Warren Castille

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Warren Castille
Free Paladin
Gender All that is man
Race Highlander
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Ul'dah
Guardian Oschon, the Wanderer
Marital Status Married to Sei Ikari
Occupation Free Paladin

Everyone fails eventually. That doesn't mean we should ever give up.


Height: 6' 7"

Age: Mid-to-late thirties

Weight: Difficult to gauge on account of the armor, but large.

Complexion:  Light-skinned but not pale. He lacks the distinct tan of an Ala Mhigan.

Hair:  Brown, kept braided.

Eyes:  Pale grey.

Particular Traits:  A facial marking of Highlander origin marks the right side of his face.

Clothing Style: Where once the Highlander was content to wear modest if somewhat drab loose and comfortable clothing, he has since found comfort in finely tailored and designed fabrics.

Armor Style: Warren is most frequently seen covered in a set of fancifully-worked black and red plate-and-scale. Less often he is seen in his dark-grey regalia of a Free Paladin.



  • Pleasant conversation with those able to provide it
  • A sense of order and structure
  • Providing a sense of safety and peace for those around him


  • Corruption; Specifically the compromise of morality and conviction
  • Those in a position of power exerting that power over those without it
  • Being unable to help those in need, especially in the face of the above point


Warren's considers himself one of Oschon's children at times.


Unquestionably good at first glance. There are enough whispered conflicting arguments that the doubt may be cast.



Warren does his best to speak "properly" and devoid of slang or accent. Despite this, he does possess a rather clipped sort of dialect, often dropping off personal designations and speaking in half-sentences. A surefire sign of his calm demeanor being breached is that he curses or speaks in a coarser tongue.


  • Warren's experiences since the Calamity have left him bitter towards much of the larger outside world. He may be prone to jumping to conclusions that empower his convictions.
  • Warren prefers natural healing over magic or alchemical solutions. He won't refuse treatment if a wound is bad enough but he prefers to keep his bruises and abrasions.
  • Warren keeps his walls very high and very secure. He is slow to trust anyone and prefers people see him only as his title.
  • Warren has constantly demonstrated a willingness to neglect himself when focused on another task he deems important enough. During times of strife, he will often ignore sleep and sustenance for as long as he can despite knowing it will only serve to impede him once they catch up with him.
  • Warren's demeanor has been known to shift to the rather violent spectrum when he feels his family is in danger.


He would have you believe he doesn't know the meaning of the word. In reality, he is deathly afraid of failing, letting down or otherwise losing the few people he has come to rely upon.

Additionally, the expectations of the public cause him no small amount of stress. The responsibility to make good on his promises and oaths weighs heavily at times.


Warren's upbringing and size have both blessed him with a natural propensity for swordplay and the demeanor of one who knows how to swing a blade. Both are welcome gifts when it comes to attempting to put an end to conflict.

Abilities and Skills


  • Warren is just a man, but he is fortunate enough to be blessed with natural athleticism and size.


  • Warren considers himself proficient with a sword and shield. He is experienced at hand to hand combat but attempts to make up for his lack of proper discipline with raw power or improvisation.


  • He is able to channel limited healing power, but only will make the attempt if there is no other way for someone to receive aid.


  • Warren is proficient with a hammer and anvil. Years of maintaining his own arms and armor have given him limited ability when it comes to shaping and repairing metal.


  • Warren is best known as the Arbiter of the Grindstone, a contest of martial strength and skill that gathers in Central Thanalan regularly. Despite the growth of the community he maintains independence for the group and refuses to accept anything resembling sponsorship or endorsement. Accordingly, his association with the Sultanate as a Free Paladin is something he seldom brings up any longer, mostly to keep the reputation of the Order unsullied by fighters in the sand. For himself, Warren continues to act as self-appointed guardian to the downtrodden and unheard, though that has become more difficult given his small renown locally.

Rumors and Quotes

Known to many

  • Didn't he useta wear white...? -Talkative Tankard Tilter
  • Did you hear he took down The Beast in eight seconds at the Grindstone? Did it without a weapon or armor! Ripped her helmet off and brained her with it, he did! ...Hey, come back! I'm serious! -Grindstone Gawker
  • The Arbiter, yeah. Used ta' drink around here with the rest'a us. Too good for it now. -Chagrined Churl

Known to some

  • Makes a big point to turn down offers of money and support. Sounds like someone already on the books to me. -Prissy Periodical Peruser
  • I know he doesn't pay a lot of mind to what people say about him, but he's got to be curious, doesn't he? -Curious Commentator
  • Anyone can stand on a rock and bark rules. Let's see him do something about it sometime! - Glowering Gossip

