Ceillet Marie Marchand

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Ishgard.jpg Ceillet Marchand
Noble Flower of Ishgard
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Ishgard
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Ceillet Marchand is a daughter of a low noble house, and coming from a life of privilege is often times mistaken to be quite selfish and snooty, though her intentions and ambitions are pure.


Ceillet is tall for a woman of her kind, standing a wee bit over six feet tall. Raven black hair frames her face, she keeps it braided for convenience, with large silver eyes being her most striking feature. Ceillet has light brown skin, and full red lips, and every inch of her is well groomed and taken care of. Ceillet favours blue garments, with finery to be found on everything she wears. Lace, high quality fabrics and jewelry adorn each and every outfit.


Ceillet is very ambitious, and her family is known for being masters of machinations and manipulations. Though Ceillet eschews that part of her heritage, just because she does not enjoy playing the game, does not mean she is not a master of it when she chooses to be. All in all she is exactly who you would expect her to be, proper and ladylike, and well mannered. Ceillet has a softer side, as well as an independent streak she often hides from the world, as in Ishgard you follow the status quo, or have your life ripped out from under you. Ceillet is neurotic and often worries about peoples perceptions of her, striving to maintain a good face for the public.





  • Books (specifically romance and adventure novels)
  • Chocobos
  • Salty snacks


  • Lobsters
  • Heights
  • Dragons


  • Ceillet is a trained fencer, with skill in healing and offensive magics.
  • A Lady in all regards Ceillet is a master of entertainment and deportment
  • A master of Aetherical Manipulation, Ceillet carries her focus on the form of crystal earrings, and excels at using magic to the farthest limits of theory.




  • Claude Marchand (Father)
  • Marie Marchand (Mother)
  • Silane Marchand (Sister)
  • Isabelle Marchand (Sister)
  • Adelie Marchand (sister)
  • Isadora Marchand (sister)
  • Patrice Marchand (brother, deceased)
  • Oranie Marchand (Sister in law)
  • Reilan Orycia (Husband)





Common Rumors

  • Ceillet Marie? That girl? Innt she the one who has something wrong with her? Cant imagine why else shed be her age and still not wed...
  • Ive heard Ceillet has a penchant for the Duskies, Ive seen her around with one often enough.

Moderate Rumors

Rare Rumors

  • Shes not of her father's blood, Im telling you. That Ceillet is a bastard, through and through. Just look at those eyes!

PC Rumors



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