Cetra Sentai

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Cetra Sentai
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Ul'dah
Namesday 10th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Guardian Thaliak, the Scholar
Occupation Thief
Age 22 (27 After Fall)


  • Height - 2 fulms, 11 ilms
  • Weight - 75 ponz
  • Body - Slim and sure stature from regular combat
  • Eyes - Pale green
  • Hair - Messy and unkept
  • Skin - Light and unblemished.
  • Voice - Charming and soft spoken.
  • Nickname - Shadow
  • Clothing - Aside from his usual light or medium armours, Cetra takes comfort in hiding himself behind a mask during his travels



Cetra is often difficult to discern. His lone-wolf, survivalist upbringing has brought about a fierce desire for connection, yet a difficult road towards trust. While he may speak with a polite, friendly tongue towards most, Cetra harbors a strong distaste for those who partake in immoral behavior or acts of cowardice. This duality of conscience and desire has caused many to turn away, while those who become closest to never question his heart.


Before Calamity

At the beginning of their young life together, Setra and Mizzy were as happy as any newlywed couple would be. Setra came from a wealthy, and proper home; where as Mizzy’s parents had worked practically their entire lives, her father enjoying one day of retirement before passing. The two purchased a home, started a family, and felt, as most young couples do, that everything was going to be all right from then on out.

Fate, it seemed, had other plans. With the passing of Setra’s mother, his father became entranced by an uninvited funeral attendee. The young Miqo’te easily seduced Setra’s elderly father, laying claim to his inheritance, and leaving Setra nothing but mounting bills, and a hungry family to feed. Desperation and duty caused Setra to postpone his aspirations, his education, and dreams. He knew he needed to find work, and fast.

Against his wife’s wishes, Setra decided to take up work at the nearby Nanawa Mines. Known for it’s sadistic foreman, dangerous wildlife, and grueling hours, Setra accepted the job believing the stories of hardship to be mere rumors. Nanawa was known around Ul’dah for either molding a man, or breaking one.

The Gil at first seemed worth it. Paid by the ponz, Setra worked tirelessly to support his wife and child. Though alone, Setra was still able to dream and aspire while he worked. He came up with many new ideas that he had hoped to pursue when circumstances allowed him to further his education. As always, Setra carried his journal on him to jot down his thoughts. However the foreman (who lived up to reputation) noticed Setra continuously taking extra breaks to write in it, and seized the book from him, tossing it down a shaft. From then on, Setra’s thoughts were simply with him, or slipped away, as many others did, into the cracks.

By the time he had reached his first anniversary, Setra had more than overstayed his planned employment. His daily trips home to see his family had become fewer and fewer, as the work site had an encampment just outside the mouth of the mine. The conditions there were terrible, and of course not free, but the thought of walking home after a long day had become too much for Setra to bear. Instead of a happy hello, and a warm kiss from her husband, Mizzy was greeted only by a delivery Moogle each day, who brought her a handful of Gil from the mine.

The loneliness was maddening. Night after night Setra lay suffocating in his tent, desperately thinking of his wife and child safe at home. He yearned to be intimate with his wife again, to sleep in his own bed, to hold his child. The thoughts consumed the good soul that he was until his eventual breaking point. After what felt like weeks, even months without them, Setra forgot his pride, and began to partake in some of the more vile things his new home had to offer.

A traveling companionship company was all too aware of the Nanawa workers. Each night a caravan full of scantily clad Miqo’te arrived with fresh food, liquor, and easy pleasure. Rumored to be on the payroll of the foreman, the travelers ensnared the weary men, delighting them with a taste of the pleasures of home for their newly earned coin. Even the strong, the noble…faithful husbands, and proud fathers- gave in to their wiles. Setra began spending his coin on liquor, pleasure, and sometimes merely companionship. As the months rolled on, Mizzy began to notice that the delivery Moogle was bringing home less…and less.

Setra had changed. The man who came home was not the same man who had left so long ago…Nearly unrecognizable to now, Mizzy kept to herself as the stranger occasionally came back to their house. Instead of heartfelt reunions, and evening of storytelling and pleasure, Mizzy had to look forward to an evening on edge, trying to keep Cetra quiet, and waiting to see what would set her husband off this time. When he left, Setra would scoop up all the Gil he could find, and take it back with him. The extra Gil, he knew, could help him outbid the others on the most prize of company.

Everything changed however on a hot 5th Astral Moon day. Stories began to spread through Ul’dah of a cave-in at the mines. News of these cave-ins was nothing new, but this time felt different. Mizzy did her best to keep her mind off it that day, caring for Cetra, and getting the house ready, as always, in case her husband came home. Setra however, did not come home. Mizzy stood impatiently out front for the evening post, and collapsed to the ground as the Moogle passed her home. No delivery…Her fears were finally realized. The letter came two days later, her Setra, her love, had perished in the mine.

In progress...


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After Fall

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  • Airships
  • Peace
  • Writing
  • Adventure


  • Staying in one place
  • Alcohol
  • Flying Insects
  • Greed


  • Adaptation
  • Fearless
  • Surviving
  • Blades


  • Conjury
  • Accepting Defeat
  • Trust
  • Romance


Misentai Sentai - Mother - After the loss of her husband, Misentai found herself with no income, and a child to feed. Taking whatever work she could find, Mizzy often worked multiple jobs a day, leaving Cetra at home, or with whoever she could burden around the neighborhood. Her selfless plight to keep food on the table caused Mizzy to ignore her known failing health. A decision that stayed the life of her child, but cost her own.

Setra Tetra - Father - Gifted and proud, Setra found himself exactly where he had planned to be in life. As a Master Scholar, he had a comfortable house, and a beautiful family to come home to. It wasn't until Gil became tight that Setra's life derailed. Forced into work at the Nanawa Mines, Setra became ensnared in the never ending battle of work versus family. A struggle that ultimately consumed his very being, and cost him everything.

Rhapsody - Chocobo - Never one to warm up to Cetra, Rhapsody was always known as Daddy's little girl. Raised as both project and hobby by Setra, Rhapsody learned to conjure the Aether around her, becoming a formidable ally in battle. It wasn't until she was sold that her heart finally changed, and her love for Cetra became known.


The Immortal Flames of Ul'dah

The Immortal Flames