Charlotte Avenoist

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Charlotte Avenoist

Captain "Howling Wind" Vayne, of the Scream of Garuda
 La Pacificatrice
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"Gettin' rid o' me name and all its conventions is me first act of freedom, therefore I'll go now by th'name o' William Vayne."

Gender Female (pretending to be male)
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Free
Nameday 32nd Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon
Age 30
Marital Status Free
Occupation Sea Pirate
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~*~Musical themes to entertain your reading~*~

The canons blasted off the masts, making the ship unable to take the wind, immobilizing it in the treacherous waters near the Storm Eye islands. Another blast, and the strikeship's main deck was pierced with holes, blowing off the most unfortune men. The Scream of Garuda was approaching the strikeship, the black flag dancing in the howling wind, dark sailclothes giving the ship a sinister appearance. The figurehead made of skeletons was the first glimpse of death the men would catch as the pirate ship would violently ram the vessel before coming alongside. Howling would be heard, evil screams and laughs echoing in the storm as the pirate ship poured its crew onto the main deck like Voidsent hurling themselves out of a portal to devour their mortal souls.

The pirates, all dressed in dark clothes, painted faces and hellish masks, were deaf to the begging and blind to the white flag. In a blink, the main deck was flooded with corpses and blood as the tapping of boots echoed. The glow of a tainted sword caught the attention of sailors begging for their lives as they were gathered in the main deck, circled by the pirates, forced to bend their knees and lowered their gaze as they could not dare to watch the face of the one who was carrying the howling sword, whose sound was like the chant of a siren, as dreadful and mesmerizing. And those who would dare would fail to understand why captain Vane was but a mortal, and not the voidsent demonborn everyone pictured as ugly and terrifying as hell.

The captain of the vessel was dragged before Vane, and threw himself at his feet. Vayne thrusted his foot in his face and watched him cry like a little girl, blood flowing from his nose. "I'm -very- angry right now. Ya think ya can sails my seas without gettin' invited? Ya think this is all yars, heh? 'Tis pirate's nation here. The whole seas belong to us. Not ya. Ya're not wantin' here. How many of ya must I slaughter before ya understand? See where it leads us?" The man tried to mutter something but Vayne interrupted him abruptly. "What ? Are ya sayin' something? Speak up, boy. Louder. Louder, I can't hear ya." Vayne grabbed him and forced him to stand on his feet, putting his arm around his waist as he made him face his own crew. With his other hand he unsheated a dagger. "I said louder." He plunged the blade into the man's flesh and his cry of pain died in his throat. "Louder. Cry." The man's scream escaped his lips as blood flowed from the wound. "Cry for help." Vane thrusted the weapon in its flesh. Again. And again. The scream filled the air untill the body laid flat on the floor. Vayne cleaned the dagger on the dead man's jacket, before his one eye stared intensely at the sailors. A deadly silent fell on the seas, and only the unnatural howling of Vayne's blade could he now heard amongst the clashing of the waves.

"Now, ya have a choice. Everyone of ya is a slave. A servant to the city-states. Oppressed, blinded, chained. Yar slave driver is dead. Ya may now chose to live like a free man, or die like a dog. I can free ya, one way or another... If ya chose to stand up and join the nation of the free men, then ya'll have to fight for it, 'cause one thing that angers me is cowards and weak bitches thinking they can join me crew just because they want to live. There's not room for everyone, ya'll have to -earn- it with yar bare fists. As for the others, they'll make a good example. I'll hang ya with yar guts on throw yar bodies on the shores for everyone to see that none can mess with pirates and get away with it."

Some would usualy dare to stand up. And amongst them very few survived the trials. But those who did were now standing by Vayne's side, butchering the others, flooding ships with their blood, and taking what was theirs. What they deserved and earned by their own -respectable- work. "One day", Vayne thought, "I will make a nation where all free men would gather. Fuck their laws. Fuck their rules. Fuck the city-states. I am free and I live by my Code."


