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Ul'dah-transparent.png Bobofa Bofa
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Above image drawn by Vou
Gender female
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dahn
Age 30
Name Day 1st sun of the 1st Astral moon
Ul'dah Nald'thal
Occupation Exarch of the Order of Nald'thal
Free Company
Sexuality Uncertain


Her Eminence, Exarch Bobofa Bofa of the Order of Nald'thal is a small Dunesfolk that spends much of her time in Ul'dah working diligently in both the Ossuary and the Sanctum. She can be found in the quicksand quite often on her breaks or after work, though she has also been known to travel outside of the city walls to the Coffer and Coffin, or to the various bars around the Goblet.

She is very private and doesn't have many friends as of late, and she seems to like it that way. A little bashful, she is easy to embarrass and catch off guard, though usually she is in good spirits and very gentle.

Her home is very traditional, much of her family making their homes on the backs of beasts of burden and feeding their children the famed poisonous concoction to boost their ability to resist such poisons. She doesn't talk much about her family, though they are in good standing and healthy.

Bobofa hosts funerals, performs funerary rites, embalming, vengeance / condemnation orders and various wills, as well as deal with the wealthy in Ul'dah and their donations to the Order. She also decides the fates of priests and devotees when they happen to step out of line in a large way, such as if a murder occurs or other grave sins are committed. She and the other exarchs and bishops decide the punishment. She handles a LOT of paper work, and works directly under Dewlala.

Not much is known about her personal life, though she has been known to dabble in divination and allegedly lives a very lavish lifestyle.




Name: Bobofa Bofa

Full Title: Her Eminence, Exarch Bobofa Bofa of the Order of Nald'thal of the Arrzaneth Ossuary.

Age: 30

Home: Ul'dah

Current Residence: Ul'dah

Occupation: Exarch of the Order of Nald'thal

Talents/Skills: Thaumaturgy, cosmetics/restoration, Divination

Theme song: Christina Aguilera - I'm a Good Girl (Burlesque)

Server: Mateus

Alignment: Lawful Good

DnD Stats: str: 5 | int: 17 | wis: 15 | dex: 8 | con: 9 | cha: 17


Art Blog:


Height: 2'11"

Race: Lalafell, Dunesfolk

Eye Color: Violet

Hair Color: Black

Hair Style: Shoulder length, some braids.

Skin color: Black

Distinguishing features: She has rather luminous eyes and a beautiful jewel adorned on her forehead.

How she dresses: She wears dresses and long robes most often, and she wears a lot of jewelry and expensive fabrics.

Mannerisms: Reserved and polite, she holds herself elegantly and calmly. She doesn't emote much when she talks, tending to keep face. She is easy to embarrass and can be bashful at times.

Hobbies: Sewing, reading, divination, skull collecting.

Speech patterns: She speaks with intention and authority. Sometimes she can be more casual and likes to joke a lot with those she is comfortable with.


Educational Background: Studied Thaumaturgy extensively.

Intelligence Level: High


Bobofa is very skilled and deadly when it comes to thaumaturgy, as she has years of practice under her belt and is still continuing to use and practice the art to this day. She would never use deadly force on anyone outside of a vengeance order.

She is not physically strong at all, and can be easily picked up and restrained should anyone try. She is easy to push around and doesn't take a hit well, so physical combat she tends to stay out of if she can help it.


  • Bofa doesn't speak much with new people until she knows them. She likes to sit quietly and listen rather than speak in social situations, though when she is working, she is much more outgoing and authoritative.
  • She has a taste for extremely spicy food.
  • She wears flowers much of the time, mostly to cover up the scent of decay.
  • Sometimes she wears eye coverings, due to 'thaumaturges eye' as she usually explains.
  • Bofa can almost always be found in thanalan, and rarely leaves for the other cities.
  • She has worked in the order of nald'thal most of her life and has never really pursued anything else.
  • She is a master thaumaturge.


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Common Rumours(Easy to overhear):

  • Best person I've had to confide in!
  • She's nasty when she does those vengeance wills, though I do feel safer knowing she'll be there for me if someone happens to kill me.
  • She's very gentle, actually. I may have called her mom once or twice by mistake.

Moderate Rumours(Moderately easy to overhear):

  • Hard to read, that one.
  • Hear those exarchs can hear the voices of nine souls at once!"
  • She works too hard.

Rare Rumours(Difficult/rare to overhear):

  • I hear she has bad dealings with the syndicate.
  • She has access to some really dark stuff in that Order.

PC Rumours (Feel free to add!):

Order of nald'thal.png

(The following is information I have gathered on the Thaumaturges guild and the Order of Nald'thal from 1.0. a WIP for now!)

"A raging fire to cleanse the corpse; a freezing blizzard to halt corruption; a jolt of lightning to expel the sins of mortal life."

