Dartanon Nobis

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Ishgard.jpg Draco Nobis
A Knight of Blood and Iron.
Ser Draco Nobis, Knight of Ishgard and Eorzea
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Ishgardian
Age 40
Sexuality Heterosexual
Occupation Knight/Arbiter
Guardian Halone, the Fury
Marital Status Betrothed
Nameday 20th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity
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"“The knight is a man of blood and iron, a man familiar with the sight of smashed faces and the ragged stumps of lopped-off limbs; he is also a demure, almost a maidenlike, guest in hall, a gentle, modest, unobtrusive man. He is not a compromise or happy mean between ferocity and meekness; he is fierce to the nth and meek to the nth.” - C.S. Lewis


Draco is a Knight of Eorzea. He holds his duty and honor above most other things, making him a humble and self-sacrificing man. He has fought long and hard for most of his life, watching things he cared about come and go. He desires nothing more than to protect the people he's known for so long. His blade is Blackened with the burdens of Eorzea, and with it he strikes down her foes.


Given Name: Draco Nobis
Nicknames and Aliases: To some he is still known as 'Dartanon', his brother's name. To some civilians, and warriors who have seen him but do not know his name, he is referred to as 'The Judge'. His official title in Ishgard is Arbiter.


Draco is a Duskwight, with light blue skin and slicked back black hair. Stress and age have grayed him slightly, as well as adding a few wrinkles to his stern face, but his youthfulness still shows. Despite his constant jesting about old age, he hardly looks it. He stands at roughly 6'5", and has a build that could only belong to a Knight. His figure is chiseled and muscular, while maintaining a somewhat slender Elezen build. He used to wear an armor of reinforced steel, but was given a set of modified Garlean Magitek armor recently, and wore it until his capture in Ishgard. After winning his title and freedom back in Trial by Combat, he commissioned a set of Titanium Knight's armor. Finding the armor to be too cumbersome, he switched to a simple tunic over chainmail, with minimal plating on his shoulders and limbs.


Draco speaks in a baritone, his accent being noticeable. He speaks with the refinement and tone of one who was raised in a noble house, as he was. While he carries himself like a Knight, his voice dictates his humility, and even at times his odd sense of humor. His voice often sounds contemplative or serious, when he's around strangers, speaking in short sentences, or lecturing full out. While he doesn't INTEND to be overbearing, he more than often times sticks his own foot in his mouth by debating silly things.


Draco is chivalrous and polite, and to a certain few he can be quite dashing and charming, however he always prides himself on being proper at all times. Irritating him isn't an easy feat, although argumentative and people who overly enjoy 'fun' tend to grind his nerves. Draco is also cool and calm. His demeanor is gentle and intelligent, making him capable of soothing words, or sharp rebukes. His age brings with him a certain wisdom to life and logic, even if his social skills are lacking in most departments. His chief goal is to protect the ones he cares about. He will even go so far as to sustain injury for a companion, although his tactical mind usually finds a way to get them both out relatively unscathed. Whether it be with his wit or his blade, dueling Draco is always a learning experience.

Draco thinks everyone is capable of good. Even some Garleans. He does what he can to prove it to them. Chief example would be is complicated trials and relationship with Sophia Grave. His stubborn outlook on life often times makes him hard to dissuade or easy to trick. Taking advantage of his optimism is the easiest way to lower his defenses. His social skills are also lacking, when it comes to areas outside of civilized gatherings.

Motivations: Helping those in need. He is a knight first and foremost, putting his own desires aside to protect the ones he cares about. There is one person that makes him want to be selfish, though.
Disposition: Calm, charming, polite, and usually friendly. He is capable of stern tone, however, and can become short with people who annoy him.
Outlook: "Everyone is worth protecting. Even my enemies."

Positive Personality Traits

Tactical, confident, intelligent, Polite, eloquent, cultured, protective, sympathetic, and usually keeps calm and collected. Willing to die or sustain injury for those he considers worthy of it.

Negative Personality Traits

Stubborn, easily tricked into believing someone is good, can succumb to darkness, has poor social skills in easy going company.


Draco is a knight, therefore he is trained in a several martial practices. He knows how to use a Polearm, Sword and shield combo, or two-handed sword effectively and efficiently. Due to training post-Calamity, he is proficient in hand ti hand combat, light blades such as daggers, and firearms as well. Draco prefers his longsword over anything, and is more likely to start with it. The agility and maneuverability of the sword suit his purposes better, for quickly defeating a foe. His hand to hand combat is improving through practice, but compared to a full fledged monk or pugilist, he is rather lacking. His physical strength easily exceeds that of a regular Elezen, while allowing him to keep most of the same agility. Heavy armor often times slows him down however. He prefers to fight without a shield, so he has to compensate by dodging or forgoing offense to avoid injury. His offense is quick, intent on destroying or disarming his opponent, before they can slip past his guard.

