C'hannon Lowell

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Gridania-transparent.png C'hannon Lowell
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Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keepers of the Moon (Adopted)
Citizenship Gridania
Occupation Adventurer
Age 23
Nameday 6th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon
Guardian Menphina, the Lover
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C'hannon is a kind young man that is perfectly willing to help any friend in need. With red hair, and usually clad in the color black and/or red, C'hannon stands out out of the crowd by display the colors that best describe him. Though, in the field of battle he display a different side to him.


C'hannon is a young miqo'te, considered tall for his species. He has a head full of deep red hair of moderate length, kept manageable by the navy blue bandanna he wears around his head. Being born with heterochromia, he bears to eyes of distinguishable colors, one being deep blue, and the other being bright green. Being subconscious of his green eye, he usually hides his eyes either through an eye patch, or a pair of sunglasses he had recently come across. C'hannon has an athletic build, composed of a toned waist, strong arms and legs, and broad shoulders thanks to his use of the spear over the years, having the figure he can proudly display without shame.

When it comes to clothing, he normally sticks with the colors black, or red. He currently wears a leather jacket he had come across during his time as an adventurer, made from black leather, embroidered with brown leather and tassels, as well as silver. He wears a pair of gloves made from the same brown leather, and embroidered with silver studs. He hangs a long blue piece of cloth over his right leg, his boots armored with a cobalt plating he had forged himself


When people look at C'hannon, they think of him as a sweet, dependable young man. Having been raised to be of help to anyone how could come across, he usually offers his help to any individual he finds in a need for it. Though people think of him for nosy for it, he doesn't mind. He enjoys spending his time with the people he cares for, and is usually seen with a warm smile as a result. Having been raised by a Keepers clan, he hold members of the female gender with the utmost respect, while seeing the males as his peers. And this warm and caring demeanor of his translates onto animals as well, as any animal that won't harm is a friend to C'hannon, showering them with love as parent would to a child.

He isn't usually one to initiate a conflict, as he refuses to resolve his conflicts with fighting. But for good reason, as it is through being forced to fight that he devolves to his cold, merciless way of fighting. As a result, his personality changes greatly, his smile gone, the warm look of his eyes replaced with a cold focus as he thinks of several ways of finishing the fight in his mind. When it comes to his opponent, he feels no sympathy as he sees them only as obstacles he has to eliminate, a way of thinking he soon regrets whenever he accidentally slips into this state of mind during practice.

But he makes up for these negative qualities of his with his loyalty. Should someone earn the respect, and friendship of C'hannon stand and fight, protecting them with every fiber of his being.



C'hannon is excellent at what he does. Training with a lance since a young age, he has built up the physique needed for this way of fighting. Through his training in Coerthas, he has accumulated the strength needed in his legs to perform his powerful jumping techniques. Whenever he is in battle, his mind slips into the state that he has forged over the years as an adventurer, seeing his opponents as nothing but objects, as he analyzes the events of the battle and concludes the best possible course of action needed to finish the battle. He is known for launching his lance, as he had adorned it with mechanism tied to his arm to be able to recall his lance immediately after he had thrown it, creating an opening that he can exploit.


Early Life

          C'hannon is a person that should have well died during infancy. Sometime after he was born, his clansmen and direct family were travelling across Thanalan until they were suddenly attacked by a group of Amalj'aa raiders. Though they put up a strong resistance, there were no survivors from the attack. It was in the wreckage of their caravan that an infant, who's name was lost with his family, cried in solitude. But in the vicinity of the area, a small tribe of Keepers were scouting the outskirts of the Black Shroud and would to chance upon the wreckage of the caravan, where they heard the lone cries of an infant. The young leader of this tribe found the infant and took it into her arms, sympathetic that the baby's family was lost and that there was no one from his clan anywhere near the wreckage. Though it didn’t take long for the tribe to discuss their next course of action, and would decide to adopt the orphaned child. It was then that the nameless infant was named C’hannon Lowell.

          One would say that the C’hannon’s early life was rough; the same goes for his new family. Having been sired by a tribe of Seekers, the tribe members had to take several hours off of their sleeping schedule to tend to the diurnal child, and it was Hannon that had suffered the most from this. This would continue even when he reached childhood, while the hours needed to tend to C’hannon would lower across the years. But regardless, C’hannon was given little time to spend with his family than he would have liked.