Some small Thaumaturgical facts below:

  • Aether pools within ones self swell in times of intense fear and duress (fire 3/thundercloud procs anyone?? :D)
  • There are 307 verses of funerary rites for the virtuous fallen.
  • Thaumaturgy: The Yawning Abyss was written by Zozomaya and is taught to budding Thaumaturges.
  • Priestess Mamane is strict about noise in the THM guild.
  • Should a Thaumaturge not have the proper amount of ambient aether within themselves, they risk drawing on their very life force and, in turn, possibly setting it aflame and burning from the inside out.
  • The Ossuary houses the order of nald'thal, and assists souls into Thal's realm. Thal does not only measure wealth in monetary, but in everything that the soul leaves behind in our world when passing on into his on their dying breath. This includes food, housing, gil, clothes, livestock, and anything else of value that you can't take with you into the afterlife.

The Order of Nald’thal has a long history of carrying out the rites and rituals of the Traders. Through the ages, they have become wise not only in religion, but also in history, the arcane, and reading the stars and skies. The most learned amongst the Order have consulted the royal lines of Ul’dah, and aided the Divan with penning the city-state’s elaborate codes of law. They have amended sections of these codes to meet the demands of the Syndicate following the rise of the Monetarists. Regardless of these ties, the Order maintains an appearance of neutrality in public, and seeks a position one step removed from power struggles.

So wealthy is Ul'dah that coin has become not only the city’s primary means of social stratification, but how disagreements are settled and even, in many instances, the guiding principle of its ethics. No vice is barred to those who can afford them; in fact, they’re no vice at all once paid for. Drinking, gambling, and whoring are all perfectly acceptable to anyone who can afford to indulge — in fact, even encouraged by the Order of Nald'thal. After all, what moves coin drives commerce. Even crimes can be overlooked for a substantial enough fee, provided they don’t inhibit trade: Ul'dah’s only unforgivable sin.*Priests of the Order are immune to being marked for Death by a vengeance order. However, if they were to break a fundamental law or murder someone outside of a vengeance order, they would /wish/ to be executed by the Order of Nald'thal, as the punishments for such crimes are worse.

Halstein: “Ain’t no such thing as a perfect law, nor a timeless one. The way men live changes with the seasons, it does. An’ there’s the beauty of Ul’dahn law - you just pay up. Ain’t no problem what can’t be solved with enough coin.”

Zuzumeda: “Of course, the thaumaturges only consider the opinions of the most wealthy when drafting the laws of Ul'dah. If you would have your voice heard, you must be prepared to pay a sultan’s ransom. One voice which is invariably heard belongs to Lord Lolorito. He has long lavished gil upon the thaumaturges, and some claim that he devises new laws with the express intention of ruining his competitors while protecting his own interests.”

Yayake: “Only by embracing death can one honor life. Greetings, wanderer, and welcome to Arrzaneth Ossuary. What brings you to us? Do you wish to gain mastery over this realm of Nald, and thence cast your gaze across to the realm of Thal? Do you wish to know the limits of this mortal coil? Then enter your name here in the Traders’ ledger. Swear your flesh and blood to our Order─and your soul to our cause. It is done. I hereby proclaim you, Sounsyy Mirke, daughter of Arrzaneth Ossuary, servant and disciple of the Order of Nald'thal. Fear not, for no more are you lost. As one of us, you will not want for guidance in this plane. You must first know our ways. And to do that, you must read our scripture. I sense… reluctance in you. Falter not in your resolve, as many lesser adventurers have. To read is to grow!”

Yayake: “Beyond life’s horizons, beyond the realm of Nald and the waking, lies the realm of Thal, and death. At breath’s end, Thal awaits all with his scales, yet unto his realm permits only those whose virtue is judged ample. Your virtue is a measure of your very existence─your birth and station, childhood and manhood, knowledge and wisdom, power and wealth. The pious man uses knowledge and wisdom to guide power, and with that power gains wealth, and greater power still. It is in this way that the soul becomes virtuous.

Do not think wealth to be limited to the monetary. Wealth, to the Order, consists of all things a soul leaves behind when it departs this realm. Arrzaneth Ossuary guides its followers that they might leave as much in their wake as possible. And so shall we guide you, that you might make your fortune as well.”

Sinette: “The thaumaturges of our Order train that they may know each of the evils within us all. Evils which are present from the very moment of our birth. Such knowledge is enough to break weaker minds and drive them to rank madness - as was recently the case.”

Wawaton: “The path of the thaumaturge is an arduous one - for both mind and body. More than a few have succumbed to its demands.”

Yayake: “Duality lies at the essence of all things. The sun rises in the east, only to fall in the west. Just as life rises in birth, only to fall in death. Your own death draws nearer with every breath you take—this is known. But you must live right to die well. Let us help you, friend, to cross whole and full to the realm of Thal.”

Momodi: “The Thaumaturges? Aye, I know a bit of their ways. Theirs is the Order of Nald'thal. Split into two sects here in Ul'dah, it is. And each with its own temple—Milvaneth Sacrarium and Arrzaneth Ossuary. The Sacrarium’s notorious for turnin’ away visitors and novices. But the thaumaturges of the Ossuary welcome even lay adventurers into their halls to train. What with war seemin’ more inevitable by the day, I’d imagine the Order’s recruitin’ anything’ with a pulse to bolster Ul'dah’s strength. That bein’ so, it might be worth payin’ Arrzaneth Ossuary a visit.”