Primary Weaponry

  • A Mailbreaker longsword forged by a friend of Sophia Grave's, and modified for Draco's two handed style. The blade currently acts as a grave stone for where Rukira used to lay.
  • "Oblivion," a great sword named after the corruption Draco used to hold, and a constant reminder of what he could have become. He rarely draws Oblivion from it's scabbard, and will instead fight with it sheathed. The blade has not seen any use in some time.
  • "The Black Blade," A longsword stained by the ashes of his guilt, the blade is black like Oblivion's, and was recently replaced by the Mailbreaker. He keeps it on hand for ceremonial purposes.
  • "Yami," A Katana forged by Yuki Kurenai. Draco isn't really trained to use Katanas, so it's a backup weapon at the moment.
  • "A Question of Conscience," A Garlean made magitek revolver given to Draco by Sophia Grave. He usually keeps it close at hand, in case he has to deal with an opponent at range and without using his Darkness.
  • "Knight's Blade," A rather standard looking great sword, but Draco's primary weapon at the moment. The blade is reinforced with Adamantine to make it more resistant to damage, and has a leather grip on the blade to assist in half-swording. Aside from that, the weapon has no truly unique qualities aside from the fact that it is Draco's.
  • The Darkness. Draco draws his dark power from a type of aether corruption. Despite original speculations, it is not tied to the void. Instead, it appears elemental in nature, feeding on negative energy or powerful violent energies. He manipulates it with his desire to protect, at any cost. It grants him several abilities.


Draco's Dark Aether allow him to do certain things as a Dark Knight. His current list of powers is as such.

  • Unyielding Darkness: Draco has the ability to project his dark aether through his body, limbs, and hands, giving it various forms. He can fire orbs of darkness at his foes, assault them with a large blast, or coat himself in a menacing black and purple aura. Since he has trained extensively in his arts, his Dark attacks are his most powerful weapons. His Dark Shot can punch through the armor of a reaper, and the blast is more than capable of knocking a foe clear off their feet and fulms away.
  • Dark Shield: A corrupted version of Protect/Reflect. It forms a shield in front of, or around, Draco to protect him from oncoming attacks. It's rather strong, and can take a lot of punishment. However, it cannot be spread to others and he cannot move while it is up. The only way it can give benefit to others, is if they're standing very close to Draco as he casts it.
  • Gravity: A magic spell that releases an orb of Aether that increases the gravity of the area it consumes. It generally is used to force people to submit, as it only causes discomfort from the added weight.
  • Eruption: A Dark Fire based attack. It comes in two varieties. Draco can launch small spheres of Dark Fire in an arc in front of him, then rapidly detonate them to cause damage over a wide area. They're easy to see coming, and easy to dodge if the person is capable. They can also be reflected back at Draco, if the person is capable of doing so. The second method is focusing the corrupted Aether into his arm or hand and getting close to his target. It carries the force of one of the explosive Firagas, and condenses in his hand before exploding outward in a cone. The downside being, it will damage Draco as well.
  • Nightmare: A dark version of sleep. When cast, it sends out a massive wave of 'Sleep', sending the target(s) into a state of haunting slumber. It brings forth their fears as they sleep, weakening them and making them harder to wake. The downside being, the wave has to make contact with the target, and can be countered with magic. Casting a standard sleep spell on the target, then waking them can negate it as well. If the person has no current fears, it can't enact nightmares.
  • Dark Corridor: Much like a hole to the void, Draco can open gateways to other locations. It requires him to have some sort of connection with the location however, such as having been there or being able to see it physically. Leaving behind traces of his corruption, or having someone that he can connect to makes it easier. Doing this used to be very taxing on Draco, but he's now able to do it freely in short bursts. However, if he abuses it and opens Corridors frequently, it will more often than not make him unable to move after the casting. If there's no connection to link a Corridor to, Draco can force them open and drop himself, or someone else through. It will expend most of his Aether to do so, and is ill advised.
  • Aetherial Armor: Draco concentrates almost all of his aether to the outside of his body, forming armor that amplifies his strength and durability. He's powerful while using it, but also more volatile, sacrificing focus and reasoning for rage and strength. The armor can only be sustained for a limited amount of time, and once dropped, will disperse all the aether used to create it. This leaves Draco in a vulnerable state, as he's left with barely enough aether to remain conscious. This move, if used at all, will only be used as a last resort. To a smaller degree, he can use a small amount of Aether to create a mask over his face, which he does almost every day. Unlike the armor, it only provides some protection to his face and doesn't amplify anything aside from sight.



