Castiel Crownguard

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Castiel Crownguard (Silnis Weylyn)
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolves
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 23
Marital Status Married
Occupation Mercenary / Guardian
Height/Weight 7'0" / 260 lbs
Guardian Oschon, The Wanderer
Server Behemoth

Castiel Crownguard (formerly known as Silnis Weylyn) is a Roegadyn who currently lives as a mercenary, travelling the many fields of Eorzea. He was formerly human, until he was touched by a formidable illness, gradually changing him into the Sea Wolf he is known as today. He doesn't mind though, since his newfound vitality, height, and strength can come in handy for the variety of jobs he handles. One day, while relaxing from finishing up a job, he noticed a Lalafell, his now husband Zish, sitting alone under a large tree in the main plaza of Limsa. The two started sharing small conversation from time to time, since Zish normally sat underneath the tree. Gradually their share of thoughts, grew into sharing adventures. Castiel enjoyed taking Zish with him on jobs, whether it be the tedious work of completing the legendary weapons of old, or beating back the terrorizing primals that constantly plague the land. The more time they spent together, the more their often logical and analytical meeting of the minds, turned into warm emotions. Today, although Zish does not accompany him as much on his jobs as he used to, there is still no one else in Castiel's mind that he would rather have as a lifelong companion to share his journeys with. He gratefully serves new and old adventurers of Eorzea, looking forward to new experiences and trials ahead.

Basic Info

Castiel tries his hardest to be reliable, approachable, and helpful to the residents of Eorzea, and especially to his friends and comrades. Knowing well the dangerous effect discord and disorganization can have on his mentality, as well as often strengthening the difficulty of the monsters he faces, he tries to avoid confrontation with his allies at all possible times. Open to discussion, suggestions, and conversation, often there isn't anything you cannot tell this friendly Roegadyn, and he will keep your secrets too.~ Now a member of The Darksteel Phratrie, he continues to fulfill his roles and comply with any additional duties that are given to him, whether it be research, gathering materials, or helping the newer members of the free company.


Bright Colors
Friendly Banter
Dragons and Falcons


Being alone
Strange Potions


Helping others


Alignment: Good
Vice(s): Working too hard, Being too nice at times, self-critical.
Favorite Food: Sesame Cookies
Favorite Drink: Frozen Spirits
Favorite Color: Pure White, Dark Blue


A bit on the pale side, and quite tall. (Considered short for Roegadyns)
Castiel keeps it hidden for the most part, but sometimes he puts dark eyeshadow around his eyes to keep himself from looking so tired.
Has a tendency to mess with his hair a bit much, and plays around with glasses to make himself look more smart or cool.
Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Poor Standing
Luna Malchior : Beloved friend and current leader of The Darksteel Phratrie. The amount of crazy adventurers they have had grows in number day by day.
Neki Nurai : Warmhearted and pleasant friend who is also part of The Darksteel Phratrie. Often sharing tales and songs of her bardhood, her positivity and laughter often becomes contagious resulting in a friendly "Roebro hug". She may also be responsible at times for Castiel's questionable fashion choices.
Zish Kun : Beloved and everlasting husband. Though he is not always social, Castiel is confident the love of his life will always jump to his aide. Charming and caring, Zish brings Castiel an insurmountable amount of smiles and laughter.



Songs: Haken - Sun "Ramuh OST" Thunder Rolls,"Goldman - Catch You "Sizzlebird Remix",Legend of Mana OST (HD) - CD2 - Track 31 - Nostalgic Song ~Ending Theme for Mana's Story,Bayonetta 2 - Battle OST 1 - Moon River ( Climax Mix ),Final Fantasy VI Opera - "Aria di Mezzo Carattere" - Jillian Aversa feat. Tina Guo,"Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart" Ariana Grande,"Green Bird" Cowboy Bebop,"We Will Become Silhouettes" The Postal Service
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