Blazerro Draken

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Blazerro Draken
Blazerro Draken.png
I will keep everyone safe even if it costs my life.
Officer of Gilded Rose
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of The Moon
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 26
Date of Birth 32nd Sun of the Astral Moon
Martial Status Single
Free Company Gilded Rose
Character Blog
Server Balmung
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Character Basics

Blazerro Draken (pronounced Blah-zehr-oh Draw-ken) Was born into slavery as his mother and father were already enslaved at the time. After his work at the Quicksand with Momodi and leaving at about 9 years old he met his Master who he then traveled with for a great while. The Master also helped and trained him until he was about 17 years old where his age finally got the better of him. Blaze had set to train himself afterward in many other things so he could be helpful like his Master was and mostly traveled alone for awhile. He used to not belong to any tribe until he was more recently accepted into the Aurora Clan by T'shina Vashka.


Height: ** fulms and ** ilms || Weight: Average || Age: Twenty Six Years
By appearance, Blazerro would seem to be kind of rough around the edges due to the scars he has. He has more of a Oblong face and he doesn't really seem to be too very special looking or with the way he acts. He is a fairly tall and muscular Miqo'te after having had Dragoon training from his Master that he traveled along with for a fair amount of time. His skin is usually very pale since he is usually wearing armor. His normal attire is usually something warm and concealing to cover his many scars and a pair of glasses. He has tribal prints along his cheeks and near his eyes that his now deceased parents had given him when he was still young. Blaze also has magitek eye's and has a magitek arm on his left arm that makes up from his losing his arm from his elbow down by a dragon.

Noticeable Scars
  • 2 Crossed Scars on his Forehead



Spear (Training with his Master since he was 12 years old)
Healing (Training with his Master since he was 10 years old)
Acrobatics (Trained alongside his spear training since 12 years old)
Hunting (Taught by his Master at 12 years old)
Leatherworking (Proficient. Trained himself since 20)
Weaving (Proficient. Trained himself since 20)
Potion Making (Proficient. Trained himself since 24)
Cooking (Proficient. Trained himself since 20)
Metalwork (Proficient. Trained himself since 20)
Goldsmithing (Proficient. Trained himself since 20)
Mining (Proficient. Trained himself since 18)
Botany (Proficient. Trained himself since 18)
Fishing (Proficient. Trained himself since 22)


All Food
His Friends


People who act like idiots.
People who hurt others for fun.
Public Shaming
People who hurt his friends and family




Low Self-Esteem
Over Analyzing
Constantly overworks himself


Alignment: Neutral Good
Favorite Food: Oranges
Favorite Sweet: Pie
Favorite Drink: Orange Juice
Favorite Color: Blood Red
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Weather: Windy
Favorite Time: Dawn/Sunset

Medical Conditions

  • Due to his past with the slavers and having run off Blaze has become more susceptible to illness no matter how much healing he gives himself or from others.
  • His magitek arm and eye have caused him to have some extreme exhaustion issues randomly.

Employment History

  • Quicksand- He worked with Momodi after he escaped from the slavers and was found by her. He worked there until he was about 9 years old and then he ventured out.
  • Tomial Order-He joined this free company after having met some of there members one night he had come to town in Gridania. He has since recently left due to inaction
  • The Gilded Rose - (Currently a Officer) Blaze has been a part of the Gilded Rose after he left Tomial order and strives to help them achieve success.

Gossip and Relations


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◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"He is my brother through and through. We are not blood but it doesn't matter. I will defend him with my life as he would defend me and that is enough. No matter the fights, we always come back and that is what makes us family." - T'shina Vashka
"While I enjoy teasing him, he is a kind hearted person and I cherish the man. Even if he can annoy me at times." - Kyrsaria Venmortis


Love/ Mate Sexual Desire Platonic Love
Clansman Friend Neutral Enemy
◢ Family
T'shina Vashka: Blaze met T'shina back when he was with Tomial Order. He quickly grew too considering a good friend and even a sister due to how she usually had been nice. Even though he would get scolded often for overworking himself. T'shina put Blaze through the Aurora Clan's trial which he succeeded and finally found a family in T'Shina and the rest of the clan. Blaze also now works alongside Shina as both a clansmen and a member of the Gilded Rose.
◢ Friends
T'alisa Rina: Blaze had met T'alisa back when he was with the Tomial Order. They didn't get along right away but after awhile they ended up just getting closer and closer to each other. Recently seperated
◢ Enemies

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