Chloe Barrows

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Chloe Barrows

"Goddess of the people"

 Chloe Barrows
Let's give the bards something to sing about.
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age Unknown/Ageless
Sexuality Pansexual
Occupation Lone Wanderer
Guardian Althyk
Nameday 11th Sun of the Sixth Umbral Moon
Alignment Chaotic neutral
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Time of the Twelve: A point in history before history started. It is said gods and goddesses walked the realm at this time, including the Twelve themselves. Chloe may not be as grand as the Twelve, but her existence in this time brings mystery to her true nature.

1st Umbral Era: The Twelve leave the land to the new wandering tribes (Elezen, Lalafell, or Roegadyn), Chloe stays for no reason other than to see the potential for entertainment. Her influence was not seen, but lightly felt through the war of these tribes.

1st Astral Era to 3rd Umbral Era: Nothing of import occurred in Chloe's life. She maintained a safe distance to avoid being too influential in people's lives.

3rd Astral Era: The birth and rise of the Allagan Empire. Chloe's curiosity in such events could hardly be subdued, and she seems to have played many parts in this chapter of history. Most notably, she had a large part in the imprisonment of the elder primal Bahamut, though, it is unknown whether this was beneficial involvement or not.

4th Umbral Era: Possibly vital role in the fall of the Allagan Empire, Chloe's web of influence stretched far within the empire's cracks after all.

4th Astral, 5th Umbral Eras: Chloe's influence subsides, though now rumors of "The Outsider" spread, this being the nickname given to Chloe by common folk.

5th Astral Era: Chloe possibly spreads the teachings of magic in Eorzea to start this new era. For most of this era, she became a very well known pirate known only as the "Red Queen"

6th Umbral Era: The Great Flood destroys many parts of Eorzea. Chloe's pirate vessel is destroyed and rumors of the Red Queens death spread through the pirate community.

6th Astral Era: Many pieces of modern history take place here. Chloe, as always, had small but possibly important parts to play in all of this.

7th Umbral Era (Present day): Chloe was rumored to play crucial roles in aiding The Circle of Knowing before Bahamut's release, as well as assisting in the Battle of Cartaneau. Details are vague. Currently assisting people who entertain her.


I've survived lots of things, and I'll probably survive this


Chloe was, is, and always will be, a seeker of all things entertaining. Having lived a very long time, she had experienced many things and has seen many more, but is always on the lookout for more exciting experiences. She is hated by some, loved by many, and feared by a select few. Her personality is one of confidence, and her demeanor shows this. From the way she talks to the way she carries herself, she seems to, at the very least, appear confident in herself. To some, her confidence comes off as cockiness. She will often try to find the humor in things, and use that humor to ease tensions and settle people. Many see her as a carefree kid who can only make jokes, but she is quite capable of deep conversation, and is always willing to lend a helping hand to those she thinks deserve one.


Given Name: ???
Nicknames and Aliases: Chloe Barrows. Inori Shimizu, The Outsider, The Red Queen


Chloe's appearance is said to have changed throughout the years, and her true form is unknown even to herself. Though currently, she is a tall Au Ra Xaela in appearance. With crimson red hair most always tied in a ponytail, and golden-yellow eyes, with a fair complexion. She is always fashion forward, not usually seen in "unsightly' outfits, even her sleeping attire seems to have been picked out to look good.


Very casual, mostly using formal mannerisms such as "sir" or "ma'am" ironically and sarcastically.


Very positive and optimistic, almost too much so. Though that may just be a side effect of her boredom. Impulsive and adventurous.

Positive Personality Traits

Optimistic, charismatic, intelligent, funny, straight forward, adventurous,

Negative Personality Traits

Careless, tactless, impatient, inconsistent, over confident


Her skill with weapons of all types is impeccable, though she seems to favor the magicks.



Food. Mainly sweet foods, like cakes.
Entertaining people. People who can make her laugh.
Height differences. Roes and Highlanders are possibly her weakness.


Overly serious people
People who think their race is better than another race.


"Teleports" by moving quickly when people aren't paying attention to her
Likes to sing
Lazy when she can be






Common Rumors

  • "The Red Queen is said to have personally killed over a thousand men."
  • "The Outsider saved me family they did. Been hearin' bout the Outsider since I was a lil one."
  • "She passed through here, ate half my moon's supply of food. Didn't even pay."

Moderate Rumors

  • "Saw that red haired girl summon a sword outta nowhere and stab a man in his nethers to teach 'im a lesson."
  • "I read a book that said The Outsider summoned Bahamut. Is that true?"

Rare Rumors

  • "Chloe ruined my marriage and stole my wedding ring. Sold it for a pillow or something."
  • "Saw that red haired lizard bitch the other day. She cut my balls off, I'll never forget that demon."
  • "...She's good with her mouth. In a lot of ways. My wife doesn't like that. Don't tell her."

Player Character Rumors (Add anything you'd like, in character)

  • "Don'reckon ah'd givver time'a'day, 'cept... hm. Well, m'reas'nin 'smah own." - Coalesca Marenus, Commodore of the Last Chancers

OOC Information

Chloe will reveal enough if you get her talking, but only little details. I do my best to be mostly lore friendly.