Captain Seishuku

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 Galen Aubrey (It's a secret!)
Seishuku Wanted Poster.jpg
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Unknown
Age Mid-20s
Marital Status Engaged
Occupation Sky Pirate/ Ne'er do well
Height/Weight 6 fulm, 185 ponze
World Balmung

Basic Info


■ Devouring Children!
■ Pillaging Villages!
■ Terrorizing Honest Folk!
■ Tea!


■ Authority!
■ Eorzea!
■ Happiness!
■ Smiles!


Alignment: EVIL! So very evil!
Vice(s): You name it!
Favorite Food: The hearts of babies!
Favorite Drink: The blood of honest men!
Favorite Color: Black as his soul!

Appearance & Personality

+ Courageous

Captain Seishuku is not afraid of danger. He's sometimes wildly reckless and seems to come out on top by sheer luck or willpower alone

+ Mysterious

He may just be the most honest liar you'll ever meet.

+ Stylish

Do not ruin his attire.

+ Tempestuous

Some call it "Insanity", others call it "Moon Madness" but whatever it is, he has it. Eventually, everyone sees that gleam in his eye that says he's going to do something incredibly outlandish or dangerous, sometimes even violent.

+ Intelligent

Behind his cavalier mannerisms lies a wit and intellect. It's obvious in the refined manner of his speech (even when cussing or casting dock-side insults) and the way he solves rising problems.

+ Distrusting

Hand in hand with his aire of mystery is a lack of trust in strangers, even companions. There's only one person he trusts implicitly.....

+ Mechanical Aptitude

Yet another layer to the strange onion that is the Captain, is his love of handiwork. The fields of smithing and engineering are of particular interest to him.

+ Selfish Selflessness

A contradiction in that the Captain can appear utterly, disgustingly self-absorbed at times, only to turn right around and give the very fine shirt off his back (provided he had a spare to put on, of course) to a poor sod down on his luck.


The Cap'n does a lot of talking but rarely actually SAYS anything. He tells wondrous stories, but never confirms them as history or fiction. He speaks animately about his ship, but has a billion excuses as to why you can't see it. He'll flamboyantly battle any adversary, but occasionally one might catch sight of him under a tree reading the Compendium written by the Mysterium. Whatever his story is, he's not telling. However, it's quite obvious that he's not of Doman descent despite his strange name.



Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily true)
■ Everything in this profile is a lie! - Black Hat
■ Everything in this profile is true! - Notta Fedora
■ One of the above rumors is true! - A. Haberdasher
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately believable)
■ "Bloody Brigand! E'erytime we gets him cornered, he snakes loose somehow!" - Hafnoct Thyrmwystln
■ "I heared 'e was a prickly thorn in the Garlean Army's side o'er there in Doma, flew down from the skies, 'e did. Great, bloomin' airship made o' gold! E'd ransack an outpost and vanish intar the clouds! Poof!" - "Three-Pint" Petyr
■ "An Airship made o' gold can't fly! Petey's full of shite!" - "Old" Bo
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult to believe)
■ "He's a hero! Fighting for truth, justice, and pretty girls!" - Captain Seishuku
■ "Who?" - Raubahn, when asked about the nefarious cut-throat.
■ "A legend in his own mind." - Unknown Lancer who seemed sarcastic.
◢ PC Rumors (Not to be trusted. At all. You heard me.)
■ "The captain stopped by the Grindstone one night recently. He seemed to enjoy himself. I wonder if we'll see him fight sometime." - Warren Castille


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Poor Standing
Nunya Biznas : Seishuku doesn't seem to take anyone seriously and if you couple that with his inherent distrust of others, relationships probably will not form past the "acquiantance" stage. Sometimes, it's even hard to tell if he's heterosexual.


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