C'dhen Tia

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 C'dhen Tia
artwork by me
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship "Citizenship" is a fancy word for outsiders and city cats
Tribe Coeurl tribe of the Sagolii
Age 24
Guardian Azeyma, the Warden
Date of birth 4th sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon



C'dhen Tia could only be described by friends and enemies alike as a cocky brat. Loud-mouthed, confident to the point of arrogance, mischievous, stubborn and obnoxious are all hallmarks of his charming personality. He's something of a ruffian though he seems harmless and sometimes even likable, though it's doubtful there's some profound heart of gold beneath his rough exterior. Known as something of a xenophobe, he's quick to point to the flaws of outsiders and their strange ways. He seems to hold a particular distaste for "city cats" or "strays."


Standing at 5'7", he is quite tall for one of his kind, though by no means a giant. He boasts broad shoulders, long limbs and a lean muscled physique earned through an active lifestyle as a hunter and now adventurer. His hair is a bright, light golden blonde color - no doubt in part due to the bleaching effects of the sun - and stands in stark contrast with his deeply browned skin. His light green eyes are usually glinting with some kind of sly, taunting amusement coupled with a sharp, gap-teeth grin.

Ya boy.jpg


He's something of a troublemaker when among those of "civilized" society. Outside of his tribe, he's quick to start an argument, pull a prank or make someone the end of a mean-spirited joke. Lately, these behaviors have slowly been declining in their boldness, though it's not entirely clear why. Within his tribe or among his own kind (re: tribal miqo'te, regardless of tribe), he maintains his boisterousness and general mischievousness, but is obedient and respectful towards his superiors. Usually.



Complete with ridiculous flourishes and most likely unnecessary acrobatics, he is extremely swift on his feet and agile. He is highly evasive and probably can't take too many hits, but he is the scrappy sort all the same. Primarily relying on his feet and his fists to get him where he needs to be, his choice of weapon is a pair of nasty looking hooked "claws" or similar fist weapons. If the Grindstone tournaments are any indication, he is quite adept in combat, though it's clear he's nothing without his speed. Cripple him and he's essentially useless.



  • Winning.
  • Swimming.
  • The desert.
  • Sun bathing.
  • Tradition.
  • Being a brat.
  • Hot weather.


  • Cold weather.
  • Being caught in the rain.
  • Arrogance (what a hypocrite).
  • Elaborate language.
  • Losing.
  • Owning up to his bad behavior.


  • He's a pretty decent hunter with impressive tracking skills.
  • He's a good combatant with a mean right hook and powerful legs.
  • He's quite athletic in general: he's a fast runner, acrobatic as per his fighting style and a swell dancer.
  • He likes to sketch when he's at home.
  • He's picked up knives recently.. it's fine. Everything is fine.


  • He's dependable and a hard worker.
  • He can't cook to save his life. Everything is burned or under cooked with him.
  • He's not the brightest bulb as far as book smarts are concerned. With that said, he's resourceful and quite clever in his own right.
  • He practically never calls any of his acquaintances by their real names. He comes up with nicknames for everyone he meets, often times to the chagrin of the nickname bearer.



  • C'nahle Hahma: Alive and well, she is the true power of C'dhen's village and his grandmother. For all intents and purposes, her word is law and her decisions final. Though their relationship is a bit complicated, C'dhen reveres her as the greatest hunter of the C tribe and the strongest person he's ever known. C'nahle expects much of C'dhen and has been known to put him in his place rather ruthlessly.
  • C'sohn Nunh: C'dhen's father. C'sohn does not hold C'dhen in any special regard. As far as he is concerned, C'dhen is just another of the village and is held to the same high standard as everyone else. C'dhen respects the Nunh and has yet to challenge him for his title, though it's unlikely C'sohn feels threatened. C'sohn is quite large for a miqo'te and has bested many challengers in the past with ease.
  • C'lehra Yahn: C'dhen's mother and one of C'nahle's daughters, she cares for C'dhen deeply and has over all been a loving, if tough, mother. It is through her that his sense of pride for who he is and who is people are was instilled, whether for better or worse.
  • The rest: The rest of C'dhen's family is too numerous, too confusing and too insubstantial to take note of. He has a hell of a lot of sisters and two brothers.

Other Relationships

  • Thya'to Zhwan: Called "Big Boss" by C'dhen, the testy owner of Zhwan Brokerage Concern is C'dhen's employer and antagonist, though he almost certainly deserves it.
  • Thya'a Zhwan: "Brother Boss" or simply "Cove," is actually somewhat liked by C'dhen perhaps in spite of the fact that he is the brother of Thya'to.
  • "Susan Brown": A dubiously named woman and associate of the Zhwan Brokerage Co., C'dhen insists he has met her before and that her name is definitely not 'Susan Brown.' As such, he calls her 'Susan' with sarcastic emphasis.
  • Yunegen Malqir: Though their meeting was brief, C'dhen instantly took a liking to "Gal" as the two seem to have fairly similar views on 'civil' society.
  • Maral Kha: Dubbed "Lily" on account of her exceptionally pale skin, C'dhen only recently discovered they are technically co-workers. She's alright.
  • Sechen Kha: A friend of the Malqir, C'dhen regards her favorably. Not just because she made him a hat. He is surprisingly encouraging towards her.
  • Sanrai Bayaqud: Though C'dhen is (more than) a little bit confused as to why she's so patient and kind towards him after their disastrous first encounter, he has determined she is certifiably alright.
  • Hawu Jinjahl: C'dhen is definitely not slightly afraid of the enigmatic Keeper. Definitely not, not even a little bit.
  • Enqdai Hotgo: A rocky initial encounter (C'dhen mistook Enqdai for a man) has led to a general wariness about the powerful woman. No he's not afraid of getting crushed by her huge arms. Definitely not.
  • Sizha Naab: Enqdai's right-hand woman, C'dhen and Sizha rarely see eye to eye and relentlessly tease one another. C'dhen respects her limits, though. Not just because of the giant warrior xaela at her side. Definitely not.


"Pretty creature, that one. . . a bit rough in nature though I know little of him. Suppose he might be in need of guidance, I do wonder what was done after the dove peeled himself from the stone after I was finished with him. I do hope he is not too angry, it needed done." -- Hawu Jinjahl
"He is unpredictable, unafraid to speak out to strangers in a heartfelt moment when curiosity strikes him. He appears as if he is rooted in instinct, driven by it and curiosity." Sanrai Bayaqud


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