Known to few

  • He'd better wise up sooner or later. He's getting attention whether he wants it or not, and if I were him I'd - Oh, nothin' at all, ser. Jus' talkin' to m' frien' here. - Suspicious Soldier
  • No man's an island. Or a mountain. Even if he pretends to be. -Flowery Philosopher

Player Comments

  • Kaguya Nightsong: "Too bad he is married. Miss Castille is extremely lucky; then again I think I just have a thing for Highlanders. /sigh"
  • Flameson Hammersmith: "Sword that thinks it doesn't cut."
  • Elyscia Rose: "Mist'r Paladin? Ah bloody love 'is choc'bo.. Ah mean.. if it likes 'im.. he cannae be that bad'ah man.. aye? Oh aye, 'n' don't listen to me sis'; he does nae fancy otha lads, he's no one ah them 'homosensuals.'"
  • Oscare Iono: "Another stoic guard? Honestly, having him around just makes me and the place feel safer."
  • Aya Foxheart: "He told me that he really does have friends..."
  • Aya Foxheart: "They used to say that the pillar would fall down without him. I guess that hasn't happened, but I have to say, I miss the guy."
  • Ciel Wulfe - "Warren is a great man, but we seldom have much of a chance to speak. I must do something about this."
  • Delial Grimsong: "Ser Castille, was it? Quiet. Can bleed quite a lot. Has the makings of a perfect man. Hah!"
  • Coatleque Crofte: "I hear he has fought his way up to Overseer at he Grindstone. At least he leaves the Goblet once in a week to see the sunlight."
  • Xhosa Tauzeh: "Warren Castille is a wonderful man and a good friend to me. If ever I have need of him, I feel I can rely on him to be there. In return, if he is harmed or defamed, I will arrange such utter and extensive ruination that only passing through the Gates of Thal might offer some relief to what is left of the offender."
  • Erik Mynhier: "A good man who has my respect, not something I give away to just anyone."
  • S'imba Tia: "He stands by that pillar so much I had to carve his name right above his spot just so everyone knew that it was his."
  • Franz Renatus: "Didn't really know him until that kidnapping thing. He's...I'm not sure. I'd like to get to know him more."
  • Natalie Mcbeef: "Look up 'Grump' in the dictionary and you'll see his face. Besides that he's a good man to have at your side in a fight."
  • Berrod Armstrong: "Don't let all that shiny armor an' manners get yer knickers in a soak -- the man's a Highlander an' he sure as all hells fights like it. Wouldn't mess wit' that one."
  • Roen Deneith: "Honorable. Strong. Valiant. No matter what has happened between he and his lady love, I still believe him to be a good man. Perhaps he will find his way back someday."
  • Ha'uruh Nunh: "Anyone who knows him knows there ain't anyone stronger. Seems to need me for some reason though, so I'll stick by his side til he don't anymore."
  • Chachanji Gegenji: "Ah! Ser Warren! He's so strong 'n cool! Not only is he teachin' me how ta sword, he's always lookin' out fer me!"
  • Virara Wakuwa: "SerWarren trained Chagenji, so he must be strong too. I will fight him someday."
  • The Fisher King: "Each Man has their Calling. He will Answer, for I have Cast the Line. Your precious "Arbiter," He clings to his Rock, steadfast... but not sure. I Will Gift Him Certainty."
  • Sounsyy Mirke: "There are more noble ways fer a knight to earn respect than felling a hundred foes. And he - and his wife - have well earned mine."
  • Val Nunh: "Ol' Warren's a pretty swell guy. I mean, I ain' ever really went out fer drinks wi' 'im 'r nothin', but I figure 'e's th'type y'could talk 'bout just anythin' to. Y'know how 'e's always calm an' stuff? Yeah, I bet 'e's a damned monster when y'finally 'convince' 'im t'unleash that blade'f 'is."
  • Steel Wolf: "I've bare met the man but one time at a Starlight Ball. He struck me as a hard man, chiseled from pure stone, tensed like a load-bearing spring...but warm somehow. I wonder if my fate would be different were he the one to show me about being a Free Paladin..."
  • John Waterstrike: "Sir Warren? He's was kind enough to let me...a novice healer, to help with injuries at the Grindstone. I don't ever want to lose that trust."
  • Lynx: "The Arbiter. He regulates the Grindstone and I assist him as an Overseer from time to time, thanks to the increased popularity of the event. I call him an Arbiter for two reasons: He holds the shield to protect the law and the sword to enforce the law. From personal experience, I found it better to be faced with the shield than the sword."
  • Coco Delouix: "Ah, Ser Castille. Fellow free paladin and all-round honourable gentleman. I'm proud to have fought by his side on occasion. A true keeper of the oath."
  • Arala Makeo: "Seeing Warren for the first time...He felt intimidating. His aura emitted experience and hardships he endured...and yet talking to him it seems like he is a brother that I would fight alongside in battle without an issue. While I idolize my father in spirit...Warren is the one who I strive to be in strength."
  • Shas Tarry: "If there were ever a model that Paladins should strive torwards, Sworn or free paladins, I have a feeling that it should be his. The new initiates could stand to learn a great deal from the Arbiter."
  • Orenji Kharn: "I'm probably not the first to think this honorable man was the most intimidating thing around in that desert. Warren's a good soul, and the type of sword-bearer young heroes like I wished to be look up to if they ever had a chance to meet him. Maybe one day I'll get to fight alongside or against him!"
  • Jana Ridah: "Ser Warren is strong, no doubt about that. Don't know why he'd marry one of ours instead of some nice Hyur girl though."
  • Sigurd Sundsteigen: "I observed a living avatar of the Twelve the other day while stumbling about Central Thanalan after a few strong drinks. Some sort of ritualistic combat enactment was taking place. The avatar presided over the ritual and barked orders at its participants. He was clearly twelve-blessed and had anointed the sacred combat grounds. Not one combatant that evening, despite their use of edged weaponry taller than a Highlander who ate all of his mashed popotoes as a child, endured serious bodily injury. I should have left a tithe."

