Bryna Floeraskwyn

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 Bryna Floeraskwyn
Bryna Floeraskwyn2.jpg
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Foreign
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A strong-bodied young Roegadyn woman of Sea Wolf stock; a foreigner from a traditional community in the Aerslaent; a freelancer, mercenary and laborer.


Extremely muscular and very tall even for a Roegadyn woman, the young Bryna cuts a physically imposing figure.

Her long hair is a dark ash-grey, her skin the color of green clay.

Dark, hooded eyes, color a rich light brown.

Very broad-shouldered with a narrow waist, giving her a "V"-shaped torso. Her powerful arms and legs bulge proudly with big swells of hard muscle. Prominent abs.


Athletic, quiet, pragmatic, loyal, traditional, serious, dutiful, stoical, blunt, respectful, taciturn, sincere



Bryna prefers heavy, wrought-iron spears and lances. Her thrusts are viciously powerful. Though lacking in finesse, she has a keen sense of anatomy and knows where to ply the force of her weapon to maximize the damage of each strike.



Heirachy, plainspeaking
Learning of Eorzea's native people
Kindness, sincerity, drivenness


Well-assimilated Eorzean Roegadyn
Braggarts, hecklers, chauvinists
Blackmages, summoners


High-level physical strength makes Bryna a powerful combatant, and an excellent laborer.
Naturally resistant to cold.
She fancies herself a fine cook, so long as one enjoys nose-melting fermented seafood and boiled turnips.


Bryna is taciturn and generally does not show much emotion to strangers, a quality which at first can make her seem grumpy, or as if she has little personality.
Being from a very traditional community, Bryna thrives where there is a clear heirarchical structure in which she can locate her place. She is often socially anxious in such instances where hierarchical roles are not well-defined.




Adrian Rosseu
L'valt Tia
Leo Valeryn



Common Rumors

That Bryna is from Limsa Lominsa.
That Bryna is grumpy.
That she is an ex-pirate.

Moderate Rumors

That she prefers the company of women.
That she is promiscuous.
That she is sympathetic to Garlemald.

Rare Rumors

That Bryna once killed a Hyur man in The Black Shroud.
That Bryna is a Garlean spy.
That Bryna and her ex-captain, Adrian, were lovers.

Ongoing Story

Having spent almost two years in Gridania, Bryna had begun to see the city-state as a limit to her potential. She set her eyes on the great jewel of the Thanalan, Ul'dah, where she recently took residence.

Recently, Bryna has taken to mercenary contracts. She mostly collects debts for rich Ul'Dahans clients.

Joined a company of freelancers called the Amber Alyssum.



Bryna Floeraskwyn hails from a small group of islets, called Baenkrydlaent (the bone chalk land), which is part of the far-northern islands of Aerslaent--the ancestral home of the Roegadyn, far beyond the Great Northern Empty.

Sparsely populated and barren except for the hardiest northern grasses, the tiny islands of the Baenkryd are home to traditional, close-knit villages of seafaring Roegadyn, who subsist mainly by fishing and trading.

Although their plundering days are long over, her people unselfconsciously preserve the distinct culture of the northern Sea Wolves, who of old raided Eorzea. Natively, they speak only in the Old Tongue. Most speak a little of the Eorzean common tongue, but few speak it well.

The daughter of a blacksmith, Bryna showed uncommon physical strength and keen athleticism as a lass. Her first real job, hauling copper from the mines, earned her a reputation as a potent, nearly indefatigable laborer: combining her natural gifts with intensive physical training, even grown men came to respect her ability.


As an adult, Bryna found maritime work aboard small, seasonal fishing vessels, pulling in nets and hoisting sails. Following her 21st name-day, she joined the crew of a mid-sized oceangoing ship.

Bryna initially worked in the galley, where she earned the nickname 'The Wall' amongst the crew. Noticing the girl's powerful physique, one day the ship's quartermaster bid her take a harpoon and join the men on the outrigger. As they closed on their quarry, a great beast of the sea, Bryna stood with bent knees on the prow of the outrigger. She pulled back the harpoon, held high in her right arm, and let it fly. The cruel iron sailed yard after yard, burying itself in the creature up to the end of the mainshaft: a stunning, single killing blow. "Like an arbalest," one of the men later remarked.

Thereafter, she was invited on additional killing sorties, eventually distinguishing herself as the crew's primary harpoonist.


Though not hostile to Eorzea, the Sea Wolves of the Baenkryd islands had little regard for Eorzean maritime claims. Frequently, ships from the Baenkryd would illegally pursue their game well into Eorzean sovereign waters. What is worse, her kinfolk have been known to act as slavers and mercenary privateers for the Garlean Empire.

After 2 years at sea, the ship on which Bryna now lived pursued a great fish into the maze of islands off of the coast of the Black Shroud. The underside of the ship's hull was raked to breaching by a shallow, submerged ridge, forcing the crew to run aground in a desperate attempt to avoid loosing the ship and her crew entirely.

Beached, the ship was abandoned, its material taken as salvage. None of the crew was killed by the wreck, although one member who was with fever succumbed some days later.


Initially keeping together, the foreigners found little welcome in the Shroud, where historical memories of Sea Wolf raids made these outsiders unwelcome. The Roegadyn crew were denied entry into town after town, region after region. Eventually it was decided that they only way they would be accepted was to disband, and disburse into smaller groups.

Bryna first came to Gridania in one such small group of shipmates. The city-state was willing accent the handful of alien Roegadyn, so long as they could prove themselves productive residents.

Bryna, considered large and strong even among the Roegadyn, was initially treated as something of a side-show by her hosts, to her eventual exapseration: Gridanian children peppered her with questions and even grown women propositioned her.

She found work in various places, doing predominantly unskilled labor for nominal pay. Her skill with a harpoon earned her an association with the Lancer's guild, where she instructs initiates on spear-throwing.

Given her physical gifts, Bryna was always well-disposed her well to mercenary work, which she began to pick up while still in Gridania.