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Ul'dah-transparent.png Val Covington
W'val Covington
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 26
Sexuality Heterosexual
Occupation Warden of the Matriarch, Harbingers of the Dawn
Guardian Menphina, the Lover
Nameday 16th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
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At first glance, Val seems to be your typical, unkempt ruffian. He is usually dirty and seems to have a new scar or fresh bruise from day to day. Despite this, the Seeker almost always has a smile or mischievous little grin on his face, juxtaposed by the fine clothing he wears. This is generally kept to shirts, though he has been known to dress nice on rare occasions. Whether this is due to his own decision or thanks to the influence of his wife is anyone's guess. What he does compromise on is usually ruffled up or left untucked, and he seems to enjoy pairing whatever she puts on him with a pair of kecks and gloves.

Val Nunh (Courtesy of Claparo!)


Val is your typical Miqo'te Seeker and stands a tad tall for his race, somewhere between 5'7" and 5'8". Though, this is hard to tell considering his slouched and relaxed posture. Ash blonde hair is brushed haphazardly away from an oval face marked with smooth planes and covers the long, slim ears arching over the Miqo'te's youthful visage. His brows are winged, the inner half of each slanted downward to give him an overall mischievous appearance. They're set over bi-colored eyes of blue and gold, both almond-shaped and with a long, faded scar bisecting the skin both above and below the right pale blue orb. A patrician nose is set above firm lips prone to mercurial changes of expression, and a faint touch of blonde stubble marks the curve of his chin.

His skin is tanned from his exposure to the sun and his overall build is slender and lean, showing an inclination to speed rather than strength. He can typically be seen wearing light leathers that give some protection and hinder movement as little as possible. A lance is typically strapped to his back, the tip bladed for slicing as well as piercing. The end of its metallic shaft is rounded for bludgeoning, if needed. The handle of a dagger can be seen protruding from the top of each of his boots.


Due to Val's upbringing and typical way of life, he tends to lack any sort of manners or sense of control over himself. He's well known for saying the first thing that comes to his head without giving it a second thought. This often leads to offending those around him, admittedly most of it is on purpose. He enjoys pushing the boundaries of others around him and watching them try to cope with it. If it bothers them enough to fight him, it's just an added bonus. He is very determined and egotistical, far believing himself to be superior to most of those around him. He generally lets his cockiness and confidence speak for itself, which tends to get allow him to overpower most individuals or scare them off without actually lifting a finger himself.

He doesn't care for an obscene amount of wealth, just enough money for food, drink, and a place to sleep. Beyond that, he'd rather spend most of his time relaxing outside and enjoying the world around him. While in the past he preferred the company of whatever beautiful woman was around at the time, Val has since settled on one in particular. Thoroughly convinced that what he and his lover share are something special and beyond the realm of what others could possibly have, Val still openly shuns monogamous relationships. He is fiercely loyal to his beloved, which leads to a lot of the aforementioned behavior. His general choice of words, while already colorful to begin with, become especially so when angered. He shouts a great deal of obscenities and threats and intends to make good on them should it not convince the offender to back down. Perhaps the most damning of Val's responses to someone messing with his lover is silence. It almost always means that he has ill intent.

Val also lacks trust in others. He expects most people, especially nobility, to be using him to further their own goals. Because of this, he rarely lets himself get close to another. It generally isn't an issue since his overall demeanor tends to repel most people. Those that can stand him long enough to gain his trust will find themselves in possession of a very trustworthy and thoroughly loyal ally. While he'll still have the tendency to joke around and "test" his friends, he will be far more willing to shut down that side of him and be far more considerate to those that have shown the ability to deal with his faults and prove him wrong. As far as emotions are concerned, Val tends to keep them to himself. Only those very nearest to him will truly know if he feels any sort of remorse for his actions or the things he does. He believes showing such to be a sign of weakness, and has thus managed to keep most of them under control. Except anger, of course. It's the one he's never quite been able to tame.