He enjoys training. A good spar is a good way to get to know someone.
He is always relieved to converse with civilized or cultured company.
Chivalry. If you're polite and a gentleman like him, you're A-OK.


People who are out for their own gain, like bandits.
Liars. Dishonesty is one of his least favorite things.
'Party people'. He doesn't dislike fun, but there is such a thing as too much fun.


Draco has an odd sense of humor. His attempts at jesting often get him in trouble.
He has a bad habit of getting lost in his own thoughts when bored.
While he IS a good sport, he can become competitive. He always enjoys a good challenge!
Draco secretly has a sweet tooth.


Sword Play
Black Magic
Polite Conversation



Draco was born to Tavus Nobis, and Jennete Nobis. An Duskwight and Wildwood pair that originated in Ishgard. Tavus had befriended an Elezen noble, after marrying Jenette but before Draco and his older brother were born, and they both decided to leave the strict land of Ishgard. The Elezen Lord and Tavus had a secret, however, that Draco to this day is trying to determine. They gathered volunteers in Gridania, and settled in a remote area. They created a small Fiefdom, naming their own Knights and nobility. It took effort, but they were eventually recognized as a noble house, and left well enough alone. When Dartanon and Draco were born, their father already had their life planned out for them. Dartanon, being the eldest, was trained from an early age to be a Knight. Lessons in etiquette, swordplay, tactics, and culture were pumped into his brain, much to Draco's displeasure. The younger brother took it upon himself to try and help Dartanon have fun, taking him out to have 'adventures', which mainly just involved getting in trouble. However, Tavus quickly straightened it out by increasing the intensity of Dart's Knight training, and beginning training for the reluctant Draco. There was only one path laid out for the boys, in the eyes of their father. The path of a soldier.

Years passed, and Draco and his brother grew apart as Dart became a somewhat cold and harsh warrior. He paid little mind to anything other than his honor and legacy, looking down on anyone that wasn't himself or his father. Unfortunately, this included his younger brother. Over the years, Draco attempted to run away on more than one occasion. However, on his last attempt, his mother stopped him and gave him a small story book. It told stories of Knights of legend. Draco latched onto these stories and aspired to be like those Knights. He took to his training and soon surpassed Dartanon, much to his father and brother's dismay. At the age of twenty and eighteen, Dartanon andd Draco were finally knighted, taking upon themselves their swords and it's oaths. The ceremony felt pointless though. All it meant to Draco was, he was one step closer to his goal. He wasn't doing this for his father. The years continued and the tension between the two brothers was growing. Something had happened to Draco, spurring a Darkness to fester in his soul. He and Dartanon ended up getting into fights, resulting in minor injuries and scars to both of them. Seeing this, their mother decided it'd be best for the two to stay as far apart as possible.

When the Garleans invaded, Draco, Dartanon, and the knights of their home were sent out with Gridanian forces to combat them. It was a long campaign for the Elezen brothers, causing more stress between them. Draco valued the lives of his men more than victory, while Dartanon viewed the soldiers as fodder to throw at the enemy until one side collapsed, like tools to cast into battle. This all culminated to one final moment the two brothers shared. Dartanon had discovered a Garlean artillery unit that was threatening to collapse a flank. He ordered Draco to take his men and join Dartanon on a charge to crush it head on. Draco, however, wanted to flank around the guns and take them out. It would take a little longer, but it'd minimize casualties for their men. Dartanon argued and demanded it be done his way before going off to lead the charge. Draco, angered by his brother's stubbornness, decided to do his own plan. He led his soldiers around, abandoning Dartanon as the older brother charged the Garlean forces. When Draco returned from destroying the artillery unit, he came across the corpses of his brother's unit. Horrified, Draco went to see if he could find his brother, Dartanon. Laying in the dirt, barely clinging to life, was the older Knight. Draco ran to him and tried to get him back to camp, but it was too late. With his dying breath, Dartanon cursed Draco's name and blamed him for the death that had just happened. While part of Draco knew he would have shared Dartanon's fate had he joined him on this charge, the guilt was overriding his logic. Torn apart by grief, the darkness festered more and latched onto his now broken soul. Draco had to do something though. The men wouldn't answer to him, at least not all of them. They needed Dartanon. Steeling his resolve, he came to one conclusion. As penance and punishment, Draco would die on this field. He took his brother's armor and helmet, donning them and returning to camp to lead his men under the guise of his brother. He was no longer Draco. Now HE was Dartanon.

