Broken Blade

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Broken Blade
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"If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Ul'dahn
Age 23
Nameday 28th Sun of the Fourth Astral Moon
Patron Deity Nald'Thal
Occupation Freelancer for hire
Orientation Homosexual
Server Balmung
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Broken Blade isn't quite as chiseled and gruff as your usual Hellsguard roaming Thanalan. First off, he's short. Even for his age of a young adult, he's just...short. Barely taller than your average Highlander, for that matter. He also sports a rather clean cut and handsome face as opposed to the usual rugged look you'd expect to see. He prides himself on this, claiming to devilishly good looking, and does his best to keep it that way. His skin tone is a very dark red, almost like a cherry. Black hair is usually combed up into a short and spiky look, complete with dark red highlights at the top to complement his skin tone, along with a scruffy little black beard. Sometimes when he's feeling lazy, he'll let it stay down or even wrap it in a headwrap just so he doesn't have to fix up his hair. Broken sports a single noticeable scar going down the left side of his mouth, of which he often chews on idly when thinking to himself. His eyes are, of course, dark red like everything else on him. Otherwise, his body is mostly unblemished save for the occasional small, fuzzy tufts of body hair here and there along his chest and midsection, or small scar from the scuffs and skirmishes he's gotten himself into over the years.
Broken's attire usually consists of simple clothes. He prefers a minimalist look and can even be found without a shirt at times. He does, however, have a distinct taste for jewelry and likes to sport earrings, rings, necklaces, as well as various other piercings that he is not always wearing which consists of a naval ring, a nose ring, and nipple rings. What can he say? The Ul'dah lifestyle rubs off on you after so long. UPDATE: Due to recent job encounters, Broken has more or less sophisticated his attire. Between actual armor or just nicer looking clothes in general. It honestly doesn't really suit him, but hey. He bought it with his gil..right?
Broken Blade's body itself is that of a typical Roegadyn, toned and muscular, except a bit stockier in the belly. It really makes you wonder how he's able to use the daggers on his hips to any degree of effectiveness. Always found with a pair of knives or blades, they are probably hidden in his jacket or boots. Or if he's armored? Perhaps a claymore or a battle axe. He's been seen using several different martial weapons before.


One would expect a young, brash man to be as Broken Blade usually is. Despite the fact he is not often spotted with other people around him, he definitely seems to be having plenty of fun on his own. Broken would just as easily flash a cocky grin towards someone eyeing him from afar and walk away without much caring for why they were looking in the first place. Simply put, Broken likes to have fun, and there are many ways to do it. Whether he's getting a drink at the bar, trying to swindle his way into a bargain at the market, practicing his charms on other drunken patrons at the same bar, or even taking on some mercenary work on the side for some extra gil.
Broken keeps his cool for the most part, knowing that getting angry usually leads to idiots getting thrown in prison for doing something stupid. That being said, he has been known to pull pranks on people he dislikes ranging from "accidentally" tripping annoying Lalafellen merchants to straight up stealing/pickpocketing from people he thinks deserve it.
One could also consider Broken to be an opportunist of sorts as he's not always inclined to take the most sensible choice in matters. Overall, he is a...chaotically neutral, yet simple man who takes it as it comes and tries to make things better for himself, one way or another.


  • Jewelry - The Ul'dahn lifestyle has gotten to him over the years and he has a fascination with jewelry, especially golden accessories with rubies.
  • Seafood - Ever since his first visit to the Limsan shores, he tried seafood and fell in love with it. Always share it with him!
  • Nankas - Never ask Broken to kill a Ninka Nanka. They're absolutely adorable and he loves him.
  • Sweets - He might be a hardy, muscled Roegadyn, but he will never turn down candy or pastries.
  • Stealing - Broken has a knack for slipping his large hands into peoples' pockets and gil purses... whoops!
  • Parkour - You might find that Broken likes to show off and something that he is particularly good at it running and jumping, especially over Ul'dah's buildings and Thanalan's rugged terrain.


  • Gridania - Broken dislikes forests in general, particularly because he gets lost in them very easily. Also bugs freak him out.
  • Being in the dark - He hates it when he can't see and darkness is no exception. Is he afraid of it? Yes, actually.
  • The cold - Broken has always perfered hotter climates, hence his love for Thanalan. His first visit to Coerthas was met with much complaining and hate for the cold.
  • Traditions - He's always been a breaker of traditions ever since he left his clan and will always welcome change when it comes.
  • Chocobos - Broken hates those giant infernal chickens. They smell terrible and they never cooperate with him. He will always choose walking over riding one of those damn things.


  • Parkour - Not sure how else to say it, but Broken does enjoy and is particularly skilled at running and jumping through and around terrain. Not bad for a short and stocky Roegadyn, eh?
  • Sneaking - Broken is, as you might have guessed by now, a rogue and is skilled in the art of sneaking around. Not necessarily at hiding in the shadows in particular, but getting away with things in general.
  • Knife play - Juggling, stabbing, throwing... Broken is proficient in daggers, and knows how to use other swords as well, but not to the same degree of skill.


Father - Endless Crag
Mother - Moonlit Mountain
Older Twin Brother - Brilliant Blade


Broken Blade was born on the 28th Sun of the Fourth Astral Moon at night in the mountains alongside his twin brother Brilliant Blade. Unfortunately for him, Brilliant was the first to feel air and would never let BB forget it until the day they die. His parents also took this into account while raising them both. The clan's shamanistic duties belonged to several members, one of them being their father, Endless Crag. He passed on these traditions and knowledge to Brilliant while Broken was ignored for the most part. Broken grew up incredibly jealous of this fact, but his mother did her best to at least give BB what she could teach him. Moonlit Mountain passed on her teachings of hunting, swordplay, and basic survival to Broken as he grew up.
As the two brothers reached adulthood, Brilliant Blade was finally going to be inducted as one of the clan shaman and Broken Blade decided to first challenge him to a sort of honorable combat for his position. Ultimately, Brilliant had received better training and defeated Broken in the battle, giving him the scar he has on his lip today as a reminder. Ever since then, Broken felt ashamed of himself for not only being unable to win the position of clan shaman he so desperately coveted, but also because he lost a duel he issued himself to his own brother in front of the entire clan. BB exiled himself from his clan and decided to never look back. He ventured to Thanalan, using his survival skills to make it all the way to Ul'dah. Seeing as he was alone and had no gil, Broken has lived on the streets for the majority of his time in Ul'dah.
After the Calamity, Broken considered himself lucky since he could defend himself and do work, but people everywhere needed hardy men and adventurers such as himself just to survive. Eventually, he was able to make somewhat of a living for himself and manages to at least not have to sleep on the streets for the most part anymore.

Recent Events

As of late, Broken occasionally ventures outside of Thanalan for more work. He's stumbled upon odd jobs and amassed somewhat of a fortune. His attire and leisure acitivites have been..drastically different lately. Recently, he has met Doman refugees here and there around his travels of Eorzea and has become fascinated with ninjas and what they can do. He doubts a man like himself could ever master such a thing, but he's determined nonetheless.


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