Cecile Ebriaux

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Ishgard.jpg Cecile Ebriaux
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"The Fury grants us all the strength to shape our own paths."
Cecile Ebriaux
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Ishgardian
Server Balmung


Smooth, painted skin; lightly browned hair; soft lips of red; Cecile is the very picture of a normal Wildwood. Similar to many Wildwood, Cecile carries herself with gentle grace and refinement, very rarely seen without a careful smile perched on her lips. Not considering herself to be a great fashionista, she prefers to wear whatever is 'in' among the Ishgardian upper class, rather than setting a trend herself; overall, she is completely unremarkable in terms of appearance - something she uses greatly to her advantage.

Despite some rather harrowing experiences in her past, she has managed to avoid any lingering scars, and she keeps herself in moderate physical conditions - exercising when she feels a desire to, and shaving and cleaning on a regular basis. The rest of her body is average sized, and she draws very little attention to it, though her bust is slightly larger than most.


Born to a noble Ishgardian family, Cecile was a healthy second-born to her parents. Though the Ebriaux name was once famous for its wealth and virtues, it slipped into near obscurity and legend when Cecile was a young girl. Over the course of several moons when she was young, her mother and father grew more and more religious, claiming to have heard the voice of the Fury herself; they began to fund great works of religious art and sculpture, donating heavily to the church and people in need. Even when their coffers were close to empty, and the whole House was close to financial disaster, their remaining money went to helping people who had been hurt in conflict, until nothing was left.

Soon after, the Ebriaux house was treated as a point of contention by many - some saw them as fools for giving away their status and power, while some idolized them for their charity and piety. Either way, the whole family were left to live a normal life, surviving mostly from the good graces of those they had helped through the years. Cecile did, and still does, her best to live up to the ideals her House supported, working tirelessly to aid people who are suffering and neglected.


Kind, charitable, noble, pure - all words that tend to be heard along with the Ebriaux name, and Cecile is no exception. A determined and passionate demeanor, the Wildwood puts herself in harms way to protect and support the needy. In spite of her best efforts, she often lacks the means to carry out the desires to attend to the needs of the poor, and so spends a large amount of her time preaching to the masses about virtue and following the Fury.

Exhausted by the ever increasing demand for resources and supplies, Cecile is a firm believer than technology can bring about greatness when combined with faith. She is an advocate of using machines and mechanical devices to help the needy, and has worked closely in tandem with the Holy See and Skysteel manufactory in the past to create some of their mechanical knights and giants which guard the Vault. Though she hates conflict, she believes that some strength is needed if one is to protect their beliefs, and trains herself to use some of the devices Skysteel invent.


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