When Dalamud fell, Draco's Knight order was in shambles, only a handful having survived. He led these survivors back, as well as the wrapped body of his brother, to his home only to find it too was in ruins and its inhabitants dead. Sorrow seemed permanently latched to Draco's life. With no family, and no home, he disbanded his knights to set out into Eorzea. He'd do what he could to help rebuild this once great nation, as penance for his sins. If one Nobis was left standing, he wanted it to be the hero 'Dartanon'. He'd just have to live as someone he wasn't.

Recent Events

Black Blade Arc

When everything in Eorzea was mostly restored, Draco slowed down in his adventures. He had just turned 38, and wasn't exactly full of his youthful energy. He met several groups, and helped them out as they needed it, but mostly kept to himself. Only a few people, he kept in constant contact with. Val Nunh, Faye Covington, Jethas Zykyri, and oddly enough Sophia Grave. His meeting with the Garlean wasn't the most...productive. It resulted in him being stabbed, but he got a good look at the kind of person she was. He was intrigued, finding someone so much like himself. He was determined to 'save' her from her Garlean ways, but eventually found himself falling for her. Unfortunately, fate had a funny way of working out. When the company Draco was in, at the time, disbanded, he started wandering once more. He figured it'd be better for everyone. When he eventually did return...His friends showed him just how much they missed him, with affectionate slaps, punches, and calling him 'stupid for thinking that way'. It was a good day.

Draco retired from the wandering Knight business, for a time. He figured he might as well try to stay in contact with these people, since they were so determined to keep him around. He was growing closer to Jethas and Sophia, one which he viewed as a brother, and the other which he was falling harder for. Just when things started looking up, Fate decided to intervene again when the Darkness began to stir in him, developing it's own self. It became an everlasting presence in him, trying to rob control from the Knight. Draco figured he was strong enough to overcome it. He started medling in Black Magic, but found himself overwhelmed. When a strong burst of anger caused Draco to lose control, he had to flee once more. He was afraid he might hurt the ones he cared about. When Draco returned, he was surprised to find a repeat of his last welcome home. He had honestly thought he was forgotten. Draco decided to stay again, hopefully for good this time, relying on his friends to help him if he lost his way again.

Things with Sophia began developing quicker, once Draco returned. Confessing his feelings, with some awkward help from Val Nunh, was very difficult, but eventually he managed to do it. He was happy to find them returned, and endeavored to make the most of things, despite their differences in allegiance. It wasn't long before Draco found himself somewhat alone in Eorzea, though. Val and Faye were warry of him, now that he was with Sophia, and Jethas had his own issues to solve. After some convincing, Draco agreed to become Sophia's partner and help her with her Garlean tasks. He refuses to swear loyalty the Garleans, but he will do whatever it takes to protect Sophia. Even if things have been rough, for them, he is stubborn and determined. A few incidents with the Darkness rising up seems to be setting the course...It will have to be dealt with soon.

Branded Arc

Draco spent most of his time with Sophia after his return. From her, he learned about the Branded residents of Cliffperch. While his initial reception was met with caution and distrust, he remained as the volunteer guard outside the gate to the house. He had no shard, and thus wasn't allowed INTO the house, but he met several of the Aeon Branded through his partner. For several days, Draco observed and protected the people of Cliffperch, almost jumping on the chance to be active again. Sitting in a bar was no place for a Knight, for the rest of his life. While there were a few bumps in his stay, including an altercation between Draco and the young woman Zuri Bacchus over the Elezen's partner, and a temporary loss of control with the Darkness, Draco felt happy and alive. He had people to protect once more, that he felt needed it.

Draco found himself increasingly intrigued by the shards that allowed the Branded to communicate. He tried to gather information on it, but his skills in passive interrogation were...lacking. Deciding to give up for a little, Draco made a trip back through Thanalan towads Ul'dah proper. His Darkness was suppressed by a tonic Sophia had made, so he took advantage of the time to get some training in. As he ventured, he came across a man being attacked by bandits. Draco tried his best to save the man, but unfortunately the traveler's wounds were too great, and Draco was no healer. The man died shortly after the bandit were dispatched. Unbeknownst to Draco, the dead traveler was branded, and his shard had jumped to the nearest host. With a shard now in his body, Draco returned to Cliffperch, blissfully unaware.