Sinette: “They are called the twins, Nald and Thal. Or at times, the Traders. All of reality is governed by their two aspects, and they hold a ceaseless vigil to ensure order is maintained. Long ago, our city itself was split into two great sections, to mirror this truth. As a great teacher of mine once said, microcosm recapitulates macrocosm. We have since merged, and prospered for it. Perhaps the gods will someday mirror us.”

Sinette: “The hierarchy of our Order is reflected in our vestments. The most gifted and powerful among us, the exarchs, are those with hoods of gold. It is said they can hear the voices of nine souls at once.”

Lettice: “It is the thaumaturges of the Order of Nald'thal who write Ul'dah’s laws. You had best not breach them, or you may see the “other side” they preach of sooner than you wish. Guard your tongue at all times, lest you mean to be chased out of the city as the sylphs once were. And be especially wary when speaking of the Garleans or the beast tribes. These are both sensitive subjects to the thaumaturges. It may not be too much to say that getting on with the thaumaturges is the secret to success here in Ul'dah, such is their influence. You’d do well to remember that.”

Muscular Miner: “You hear if that thaumaturge got hisself exiled yet? If not, then he’s still sworn to the Order. Best not lay a hand on one of them lot, lest you fancy the rest of ‘em layin’ their hands on you.”

An Offer We Can’t Refuse: “Every so often, we make an offering of a thaumaturge’s staff to the Order of Nald'thal. If trade is good, it sure stands to reason that the gods of trade are the ones to thank. If not? Why, were you born yesterday? If we’re the only ones who don’t rub the cowry, how’s that going to look?”

Rururaji: “Hahaha, quite a bit of excitement, no? Not like to be a kerfuffle such as that without some fools losing their lives. They’ve no need for grief, though. Those who die at festivals are greeted by Nald'thal as friends.”

Mumuepo: “Speaking is for the living. And the girl is still very much alive. There is much my arts could coax from her memory—things of which even she is unaware. Should you ever wish to discover more, I would gladly—”

F’lhaminn: “The dark arts must never be used upon the young! Even those outside the Order know this. I will not allow it.”

Trader Eel: “This freshwater eel native to the rivers and lakes of Thanalan will often display the unique trait of swapping its mate with other nearby eels when spawning. Because of this characteristic, the wavekin is oft used in religious ceremonies involving Nald'thal.”

Yayake: “What aspect of our art intrigued you, if I may ask? Resurrection of the dead!? That which has been given over to Thal shall not be taken back! Where did you hear of such madness? The topic of which you spoke is taboo within the Order. None are to speak of it, thaumaturge or otherwise. Your words will not be without repercussions.”

Mumuepo: “Now, now. There is no reason to admonish our adventurer friend. He is simply curious. Remember that our ways are unknown to the majority. We must be grateful for any genuine interest.”

Mumuepo: “As we were discussing previously, the thaumaturgical arts possess no means of corresponding with the dead. Such rumors proliferate due to the ignorance of those outside the Order. For they know naught other than that we hold a firm belief in a realm beyond this living one. Naturally, the study of said realm has preoccupied the Order for generations, and, as you might expect, we have frequently attempted to call forth and commune with the souls of the deceased. However, without exception, our efforts have always ended in failure. And so it is with a heavy heart that I must dissuade you from persisting in this folly any further. You are free, of course, to take the Order’s vows and make of yourself a thaumaturge. Thereafter…who knows? You may well discover the method yourself. Our doors are always open to those who are eager to learn. Think on it. You need only speak to the attendants should you decide to join us.”

Yayaroku: “None more than those in our Order wish to know what secrets lie at the root of life. Even so, to turn to the taboo in pursuit of those secrets is an endeavor not condoned within these sacred halls.”

Momodi: “So what did you blather on about over at Arrzaneth Ossuary? A thaumaturge came by askin’ about you not long after that. Told him you were harmless enough, but you can be damn sure the Order’s eye’s fixed on you now. You’d better bloody watch yourself, alright? Piss off the wrong person around here and you’ll be exiled before you can say necromancy—again. But enough of that.”

Yayaroku: “Nald'thal, also known as the Traders, is the arbiter of the afterlife and commerce. He is the single manifestation of the twins Nald and Thal. Each oversees a separate but significant aspect of existence. Nald oversees the financial fortunes of the living, whereas Thal weighs the worth of the departed. Our order is devoted to the worship of the Traders. Here we share our wisdom with the faithful and teach them means to attain virtue in this life so they may find peace in the next.

Like the Traders, the Order of Nald'thal is possessed of two aspects. Milvaneth Sacrarium is the temple of Nald, and Arrzaneth Ossuary is the temple of Thal. Here at the Ossuary, we receive those who seek to secure their place at Thal’s side. The virtuous are interred in Erralig’s Burial Chamber, to ensure their safe passage into the realm of the dead. Men measure virtue in many ways, but Thal’s scales weigh wealth most favorably. If you worry that you are yet wanting, you may make a donation at any time.”