Appearance & Personality

Glass-lips.png Appearance & Personality

Nature & Demeanor

Nature & Demeanor

Vayne really enjoys wearing masks. She likes playing different roles to roam in the city-states and resell her stolen goods to anyone naive enough to trust her. After all, if they are stupid enough to be cheated then they deserve it. When she acts like a travelling merchant (whatever the name she gives), she would be friendly and warm to everyone, putting a smile on her lips and giving all of them compassionnate look and understanding nods. She would always try to establish the kind of profile of the people she talks to, and tells that person what she wants to hear, what she needs to hear to be convinced to do what Vayne wants. And it's all part of her game.


Vayne has the soul of a revolutionary. She is angry. Dissapointed. She feels betrayed by the civilization which took everything from her when she was a little girl, small and helpless. She feels betrayed by the laws of the city-states and their misconception of justice. She feels betrayed by the disgusting hypocrisy of the people. So she decided to live a life of freedom where she would be the one taking what she wanted from all of these pigs. With time, she begun to enjoy cheating them. She enjoys making them suffer, putting their meaningless life to an end in the most spectacular and aweful ways. She enjoys it and she thinks she deserves the right to deliver this "justice". She follows the rule of "the smartest and strongest win, the other may die like I want to." Moreover, she likes violence, and enjoys the heat of a good fight.


She considers herself as an example of freedom. And as an example she would do anything to make-up a good reputation, and by that she means a reputation so legendary, so filled with awe and unbelieavle tales that everyone would sing songs on Captain's Vayne's crimes and message. As a matter of fact, she spends a lot of time trying to find new ways of making people speak of her, and gradually inspiring other people to follow her path out of the oppression. She dreams of establishing a free nation where pirates could gather and live as they want to.


She spends quite some time in Storm Eye Islands where she has settled her crew. But she's not the kind to just lean and rest, so she keeps raiding ships, shores and sometimes make an example or two by butchering important people well-known for their positions against piracy. She also spend some of her time in the city-states to resell all the stolen goods. One of her personal interest lies in Ishgard where she gladly sells weapons to those who want to fight back the oppressive system. And of course she enjoys drinking in the inns, entertain her own rumors on Vayne, and gambling.

Notable Features

Notable Features
Common Appearance:

One of Vayne's secret is that she pretends to be a man. As a matter of fact, she has a bandage tightening her breasts to make her look flat. Her hairs are short and messy and though she looks feminine for someone pretending to be a male, her elezen side never quite aroused suspicion. She is rather small for an elezen, but through daily hard work she earns her muscles, and after spending 16 years in fighting she does not quite looked like a feminine woman at all.

Scars & Markings:

She has a scar in her left eye, made by a blade, and enjoys telling different stories on how Vayne got that scar. Her body is covered with numerous ones as well, memories of her rough life. And she is quite proud of these.


With time she learned how to change her voice. As captain Vayne she enjoys speaking with a rough tone, deep, guttural, threatening. As a merchant she goes for something soft, gentle, warm, friendly.


As Captain Vayne, she usualy wears long dark brown coats with an ishgardian pistol in her belt. She has a tricorn hat symbolizing her position and an eye-patch hiding part of a scar obviously made by a blade. She carries a 2-handed sword with her, crafted like wings, almost as thin as a rapier, from which emanates a ghostly glow and produces a howling murmur. The weapon has its story, and was stolen long ago from an othardian crafstman who used excentric and rare materials, fashionning the blade which he proudly deemed as being "from the winds". Too bad he chose to pay a transport back to Othard and -unfortunately- met Vayne on the way.

Pirate outfits

When pretending to be a merchant, she still keeps an eye-patch and goes for the most randomly normal clothes she can steal.

