Camille de Mercier

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Camille de Mercier
Camille by akevikun
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Ishgard
Age 19
Height 6 fm, 3 im
Occupation Scholar at St. Endalim's
Eyes Violet
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Basic Info

Camille de Mercier is a noble of Ishgard, the youngest of her house, and a bright and spirited scholar at St. Endalim's Scholasticate.


Camille is fairly tall for an elezen woman, with smooth, straight, pale gold hair and striking blue eyes that often appear violet in certain light. Her voice is refined and articulate, but despite her refinement, she often fails to contain her natural exuberance. She is occasionally teased for being mostly legs, though this is exacerbated by her preferring skirts and dresses, never pants. She tends to wear pastels, particularly pink.


Camille de Mercier is the youngest daughter of House Mercier of Ishgard, the child of Baron Reynelt and Baroness Eviane (nee Dolenat). House Mercier is loyal to Fortemps, but her mother's house has ties to Durendaire, which made the match something of a surprise. She has two older brothers, Lord Arent, the heir and a machinist like his father, and Ser Nalleux, a skilled and faithful knight who was once considered a promising candidate for a future member of the Heavens' Ward.

Camille was doted on by her parents growing up, her bright, inquisitive nature even melting the ice of her serious mother's heart. She was somewhat more spoiled than her brothers as a result.


Bubbly and cheerful, Camille brightens up the chill gray of Ishgard. Warm and kind, she greets nearly everyone she meets, and has a good memory for names and characteristics. She is a noble, however, and will become quietly cross with Ishgardians who don't show her due respect or deference.

Camille is practically incapable of subterfuge and wears her emotions on her sleeve. However, she is also incredibly moody and sensitive, and prone to fits of pique, especially when frustrated. Still, she rarely holds a grudge and returns to smiling after letting out a torrent of complaints.


  • Skilled with defensive and restorative magicks, but truly top of her scholarly class at bringing the fury of Halone.
  • Outstanding penmanship, whether being neat and efficient or filling her notes with playful scribbles.
  • Charming people into getting her way.

  • Writes silly fiction about various legendary and historical figures.
  • Longs for adventure, and loves hearing about them.
  • Nice people
  • Snow
  • Moogles
  • Gossip
  • Pink
  • Rudeness
  • Pants
  • House Dzemael
  • Being alone.
  • Being unable to help friends or family.
  • Crocs with their weird sideways mouths what the hell honestly.


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