Cassandria Everfree

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Cassandria Everfree
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Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Limsan
Place of Birth Abalathia's Spine.
Nameday Date (Age: )
Marital Status
Occupation Corsair
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Basic Info

"Wings symbolize freedom for those who have none." —Cissnei

Final Fantasy Characters: Cid Highwind, Freya Crescent, Auron.

Other Game Characters: Clive Winslett(Wild Arms3),

Anime Characters: Gene Starwind, Captain Amelia(Treasure planet)

Abilities and Skills


  • Rather well adapted to raising animals.


  • Unrefined wordplay, markman with pistols and rifles (Confiscated by the yellow jackets), Capable hand to hand, wields an axe like a brute.


  • Enough about black magic to fight dirty with it, and enough white magic to stay healthy.


  • Mechanic and machinist. Dablled into the other professions to stay self reliant on maintenance and gunpowder milling.

Music Themes

Wild Arms 3 OST 02 - Advanced Wind


Born in the north to a traditional hellguard family. Left (or was 'encouraged') to leave at a young age into the mercenary trade. Traveled around the known world as a sellsword picking up various skills along the way until she found herself at a port city and quickly hired onto an "Armed merchant vessel". Pirated around for many moons learning every dastardly trick along the way until her ship and crew ran aground outside Garlean borders. Completely amazed at the flying behemoths the military used she set out to get one for herself. One horribly failed commandeering event later she decided to do it the hard way and instead started stealing "junk" ceruleum engines and working in a machine shop in a smaller Garlean town. After succesfully getting the majority of engines to work she retrofitted the abandoned galleon(After much (expensive) repairs) she rode in on and took the skies in the newly named Airship Aetheris. Wishing to work a bit more legally she got an audience with the Limsan admiral Merlwyb and received a Letter of marque to start her career as a Privateer. Business was booming up until the Battle of Carteneau and meteorfall where her rickety old tub sustained crippling damages while attempting to raid a Garlean air freighter. The craft hit hard in the straight between La Noscea and Mor Dhona and promptly went to its grave. Post calamity she has been trying to find a way back into the skies, preferable in an Allagan/Nymian powered Airship. (Those balloons the city states use as transports don't count)

everything below is old and i'm cannibalizing it. Full Name: Cassandria Aetheris Everfree Nicknames: Cass, Cap'n

Race: Roegadyn - Hellguard Gender : Female Age: 30 Hair: Black, red streaks. Skin: Red Eyes: Emerald green. Height: Skyscraper (7') Weight: 280


Place of Residence: Limsa Lominsa Place of Birth: Abalathia's Spine

Relatives: Mostly forgotten. Left at a young age for the mercenary life. Enemies: Various navies. Garlean air patrol. Allies: Ship, Crew, and Country(Whichever one currently in employ).

Occupation: Privateer. Tradeskill: Mechanic. Enough tailoring and woodworking to keep things ship shape.

Fashion of Choice: Regal yet durable and functional, often looking like a naval uniform. Hot weather/casual: prefers very light and loose attire with plenty of airflow. Armor of Choice: Light leather and cloth over-wear. Very subtle armor underneath with covered breastplates, armored boots, chainmail/scalemail. Weapons of Choice: Cutlass and Musket/Pistol. Also fond of explosives and cannons. Very capable hand to hand. Proficient in other weapon types, just not preferred.

Special Abilities: Seasoned airship pilot/captain. Ability to procure rum from seemingly nowhere.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Motivations: Wants nothing more than to get airborne again. The thrill of flying the havens and the wind under her wings is all that keeps her going. Not as concerned with staying in the pirating business as even cargo transport will keep her flying. Disposition: Calculated, Opportunistic, and very blunt (Really doesn't sugar coat things). Outlook: Concerned, Annoyed, but generally thinks are looking up.

Religion/Philosophy: Doesn't place much though or stock in the "gods". Firmly believes the gods won't do for man what man won't do for themselves. However she isn't spiteful or hold herself aloft of such things and will still make allusions so them.

Sexuality: Straight, but honestly who can tell after a hard night in a tavern.

Positive Personality Traits: Determined, Adaptable, Intuitive, Resilient. Negative Personality Traits: Rebellious, Hardheaded, Rather slow to make friends. Misc. Quirks: HUUUGGGEE soft spot for animals, often places the welfare of animals over the welfare of people. Hates bards and their exaggerating story ways.