Civil outfits




  • Freedom
  • Killing sprees
  • Raiding
  • Gambling
  • Making up stories
  • Sailing


  • Ishgard
  • The city-states in general
  • Civilization
  • Women's condition
  • Weakness
  • Naivety
  • Cry-babies
  • Heroes


  • Storm Eye Island
  • Lemieux's Skytrade Co.
  • Limsa's inns and ports
  • Ul'dah markets
  • Ishgardian pistols
  • Lominsan ships
  • Lominsan rum
  • Ul'dahn beer



Vayne has a problem with authority. Justice is something she stopped believing in since the death of her mother. She failed to understand how men could live by following the rules, even though it was only making them suffer and die like rats in the streets. The only law she follows is the law of the strongest, and she's done believing in the lies of a civilization she deems as hypocrite and weak. As a matter of fact, she would challenge anyone trying to have the slightest control over her. If anyone tries to tell her of to do something, she's likely to reply with violence. Vayne also has a huge problem with men. She's disgusted by most of them, and their attitude towards women. She's disgusted by what it means to be a woman in her mind, what it represents in her life. With what happened to her mother, she has always thought that men could abuse women without being judged or punished for that. She never wanted to face these problems, and she keeps thinking that being a woman is a weakness in such a violent and harsh world. She keeps thinking men are almost all hypocrites seeking physical pleasures. As a matter of fact, she also despises any women who let men have power over them. In her state of mind, if you are a victim, you deserve it. She would not be more merciful with women because of this, quite the contrary in fact. She also thinks Ishgard is a city-state of corruption, which she would gladly set free by selling her goods with cut-prices to all who wants to fight the current system and differences between the lowborns and the nobleborns.


Glass-sword.png Abilities



What makes Vayne the legend she is now amongst the seas is how sincere she can sound, how deep can be her words, how easily she can move people and lead them to think she can provide to their needs and lead them to what they deserve. She knows how to lie, how to manipulate, how to sound convinced and convincing, and she doesn't hesitate to abuse people with her skill, be it her own crew. She established a Code, inspired by the honour-kind of thing amongst thieves she discovered in Limsa Lominsa when she started her life anew.

Vayne learned life's lessons the hard way. She knows how to survive by herself, even in the most desperate situations. She's not suicidal, but she's not easily intimated either. She has a strong willpower, fueled by her disgust for civilization, meaning she would be ready to go to any extents needed to save her freedom. She'd rather be hanged than giving up her pirate's life, and that what makes her such a strong reliable model for pirates.

Vayne is very skilled in making-up stories and putting up great shows. She is methodical, organized, and rarely spare any detail. What makes her standing out other criminals is her ability to take good decisions in good times. A rumor about a great prize to take on a dangerous ship? Will do anything to get it first. A rumour about a limsan captain hanging pirate? Will hang him with his own guts and left him to be found in public place. People starting to laugh at pirate's tales in the inns? Make a good example by raiding shores and slaughter everyone. Reputation is what protect their freedom and she's treasuring it greatly.



Vayne is a woman and she considers being a woman is a weakness in the world she's living in. That is why she thinks she needs to conceal the truth, it is her greatest secret and only one person knows it so far. She would do anything to keep it that way, as she thinks her reputation could be greatly hindered if people starting picturing the dreadful voidborn Vane as a girl. She fears people would stop respecting her, that her intimidating power would wither, and that would make her even more violent and crooked.

As a matter of fact, after what happened to her mother she considers most of the men as pigs. She's disgusted by them, and if it must get physical she must dominate them, or else she's likely to get violent as a reaction to her worst fear, "being under control". She would not bend to any one of them and would never let one of them have power over her.

She is a gambler. She likes playing very dangerous games, just because she thinks she is so smart and she'll never be caught. That leds her to put her life at stake just to enjoy the pleasure of feeling so great.



She has 16 years of fighting experience, starting with mere knives in her early criminal life. As she learned everything by herself, she lacks of technique and her style is rather brutish. She enjoys fighting bare hands most of all. She would be a deadly opponent for any commoner, but against a skilled swordmaster she would not take a risk wihout a really good plan to avoid a fair fight.