The best thing to say about Val when it comes to combat is that he loves doing it. He is incredibly prideful of his skill and believes that, beyond all else, beating someone in a fight proves that he is better than them. He also believes it solidifies his claim to be a Nunh, and each victory further proves such. Therefore, Val will do what he can to provoke others to a fight. If they back down, he feels that alone proves himself to be the better. Should they beat him, while his pride may be hurt, it instills with him to train harder until he's able to overcome his opponent.

Val wields a lance in combat, using it both as a piercing, slashing, and bludgeoning weapon. At times Val has the tendency to use it as a bo staff, taking clear advantage of its weighted ends in the process. He spends the majority of his time reading his opponent and goading an opening out of them. When he finds an opening or is able to discern the opponent's general style of fighting, Val will trade out his lance for his daggers and seek to end the battle as quickly as possible. He's been known to be a bit suicidal in this, willing to take a fatal strike if it means finishing off his opponent during dire situations.

He only fights honorably when he absolutely has to, feeling that "anything goes" in a real fight. Val frowns at the idea of using practice weapons because he feels there's no real danger in it and is prone to turning down any kind of healing. The wounds remind him of the mistakes made in battle. Val feels that it makes him much stronger to let them to heal on their own, allowing him to develop a better pain threshold.


Chibi Val (Courtesy of Lament!)


  • Spending time with his lover.
  • When relaxing, he'll often order himself an alcoholic beverage. Anything will do, though he prefers the sweet taste of wine.
  • The sound of gil in his pouch. Not because he covets money, but because he knows he'll be able to eat and rest well that night.


  • White Knights. He actually finds them to be quite pathetic and prefers to simply watch most altercations from afar, if not antagonize them.
  • Val can't stand nobility, or those that descend from it due to their typical demeanor.
  • Anyone moving in on his "territory" (Faye). This almost always results in a fight or an argument.


  • Val is adept at combat and often seeks it out.
  • He can be particularly suave when he wants to, especially to the ladies that have his interest.
  • He's really good at pissing people off. That's a talent.. right?


  • Telling Val that he can't do something is likely the quickest way to get him to try and prove that person wrong.
  • He actually respects relationships and will tend to stay away from those that are in one.
  • He is incredibly vengeful, and will often stop at nothing to get back at those who harmed him or those he holds dear.



Val is from the Wolf tribe. All there are considered to be family, though most of them quite honestly couldn't stand him. It is assumed that Val's biological family is counted among that group.

Father - W'tende
Mother - W'diah
Siblings - Unknown, but assumed to be many due to his tribe.


Val offends many, though he doesn't necessarily seek to make an enemy out of anyone.

Player Standing

Taken from Siobhain Surtsthalwyn, whom took from Deidre Ta'ea
Romantic Interest     Sexual Desire     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing

Val and Faye (Courtesy of Minh Pham!)
Faye Covington - Val was first captivated not only by this ivory-haired Midlander's beauty, but by the challenge that presented itself in her capture. For better or worse the two often butt heads due to their thoroughly conflicting views, though that just serves to keep things interesting enough for Val to stick around. He was originally reluctant with the idea of sticking with one woman, but soon realized it would be the only way to claim her. Now that he's actually with her and she's supplying him with everything he could ask for, it leaves one to wonder exactly who caught who. Val's fondness and respect for the woman grow daily, and with them his fierce loyalty and willingness to do virtually anything she asks of him. Over time, it has managed to change him into a strong and loving companion. While many know that they are engaged, very few know that they've actually eloped and already wed.
Siobhain Surtsthalwyn - Over time, Val has come to view this honorable and steadfast Hellsguard as a great friend. It didn't quite start that way at first, of course. Originally, he assumed that her naivety would be her ultimate undoing. Through various friendly bouts, however, he has come to respect both the woman and the views that she holds. While he'd never openly admit it, all she need do is ask or come to him with an issue and he'd do what he could to assist her.
Yangh Linh - When he first met this Keeper, Val assumed that she was just trying to hit on him. She offered a drink and asked him to dance, then his pal Berrod quickly abandoned them. He expressed that he was already with a companion and the woman laughed it off, leaving Val thoroughly confused. Now after getting to know her, Val is incredibly protective of the woman he calls "Priestess". She is strong, not just mentally, but physically as well and has accepted Val as a Disciple of Menphina. The relationship is more motherly than anything, with Yangh doing her best to help Faye and keep the poor Seeker on the right track by constantly reprimanding him for his mistakes. Unbeknownst to many, she's also helping to sharpen his skills with his daggers and teaching him the ways of the assassin.
Berrod Armstrong - Things did not start off well with Berrod at all. For starters, the Highlander hit on his woman, which immediately put him on Val's list of enemies. They've come to blows several times, each eventually walking away with a victory. In their latest fight, a truce was called to (hopefully) put an end to their rivalry. Truth be told, the two have far more in common than either of them would likely admit. Val knows through their conflict that Berrod is certainly no pushover when it comes to fighting and, because of this, sees Berrod as an invaluable ally to have.
Alexandre Larille - Val happened upon the unconscious body of this Duskwight shortly after leaving his tribe. Having spent a rather great deal of time alone and not quite used to it, the Seeker stuck around long enough to nurse the Elezen back to health and enjoy the company while he could. For this, Alexandre apparently feels in debt to Val and the two have came to a mutual claim of friendship until such a debt is settled. Neither of them would speak of this, and Val certainly wouldn't admit to having a soft side.
A’nzil Oenomaus - Val absolutely hates being burdened with tasks. The only thing he hates more than that is indentured servitude, especially of his own people. This is what brought Val to eventually accept the task of training A'nzil. Truth be told, the Seeker knows little about teaching others aside from how he was taught; with harsh, hands-on experience. He hopes to toughen A'nzil up through a series of battles, feeling that he's been coddled far too much.
Val and Faye's Wedding (Courtesy of Kaoru!)
Kah'li Tayuun - Long before he and Faye were an item, Val hated this Keeper because he seemed to be trying to steal the lady out from under him. He would constantly ridicule Kah'li for being blind which often led to bickering between the two. Over time, the two became friends and even sparring partners, each trading victories. Val has come to respect the man, especially since he respects his relationship with Faye, and would do almost anything should he ever ask.
Dartanon Nobis - This self-proclaimed knight managed to interfere with Val's retribution on a man that tried to steal Faye from him. While Val was thoroughly hateful towards him at first, the relationship soon turned into something akin to a friendship. At least, until Val found that Dartanon was dating one of the Garleans that had attacked Faye. Since then he's kept the man at arm's length, not because he necessarily doesn't wish to be around him, but because Faye giving the order to exterminate the woman he's with will make cutting him down that much easier should he get in his way.
Zularti Vensar - Val isn't quite sure what to make of this man aside from the fact that he shouldn't really be considered a man at all. He is brash, irrational, and thoroughly childlike. Why Faye follows him or entertains the idea of him being any sort of leader he'll never know, but he has decided to suffer through it in order to keep her happy.
Shadiyah Amari - Val's first meeting with Shadiyah wasn't exactly under the best of circumstances. While he'd normally be more than inclined to bed the woman, his alliance with his beloved has kept him at a safe distance. He doesn't quite trust her, nor does he trust himself around her. Eventually he became used to her particular brand of person and found that the two have more similarities than he'd originally thought. More than most, Val feels he can be himself around her and now genuinely looks forward to having conversations with the woman, no matter how secret he has to keep them.


Common Rumors

  • "He's always in the bars whistling and winking at women."
  • "I saw him outside Ul'dah just the other day, sleeping next to the bridge."
  • "That guy's always on the outskirts swinging that lance of his around. Does he ever do anything else?"

Moderate Rumors

  • "I heard he left his tribe."
  • "He's just taking a break from his tribe, right?"
  • "Isn't he with that one white haired woman? Did someone finally manage to tame him?"