The Darkness, in its weakened state, noticed the link first and hid it from Draco, making sure the knight couldn't use it clearly yet. It used the link to examine several people. When Draco assisted Varus in collecting shards and a demonic power, the Darkness was forcefully stirred awake, beginning to slowly gain power again. This activated Draco's rune, and allowed him to hear the link, although the Darkness made it difficult. Through the activation of his shard, Draco was allowed into Cliffperch. Surprisingly, Zuri was the one to help him with it, and tell him what to do. Through their talks, they both realised that Draco's Ishgardian mother was Zuri's aunt. Draco was effectively in a light daze. Over a short time, he discovered a surviving family member, and gained a deeper connection to others. How this would effect him remains unknown.

What Once Was Arc

Draco revealed to the others his past and who he really was, giving up the name Dartanon and letting his brother finally rest in entirety. With the help of Zuri, Sophia, and Flickering Ember, Oblivion was defeated and Draco's soul was re-united. He was in full control of the Darkness in him, now. However, the task awoke memories in Draco that hinted to the source of his dark powers. Originally, he would have let it go, but he felt like the mystery of his darkness was still a burden on others. He decided to leave Cliffperch until he could solve the mystery of his family, the Lord they served, and his own corruption. He resides now in Coerthas, staying with a friend of his that had gone through something similar with void corruption. Together, they hunt for answers.

Draco acts now as a wandering Knight again, searching across Eorzea for answers. Wearing modified Garlean armor, given to him by Liliana, and a mask to hide his face, he seeks to use his powers to protect the people of Eorzea once more. He was planning on assisting Lacey Orwell with a mission she was putting together, but she had set off without him. He followed her in secret, to a location with Garlean supplies she was trying to secure. He intercepted a Garlean squad moving to reinforce the scientist and his men, when Lacey and her friends attacked. After a battle, he had to kill all the Garleans that he engaged, before leaving. He worries now that it may have a negative outcome, but he'd set on a path he couldn't come back from. He was beginning to understand that sometimes in battle...he couldn't spare his enemy.

After a few moons of searching, Draco's attentions were drawn back home to Cliffperch and Aeon. With the return of Varus, Draco dedicated himself to once more defending the Branded, putting his own quest for answers aside. Once Varus was defeated, Draco grew close to a young woman named Reima Awen and decided to stay at Cliffperch. He trains some of the Branded in martial combat, and safeguarding them. Entudenin and Garlean attacks on his companions force him to remain where he is, but growing fires in Ishgard threaten to draw Draco back North.

And Is Again Arc

Some time into Draco's service to Ishgard, an enemy of old reared his head. Louis D'Monchette, the Lord that led his old Fiefdom, had survived the calamity. Through foul magicks and alchemy, Louis D'Monchette had created creatures to stalk the Branded and people of Ishgard. Creatures stitched together from spare parts, and seemingly indestructible. Draco was captured by Louis D'Monchette, known as the Doctor, as the mad man's first act. The Knight was turned into another one of his weapons, helping the Doctor against his will as the Lab Assistants, the monsters, kidnapped and harassed his former allies. Led by Reima Awen, the Branded and soldiers of Ishgard led a campaign against the Doctor, losing faith and innocents along the way.

Eventually, Draco was retrieved by the Branded and freed of the influence of an entity known as Wrath. It was another entity like Oblivion, controlling him through his aether and making him irrationally angry. His companions had lost faith in the Knight, despite knowing he was acting against his will. Draco proposed to Reima shortly after being rescued, not knowing if they would have another chance. Reima agreed, much to his joy, and they prepared for the next part of the Doctor's game.

Knowing that their faith was shaken, Draco told them where the Lab was before returning to Ishgard. Reima and the Branded, Arcian Martel, Brave Horizon, Leon Greymoon, Izanami Stormcaller, Kail Gerrad, and Graeham Ridgefield, as well as the Knight Martiallais Heuloix, assaulted the Lab. Once they arrived, the Doctor attacked them psychologically and took blood samples from them to create more of his monsters. The group discovered Sophia Grave, the Garlean spy, in one of the cells after she attacked the lab earlier. Freeing her, the group engaged the Doctor and his guard. Dartanon Nobis, Draco's dead brother, had been created again through some foul alchemical means. A mere copy with his powers and memories. Dartanon fought all of them before being killed by Arcian Martel and Reima Awen. The Doctor was angered, and lowered his guard enough for Draco to come in and finish him off. With the Doctor defeated, or so it seemed, the group fractured and went their separate ways. Draco and Reima returned to Ishgard, to try and rebuild their life together.