Glass-hourglass.png History

Charlotte Avenoist is borned in Ishgard, daughter of Diane, a lovely maid serving a minor House, and Theodore, a cobbler in the Brume. They lived in poverty but managed to be just fine thanks to Diane's employment. Sometimes, Charlotte would assist her father. In the best days they'd be rewarded by some food or 1 or 2 gils for repairing dirty shoes. The times were hard, the war was still raging and they held on to survive. And though it was harsh to live day by day not knowing if tommorrow would bring enough money, they were a loving family, filled with dreams, hopes and illusions of a better tomorrow.

But their hopes were brutally smashed when Charlotte's mother fell pregnant. Too young to realise why this news casted a dreadful shadow on their lives, Charlotte failed to understand why her mother became so gloomy, why she would hide and cry all her eyes out in the times she was so rarely here to hug her daughter and tells her how much she loves her. Her father became desperate, cold, distant. She made all the efforts she could to assist him, be a good girl, but it didn't changed anything.

A few days later, Charlotte's mother was arrested, accused of having stolen a precious artefact by the Lord she was serving. She was imprisonned, interrogated by the Inquisitors as they say they had find a cultist rosary in her belongings. Dimed as an heretic, neither her husband nor her daughter had permission to speak to her, not even when they learned the sentence and started to realise they would never see her again. Her loving mother, an heretic? Bullshits, Charlotte thought - but why would the Lord lie?

After the tragedy they went through, they still had to earn a living. Charlotte's father was a responsible man and all he had left was his precious daughter. He had barely time to sleep and although he was working so hard they could not manage to earn as much money as before. Food was lacking, as much as energy. Theodore wanted his daughter to live, his last living memory of his loving beautiful wife. So he gave her everything, untill he was too feeble to even work. On the saddest dawn of her life, she held his hand as he kept whispering in her ear how much he loved her, how much her mother loved her, and that everything which happened was not her fault, that she had to survive this. That they would always watch over her. Untill finaly he could not speak anymore. Untill finaly even the sun would not warm his hand anymore.

The world is a cold, harsh, and lonely place. Alone like a street-rat, either she would accept her fate and follows the same path, or she could chose to refuse the oppression. With time she realised that men of power and wealth would take everything from her. They would do like this Lord: lie, manipulate, take what they wanted and just thrown you in a pit to die like a dog. What choices had she? Letting men enjoy her for money? Begging those who threw her mother into a dark cell for a living? Accept to repair the dirty shoes of oppressed people, so weak and desperate they could not even find the strenght to be revolted? No, she was not going to let all of this bend her. She would never bend to anyone's will. She would take what's hers. She would take everything from them.

She started robbing food at first. A girl had to eat. And when she finaly got confidence she started a small gang in the Brume, robbing nobles, taking everything she could from their dead hands. And one she managed to gather enough gils, she fled that damn city to start her life anew. To conquer her freedom. She changed her name for William Vayne and chosed to get rid of all she hated in her past life, including her feminity. And the rest, they say, is history.


Glass-people.png People
Buddies Romantic Attraction Attraction Platonic Love Family Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure

Relations (NPC)

Relations (NPC)
Diane Avenoist ( Deceased ) - Charlotte's mother

The system's victim: Diane was Charlotte's mother, a maid serving a lord of a minor house in Ishgard. He raped her, she fell pregnant and he didn't want to aknowledge the child. He put an heretic rosary in her belongings, accused her of thievery, and she was dimed and executed for heresy.

Theodore Avenoist ( Deceased ) - Charlotte's father

The system's slave: Theodore was a cobbler and the loving father of Charlotte. He tried to raise her as he could, as Diane spent so much time working she would barely see her daughter. He died of malnutrition and sickness in the Brume while little Charlotte was holding his hand.

Relations (PC)

Relations (PC)

Tristanaud Lemieux ( Buddies ) - The Sky Pirate

The best buddy: Tristanaud and her have common history in Limsa. They spent quite a good time in bars, drinking, singing and getting to know each other. They cheated a limsean captain in dice rolls and ended up tied together. They had to escape and fight their way through this mess, but somehow it made them really good friends. They enjoy catching up and exchange some informations.

