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Personal Data
Real Name: Celeste Harper
Known Aliases: N/A
Race: Midlander
Age: Mid-Twenties
Name Day: N/A
Eye Color: Dark Purple
Hair Color: Natural brown, dyed blue
Occupation: Adventurer
Marital Status: Courting
Known Relatives: Both parents are living. She has six siblings.
Voice Claim: N/A


- Let's grab a drink! -

Little Tidbits/Offsite Fun


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Aspects That Stand Out:
Celeste has a strong aether about her. She studied to be a conjurer in New Gridania to easily find work for adventurers.
Celeste has a purple eye color. Some mistake it for brown, but they are an amethyst color.
Celeste does not keep up to current events. She is oblivious to most politics and knows a little about the battles going on.


Celeste Harper is an adventurer born and raised in Ul'dah. She is the third oldest in a family of six, and has been trying to help keep her family a float since having her first job at 14. She left home to become an adventurer at 16 in hopes to making those riches. However, after many years of close calls, death of party members, and a lost love, Celeste copes with her life now by spending her free time with drinks, company, and fun games to gamble on. She is normally found in the Quicksand with a drink or the Gold Saucer in between jobs.

Celeste loves chocobo races at the Gold Saucer, it's her favorite gambling past time. However, she loves street games in Ul'dah as well.
Loves all kinds of drinks, from fruity cocktails to whiskey in a bottle. She's not picky on what gets her drunk.
Celeste often has a notebook she'll pull out to write down if she owes a drink to someone, if they've been involved, or what her budget for the night is looking like.


Celeste is the kind of girl who is eager to sit down and grab a drink with you, ready to listen to the tales everyone has. She loves a good night out on the town and often wants to find a friend during those times. She is a bit of a drunk and always offers to get drinks with someone rather than tea. However, Celeste can sometimes forget herself when she drinks and accidentally drink to the point of passing out in the booth. She doesn't normally get feisty unless whoever she is spending time with is flaming that side with their own feistiness.


Whiskey and Cocktails (both have an equal love).
Chocobo Races.
Street Games.
Music Festivals.


Uptight/Entitled people.




Easy to make friends.
Has a handle on wind-based aether.
Experienced in dungeons.
Handles kids well, as she has many younger siblings.
Can handle her liquor for a long time.


Lack of technical knowledge in aether and magics.
Doesn't know when to stop drinking.
Doesn't often exercise caution with strangers.


Celeste adventures to make money for her family and her own debts.
Celeste drinks and gambles to cope with the stress of adventuring and the loss of a loved one.
Celeste continues her studies in conjury despite her hate of books and learning because she feels a bit of a calling that she can't describe.


As a conjurer, Celeste draws on the aether of the elements around her to fuel her spells. Celeste's main element is wind, as such she usually focuses on wind attacks to help her in battle. She is still learning, and although she can cast a stone or an aero, her main studies were in the healing magics taught in New Gridania. Celeste normally takes on the role as a healer rather than a damage dealer. That being said, she isn't a pacifist and will defend herself if she feels like a fight is about to go down.
Weapon: Celeste normally uses a staff for channeling her healing abilities, however she keeps a small wand in her bag for emergencies when she is out and about.
Weapons of Choice
A staff given by her mentor, it has a lovely range of feathers on it dyed in pastel colors.
A simple wand made of ash branches and alchemy magic.

OOC information for YOU

Hi there! The name is Cynde and I just started RPing recently, so please have some patience with me as I try to RP with you! I'm also a bit shy, but friendly! Please feel free to come up and give me a /tell if you want to RP. Walksup are okay, but honestly I prefer /tells cause sometimes I am tabbed out looking at something and might miss the walkup and I'd hate to do that. Also because I am a bit new, I really appreciate RPing one on one for now. Groups are fun but it's hard for me to keep up now and sometimes I am unsure when I should interject. So if we do group RP and I am a bit quiet, please know it's just me looking for an opportunity to pipe up!
Discord RP: I am totally okay with Discord RPing. If we RP in game or you are too busy and want to RP in Discord, please let me know! I am always looking for more people to RP with that way.
Kinds of RP: Right now I am open to MRP. Interested in seeing what DRP is like, so if you're experience with that and don't mind a noobie, feel free to hit me up! Not okay with death, permanent damage, and I am sure there are more things, so please /tell if you want to know if I am okay with something!
Other Things: I like using a rolling system for most things that are luck based or combat based. It makes it fair in my opinion and I am honestly not interested in playing with someone who has a God Like character who can just avoid anything and everything thrown at them. It's just not fun for me and I would feel kind of exhausted at the end of it.



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
Celeste Harper often passes out on a couch in the Gold Saucer.
Celeste will almost always take a bet.
Celeste often seen going home with someone, even so far as being carried out of her booth sometimes.
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
Celeste's love from several years ago vanished on an assignment of escorting a caravan to the Coerthas Highlands.
Celeste bailed out of paying for a large debt to some shady fellows in the alleyways of Ul'dah.
Celeste is often drunk when camping in dungeons with caravans, often popping out a flask no matter if it may be a bit unsafe to drink for the night.
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
Celeste has ventured to Amdapor in search of forbidden knowledge.


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors -
"Place Rumor here " — Rumormonger.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Duse Partner. ( ) - Dating.
Character's Thoughts: "Celeste finds her new love adorable."
Celeste and Duse have been dating for a little over two months. The two often go on adventures together and are sometimes seen together getting a drink at some of the bars in Shirogane and The Mists.
Ohki, Oldest Sister. ( ) - Family.
Character's Thoughts: " Celeste finds the older sister she never knew she had is interesting and curious to get to know her."
The pair had just found out they were related and beginning to grow a familial relationship.
Place Holder.. ( ) - Place Holder.
Character's Thoughts: "Place Holder."
Place Holder.



Player Note
I have a very clear distinction when it comes to OOC/IC. They must remain separate at all times if we are to RP together, especially on an extended basis and I reserve the right to end interactions should this be impeded upon. Friendly/flirty/mean interactions does not mean it is anything personal. Please keep in mind that any attention or interaction IC is just that. I don't mind being friends OOC and am certainly happy for that! I also don't take our character's interactions to heart if they are mean. I understand that not all characters will get along. If my character dislikes yours that does not mean I hold the same sentiment. If my character loves yours that does not translate to me feeling the same for you, though I might feel a platonic equivalent. I am not my characters and they are not me. Respect this and we shall get along famously. (The last tidbit was stolen from another's profile but it just resonates so well!)
Personal RP Limits
I don't have many no no's in RP yet. I am still learning what I like and don't like and want to figure those out as I go along. If I don't like something after trying it out, I'll let you know. Here are some of the things I don't want to play and things I do:
I will play Almost anything that isn't described below.
I won't play Death, Maiming, ERP only Plots. I don't mind romance but it needs to be earned and respected. Just ask if something is okay, honestly I don't mind and won't judge you for asking!
Little Tidbits.
Please let me know if something is off or if you're curious about something. Asking ahead of time is best to me and I appreciate it.
I am totally up to going on an adventure with your character! I would be up for trying to write a tidbit if you want or to try DMing it for us.


Potential Plot Hooks
While the below is by no means comprehensive, it's a kind of spring board for walk-up RP.
■ Celeste had a bit of a past with drinking and going home with someone at the end of the night. It could totally be a possibility that the two have hooked up at one point.
■ Our characters could have done a quest/adventure/job together as long as it's one of the earlier dungeons or not too far away in dangerous territory.
■ Celeste can be found in a bar, Gold Saucer, or any kind of gambling establishment. Offer a free drink or a bet and she is probably in.

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