhaps too kind at times, she tends to be naive and modest around others, especially those she does not know well. Despite all this, her first impressions with Bharbryda filled her with joy the moment they first set out adventuring together ever since they met at Limsa Lominsa. She was shy at first, but as Bharbryda became more open with her, she too grew more confident in trusting with her. They're memories and time with each other did not last long, since Marieke had to depart to back to her homeland, bidding farewell to each other, they promised that they would never forget their the hardships and memories with the time they spent adventuring, despite how short their time was together.

Sarale Nellemond: Is a female Elezen from the Wildwood clan and one of Bharbryda's EX-comrades in the free company COMET. Not much is known about Sarale, but upon their first encounter, she is depicted to be one of the kindest adventurers she has ever met, even to new faces she herself knows not of, and is utmost well respected by all, even Joyful Song herself.

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"Oh! Hello, my name is Bharbryda, Bharbryda Zirnundwyn, but you can call me Bhar! Most people do..!"

"Gahahaha! You're a funny one! Would you like to spar with me? You look strong!"

"You're only getting one drink? I'm getting three! No wait, five!"

"Sooooooo when do we get to fight? Wanna go kill some beastmen? Oh wait, even better! PRIMALS!"

"Hmm? Yeah, I kinda have a knack for healing, but I really prefer butchering my enemies up using my axe!"

Will often appear in the Navel (Extreme) to aid both Mentors and New Adventurers