Totono: “Perhaps you have come to know that there are two sects within the Order. There is a reason for this - our god is not Ul'dah’s alone. Wherever man is, life and death are as well. This is providence, and known by all. But what awaits beyond death is known by none.”

Known ranks of the Order:

Prior(ess) > Exarch > Bishop > Priest(ess) > Prelate > Deacon > Bonekeeper > Almstaker

Milvaneth Sacrarium and the Worship of Nald

Encyclopedia Eorzea: “A woman of the Dunesfolk, Dewlala Dewla is the head of the Order of Nald'thal and prioress of Milvaneth Sacrarium. She walks a narrow path between the Monetarists and the Royalists who support the sultanate, and has largely remained above the Syndicate’s infighting. However, as heir to a history of counseling the Royal House, her foremost concern as a leader is the welfare of the nation. Thus, when the Syndicate’s enmity grows too great, she has been known to act as a mediator.

In the plot to assassinate the sultana, for example, she covertly cooperated with the Scions of the Seventh Dawn to secure Raubahn’s release from his gaol. It was also Dewlala Dewla who persuaded Lord Lolorito to come to the negotiation table. Incidentally, she numbers amongst the most qualified of thaumaturges. At the age of fifty-two, Dewlala has ample experience to negotiate her tenuous position. Nevertheless, she doubtless feels the weight of her responsibilities, and has taken to embroidery to ease her stress.”

Encyclopedia Eorzea: “A sacred temple of Nald, in the recent past, Milvaneth Sacrarium was visited by many devout followers, the majority of whom were merchants praying for wealth in this life, and success in their endeavors. Now, only a chosen few may enter its halls at will, as the temple undergoes repair from the Calamity.”

Nonomeda: “Milvaneth Sacrarium, dedicated to the worship of Nald, was extensively damaged during the Calamity. Repairs continue even to this day, to the great inconvenience of our adherents.”

Totono: “East of here lies Milvaneth Sacrarium. Within its halls, the exaltations and praises of life are sung. The aspect of Nald governs this side of existence─passions and possessions. Many who worship there are the wealthy and privileged─those most grateful for what they have. In contrast, the aspect of Thal governs the realm which begins where life ends. There, comfort is to be had for those who believe that the mortal coils holds no joy. These dark times find such souls ever more common.”

Brother Peneli Zuneli: “An Ul'dahn airship was shot down by the Garleans no more than a few days past. It seems the imperial gauntlet has been thrown down. Terror is spreading amongst the smallfolk─and justifiably so. Many of our own devotees frequently use the airships on their travels, and all now fear for their safety. To those generous enough to make particularly sizeable donations, we present a Milvaneth talisman─a talisman imbued with the power to ward off calamity and disaster.”

Rorojaru: “It is for just such unexpected acts of kindness that I continue to give selflessly to the Order of Nald'thal. I recently purchased for them an elaborate statue of Nald for some ten billion gil or so, I don’t recall the exact figure. No doubt such a gift moved Nald to imbue this talisman with his complete graces.”

Singleton: “What’s this, then? A talisman from the Milvaneth thaumaturges, is it? Well, I sure as hells haven’t given so much as a bloody gil to the Sacrarium. Suppose that means it’s meant for Master. Gods know he’s always sending those charlatans more coin than most Ul'dahns see in their lifetime.”

Sightseeing Vista #58 Nald’s Reflection: “Overseer of wealth and commerce upon the corporeal plane, it is believed that through fervent worship of the Trader Nald, one will reap immeasurable fortune in one’s living years. Prince and pauper alike once made pilgrimages to this remote place of prayer in search of prosperity… until, that is, the Milvaneth Sacrarium opened a new (toll-based) temple within Ul'dah.”

Arrzaneth Ossuary and the Worship of Thal

Encyclopedia Eorzea: “One of many temples under the care of the Order of Nald’thal, Arrzaneth Ossuary is devoted to the worship of Thal, the divine arbiter of the afterlife. Two kinds of people visit its halls: the destitute praying for fortune in the realm of the dead, and the moneyed seeking extravagant funerary rites.”

Mamane: “Arrzaneth Ossuary is a sacred structure where mortals may seek the favor of Thal, arbiter of the afterlife… for in death, we must all abide by Thal’s final evaluation of our existence. Those deemed to have led lives of richer virtue are rewarded… with greater comfort for their eternal souls. I urge you to consider making a donation and enhancing your virtue, thus ensuring a golden paradise for your time in the realm beyond…”

Kyokyozo: “Pilgrim, merchant, adventurer… Thal judges you not by who you are or where you hail from. Open your heart to His blessing, and you will find respite in His halls.”

I’paghlo: “Spellweavers such as the thaumaturges make for some of the toughest opponents we pugilists face. I had a mind to take up the dark arts myself, but Arrzaneth Ossuary does not allow Ala Mhigans to take the Ossuary’s vows.”

