Chidori Akane

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 Chidori Akane
Akane - RPC.png
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Shirogane
Server Balmung
Nameday 31st Sun of the Third Astral Moon
Age 22
Guardian Llymlaen
Alias Red
Marital Status Single
Chidori Akane
The fifth child of her family, Akane had little to prove. Her older brothers handled the family's expectations, while she was mostly left to enjoy herself. As such, the Raen devoted her time to exploring and learning all she could of the world. Once she was old enough, she turned her attention to the discipleships of magic, choosing a life of patient study rather than hard labour.



  • Pina Colada
  • Healthy eating
  • Yoga


  • Rain
  • Snow
  • High winds


Foods: Chicken katsu
Drinks: Pina Colada
Colors: Red


  • Long walks on sandy beaches
  • Reading unwieldy tomes
  • Swordplay


Hair/Fur: Red with gold highlights.
Skin: Dark.
Eyes: Left blue, right amber.
Height: 56 ilms.
Weight: 91 ponz.
Measurements: 34-22-32.

An easy life has left its mark on the young Raen. Given her relative youth, there are no signs of lines on her forehead or at her eyes, no scars that mark her visage. Instead her flawless face is framed by slightly wavy hair, a deep red at the roots that slowly turned to a soft gold at the tips. Around her cheeks and on her brow, white scale patterns decorated her heart-shaped face, formed like jewellery set into place. These features helped draw attention to her large eyes, one an amber shade, the other a blue. Her lips were a little on the small side, although their lack of width didn't stop them from seeming full all the same.
The clothing that Akane wears seems designed to emphasise her figure, unless she's actually dressed for a fight. Anything she chooses to don almost always needs to have a button-up front, of which the buttons are either straining or simply not done up. This curvaceous woman seems to have no issues with people seeing her skin, and often seems to act as if it isn't an issue. To her, it likely isn't, and she's even willing to deliberately overlook anyone who might be staring. While the clothing might be open, it still needs to be form-fitting. If it might show off her chest, it should equally draw attention to her slender waist and her delicate hips, showing that she always dresses to impress.


  • Alignment

    Lawful Neutral
  • Motivation

    Whatever lies beyond the horizon
  • Disposition

  • Outlook

    Tomorrow's like today, but probably better
  • Positive personality traits

    Attractive, daring, humorous
  • Negative personality traits

    Airy, delicate, hedonistic


Born late in her family, Akane only had one sibling younger than herself. Her family did its best to avoid everything with the Garlean occupation of Othard, and as such Akane grew up with a relatively easy childhood. There was plenty of time for her to read and play with her younger brother, until eventually she grew old enough to want to explore more of the world. Unfortunately for her, the Au Ra was sick when the Doman refugees fled to Eorzea, so she didn't get her chance at first.
Despite this, a few years later she did get her chance. When the Raen arrived on Eorzea, she was a little out of her depth. It didn't take her much time to get swept up in an art that was returning, training in both blade and magic together. The redhead took much more towards the magical aspect, the sword mostly an afterthought. Passing the various trials was easy enough at first, although towards the final tests in her apprenticeship she struggled severely. It was only too good for her when she finally passed and could relax her training. Time without the intensive workout has let her figure soften a little, although she still does enough exercise to stop herself from growing fat.


Romantic Interest, Sexual Interest, Platonic Love, Good Standing, Neutral Standing, Poor Standing

Romantic Interest


Platonic Love


Good Standing


Neutral Standing


Poor Standing



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