The Price of Change Arc



Sophia Grave - A young Ul'dahn woman with a rather charming appearance and mannerisms. While a woman of many secrets, and formerly an enemy of the Elezen Knight, Sophia grave found a way into his heart. While he is afraid to openly admit to her, he cares for her greatly. His urge to protect her is greater than most. Their first interactions together were...violent. She stabbed him, put simply. But once they fought with their wits, instead of their swords, they realized they were more like each other than they thought. Over time, Draco fell harder for Sophia and eventually confessed his affections. They became partners and lovers, working together for a common goal of peace against the Primals and war. In recent events, Draco's war on the Garleans that kidnapped and experimented on Eorzean civilians, drove a wedge between Draco and Sophia. After catching her in the act of breaking into a comrade's room, he spoke to her in Ul'dah, and they went their separate ways as unfortunate enemies. While Draco once more hardens his resolve to protect his people, he doubts he'd be able to bring himself to fully confront his once lover. Deep in his mind, he still cares for the Garlean, and wishes the outcome had been different.

Zaius Rhal'seer - A Miqo'te pit fighter who has a vicious blood lust and murderous tendencies. Draco and Zaius used to be allied under the same banner, when Zaius was Branded, but when Zaius left to pursue his own agenda, Draco quickly saw that the other Miqo'te was a danger. His violent urges and eager acceptance of violence turns the Knight away from the pit fighter. Draco believes that if Zaius fights him, one of them will have to die. He attempted once to quickly end Zaius with a revolver shot to the head, but failed.