Prelate I’llofii: “The Order has many enemies beyond the Ossuary walls - and even some within.”

All Booked Up: “The Order of Nald'thal has been making copies of its library, in preparation for the worst. The thought of Arrzaneth Ossuary falling into the enemy is a sobering idea. The most valuable tomes are being copied in miniature so they may be secreted away; the thaumaturges seek spectacles for this reason.”

Erasmus: “I am Erasmus of the Order of Nald'thal, and I am charged with studying the anatomy of this region’s fauna and the environs in which they dwell. For the dark art of our Order is death itself, and power over death can come only through knowledge of life. One day, I shall publish my findings in a single, comprehensive volume: The Many Breaths of Thanalan. But there is much work to be done before that day. Aid me, sister.”

Fyrilsunn: “The chocobo coach which recently met with disaster carried a number of Ul’dahns. There was even a prestigious merchant on board. His house is loyal to Milvaneth Sacrarium, however, and therefore of no consequence to us.”

Kamlito Halito: “Capital is as vital to the Ossuary as any of the other guilds, if not more so. You must know the path it travels. Wealth is formed at Eshtaime’s Lapidaries and Sunsilk Tapestries, won and lost on the bloodsands of the Coliseum, gambled and guarded at the Platinum Mirage. It falls to our Order to cleanse said wealth of the residues of sin acquired durings its journey.”

Prelate I’llofii: “Do you honestly believe you have the makings of a true thaumaturge? Your veins must course with feverish hot blood that burns a deep crimson. You must experience many a death to become master over it. Whether or not you return from your journeys to the other realm is decided by the potency and vigor of your lifeblood. Many and more far greater than you have had their blood stained black as pitch by the trials they have undergone within these halls. This is what it means to be a thaumaturge. To suffer great burdens that would crush ordinary men, and toil on. I ask again, do you truly have what it takes to become one of us? And if so, is that truly what you desire? Forgive me, I do not mean to deter you or give you cause to falter. I mean only to harden your resolve. Come, let us begin your training.

This document is a last will and testament. It belonged to a man of the Merchants Ward who, by the age of one and fifty, had established himself as a reputable trader. Yet the gods have their plans, and his life was taken one day by a raging beast. Though many outside these walls would deem this fate tragic, the clouds of grief are not long upon us here, for we know that his soul’s true journey has just begun. As he was a loyal devotee of the Ossuary, it is our charge to execute his last will and testament. This is to be your training, Sounsyy.

‘My last will and testament… I hereby leave one third of my total estate to the Order of Nald'thal of the Arrzaneth Ossuary. In return for this consideration, I humbly request that my death be avenged should my days be cut short by unnatural causes.’ Vengeance will be had for those whose breath is taken from them.”

I’llofii: “Vengeance will be had for those whose breath is taken from them. You must spill its lifeblood─as only life can pay for life. Now that the deed is done, surely this merchant’s soul will find peace in Thal’s realm, for you have taken its burden of hatred upon yourself. Your own sins have grown in the doing, but so has your virtue with them.

I should tell you, vengeance orders cannot be placed against one of our own. Now that you have taken up the thaumaturge’s path, you need not fear being marked for death by the Order.”

I’llofii: “We bear sin that we might recognize the seeds of evil harbored within us all. And with that knowing, we might then come to know ourselves. That we are who we are both because of them and despite them. You have committed the most unthinkable of acts. And you have stained your blood black in the doing. Such blood has no place in our Order. There is a reason we do not seek vengeance on our own kind. It is because one who preaches the laws of the Ossuary must live to be judged by them. When you know our justice, you will have wished for a quick death here. Return now to our halls, <name>. Her fate will have been decided by the time you arrive. The Order does not dally in such matters.”

Keeper Yayake: “You wish to know what justice the laws of the Order levy on the unvirtuous among us? Why, all of that information is contained within the tomes I urged you to read! Why should I take the trouble to explain that which you cannot be bothered to learn for yourself?”

Fyrilsunn: “As the murderer was one of the Order, a vengeance killing could not be called for. But rest assured, she will pay for this treason in blood. There is a separate ritual for that. Many of the murdered were parishioners of Arrzaneth Ossuary. No doubt their loved ones are eager to attend.”

Keeper Yayake: “A vengeance will is no trifling matter. The costs incurred tend to be quite large - exorbitant, even by the standards of many. The Ossuary waives a portion of the fee when a vengeance order forms part of a last will and testament lodged with the Ossuary. Accordingly, there are many who make use of this service in such a fashion. Once you have dealt what vengeace the will and testament demands, there is no need for futher slaughter. You are to travel back at once and speak to Prelate I'llofii.”

Keeper Yayake: “If this were nothing more than a mere accident, the vengeance orders will be void.”

Totono: “Last will and testaments are but one of the many services Arrzaneth Ossuary offers the people of Eorzea. There is near no act we would deny for them as has coin.”

Lewena: “You have come at the behest of Arrzaneth Ossuary, yes? To carry out an order of condemnation? I wonder if you wouldn’t be willing to make a special exception in my case. I shall make it worth your while, of course.”

