Canny Dusk

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 Canny Dusk
Ffxiv KakaniKani.png
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Mixed
Citizenship Ul'dah/Gridania
Server Mateus
Nameday 31st Day of 5th Umbral Moon
Orientation Lesbian
Guardian Rhalgr
Canny Dusk
Extraordinarily proud of her heritage, yet smart enough to keep most of it under wraps. Rarely gives out her real name, but boasts about her bloodline. Studies magic in all its forms, but is heavily biased against White Magic.



  • Studying new and/or historically important events
  • Gil
  • Young learners
  • Her pipe


  • Recklessness
  • Babies
  • Discussion of personal matters


Foods: Eggs, Sweets
Drinks: Teas and Spirits
Colors: Deep, vibrant colors (Dalamud Red, Abyssal Blue, Grape Purple)


  • Practicing her Arts
  • Being a fly on a wall
  • Teaching new mages old tricks


Hair/Fur: Blonde
Skin: Naturally tanned
Eyes: Purple
Height: 2'10"
Weight: 45lbs
Build: Well-built, able to lift twice her own weight without magical assistance.

Her skin is well-tended, leaving many to be surprised when she reveals her age.
Strong, but wears her clothes a little bigger to hide it.
Long, horizontal scar across lower back, along with many smaller, faded scars. Hides them as best as she can


  • Alignment

    Chaotic Neutral
  • Motivation

  • Disposition

  • Outlook

    It is easier to ask for forgiveness, than permission.
  • Positive personality traits

    Prideful, Faithful, Forgiving, Responsible, Wary
  • Negative personality traits

    Prideful, Surly
  • Miscellaneous quirks

    Smokes illicit substances, known to hit others with her staff.


Born Kakani Kani in Hyrstmill, her mother was a botanist who loved to read. Her father, an Order of Nald'thal Priest, made sure she was well-taught in Thaumaturgical arts at a young age, boasting a pure Mhachi bloodline from the survivors of the Flood. For most of her life, she trained hard to master her work with the hatchet and staff. A few years after the Fall of Ala Mhigo, she was contacted for a job on a ship for her abilities, accepting the great deal of gil and gifting it to her mother. Unknown to her until it was far too late, the job she was hired for involved kidnapping young Au Ra from Othard, and harvesting aetherial crystals in absurd quantities. By the time the slaving ship was back in Eorzean waters, they could only look on in terror as Bahamut raged across the lands, safely staying out as far as they could until they knew the Calamity had ended.
Her mother had used the funds to build a library, much of which was lost with the elderly botanist. Moving to Ul'dah to be closer to her father, Canny was told to take on a naming tradition, for both the sake of keeping her fathers name clean of her next duty, and to follow familial customs. Her new job was to act as a collector, gathering gil from nobles who hadn't been to the Ossuary recently, gifted armor and a mask, as well as her newest hatchet, a heavy axe to "help" her collect. After her father's natural death, it fell on her to continue the family, and she mothered a child, but left him to the Order to raise, incapable of raising him in a way she knew her father would approve of.


Commonly heard

"What's in that pipe? I heard it's Somnus!"
"She's an absolute madwoman, murders children who stay out late..."
"Fortuneteller? She's a faker, a drug-addled wench."

Rarely heard

"The Flames pay her well, or is it the other way around?"
"She uses that Sharlayan magic to stay young, she's as ancient as the dragons..."



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