Rare Rumors

  • "I hear he isn't even a Nunh at all."
  • "I haven't even notice him looking at women now that he's with that one girl."
  • "He damn near changed overnight from rags to plate. Either she's incredibly generous with her coin or they're damned serious."
Val and Faye, The Lovers Tarot card! (Courtesy of Rhea!)

PC Rumors

  • "This man has near taken my life not once, but twice. You cannot possibly fathom the depth of my love and respect for him." - Siobhain Surtsthalwyn
  • "Hmm? What do you wish to know about my bodyguard? Oh, did I neglect to mention he's my lover, as well? I believe that should clear everything up for you." - Faye Covington
  • "Shut up. You don't get to talk shite about 'im. I broke a sweat and spilled blood trynna take 'im down. The whoreson's strong, don't make the mistake o'disrespectin' that." - Berrod Armstrong
  • "He's a fun guy to drink with, so long as the bottle doesn't go over ye' head." - S'honji "Hayakawa" Nunh
  • "I've heard he likes to visit the brothels. Hrmpf. I'll have nothing to do with his lot." - Coatleque Crofte
  • "Lord Val a nunh savage? Forgive me, need not to bury oneself in books to have wisdom; dare say you underestimate his worth. Pray not make the mistake that you are a priority in his eyes. Is a good man and does what must be done when it matters. I learned much from his example, care for the man and his ilk, for my part."Jancis Milburga
  • "You want to know about Val? Well he is rough around the edges to say the least, but I respect him a lot, almost as much as I respect Lady Covington. He is an interesting man to have as your boss too..." - Lan Darklyn
  • "Just don't let him think yer a Garlean or after his girl. Fact, I'd prob'ly say outright y'not int'rested in laying a finger on Faye soon as y'meet him." - Cecilia Hunt
  • "He's always acting like he's up to no good... but I don't think he really is!" - Aya Foxheart
  • "He certainly loves Faye, that much is clear. Hells, he'd rather see Eorzea burn then lose her! Maybe this can be useful." - Fio Arasgain
  • "Erm... Val? He's... He's a very kind person underneath, well, you know... Um, all the... Stuff. B-But if you're, um... You're not bad, are you...? Because if you are... Well..." - Jihl Wilzuun
  • "If you ever want a taste of the street, just talk to Val--tough as nails, and always looking for a scrap." - Aya Foxheart
  • "Heard the man was worth millions of gil. Didn't hold up in a contest of strength. He did fine, don't mind my comment. Just not millions' worth." - Warren Castille
  • "I saw him, uh, 'meditating' perched up in a hedge fence once. At least, I was told he was meditating. I think he was just asleep." - Kellach Woods
  • "Bores easily. Quick to anger and pick a fight. Very protective of his Lady. No I don't feel particularly put off by any of these traits." - Jaques Guillaume
  • "Val...? He gets angry quickly. But it's funny to see him get angry! No wonder Lady Faye thinks more children on her hand would be taxing! Oh, wait! Don't tell him I said that!" - C'eleni Meztli
  • "I can seldom understand a word that the man says. I do wish he would slow his speech and enunciate more." - Lilia Lia
  • "Mask." - Flameson Hammersmith
  • "Overly protective to the point of infuriating sometimes. After seeing him strung up, I have a slight fear of him. I don't know what he is.' J'maaira Tuhl
  • "It is untoward to speak ill of my superiors. Sometimes this man tempts me to make an exception." Vallerin Hortimont
  • "Don't believe the rumors! Ser Val is a genuine sweetheart-of-a-Nuhn. Why, he's the first person I've met in a long time who claimed to have no cause, whatsoever, to punch yours truly squarely in the face. If he did not show such uncompromising devotion to his Lady, I would guess he fancies blondes with scars. Regardless, a true Nuhn of distinguished tastes! - Sigurd Sundsteigen
  • "Val is a good guy, even if he does think he will catch the gay from me. I wish I could convince him otherwise." - Sebastian Taylor
  • "He is very good to ask advice from. Told me to jump for a man I have grown to love and it was well worth it." - Jancis Milburga




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