Cyneler Fenrir

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Cyneler H Fenrir
Cyneler Red mage.jpg
Ser Fenrir.
former Sultansworn, Student of the Red
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Place of Birth Ishgard
Guardian Halone
Nameday 2/28 (Age: Mid 20s )
Marital Status Single
Occupation Immortal Flames Solder/Red mage Student
Pronunciation Sina-ler
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Basic Info

a former sultansworn he had recently left the order to Serve the Knights of Eozea but sitll serves the Immortal Flames time to time. A quiet Guy most of the time he is moving place to place with the nomadic Knights while Studying Red magic.

"Quote" Cyneler Fenrir Reporting for Duty — Giving his introduction




Complexion: Fair Toned

Hair: Black


Particular Traits:

Voice: Johnny Yong Bosch

Clothing Style:

Laterality: Right Handed



  • Likes to Practice his sword skills
  • Raising his Chocobo


  • Missions
  • Adventure


  • Garlean Empire
  • injustice


  • Color: White
  • Food: Unknown
  • Drinks: Unknown
  • Scent: Unknown.
  • Place: Unknown.
  • Festival: Unknown.


  • To be a Hero.
  • To continue His fahters legacy as a Red mage


  • He is Spiritual


  • Good



  • has a Habit of Doing the flame salute
  • is a Big eater
  • Gets Nervous around Girls he Likes.
  • is a Bit Reluctant to Tanking enemies.


  • Can Get Angry Fast sometimes.


Nothing is known yet.


Nothing is known yet.



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TV Tropes

  • Big Eater
  • Red mage

Abilities and Skills


  • Knows Advance Gladiator Skills.


Sword and Shield


  • knows Average Thaumruge magic.
  • Knows Advance Conjurer Magic.
  • Knows Novice Red magic


Family and Relationships


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Vyse Sevish (Deceased) - Adopted father.


Coatleque Crofte- they have a good Relationship

Kupnut - Cyneler Saved him as a Child from a Monster and they been best friends ever since.

Jenlyns Straightblade - is Cyneler's Current Mentor when he Joined the Sultansworn.


Romy Leonhardt- Ignores him for some reason but it Doesn't Bother him.



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Name and Lifestyle

Name Etimology


None yet.

Current Residence

The Hourglass Inn

Before Dalamud's Fall

Birth and childhood (0-10)

He was Left on a Doorstep as Baby at the Orphanage with note Saying his name and Nameday only. Growing Up He idolized Heroes in the story's Growing up like the Tale of Cecil Harvey. At age 8 Cyneler Saved a Moogle from a monster by taking the Hit himself this Scratched his Face a little he was then Saved by a Gladiator Called Vyse He saw Potential in the Boy so he decided to Adopt Him as his apprentice.

Teen Years

The Training he Received was Brutal like Attacking the training Dummy a thousand times or Run laps around little ala mhigo 20 times. However he did watch his Fathers Matches in the Colosseum and was inspired to keep Traning.

After Dalamud's Fall


A Realm Reborn (Present, 23)

Other Notes

Wanted for Interesting Roleplay