The Grindstone

Formerly a fighter, Warren Castille has finally come to terms with his title as Arbiter at Central Thanalan's weekly fighting tournament. Having spent more nights leading from the iconic rock than fighting in front of it, Warren is supported by a number of unexpected volunteers. He makes it a point to never request anyone's assistance, wanting the Grindstone to be a decision made and not an obligation to be kept, but those who have taken to the tasks seem to be cemented in their choices.

  • Elise Wolfe: A woman who also bears masks and titles, Elise has been present nearly as long as Warren has. The two knew each other previously through business, and was a reliable Overseer. Retired.
  • Judge Jredthys: A towering man encased in heavy armor and armed with a sword as large as a person, the formidable Au Ra has found a calling and purpose in helping to oversee the combat.
  • Kaguya Nightsong: An Au Ra with a penchant for gadgetry and mechanics, Kaguya sought out the Grindstone at the behest of a fallen friend. She has yet to blow someone up for breaking the rules, but she seems to be waiting for the chance. Retired.
  • Sei Castille: Warren's wife and sometimes-overseer, Sei's wit is as sharp as her lance. Unafraid of speaking her mind, the miqo'te woman has supported her husband in the role since the night they both volunteered to step in to lead. Semi-retired.
  • Ha'uruh Nunh: Warren's best friend and constant companion, Howl also shares his time between fighting and helping to oversee things. Ever humble, the miqo'te has fought in more matches than anyone on the current staff. Semi-retired.
  • John Waterstrike: A miqo'te healer who has come a long way during his time helping at the Grindstone, John was one of the first volunteers to step forward and is relied on to make sure everyone gets put back together correctly.
  • Marisaie Pelderain: An elderly elezen woman know as much for her baking as for her kindness. Mari has been nearly ever-present since coming upon the Grindstone and has helped to care for all present in more than just a conjurer's way. Retired.
  • Aoi Obinata: Formerly a regular fighter, Aoi has been lending her time and energy to assume the mantle of Overseer in recent weeks. Armed with a fireworks launcher, she has taken quite well to the task with an upbeat energy that seems to be missing amongst the other brooding watchmen.
  • Togy Brandmakt Mr. Mask is another regular fighter who has been stepping in to help make sure everyone is beating one another senseless responsibly in the wake of a sudden surge of attendance.
  • Flynt Reddard A midlander with no small amount of recognition at the Grindstone grounds. Possibly the most surprising Overseer on the rock, Flynt's desire to do contribute to something lasting resulted in being permitted to lend eyes and ears as an Overseer.

Current Events

After moons of making argument, protest or deflection, Warren seems to have come to terms with his position as Arbiter and the benefits and responsibilities it brings. The gathering in Fesca's Wash continues to draw both adventurers and common folk looking for equal parts practice, fame and fortune. After some time searching, he was also able to locate the wayward Marisaie Pelderain. Little did he know that someone else was searching for him as well! It wasn't until Hannah Blackroad, a member of the same trade community where Warren grew up, made herself known that Warren was made privy to some meaningful secrets of his past and parentage.

The Duskbreak, which was once designed as a hidden sanctuary away from the dangers of the world, continues to accumulate friends and allies in need of safety or companionship. Despite his humble intentions and beginnings, numbers continue to grow.