Brandt Wintfrydsyn

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 Brandt Wintfrydsyn
Brandt Prof.png
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa / Ul’dah
Occupation Academic
Age 39
Sexuality Heterosexual
Height Big
Guardian Althyk, the Keeper
Server Balmung

Brandt Wintfrydsyn was found dead shortly after Starlight, slain in a barfight gone lethal. He was 40 years old. His worldly possessions and wealth were left to one Murbrecht Blackhearth.

A Roegadyn ex-gladiator - now academic - with a passion for profanity, a host of petty grudges and grumpings, and a caustically paternal streak that sometimes seems to cause more problems than it fixes. He teaches various aspects of arcane theory, both as a freelancer and as a part-time member of various academic or magical societies.

If he calls you anything involving “ass”, that’s good. He likes you. It’s “bastard” you want to watch out for.

Please use discretion when deciding what your character may or may not know about Brandt. It’s been a long time since he was publically relevant.


Build: Beefy, barrel-chested.
Height: ???
Weight: ???
Hair Color: Pine Green
Hair Style: Wavy
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Coal
Features: Gladiatorial tattoos.


Brandt is hardly a shining paragon of... anything. Foulmouthed, bad-tempered, and determined to prove himself the biggest and loudest in any kind of situation, his time as a gladiator seems to have vested him with some habits that don't carry over very well into polite society - let alone the delicacy and rhetoric of academia. Nevertheless, he seems to have made a name for himself on his sour demeanor and tendencies; despite all his bluster, he does still have quite a cunning mind.

He suffers no fools, and has little patience for anyone, friend or foe alike. However, the one thing he does respect above all else is resilience - the ability to pick oneself up after having been beaten down, inspiring a cragged kind of empathy out of him... though he's not the best at expressing it.



Brandt Bonebreaker: you loved to hate him. The gladiator had a penchant for showmanship, arrogance (showing up to several matches drunk), and a carefree tendency to let the hate just slide off him. Fighting was an outlet for him; a way to work off the stress, a fun way to earn a bit of gil, get a bit of exercise, and hear a cheer or two. And it WAS fun. He even had a rival - some Highlander, Murbrecht, trying to play up the lone, brooding hero mask. A guy gets one sword made of darker metal than usual, and suddenly he thinks he's obligated to go on long, idiotic existential rants. He'd talk, Brandt'd laugh, he'd get mad, they'd fight, someone would be defeated, the crowd loved it. Business as usual.

Until a strike from him nearly severed Brandt's arm.

He clearly hadn't meant to do it. Brandt could tell by his expression the moment it happened, though the haze of pain. Regardless, Brandt's career was over, and the crowd had cheered at his end. The Bonebreaker was broken... and for a while, so, too, was the man behind the persona. Brandt spent a long time numb, whiling away his time in convalescence, unwilling to accept what had taken place, and slowly, he passed into obscurity...

...and then, one day, a package arrived to the hospital - a book. A present from an old fan; one of the weird old diehards. No idea how they tracked him down in this little backwater clinic, especially since he wasn’t going by his stage name anymore. Some little Miqo'te girl, G'lantaa something? She couldn’t have been much older than a child during his run in the arena, but for reasons best known to her… she had sent him a book of practical magic. Pointless, dense and infuriating. He tossed it aside.

Later, he yelled at one of the nurses until they picked it up off the floor for him. And he read.

And then he read, and then he read another, and then he wrote a forty-page essay of possibly the most foul and violent language anyone had ever used to describe Thaumic Temporal Deconstruction.

His sword arm would never be the same again. But, as Brandt would realize about five years later - a doctorate in one hand, a mug of Sour Red in the other, and a belligerent colleague's glasses between his teeth - a fighting man can be very resourceful when he puts his mind to it.


Mad Doctorate

Now with a couple honors and academic titles under his belt (which he is only too willing to throw around in conversation in an attempt to assert his dominance), he has set his sights on the primals. Having found the most definitive way of reclaiming his former glory, he has latched onto it with a mad intensity, and will not allow anything to stand in the way of his mythological rampage.


Romantic Interest     Sexual Desire     Platonic Love    Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing;    Rivalry     Emnity     Hatred


- G’lantaa Qimi (NPC): Young Miqo’te girl, and the one who sent him his first book of arcana in the hospital. Now a bright and intelligent youth, her effervescence grates on Brandt’s nerves, but he’s formed a strange attachment to the well-intentioned young student.
- Murbrecht Blackhearth / “Brecht Blackheart” (NPC): Old rival.


- Dr. Archambault: Gaspard goddamn Archambault. A well-known Elezen researcher and professor who’s had several run-ins with Brandt. The Roegadyn is convinced that Archambault plagiarized him on an academic paper of some prestige, and has little doubts that the prim researcher is a smug snake of the foulest variety.


Common Rumors

■ - "Don’t take Temporal Arcana Theory. Seriously. Unless you really, really, REALLY want to learn it."
■ - "We get it. You wrote a book. Shut up. God, what an ass - w-wait, he’s not anywhere nearby, r-right?"
■ - "Those tattoos… he used to work at the Coliseum? Then again, all things considered, it wouldn’t surprise me..."

Uncommon Rumors

■ - "Look at the way he moves his arm. There, while he’s reaching for the chalk - yeah, there’s somethin’ wrong with it alright."
■ - "Wintfrydsyn? Well… you didn’t hear it from me, but bring some kinda confection when you turn in your paper. Pastry or something. Trust me. It works."
■ - “Just don’t. Mention. Archambault.”

Rare Rumors

■ - "No, honest to gods, I swear. You never saw him and the Bonebreaker in the same place, right? And he never went back to the arenas after that big accident. I’m just sayin’."
■ - “I’ve never seen anyone get so cranky over students holding hands. What’s his problem?”

Player Character Rumors

■ -

RPC Connections

You might know Professor Wintfrydsyn if...

-You spent time studying Arcana
-You followed popular gladitorial fights some years ago
-You have sought higher education in any of Eorzea’s magical institutions, or have a background in academia
-You frequent the Limsa Lominsa markets
-You read papers or informational guides on certain aspects of magic
-You have any kind of medical background or have worked in a hospital of some kind



A Big Package


Motor Head


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