Cicero Fortescue

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 Cicero Fortescue
Cicero ed01.png
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Gridanian Exile, Naturalized Ul'dahn
Age 24
Marital Status Semi-Poly-amorous
Occupation Conjurer and Licensed Physcician
Height/Weight 6'10/245lbs
Orientation Heterosexual

Basic Info




Religious Zealotry
Governmental Incompetence
Tax Law Loopholes for the Rich
Bland Food

Misc. Facts

Alignment: Neutral Good
Vice(s): None
Favorite Food: Medium-Rare Aldgoat Steak with Mashed Popotoes and Gravy
Favorite Drink: Coconut Water, Coconut Rum
Favorite Color: White

Appearance & Personality








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"He likes getting bent and broken by scary big women, but he is a healer so he just puts himself back together each and every time." ~ Z'beexu Vhoz
"He is wonderful man. I would not trade him for another. Healthy, kind, good looking. I will make sure he is safe, above all else, and happy-- as he does this for me." ~ Khojin Arulaq
"...Mm. He's a good man. Even if we do not see eye to eye, and disagree on much. I am very much in two minds regarding him. Still, he's made himself a boon to the company, as of the present situation. I shall stand with him, should he find himself in trouble. I only pray he continues to see sense..." ~ Bexy Amalaryssia


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Familial Love
Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing
Khojin Arulaq - Khojin is an interesting case, as far as people go. Cicero 'met' her while she was having an altercation with her cousin, Batugan. He defended the Au Ra woman, and went on his way. He met her again a few days later, and over time have seemed to have developed an inseparable bond. They have an agreement of sorts, which is only spoken of upon asked about, and remain protective to one another. Khojin fawns over the Elezen as though he is her everything, and for all anyone else knows, he may just be. While she may not be his, he knows he can count on her to be there for him, for even the most minuscule of woes, or concerns; they can bring each other comfort that another has yet to be able to achieve.
Styrnamerli Blanawyn - A beautiful Roegadyn that Cicero met through Khojin's drunken antics. While initially his usual, awkward self around her, Cicero slowly began to manage to speak with elegance around her in time. Finding himself attracted to her, but still able to hold a conversation, he sought some sort of comfort in her welcoming personality, and understanding of his social ineptitude. While clear that Star enjoys Cicero's company, unfortunately, her partner, Hana, does not seem so fond of Cicero doting on the woman from afar. Only time will tell how things will play out, and if Cicero will be able to keep his feelings under wraps in order to allow Styrnamerli to keep from feeling torn.
Z'beexu Vhoz - Cicero met Bee out of pure coincidence, while having some drinks in the Quicksand, back when Bee liked to pretend to be a boy. There was some initial friction, and a bit of professional separation, but the quirky Miqo'te decided to adopt Cicero as a Big Brother of sorts, and it stuck. However, upon recent events, Cicero can no longer continue to put his life on the line for her reckless behavior. While in his heart he will always wish to have a place for her, he has other responsibilities, and cannot guarantee safety of that, while picking up pieces left behind in Beexu's wake.
Eyriswys Swarwilfwyn - While Cicero still retains feelings for the loud, unrefined and decidedly inelegant Roegadyn, it was proven that their paths were not meant for romance. After a due separation proved they could not last through the trials of distance, their lives had changed too greatly to continue a relationship. One personality changed for another, and then the other way around, it was more than obvious that the moral of this relationship was that you should never change oneself for another person. Unfortunately, their last meeting was less than pleasant, and perhaps unkind. It is uncertain if it is salvageable.


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