Vevekera Lelekera ( Buddies ) - The Lalafell Mage

The Unexpected Buddy: Vayne met him while she was conspiring against ishgardians. As she spent much time talking with him she realised he wasn't what he appeared to be at first. She took a growing interest in him and even begun to consider him as a friend she could...maybe...rely on in the future.

Lady Dusk ( Attraction ) - The Emissary's Shadow

The Poison lily: It's a secret too!

Quiliane Ronsard ( Attraction ) - The Velvet Wolf

The Archer: Vayne met her in the quicksands and whatever the reasons and what led them to this, she accepted to teach Vayne how to wield a bow. Though Vayne had clearly a personnal interest in befriending her, it goes beyond manipulation, as she truly sees something to her liking in this woman.

Aulsoix Claimane ( Positive ) - The Shady Mage

The Emissary: It's a secret!

Drohkya Dotharl ( Neutral ) - The Axe-wielder

The Xalea: Vayne met her and her friend in the quicksands. After some time chatting she realised the xalea could be a potential toy in her personnal little war-game against the ishgardians.

Therion Kator'to ( Neutral ) - The Weird Mask-Guy

Beakie: Vayne met him in Thanalan. At first she was cautious, taking him for a dangerous mad guy. Though she still thinks this guy is somehow completly insane, she tried to take advantage of this strange acquaintance to have ears and eyes in the quicksands...though she's not quite yet convinced it would actually pay off.

Suen Shyu ( Neutral ) - The Kitty

The magitek girl: Vayne met her at her buddy's company. Though she acted like a playful bastard towards her, she quickly shifted her attitude when she learned the miqo'te could potentially provide magitek weapons. Just what she needed in her business...

Kudros Crendraven ( Neutral ) - Silver Hairs

The Kid: Vayne helped him escape the pirates' wrath after a business in which Kudros was double-crossed. Seeing in the kid strong potential, he'd rather have him be an ally of pirates than an ennemy to all.

K'hoga Tia ( Neutral ) - The wanderer

A potential recruit: Vyane met him in Ul'dah and saw in him a potential recruit for piracy. He tried to show him a way to freedom, leading him into a pirate's den with the hope he would embrace a new life far from the oppression of the cities and the system of the miqo'te clans.

Argent Windrider ( Neutral ) - The Dark Knight

The Unexpected Ally: Vayne played a very dangerous game when he found out she was a sea pirate. Now she earned herself an ally in the war against long as Argent believes in her lies.

Elleesia Wolfeheart ( Neutral ) - The Lost Kitten

She-Who-Was-In-The-way: Vayne punched her in the face...and it all started from this.

Chlodomer Bavarac ( Business ) - The Mercenary

The War gear: Another tool in Vayne's war against his mortal enemy Aramis Dumas. Cholodomer seemed to have the perfect profile to be hired against him.

Cyr'a Valruhn ( Business ) - The Spy

The Shadow: A great efficient spy Vayne hired to gather information on Aramis. With his help, Vayne managed to begin his plan to take down the temple knight and his allies.

Synerva Devereux ( Business ) - The Two-faces Lady

The Thorn Lady: Vayne met her as a spy and took a risk by hiring her. She seemed obviously very skilled in her field, but maybe far too much to be trusted. Manipulating her in her war seemed like a challenge Vayne was willing to take.

Reinard Ackerman ( Negative ) - The shady businessman

Paciscor: The first impression left by this encounter led Vayne to consider him as a shady salesman he would certainly not trust. However, he is curious about him and has the intention to gather information. You never know what you could learn...

Eratika Bahjiri ( Negative ) - The shady businesswoman

Paciscor: In her quest for information, Vayne met Reinard's associate. All of this revolves around some shady connections with the Garleans. Who knows what's going to happen now.

Simeon Sibaruse ( Negative ) - The Princess

The Naughty Nobleass Another nobleass lost in the sinful life of the lowborns. Vayne met this one and could not resist to lure him into a bloody fight. Simeon being a noble ishgardian, it's enough for Vayne to feel the need to break him.

