Burning Passion

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 Burning Passion
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Radz-at-Han



Burning Passion is a skilled synthesist from Radz-at-Han, the Near East. A savant in the art of all forms of synthesis, he is always more than willing to help others who may lack his own personal expertise. Through utilizing power from elemental crystals in his crafting, he has gained a small understanding of how aether flows, which has piqued his fascination in the arts of thaumaturgy.


Burning is a Roegadyn and, as such is a very large, very stocky individual. He has darkly tanned skin and vibrant red hair with golden highlights, looking as if to resemble fire itself. He has four parallel scars over his left eye and nose, shaped like they came from a set of claws. He is shorter than most Roegadyn, but also lighter on his feet.


Burning is a kind, patient, compassionate soul, though rather quiet. He is very shy around those who do not share his interests and it takes a long time for him to warm up to people. But for those he is close to, he is a beacon of good spirits and optimism. He does not handle verbal conflict well, preferring to shy away from such arguments, and instead preferring to be in the company of people who are, at the very least, visibly happy.

He is a perfectionist and is stubborn to a fault, seeing giving up as the ultimate failure, and seeing any failure at all--even in areas he has weaknesses in--as a reflection of his own self-worth. Constant failure can cause Burning's once bright demeanor to grow dark and depressive, especially if the failure is his own. Despite his lack of patience with himself, he has plenty of it when aiding others with their endeavors, filling the role of the teacher quite well.



Burning's is more of a craftsman than a fighter, but he has a fair knowledge of thaumaturgy and lesser knowledge of the other magicks, but enough to aid him with his thaumaturgical studies.



  • Lassi, a kind of Thavnairian drink created with milk infused with various flavors, such as mint and rolanberry.
  • Magic he finds "interesting".
  • Aiding Others. Burning loves any opportunity to help someone in need.


  • Negativity. Being empathic, Burning is vulnerable to feelings of negativity and attempts to avoid such vibes whenever possible.
  • Insects/Insectoids. Burning does not like nature very much, but can tolerate it to an extent. However, he gets anxious and irrationally fearful around anything that even looks like an insect.
  • Onions. As a young child, he once ate a raw Thavnairian Onion on a dare. Ever since, he has despised the taste of onions.


  • Magically Savvy
  • Empathic
  • Quick Study


  • Absent-minded
  • Rambles when excited
  • Quiet around people he doesn't know.



Burning's Parents are happily residing in Radz-at-han, and he has a good rapport with both. He is also an only child.


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Common Rumors

  • Burning is from the Near East
  • Burning is a renowned expert craftsman.

Moderate Rumors

  • Burning is from Radz-at-Han, City-state of Thavnair

Rare Rumors

PC Rumors


Burning was born and raised in Radz-at-Han in Thavnair. He was born to a lesser noble house of merchants and was taught the arts of the craftsman from the young age of eight. Everything from blacksmithing to weaving and, of course, alchemy. His aptitude with learning these arts allowed him to become a universally skilled craftsman in only a decade of study.

In his later years of study, at the age of seventeen, he was introduced to the world of thaumaturgy from an Ul'dahn thaumaturge visiting Radz-at-Han to learn Thavnairian Alchemy. Burning's Alchemy tutor directed the mysterious young lalafell to Burning himself, so that they may exchange information. Burning taught the lalafell the basics of alchemy and the lalafell taught Burning some rudimentary lessons in thaumaturgy.

Fascinated by the basic study, he requested leave from his parents to depart for Ul'dah for a "trade expedition", though in truth he wished to study more about thaumaturgy from the Ossuary there. His parents, of course, granted this leave, unknowing of Burning's true intentions.

Burning then studied at the Ossuary for many years while simultaneously taking on commission jobs with the Ul'dahn craftsman guilds, oftentimes coming into contact with other practitioners of magic, such as Conjurers and Arcanists alike, some of whom obliged his thirst for knowledge of conjury and the arcane geometry with rudimentary lessons.

To this day, Burning seeks to further his knowledge of the arcane and test his power against all obstacles, pushing his boundaries further and further still.