Chachamun Yoyomun

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Chachamun Yoyomun
Mender, Minder, Purveyor of Mystery and Frustration
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
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Personality and Basics

Chachamun could usually be heard from across the room. Whether it was a raucous laugh or a pointed jibe, she had a tendency to make her presence known. Despite her garb usually casting her in a pious or scholarly light, she was quick to dispel any illusions about her true nature. Sharp wit, wisdom, and a whole lot of bravado exuded from the young lalafell from from first contact. Chacha didn't shy away from offering a quick jab in the ribs in playful jest, or in response to the oft-placed moniker of cute upon her head. The young ragamuffin tended towards disorganization, forgetfulness, and it could be said that she might leave her head behind if it wasn't attached to her shoulders. Despite this, she was a quick study, and is eager to delve headlong into the greater mysteries of Eorzea, a life-long determination which led her to the company of the White Mages from an early age.

Her vocation notwithstanding, Chacha enjoyed rolling up her selves to get her hands dirty. Her chin-length red hair could often be found in a sorry state, whether mussed by the affectionate hand of a comrade in adulation or by the harsh winds of extreme environments. Tomboy was a frequently-employed moniker for the brash lass, even if she did tend to play up that particular aspect of herself in spades. Roguish smirks, a smudge of dirt across the bridge of her freckled nose, and her barely-shapely feminine figure left a somewhat confusing impression upon some. Whether wandering the frozen wastes of far-flung Coerthas, or the sun-beat beaches of Costa Del Sol, she is usually first up off the stool and out the door when a whif of adventure catches her. This did come with the occasional downside, as she was oft headstrong, quick to act before thinking. She learned best by first falling flat on her face, though quick to stand once more to shake herself off and try, try again.

Chacha couldn't remove the chip from her shoulder, even if she spent a lifetime trying. Though compassionate and quick to lend a helping hand, the young lalafell's confidence and arrogance did tend to occasionally get in the way of a more thoughtful approach to most situations. Jumping to another's aid felt natural to Chacha, whether with a sharp barb delivered with her loose tongue or a pre-emptive work of magic which she delivered with gusto.



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