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 Claire 'R'eiya' Hargrave
Gender F
Race Seeker of the Sun
Clan Raptor (Unknown to her)
Citizenship Ul'dah/Drybone
Nameday 7th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
Age 19
Orientation Bisexual
Guardian Nophica of course!
Alias None
Marital Status Single



  • Snacks!
  • Technology
  • Figuring things out/inventing/improving/modifying things beyond reasonable safety measures
  • Kan E Senna
  • SAFETY GOGGLES! (always referred to in capital letters)


  • Being made to feel stupid
  • Authority/restrictions
  • Not being married to Kan E Senna


Foods: Pastries
Drinks: Beer
Colors: Shiny... shiny is a color, right?


  • Building things
  • Tomb raiding (to scavenge and salvage parts)
  • Sending telepathetic thoughts towards Gridania to woo Kan E Senna (as of yet, these thoughts have not been responded to)


Hair/Fur: Black with purple highlight. Usually worn as two unbraided pigtails, sometimes worn in a ponytail
Skin: Pretty light for someone who spends so much time in Thanalan
Eyes: Purple!
Height: Five foot - awesome!
Weight: STARES
Build: Claire leads a healthy, active lifestyle, and is well toned because of it

Her face is often covered in dirt or grease, leaving a white ring around her eyes when she takes off her goggles. When she does remember to wash up, she likes to put on playful facepaint (whiskers, chocobo, heart)


  • Alignment

    Claire puts the chaos in chaotic good
  • Motivation

    Orphans! Claire is incredibly motivated to improve and enhance the technology available to Eorzea, to protect her borders from future tragedies.
The children of the orphanage she grew up in are everyday reminders of why she pushes herself so hard to create technology that will improve and make the world a safer place.
  • Disposition

    Claire is a cheerful, happy go lucky young woman.
  • Outlook

    "It's okay... I brought Safety Goggles."
  • Positive personality traits

    Driven, Friendly, Upbeat, Loyal, Big-hearted.
  • Negative personality traits

    Head in the Clouds too often, leading to her being unfocused, unaware of the dangers her eccentric experiments might cause. Quick temper (though also quick to cool) Hates feeling restrained, and so can often be at odds with authority figures. Willful, stubborn.
  • Miscellaneous quirks

    Where to start? She talks to herself and her inventions a lot; can have entire conversations with herself when others are trying to speak to her. Sometimes talk about others like they aren't there, when they are. She honestly believes everyone would have survived the Calamity if they had just been wearing safety goggles... (she can't honestly believe that, can she?) Pulls on her pigtails when worried/nervous/anxious. Thinks explosions are frickin awesome. Named her Chocobo 'Kabooom'. Has a.... mildly unhealthy? crush on Kan E Senna, after she saw her speak in Gridania once. Sometimes forgets to bathe. Will hand dynamite to random strangers just because her hands are full.


Claire grew up in an orphanage outside Drybone, run by Charles Hargrave, a midlander male who never had children of his own. She used to terrorize the nuns, doing things such as placing toads in their underwear drawers, and had a very Tom Sawyer-esque relationship with them; she was often never around, for fear she was about to get punished. She loved and respected them in her own little way... her acting out honestly just being cries for attention as she was 'different' and often at odds with the other kids.
Where they had one goal; be adopted, Claire hated the idea of being told what to do, and so grew older and older in the dusty halls of the church while everyone around her eventually moved away. Out of respect for her 'father' she took on the last name Hargrave, though was never formally adopted by him. As she entered her mid-teens, she went from 'odd outsider' to 'beloved rascal' by the littler kids, who saw her as a big Sis. She loved this dynamic; the happiest times of her life, but upon turning 18 was told she would have to move out to make room for other orphans coming in.
She spent a year taking on jobs fixing stuff, and saving gil, and has now saved just enough to try and make a start in adulthood, renting space in The Guiding Light, where she hopes to set up her own workshop.


Romantic Interest, Sexual Interest, Platonic Love, Good Standing, Neutral Standing, Poor Standing

Romantic Interest

Kan E Senna - Yea right!

Platonic Love

Charles Hargrave - Hyur man who ran the orphanage Claire grew up in.

Good Standing

Wyznwyta Seiksyn - I love this guy! He helps me test stuff. I wonder if he'd mind if I crawled up his back?
Kotori Toshi - She seems awfully attached to her ribbon. But she seems nice.

Neutral Standing

C'io Behkt - My new landlady! I hope I don't disappoint her... or at least, I hope she doesn't catch me doing something disappointing so I can try to make it look like someone else did it...
Rin Dakwill - Met her at a bar! She seemed pretty cool, even if she wouldn't serve me a drink.

Poor Standing

Koren Mhaen - She's so rude!
Sister Wendy - The one nun I just never seemed to get along with. Maybe it was the time I used her favorite textbooks like coloring books...


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