Amedee Delacroix ( Negative ) - The Silly Thaumaturge

Another Tool: Vayne helped him in a massive brawl involving Simeon. She tried to manipulate him into a deal, and now intends to make Simeon and Amedee kill each other one way or another.

Aramis Dumas ( Negative ) - The Temple Knight

The Antagonist: Vayne met him in Ishgard while doing business selling stolen weapons to arm the rebels and fuel the quarrels. Since the day Aramis suspected him, Vayne chose to play a dangerous game with him. He'll be Aramis' dragon, promising to bathe him in fire if needed, as boh of them fight with the same convictions, but not for the same side.



Common Rumors

  • "Howling Wind Vayne, they call him! He sails the Scream of Garuda for almost ten years now, they never caught him. The Armada would love to watch him dance the hempen jig for sure!" - A limsean bartender.

  • "Howling Wind Vayne? I've heard he has a hidd'n eye that can curses and kills ya!" - A drunkard.

  • "Captain Vayne's crew are the worst! They butcher ya, spill yar guts out, and make masks of yar skin to wear!" - A gambler.

  • "Ever wondered who were the skeletons on the Scream of Garuda's figurehead? I bet it's all his wives!" - An ul'dian bartender.

  • "Captain Vayne? He's a demon borned from a voidsent seed, and he rules the seas. If yar not lucky ya'll see his black flag from afar and then ya'll know the crew's gonna feast on yar flesh and drink all of yar blood!" - A naive hooker.

Rare Rumors

  • "Why they call him Howling Wind? I'v' been told he has that sword enchanted by the sirens, ya know, it howls in the dead of the night and ya cannot make the sound goes away." - A lominsan sailor.

  • "Be a sea pirate for so long and never getting caught, he must have quite a hell of a hideout. There are many seas we would not dare to sail, too difficult to navigate, or shores crowded with deadly creatures. I bet captain Vayne settled in one of those islands no one whould risk their life to reach." - A lominsan captain.

  • "Honest, I swear it was him! He was mad at two men, I was there, I heard them. I eavesdropped the conversation. He was like "I told ya to guard the crates and ya managed to have one stolen. I gave ya one fuckin' job, just one fuckin' easy job and ya fucked it!" and they were like begging for their sorry ass. So he took his pistol, ya know, pointed it to one of the guy and said something like "Are ya a useless fuckin' guard or just a fool?" and that guy said he was sorry, that he fucked it and would try to fix it, catch the thief and all. So the captain, he just stated "Then ya're useless and ya're fucking our reputation", blast that guy's brain, and then pointed the pistol to the other one. "So, are ya useless too?" he asked, and the guy said no. So he shot him too. "I can't allow fools to hinder my reputation either" he said. He saw me. Smiled. And just walked away!" - A traveling merchant.

  • "Everytime you think captain Vayne and his crew had reached the limits of horror, another tale emerges, darker and way more aweful than the previous ones! I'll tell you about that bastard and all his crazy assholes bloody murderers! The man came one day and payed for one of my girls' services. The girl said he was gentle at first, gave her a drink, told her nice things all the way to his cabin. She said he had fine silky hairs and his skin felt soft on her lips. But whatever shit he gave to her, she felt dizzy. Took her a while to realise the man had blindfolded her and tied her strongly. That bastard beated her untill she was on the edge of fainting from pain. She said he had his way with her then. Took her first, and then all the crew enjoyed her. They dumped her in a port, naked and covered in blood. Now my girls are scared of these assholes, and I'm losing money every day she's spending with all these bruises on her body. Damn these mad dogs!" - A -respectable lady- in a -respectable whorehouse-.

