Bristol Glory

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 Bristol Glory
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Lominsan
Age 27
Marital Status Single
Occupation Archaeologist
Height/Weight 7'5" / 450 lbs
Orientation Pansexual
Relatives //

Basic Info


Discussing Nym, Allag - related exploration.
Researching lost arts and distant practices.
Settling academic disputes with arm wrestling challenges.


Withheld information.
'Holier-than-thou' mages and snooty, unsociable scholars.
Humid heat.
Archways too short to ride his goobbue under.


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Vice: Food
Favorite Food: Gumbo
Favorite Drink: Coffee
Favorite Color: Slate/Green

Appearance & Personality


At A Glance
Bristol Glory primarily finds work through the Arcanist’s Guild in Limsa Lominsa, though it isn’t rare to find him on some duty or another for the Maelstrom. He has no permanent residence, but convenient access to work finds him staying at the Drowning Wench more often than not. As one might assume by the books he carries or his clothing, certain events have led him down the path of the Scholar. Prior to Cartenau, he served as a Lancer for the Immortal Flames, and does what he can to stay in shape. Unfortunately, Bristol’s stature and steady face can make him appear stern and unapproachable to outsiders. If he’s in public and not working, he’s reading, eating, people-watching, or attempting to engage in some combination of all three. Whatever he is found doing, and wherever he’s found doing it, Bristol welcomes company, even if it doesn’t bring conversation.



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