Player Character Standing

Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing

Jethas Zykyri - A Miqo'te that befriended Draco while he served in the Phoenix Collective. One of Draco's only real friends, Draco thinks of him almost like a brother. They bicker and tease each other, making him one of the few that Draco enjoys himself around and lets loose a little with. Jethas always seemed to look out for Draco, making sure he never stepped into something he couldn't handle...Even if Jethas had to scold or beat on Draco first.
Faye Covington - The Hyur Midlander woman, Faye Covington, didn't make the best first impression with Draco. He first met her and her mate when he intercepted a fight on a bridge outside Ul'dah. He received a wound for his troubles, and made two new...friends of sorts. Over time, Draco began to respect Faye. She carried herself with grace, at least from what he had seen, and her care and affection for her mate inspired him. He soon found himself visiting them more frequently, and even saved their lives from a Garlean ambush in the forest. He considers Faye another one of his true friends.
Val Nunh - Val Nunh and Draco had a rough start. They met by fighting, Draco receiving an injury. Neither warrior saw eye to eye after that, constantly being wary around the other, whether it was Val's thuggish attitude, or Draco's open distaste for it. Eventually, as it happened with Faye Covington, Draco soon began to respect the Miqo'te bodyguard. Val showed the utmost loyalty, and flat out love for Faye. Draco soon saw that the Miqo'te wasn't nearly as bad and untrustworthy as he had thought. He even attempted to help him become more 'Knightly' and chivalrous for Faye...but that didn't quite work. While Val's mannerism's changed slightly, he still carried that manner of speech that drove Draco up the wall.
Augustine Frost - Augustine was a Mercenary that met Draco in one of the most...bizarre ways. While Draco was conversing with an Elezen woman, Augustine just walked up and complimented her legs. Thinking that Augustine was a poor lovestruck man in need of courting advice, Draco befriended him and tried to help him get with the Elezen, Tassine. However, their relationship didn't work in the end. Draco and Augustine don't see each other as frequently, but they do converse now and again.
Tassine Gouvieux - An elegant and beautiful Elezen. She is a woman of high standing, and one that easily earned the admiration and respect of Draco. While his meeting with her wasn't exactly at a noble gathering, it was enjoyable. He doesn't get to see her as often as he wishes, but he tries to keep in contact and offer assistance when he can.
Liliana Nazareth - A kind and lovely Sharlayan woman that Draco met on pure chance. He had been there when Paradyme Capellago pulled her from the void. He had tried to remove her corruption, but had failed. A long time later, and he was present to help her give birth to her daughter, Dawn, along with Sophia Grave and her brother, with a Doman girl there as well. He hadn't seen her again for some time until he encountered her in Coerthas, after her breakup with Paradyme. He comforted her as best he could, going out to visit her when he could since he could sympathize with her plight. At the moment, he stays in her home in Coerthas, helping watch out for her children and to make sure she's safe. He also uses her home as a forward base in Coerthas, for his investigation into his family's past. Once he had earned the name 'Judge' he left her home in Coerthas, so he wouldn't be in her way any longer. He watches over her and her children in secret, although he finds himself leaving her be in the wake of her wedding with Paradyme.
Zaku Paku - At the moment Draco and Zaku, also known as Zaku Degenwulf, are not on good terms. Neither trusts the others, and Draco doesn't believe their relationship can be mended anymore. When Draco first joined Aeon, Zaku was the first to welcome and greet him. When the Lalafel became a Highlander, he changed. In Draco's opinion, it was for the worse. Zaku's temper and berserk tendencies matched Draco's, when he was under the influence of Oblivion. It worries him. Because of Zaku's quick rise to violence, Draco watches him with caution. He's prepared to fight if he has to.
Lacey Orwell - Lacey and Draco didn't exactly hang out all that much, but he would consider her a friend. He met her after the 'death' of Varus, as she was one of his agents. She tried to get close to Zaku, for information from the Flames. Draco was suspicious of her at first, but didn't approve of either her methods or Zaku's once he caught on. When she denounced her ties to Varus, she joined Aeon, where Draco tried to help her settle. The Ex-Garlean Agent then tried to mend Draco's relationship with Zaku, but it didn't end well. Lacey worked with and assisted Draco a few times before departing from Aeon.
Hotaru Gin - Gin met Draco under odd circumstances. She had met him through Sebastian Grave, Sophia's brother, in Ul'dah. They met with Liliana and her at-the-time boyfriend Paradyme, and just happened to be there when the Sharlayan went into labor. Gin helped deliver the baby, and Draco was forced to watch...it was terrible. After that, Draco encountered Gin multiple times, and did what he could to find her when she was captured by a Garlean agent. He wasn't the one to rescue her, but he acted as her confidante before and after the rescue. They both shared secrets, and grew closer. Draco considers her a close friend, despite some of their differing opinions, and would aid her where he could.
Lanza Razaul - Not much can be said for the relationship between Lanza and Draco, aside from the fact that both parties do not like each other in the slightest. Lanza seems intent on fighting Draco to the death. Draco was originally out for Lanza's blood, after he thought the lancer had murdered Liliana. However, after learning that it was on Liliana's request, and after C'eleni Meztli pleaded for Lanza's life, Draco decided to call off his mission of vengeance. Lanza, however, is adamant that the two will fight. Draco killed Lanza in self defense some time back.
Rukira Michaelis - Rukira was one of Draco's enemies originally, the right hand woman to Varus Rosenthal. After the first Varus crisis ended, Draco came into an uneasy understanding with the blonde woman. She didn't cause much trouble, and the two talked calmly once and again, a strange respect between the two warriors. However, when she resurfaced again, once more doing the bidding of Varus and working along Zaius to attack X'Septha, Draco had to fight her. After the battle, he recieved a strange note asking him to meet her somewhere. He didn't know who had sent the note originally, but when he went to the location, he discovered Rukira wanted one last fight. A duel to the death. Draco obliged and slew her after a battle. She thanked him with her dying breath, and he buried her in his old home.
Reima Awen - Draco had recovered the young Hyuran woman when her brand had awoken, and she as discovered on the link. He explained to her the situation and took her to Cliffperch, before returning to Ishgard. He hadn't thought much of her at the time, so he put her out of his mind. When he returned Cliffperch, he met her once again and she quickly offered him a pillar to lean on with his burdens. Over talks and spending time together, Draco quickly discovered he was becoming infatuated. After Sophia and he split up, he was almost too welcoming of the attention, but didn't press after it immediately. He decided to spend more time with Reima, teaching her swordplay and fencing, as well as playing music for her and offering his ear for her worries as she did for him. When he felt the time was right, he confessed his feelings to her and the two began courting.


Common Rumors

  • "He's kind of strict. I'd rather not get on his bad side."
  • "The Black Blade? Oh aye. Seen him wanderin' about a lot. Sometimes I think he jus' likes ta fight."
  • "A real Knight? He definitely acts like one. Sort of sticks out in a...odd way."

Moderate Rumors

  • "Last I heard, he was fightin' in tournaments. What kind of Knight fights in a blood sport?"
  • "I hear he makes trips to Coerthas regularly. I wonder what he goes for."
  • "You'll probably find him in Ul'dah. Wherever there's trouble, he'll be there."
  • "He's a Mercenary these days, plain and simple. But he's fightin' for us, that's easy to see."