          Regardless of their schedule, the family loved each other dearly, and enjoyed what little time they could afford, be it hunting in the dusk or dawn, or dancing in the moonlight with his family. But his time with his family was not without its own disadvantages. Being a family residing in the Black Shroud, and not affiliated with Gridania, they were seen in a negative light whenever they would hunt, despite the fact that they would only take enough for their own survival without wasting any resources, as opposed to the poaching clans in the Black Shroud. As a result, his family would face constant persecution, and C’hannon took it upon himself to protect his family by acting as a decoy to pull away any suspecting Adders from his family’s den.

          But even with his efforts, he knew at a young age that he wasn’t contributing to his family’s wellbeing as much he should have, so he decided to support it in his own way. He occupied his time during the day by taking an apprenticeship with the various shops in Gridania and learning the trades of craft. And he also put his skill with the lance to use by acting as a squire to the Twin Adders, despite his own wishes.

          Eventually, he became of age that he could venture of for himself as an Adventurer. With his training with the Adders, his small expedition in Ishgard, and his time practicing with his family, he was confident that he had the skill to make it as an adventurer, and bring in the coin to improve his family’s life. But on the day he was about to venture off to his adventurers, he looked up and took note of the crimson moon.

After Dalamud's Fall

          Shortly after the havoc that was brought by the fall of Dalamud, C’hannon had postponed his plans to become an adventurer to aid his family. Shortly after the fall, Hannon’s tribe and the Twin Adders began to see past their differences and cooperate in rebuilding their home. As a result, they made a home in Gridania and they began their life cooperating with the Adders. With his tribesmen taking up jobs in Gridania and supporting the family greatly than before, C’hannon was soon taken of his original purpose to become an adventurer. Even so, he continued his plan and left once his family was properly adjusted to Gridania.

          C’hannon would see much success as an adventurer, but not in the way he had wished for. He had originally seen it as an occupation filled with thrilling adventures, and constant companionship, but this wouldn’t turn out to be the case for him, as he would walk a path filled with loneliness. In his early years as an adventurer, C’hannon wasn’t allowed to join a company, for they had believed for him to be far too inexperienced. Though disheartened he would find comfort in small parties that would temporarily need his help.

          He would repeatedly attempt to join other companies, but by then he would be rejected for a different reason than before. For as the time passed, of constantly joining parties and leaving them without having made any meaningful bonds, he would grow more indifferent to the members of the parties that he would join, their face slowly fading away until he would see them as nothing more than some bodies he had to work with, and protect.

          The people he fought suffered a worse case of this, as by the time his loneliness as an adventurer began to take a toll on his psyche, C’hannon would only see his enemies as faceless objects that he would have no trouble eliminating. What others would do with hesitation, he would plunge his spear into their hearts without questioning his actions.

          C’hannon knew of these qualities of his full well, but he felt no need in changing himself, and he continued going the path he had been walking. Until one incident in Coerthas where he had joined a party of adventurers to scout the area for Ixali scouts, his party had been the first to encounter the behemoth that had left its domain. His party was badly hurt by the beast, and he himself was gravely injured when he prioritized warning any surrounding scouts of the beast’s presence over his own safety.

          And it was there as he lied in the snow, unable to move, his life slowly leaving his body, watching as his party had unknowingly left him behind, believing that he had managed to escape. It was then that C’hannon realized something; He was alone. In his years as an adventurer, he had not made a single companion he could truly call a friend, a person he’d be able to entrust his life with. A company that’d be able to make up for his shortcomings. And he had lost consciousness believing that he would leave the world without accomplishing any of this.

          But it was thanks to his chocobo, Izana, that C’hannon survived the encounter. And as he recovered from his injuries, C’hannon made a resolution thad he would change, and that he would join a company that would accept him.



  • Spending his free time with his companions.
  • Riding with the wind on his dear chocobo, Izana.
  • Dancing in the moonlight.


