Coco Delouix

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Gridania-transparent.png Coco Delouix
The Shield of Eorzea
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Gridania
Nameday 21st of Fifth Astral, 1543 Sixth Astral Era

(21/5A/1543 6AE)

Guardian Menphina
Grand Company Twin Adders
Combat Training Paladin, Summoner
Disciples of the Hand All. Favours Leatherwork and Carpentry.
Disciples of the Land All. Favours botany.



Known to be skilled at her chosen diciplines, dedicated and determined. Usually the last one standing in a fight, but more often than not, she's the vanguard remaining after her charges have gotten safely away. The woman's protective nature transitions perfectly into her paladin's role.


At a distance, Coco doesn't really seem that different from most women of her race, but there are many subtle differences up close. With auburn tresses running long and silky down between her shoulder blades, her posture is nearly always straight and upward. You'll only ever see her slouch when very tired or stressed. Coco's eyes are glassy malachite green and her facial expressions often betray inner thoughts. One learned in watching people will clearly see anxiety in scowls, frustration in a delicately arched eyebrow or burgeoning impatience gently tugging at one side of her mouth.

Although she has a physically demanding role in Eorzea as a paladin, Coco lacks the ability to build heavy musculature like Roegadyn and Hyuran women. Rather, her limbs are corded and lithe, body shape being noticably bulkier than an average Elezen's. You'd be well-advised not to take this as a weakness, as she's a very capable fighter; graceful and long-lasting in the Ishgardian knights' style.


Aloof and oddly distant are what she appears on first impression. Her reaction upon walking into a room of strangers is to withdraw inside herself, finding a quiet corner away from prying eyes. Coco finds approaching new people difficult and tends to leave that to other, more sociable individuals around her. Her factual memory is excellent; often remembering a comment made days ago or a reference in a specific book. However, she has been known to lapse into sullen moods that no amount of rousing will fix.

People close to Coco know an entirely different woman; intelligent and verbose, knowledgable about a great many things, loyal, naturally defensive and always thoughtful. Sensual, even, and with a very guarded, richly cultivated imagination that would surprise most people and shock others. To the right person, she's passionate and loving, but most won't ever see that side openly on display. When provoked to raw fury, she finds it almost impossible to calm down. Anger transforms her into something darker, more irrational.


An Ishgardian-trained paladin, Coco's swordplay differs from the gladiator style commonly taught in Ul'dah. Unlike the Thanalan brawlers, pit fighters and supposedly-noble Sultansworn, physicality plays secondary to grace and fluidity; deflecting a blow not with brute force, but calculated momentum, angled movements and a keen awareness.


"Coco" isn't actually her full name. It's a shortened version chosen for brevity and to disguise some of her noble heritage.


Irritable when around large groups of people, especially if they're raucous and loud. Tends to keep problems to herself where they rot inside due to neglect.


  • Strong black coffee, sweetened with maple sugar.
  • Dragonkin and feathered cloudkin.
  • Thunder, the energising petrichor during a storm and rain in the evening.
  • Rose gold, ebony and topaz.


  • Arrogant, dishonest or self-absorbed people.
  • Mun Tuy beans in any form.
  • Cruelty and injustice.
  • Synthetic flowers, bright garish clothing, the Ul'dahn obsession with wealth.


  • Cooking, in particular baking, in which she loves to experiment with new flavours and spices.
  • Reading, studying, researching and exploring.
  • Fishing and foraging.
  • Taking care of her many pets, including chocobo Rhongo and a flock of smaller cloudkin.


  • "What is he waiting for? Fiends don't often kill themselves. Gods, his inaction is maddening."
  • "Being 'normal' is something of an ambiguity. That word's definitions number in the exact amount of people currently living on Hydaelyn."
  • "The Twelve won't save you in a swordfight. Nor will they grant divine protection when beastmen are burning down your hamlet. One needs must take charge of their own fate."
  • "Have you ever wondered what lies beyond our sky? If there are other worlds with other people, different and yet familiar."



Little is commonly known about her history at all, but it's said her parents are both Sharlayan scholars and currently residing back there.


Warren Castille and others.


Coco's enemies are well aware of who they are. She holds grudges for a very, very long time and never forgets past transgressions.


Common Rumors

  • "That Wildwood redhead? Oh, she usually keeps to herself. Not much of a socialite she ain't."
  • "I hear she has a house in The Lavender Beds, as well as her own restaurant."
  • "You'll see her taking a stroll by the river some nights, this far-off look in her eyes."

Moderate Rumors

  • "She's usually not far from that little dodo of hers. Funny if you think about it - the chef and a nice, plump walking roast dinner."
  • "A lady paladin is a rare and beautiful sight. I wonder if she's taken."
  • "The sword and shield she carries are peerless works of art. Until you're on the receiving end."

Rare Rumors

  • "A woman of two halves, aye. Cold as an avalanche, hotter than Ifrit's cauldron. Which is the bad side? Guess."
  • "If at any point you believe you know Ms. Delouix, you may wish to re-evaluate your certainty."
  • "I believe she only courts Hyuran men. Something about her own race being too ... delicate."

PC Rumors

  • "I know the woman you're speaking about. Don't think the Coliseum showed you everything you can learn with a sword and shield." Warren Castille