Pirates Rumors

  • "Lemme tell ya somethin' about Vayne, kid. Ya think he's born to be a conqueror of the seas? PFAH! I remember the very first day that Vane came to this den. He was just like ya, all skin and bones, head more filled with dreams than his belly was filled with food. The kid said he wanted to be a cap'n, and they laughed at him. Things don't work that way, do they, heh? To be a cap'n ya must know things that kid of his age didn't. Learn, sail under the wings of the best. So he asked around to join a crew, and one eventually told the kid all he had to do was to beat the best fighters in a brawl. That Vayne kid, he came day after day, and they beat the shit out of him more than once! But he had it in him, ya know. He had what it takes. He earned their respect, day after day, man after man. That's how he began his life of piracy. Never forget that." - An old cap'n.

  • "Howling Wind Vayne's crew? Yeah, I'm part of it. Why did I join? Heh, did you take a good look at us? I can't tell how many times I was disgusted when I tried to join other crews: you're not elezen, you're not hyur, you're too short, you don't have boobs, you're not from that nation, you don't believe in that damn god or whatever. All that I fled from this fucking society, it's corrupting even piracy. But not him. Vayne...all he asks is that you fight bare hands and prove to him that you have what it takes to survive. If you can convince him, he doesn't care where you come from and what fucking blood you have in you. The only exception is for women. I've been told that he had to shot a female member once because the men were getting all crazy and jealous. Never saw a woman in our ship since that story." - A crew member.

  • "That fucking asshole thinks he can just go into the den and rule everyone like a king or something, but I tell you, we're all free and...fuck him, fuck Vayne and his made-up reputation. I don't care what they say, that man is a plague and one day we'll be rid of him. All he cares for is his fucking name!." - A bitter rival.

  • "I saw that legendary Duvain shot Vayne right in the face! BLAM! In the head! He's dead, man. Vayne's dead, I saw him lying in his own blood, that ca'p'n Duvain killed him. I called the guys so they could see it too but when I looked back Duvain and Vayne were gone. the wind, they vanished! There was blood everywhere. Someone even picked that fuckin' howlin' sword. I swear I'm not drunk! By the Twelves' tits, that Duvain legend, must be another one borned from the Void or somethin'! Shouldn't mess with that guy!" - A witness in the den.

PC Rumors

PC Rumors

PC Rumors

  • "Vayne? Aye, I met 'im. Long ways back 'fore the Calamity. Got ourselves into a good bit o' fun. Listen, forget all them tales ye heard. Ain't so hard to get on with the man, ye just got to think o' it this way. Draw a line 'cross the sand, put on one side everythin' in this world that keep Vayne sailin', free, an' rich an' then on the other side put everythin' in this world 'at ain't helpin' Vayne ta do none o' those things. Right? Well everythin' on at other side? The one that ain't helpin'-- is expendable. If ye ain't got a use he'll give ye one, make ya another victim ta grow his legend, aye? So 'en it's real simple ta get on with Vayne... when the chips are played an' 'em dice come down... ya best make sure ya on the side o' things helpin' Vayne." - Captain Tristanaud Lemieux of the Lemieux Skytrade Company.

  • "William Vayne is a pirate that can not be trusted. With no sense of morality, and violent views, he will only lead to bloodshed and chaos. He is manipulative, and a liar. Do not heed his words, else he lead you to destruction or trick you into some false cause. I would recommend alerting the authorities if you interact with him. I only know of one other alias he goes by. A Merchant named Charlie. I do not know what sort of tragedy in his past set him on his path, but I somewhat understand him. He too wants a sort of peace in the world, but he goes about it the wrong way. I hope he can be turned from this destructive path, but if he can not...His work in Ishgard will be stopped at all costs and by any means necessary." - Aramis Dumas Masked Knight of Ishgard.

  • It is not often I find one whom I can truly be myself around. Such a treasure is worth protecting. Together we shall bring her Fury to this world. She is marked by Halone. Together we shalt be as wolves, with jaws locked around eachother's throats. I know so little of this one, except the way she makes my heart race, and hands ache for the feel of my blades within their grasp. To trifle with her is to invite my warned and know well the danger you court. I'll let NONE take her from me.... - Miette Pelicier

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