Rare Rumors

  • "I saw him...I really did...He used black magic. Dark shadows were practically seeping out of him...I thought I was going to die."
  • "There's someone goin' about callin' themselves the 'Eorzean Shade'...Eorzean Shade and the Eorzean Knight. I wonder if they know each other..."
  • "Saw him givin' chocolates to that blonde girl. Wonder what that was all about, eh? Two secretive people givin' things back n' forth. Probably spies."

Player Character Rumors (Add anything you'd like, true or untrue, just keep it IC!)

  • "I have heard of his legendary temper, but I have yet to see it. I am beginning to think it does not exist...I almost want to test those limits, somehow.~" -- Liliana Nazareth
  • "Dart and Draco. Dart is Draco but Draco is not Dart. He changed his name and become 'Draco.' Meet both. Dart is not nice but I like Draco!" -- Flickering Ember
  • "He is a man not without his demons, but he is honourable nonetheless. He can be counted upon tae give good counsel, and tae do the moral thing in any situation. Thus he is a cherished comrade-in-arms." - Brynhilde Wulf
  • "Dart can be a bit of a fool at times, and can do things that annoy the hells out of you, but he's always had a good heart, and he's one of those types you know you can count on." - Jethas Zykyri
  • "Ser Nobis is always so serious and staunch, it's almost as if smiling would kill him." - C'eleni Meztli
  • "He says he will do whatever it takes to protect the innocent... Even shed blood and take lives. But I worry. What if something snaps inside him?" - C'eleni Meztli
  • "People as good as Draco are a rarity in this world; especially after shedding as much blood as he has. For better or worse, his compass will never shift; its what I love and hate most about him." - Sophia Grave
  • "His Honor is courteous, kind, and chivalrous as any storybook Knight, but instead of shining armor, he dons the weight of the world. Would that he would rest--for only a moment--to see that smiling suits him so much better than the shroud of sorrow that he wears." - Reima Awen
  • "Ser Draco is an exemplar of what a true knight is, and I forever will strive to catch up to him, but I am fairly sure that will never happen. His adherence to upholding good and being merciful is as much of a positive quality as it is a hindrance, though I wouldn't mind seeing him fight without it for once." - Leon Greymoon
  • "I am honored to call such a man my teacher. My heart echoes with the lessons he has taught me. I hope to make him proud to have taken me under his wing." - Izanami Stormcaller
  • "An honorable soul and sharp sword. He's calculated and yet not afraid to take risks... my type of man. The world needs those that aren't afraid to be seen as less than a hero, an air I don't get from other Temple Knights. I hope to fight him again, perhaps even drop a cake on his head." - Orenji Kharn
  • "I wish not to speak of him, yet let it be known that there is much more to him than meets the eye. Remain on guard in his presence for it is often our 'heroes' who fall the furthest."- Graeham Ridgefield
  • "I can't help but think he'd make a really great fudge. I've no idea why." - Brave Horizon
  • "Ser Nobis? ...No, I'm sorry. I'd rather not speak of him in polite company. Just know that you would do well to avoid him." - Eliane Dufresne
  • "He's a spook. People say good things about him. Hells, I don't really know him. I do know that Lady Green has a thing for'im and I still don't understand why." - Khuja'sae Fashonti

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Nameday: 20th Sun of the First Umbral Moon, 1542 (Age: 38)
Voice: Deep and authoritative, although carrying a kind undertone. If he speaks to you with a stern tone, however, it's probably best not to argue with him.
Theme Song: Indestructible - Disturbed
Template: Stolen from Liliana Nazareth, who stole it from someone else.




Draco was a knight to an Elezen house before the Calamity. Afterwards, he wandered Eorzea as a Mercenary Knight, in league with the Mercenary Guilds. From there, he joined the Phoenix Collective, a Free Company led by the twins Dirosei and Azreyal. He never quite fit in, so he still worked by himself when he could. He decided to leave one day, and returned to find the company gone. His old friend Jethas had started his own with another former member, the Order of the Ravenstar. Draco decided to stay with him for the time being, joining up to protect his friends once more. When he lost control of the Darkness within him, Draco fled and broke ties with the Ravenstar. When he returned, he reunited with Sophia and began voluntarily guarding her and her free company. He works to protect the Branded of Aeon, unknowingly sharing more with them than he realized.

Draco has begun helping the fragile House D'Monchette in Ishgard, despite what their heretical ex-Lord did. He knows the Ishgardian house was not associated with Louis D'Monchette, and will help them when asked.

OOC Information

-Draco is no longer on good terms with the Garlean Empire, and is employed in fighting against them again. -Draco openly uses his Darkness now that Oblivion has been defeated, employing his abilities to help protect people.