  • Anyone who threatens to harm his friends.
  • Arguing with his companions, as he sees the members of his company as his clansmen, who he treated like family
  • Anyone who dares to insult his mother, the woman that saved and rasied him


  • Because they were a big part of his early life, he enjoys improving on his craft.
  • He particularly likes to cook, enjoying the smiling faces that enjoy his food.
  • Fishing is one of C'hannon's favorite pastimes for winding down.
  • C'hannon has the strange talent/curse of attracting small animals he comes across.


  • Though he prefers female leadership, he doesn't discriminate against the males.
  • He is fond of antelope based dishes.



  • Hannon Lowell - C'hannon's adoptive mother. Raised by her as a infant, the two shared a close bond that rivaled even the relationship with her daughters. During the early years of C'hannon's life, she sacrificed many hours of sleep so she can't spend time with her child during the day.
  • Hannon'a Lowell - C'hannon's younger brother. Though at first their relationship was rocky because he saw his older sibling as an outsider, they now remain as close brother's despite Hannon'a's rough temperament.


Originally, he and the Twin Adders were on terrible terms. With his family constantly persecuted by the Twin Adders on the charges of poaching and defiling the forest, charges that his family had nothing to do with, C'hannon would see the Adders as an enemy he could not trust. This changed after the Fall of Dalamud, where his family and the Twin Adders immediately decided to forget about their conflict for the sake of cooperating to help with the recovery of the Black Shroud. Having served the Twin Adders for a time, his anger and hate would no longer belong with the Adders, but the poaching clans that roam the Black Shroud.

Player Standing

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Romantic Interest     Sexual Desire     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing
J'Maaira Tuhl - J'maaira was the first member of the Harbingers C'hannon had met, and had helped him get initiated into the company. Because of her outgoing, friendly personality, C'hannon had immediately taken an immense liking to her, usually coming to her first whenever he returns to the estate. She had even started a small dance group with C'hannon. One could say that C'hannon has become attached her to some degree.
Ziuz'a Nelhah- One of the first member of the Harbingers C'hannon had met. At first, C'hannon felt a feeling of kinship knowing Ziuz'a was a Keeper of the Moon. But over time C;hannon began to acknowledge some of Ziuz'a's various negative qualities, until he had crossed the line by starting a fight with a fellow Harbinger. But several days later despite what has happened, C'hannon began to see some of Ziuz'a more positive qualities, and had managed to become a friend of his.
Yune Tabrisviel - C'hannon had met Yune under strange circumstances, having been missing for several days, she was reported to have been found when C'hannon was in the premises of the Harbinger estate. After she had recovered, she and C'hannon became fast friends after a conversation at the conclusion of a Company event. Through his constant interactions with her, he's developed an attraction to her.
Val Nunh - The Saint of the Martial branch, he acts as C'hannon superior. But despite the difference in their rankings, he and C'hannon get along well. At the beginning, he saw him as a superior that required his respect, but seeing his devotion towards both the Harbingers and his beloved Faye, he devloped a genuine respect for him, and was happy to have pledged his service under his leadership.
Faye Covington - The Saint of the Support branch, a superior of C'hannon's. Becuase of the air she carries herself with, as well as her charisma, C'hannon mistook her to be the leader of the company, and instantly developed a respect for her.


Common Rumors

  • "He's a pretty nice guy so far, he's helped me a lot even when he didn't gain anything from it."
  • "He's really helpful! That boy knows a bit of every trade, and uses that knowledge to its full extent. And he's a good cook!"
  • "Despite his usual disposition, he's a formidable warrior."

Moderate Rumors

  • "I hear he belongs to a Keeper tribe, but isn't he a Seeker?"
  • "He's kinda nosy, has the tendency of butting in other people's issues."
  • "It feels as though that man transforms into someone else entirely when in battle."

Rare Rumors

  • "I've seen him before, wasn't he the lad that donned that ghastly red armor?"
  • "I once saw him several years ago, fighting a clans member..."
  • "It's bad news to hang around him, from what I've heard."

PC Rumors

  • "C'han? Yeah I know him. Really nice guy, has a way with animals, you know before he murders their parents for food." - J'Maaira Tuhl
  • "Sir C'hannon is both an accomplished craftsman and a reliable friend. What he lacks in intellectual sophistication he more than makes up for in kindness and genuineness." - Lilia Lia


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