Ossuary Almstaker: “Then it is agreed. The order of condemnation against you shall be lifted in exchange for the sum of six million gil.”

Heibert: “A condemnation order? Aye, ‘nother of the Ossuary’s services, that. Whene’er a law’s been broke, folk can call for the criminal to be brought to justice, and the Order sees to it from there. ‘Course, there needs t’ be a paying client on the other end. If there ain’t, Order’ll ignore even the foulest o’ criminals.”

I’paghlo: “All merchants who sail the eastern seas have their cargo and vessels insured against pirates. It is the Order at Arrzaneth Ossuary who offers the service. But attacks are such a common occurrence that moonly rates are simply outlandish. It costs far less coin to hire us pugilists to guard them on their voyages - and so we do.”

Hurrey: “The Mirage does have insurance against such misfortunes. Straight from the Ossuary. The Order will take care of any losses. I just pity the souls behind this. They have a dark fate waiting for them at the hands of the thaumaturges.”

Yayake: “Today, the work of Thal needs be done in a faraway place. You will venture forth from Ul'dah, and head in the direction of the setting sun. You will cross the seas, and beyond them come to the ports of Limsa Lominsa - city of pirates. There they worship the Twelve, as do we on the mainland. Yet they know little and less of life and death, and of crossing from one to the other. Your charge is to spread word of our teachings - to enlighten our Lominsan brothers as to what awaits us all beyond death.

And, for the good of their eternal souls, you are to invite them to be interred here at the Ossuary when they shuffle off this mortal coil. To put it in layman’s terms, you will be selling graves. Few acts are deemed more virtuous than this in the eyes of the Order. It is a first and fundamental step in a thaumaturge’s training. You will agree to undertake this sacred mission, I trust?”

Fyrilsunn: “Set no store by verbal contracts. The services you offer concern a person’s most cherished belongings. In such matters, the Order will recognize nothing less than a contract sealed with blood.”

Tutubuki: “If you wish to sell graves, you must carefully outline the many benefits of interment here at Arrzaneth Ossuary. Vengeance orders, seeing to the needs of the bereaved, execution of the will and testament, and so on. The Order may be relied upon to handle virtually all of one’s posthumous affairs. But you would do well to leave out the…finer details. Time is money, is wealth, is virtue. Squander it not.”

Sinette: “The Ossuary offers a number of special contracts - in addition to the standard ones. The extra options serve to give the soul… greater peace. To give these contracts a sense of exclusivity, they are offered to very few of our patrons. They are so costly, that no smallfolk could possibly hope to afford them.”

Sightseeing Vista #57 Thal’s Respite: “Overseer of wealth in the afterlife, proper obeisance to the Trader, Thal is required for those who wish to take belongings accumulated in this world to the hereafter. Thal’s Respite is oft used by stout devotees of the Order of Nald'thal as a place of fasting and prayer, but its distance from Ul'dah prevents all but the most affluent from making the journey.”

Former Guildmaster Mumuepo

Cocobuki: “Hmm… It seems that the name of our bonekeeper, Prelate Yayake, has been mentioned in connection with a Brass Blade investigation. Former guildmaster Mumuepo stands accused of fomenting insurrection against the crown, and they fear Yayake may have become embroiled in his vile plot. Mumuepo was convicted of embezzlement five years ago, and sentenced to serve in the Coliseum as a noxius─a prisoner of the arena, made to fight until his debts are repaid. He toils there to this day. When his crimes first came to light, it was the sultana herself who pressed for a heavy sentence, to serve as an example of the consequences of corruption. That would give him reason enough to hold a grudge against the crown.”

Cocobuki: “Mumuepo was renowned for his almost preternatural ability to piece together scraps of arcane knowledge from the most moth-eaten manuscripts, and bring long-lost sorceries back to life. Alas, I cannot speak for their content. What I can say, is that Mumuepo will not have chosen them on a whim. Being a connoisseur of ancient manuscripts, he knows the worth of every volume here. The illuminative worth, I should add─though he knows the pecuniary worth just as well.

As you may have heard, he became obsessed with collecting lavishly ornamented codices, frittering our funds away on gilded or bejeweled copies of works already in our possession. He would even buy works of little scholarly value, providing they were rare enough to drive up the price. By the end, the walls of his study were awash with gold and gems, and he would stare at them for hours, rapt in silent adoration. In his lust for luster, he emptied first the guild’s coffers, then his own, being driven at last to the felonious peculation that would prove his undoing.”

Yayaroku: “The man of whom you speak is none other than our former guildmaster, Mumuepo. Before the Calamity, he poured himself into studies of life’s origins, and his appetite for knowledge was voracious and insatiable. I have heard rumors myself that he came to be in possession of an enchanted item called Hearststrike─a blade fabled to house the power to bring the dead back to the life. I know not if Mumuepo ever dared use the blade to attempt a resurrection. But I can tell you that he was stripped of his titles and privileges for countless crimes. Under normal circumstances we would not consent to such a blatant overreach, but the sultana was adamant, and the evidence was damning.”

