Borosolo Nasolo

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 Borosolo Nasolo
Borosolo Nasolo - portrait 2.png
The Has-Been
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Eorzea
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Who He Is...

Borosolo Nasolo comes off as the kind of guy that some would say is just not suited for the adventuring life. However, given the pay and the short-term employment, it's perfect for a slacker who only works when his coffers go empty.

What He Looks Like...

Age: Not too old

Height: 2 fulms 10.5 ilms

Physique: Out of shape... but there is muscle somewhere there

Style: Much of his clothing tend to be loose for obvious reasons. He also likes to cover his face with black paint across the eyes. Why, you ask? Because he thinks it makes him look dashing. I don't know.

As a Fighter...

- Out of shape; does more need to be said?

- Battle-tested; somehow, with no real training or motivation, it seems he may not be so useless after all... that is, if you believe his stories

- Can take a good beating; when you're feet don't move so well you HAVE to learn how take a punch

As a Companion...

- Not too good at keeping his mouth shut

- A tendency to give bad advice

- If you got some snacks then you better be sharing

- He's all about being lazy

- Can be a little too mischievous

Things you should know...

Likes: fine grub (or any grub, really), naps, a day off... make that a week, hearing his full name

Dislikes: work, traveling with his own two legs, naggers, chocobos (sort of)