Severian: “I see. So, it is looking ever more likely that the taboo practiced by Mumuepo was indeed that of resurrecting the dead. And now we know of this foul instrument, as well─this Heartstrike. I confess, when I myself first looked into the magic of life and death some years ago, I heard tales of an enchanted blade by that name. But by the gods, never would I have thought it to truly exist! It can be no mere coincidence that Mumuepo purchased interment rites under the same moon he discovered the blade. I now have very little doubt he meant to use Heartstrike to resurrect whomever he buried there. After all, you must have the dead before you can bring back the dead.This may very well mean the corpse Mumuepo put to rest in Erralig’s Burial Chamber is the victim of an attempted resurrection. We cannot but investigate this further. Yet I know the protocols of that hallowed place. The keeper of the burial rights and family alone are allowed to pry open those coffins.”

Funerary Rites of the Southrons

Encyclopedia Eorzea - The Hell and Heaven of Fire: “In the Heaven of Fire sprawls an endless city built by Nald’thal from golden bricks fired in the heat of Azeyma’s sun. Here reside the just and the fair, the honest and the philanthropic. The Hell of Fire was formed when the rubble left after the creation of its heavenly counterpart was cast from the firmament into the dark Pit and set alight. Here burn those who wrongly judged their peers, those who tricked their customers, and those who gave and received douceurs.”

Eluned: “Remember that although the body is but a vessel that must one day be surrendered to the Lifestream, our souls shall endure, and the righteous shall find solace in Thal’s realm.”

Totono: “To Ul’dahns, nothing is more important than a funeral rite. Those with wealth have time - and with that time, the freedom to ponder the phenomenon of death. This rite will be one of the grandest in recent memory. We must take care to make no mistakes.”

Encyclopedia Eorzea: “Built within the remains of ancient ruins dating far before Ul’dah’s foundation, Erralig’s Burial Chamber is a crypt open to all Ul’dahns - provided they make donations to the temple. The prestigious lowest levels of the Chamber are reserved for those who have given very generously. Small contributions merit entombment in the top levels, while a pittance reportedly lands corpses in the wilds where monsters roam.”

Eadgytha: “You wish to examine the coffin in the charge of Mumuepo? And do you have his consent to do so? Then I am afraid I cannot permit it. Only the holder of the burial rights and relatives of the deceased are given leave to disturb these coffins. If you have not the blessings of either, then be gone from this place.”

Severian: “Our guild often provides the burial chamber with embalming fluids and myriad other solvents at the request of the gravekeeper. If you mention my name to Eadgytha, it may well serve to loosen the old bat’s lips.”

Encyclopedia Eorzea: “That the study of magic should bloom in Ul’dah is no surprise, given that the city-state’s forebears were Mhachi magi. The priests of the Order of Nald’thal have cultivated and passed on much knowledge of the arcane, particularly those who work at Arrzaneth Ossuary. There, they have perfected techniques related to funerary rites - freezing blizzards to halt corruption, raging fires to cleanse the corpse, and bolts of lightning to expel the sins of mortal life. As they have discovered that these magicks have a great effect on the living, the Ossuary has come to serve as the Thaumaturges’ Guild, where magi are trained and new arcane arts are born.”

Yayaroku: “The virtuous are interred in Erralig’s Burial Chamber, to ensure their safe passage into the realm of the dead. Men measure virtue in many ways, but Thal’s scales weigh wealth most favorably. If you worry that you are yet wanting, you may make a donation at any time.”

Overweening Thaumaturge: “Limsa is famous for its distrust of the Order. They claim the special benefits and rites promised with our burials are rarely carried out. And why might that be, you ask? I imagine it is because there are no dead to fill the graves, frankly. It is a city of sailors, and many and more die at sea. Without a corpse, what proper burial can there be?”

Bouchard: “Off to Gridania, are you? I can’t say I’ve any love for that place in these old bones. The folks there don’t even believe in the realm of Thal, you know. Bloody barbarians! And just what the hells do they think happens when you die!?”

Kamlito Halito: “A grand funeral ceremony is to be held for the victims of the recent chocobo coach accident. Many of the Order are busy seeing to the preparations. I myself have been charged with arranging a first mourning service for the bereaved.”

Sinette: “In the wake of the tragedy near Vesper Bay, we have placed orders for a number of coffins. Yet I fear the goldsmiths may not complete the gilding and inlays in time. Plain oaken caskets simply will not serve. Nearly all those slain in the tragedy were of high birth or wealthy houses.”

Thancred: “I oft wondered what form the funereal rites of the southrons took. Given the weather here, I assumed cremation rather than burial.”

Ailing Roegadyn: “Damielliot of the Phrontistery hired me to attend as a mourner. I need do no more than cry. It is an easy way to make gil, should you ever find yourself in financial difficulty.”

Sinette: “It is rare to see so many mourners at so humble a funeral. How much coin are you getting to cry, friend?”

Swollen-eyed Strumpet: “You’re going to have to conjure up a few more tears if you expect to be paid in full.”

Better Shroud Than Sorry: “It is said that burying the dead in a merchant’s kurta ensures a better bargain in the hall of judgment. While none admit to this belief, more kurtas are sold than worn in the streets, for when it comes to the departed, it is those who love them best who nurse the most doubts about their virtue.”

The Walk of Death: “To prepare the dead and dying for their journey into the afterlife, the Arrzaneth Ossuary provides each of its followers with a pair of new sandals, so that they might not defile the sacred realm of Thal with their soiled feet. The Seventy-seven Caravans has been petitioned by the sect to provide them with a shipment of the footwear each turn of the moon. To meet this turn’s order, Caravan Stockist Claroise Auberle is seeking skilled carpenters to assist in the crafting of the sandals.”

Fyrilsunn: “None is more forsaken in the eyes of gods and men than the graverobber. If such a fiend were found in Ul'dah, their end would be an excruciatingly slow and painful one.”

Fyrilsunn: “When I first heard the rumors of graves being robbed, I thought it for bones. But are you saying it was for a piece of jewelry? To be buried with such a trinket is surely the far greater sin. Nald weighs all creation in this realm, and his wares are forbidden in the realm of Thal. This is known!”

Faustigeant: “What would you like done with the remains? He was not a citizen of Ul'dah. You will have to appeal to Arrzaneth Ossuary to make arrangements. I should think medical expenses and internment costs will come to upward of one and a half million gil. …Then take his corpse out of here yourself. Leave it beyond the city walls, if you must. I’m sure the crows and the beetles will be happy to save you the cost of a burial. But whatever you do, do it quickly.”

Damielliot: “The cost of not burying the deceased is far greater than the cost of burying them. Those not properly returned to Hydaelyn are damned to spend an eternity wandering the wastes!”

Corguevais: “I am aware of what the scriptures teach, it’s just… There is no money.”

Restless Be the Damned: “Upon their passing, many of the city’s dead are bound to the corporeal realm, their souls unable to make the journey to the realm of Thal and damned to walk the desert for all of eternity. Each day, these “zombies” rise from the desert to lament their imprisonment and torment the living─the task of silencing them falling to the Brass Blades and the sellswords they hire. Those interested in aiding the Blades are to report fully-equipped to Halatali for further instructions.”

The Church of Saint Adama Landama

Encyclopedia Eorzea: “The Church of Saint Adama Landama is named for a wealthy man who, through unequaled philanthropy, achieved sainthood in the eyes of Nald’thal. Indeed, the tale of how he saved his town using naught but his wits and his wealth is told realm-wide in the legend of Saint Adama Landama’s Creel. The chapel itself was commissioned by the merchants of Ul’dah to put those souls who perished in the Calamity to rest, yet many still come, even after five years, to commission a final resting place for their loved ones.”

Airell: “Welcome to the Church of Saint Adama Landama. Our patron saint was a wealthy man in life, and so many merchants used to come calling to pray for his favor. But that all changed after the Calamity. Our small lichyard grew and grew as we took on the dead, and now we receive more mourners than merchants.”

Airell: “In days gone by, the lichyard was a small, humble plot. But that all changed after the Calamity fell five years ago. The dead grew in number, and so the yard grew with them. It is still simple, despite its size. Of course, it’s that selfsame simplicity that keeps it from becoming more of a priority for the Order. We can ill afford to assign adequate numbers to its keeping, just as we cannot charge the poor to bury or be buried. Yet that does not stop the many who come calling to see their dead put to rest here.”

Death With Indignity: “The lichyard of the Church of Saint Adama Landama is the final resting place for those who do not have the means to see their bodies interred in the sultanate’s great stone mausoleums. We provide salvation in death for those who could not find the same in life. We ask no coin of those who seek our aid, and conduct our work solely with the alms provided us by the city-state’s few philanthropists. Charity, however, is a rare virtue in Ul'dah, and our “visitors” are forced to forgo many of the luxuries, such as a proper headstone or an embalming, that the wealthy are granted upon their passing. This inequity can kindle flames of wrath which can ultimately prevent a soul from completing its journey to the realm of Thal. These souls must needs be cleansed of their anger so that they may find peace, and we at the lichyard seek adventurers to aid us in doing so.”

Esmour: “As an adventureer, you are familiar with guildleves, yes? If so, you have likely seen our Saint Adama Landama, for his wealth and munificence were such that some guildleves now bear his likeness. A strange state of affairs, though, that a church bearing the name of a rich saint should now be overrun with the poor who come to bury their dead.”

Raulin: “'Tis a peaceful place for the most part. A lot of folk as perished in the Calamity are interred here - no room left in the city, ye see - and their loved ones come to pay their respects. Of course, people also come bearin’ the bodies of the recently deceased, so the church always has its hands full attendin’ to everyone’s needs.”

Bad to the Bone: “It is said that the rich may atone for a lifetime of avidity by being buried in the lichyard of Saint Adama Landama, among the poor. The worse the conscience the finer the grave goods, for by law the objects belong to the poor once the body has turned to dust.”

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