Coatleque Crofte

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Coatleque Crofte
Coatleque Crofte 3.jpg
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ul'Dah
Age Early to mid 20's
Marital Status Single
Occupation Paladin & Sultansworn
Height/Weight 5 fulms, 6 ilms / 150 ponz
Nicknames "CC", Lady Crofte

Coatleque Crofte (pronounced cottl-ee-kay) is, by her knowledge, the only remaining survivor of her fishing village from the north. Her life has been hard since the Calamity, but she is slowly working to piece it back together and raise her station in the city of coin.

She tries to appear and act like a proper lady at all times. Often found in and around Ul'dah as she is unable to stray very far due to her duties as a Sultansworn, she is a chronic workaholic and will almost always be found in uniform. She considers this to be her only proof of station within the city and takes her position very seriously.

While most of the people of Thanalan can easily see her in the role of a knight, to any true noble it would be blatantly clear that she is not of their blood. While on duty she acts with the utmost respect and exudes the authoritative presence one would expect of a paladin. When off-duty, she will always be dressed well with her hair made up, often with a hat of some sort. Her nights are spent quietly observing the myriad adventurers that pass through the city on the off chance she may hear rumors related to whatever investigations she has pending.

She had been shy in her past as the responsibility of the Gallantry was first laid upon her, but since then she has grown into the position. She is not one to begin a conversation, but she can certainly end one if it is called for. Her speech is slow and practiced unless something has upset or distracted her. In these moments her Ala'Mhigan origins will show through.

Rumors of her 'sordid affair' with the Monetarist Jameson Taeros had permeated the city at one point, until the gates of Ishgard were opened. Jameson disappeared soon afterwords and his house was forclosed upon. Coatleque was reassigned to a remote location by the Sultansworn, described as being "on a mission of national importance". She has not been seen in Thanalan since.

The name Taeros has come back into light, however, when news of his engagement to Lady Eglantine of Vylbrand was made public. Some time after this it became rumored that a woman bearing Coatleque's likeness was seen washing dishes in Gridania.

Coatleque Crofte 4.jpg

Coatleque did not have any formal education when she arrived in Ul'dah. Being the daughter of a fisherman, she knew how to cook, clean, and gut fish. She spoke with a heavy Ala'Mhighan accent and poorly at that. She was forced to learn quickly how to act and address the nobility, due to circumstances, or else she would not have survived long.

As of now she is able to read, write, and can speak slowly and eloquently as long as she is focused on her speech. She has basic knowledge of a myriad of useless skills which she had to learn, the more important of those being slight of hand and picking simple locks. Anything more than those of typical shackles would be beyond her skill.

The majority of her formal learning is that of swordplay from her training in the Sultansworn Order. While she was certainly not the best of her class, she did excel quickly at it and earned a few nicknames due to her two-handed fighting style that tended to leave her practice mates with sprained wrists.

Crofte ByEdda.jpg

A firm believer in the Twelve, Coatleque relies on them for strength and guidance. She sees the work of their hands in all things around her and is baffled by how blind some people can be in their lack of faith. She is not one to push her beliefs on others even as she makes mention of the Twelve frequently through conversations.

In her past, Llymlaen was the patron of her village, being settled on the shores of Gyr'Abania. Some of her people did adopt Rhalgr as most of Ala'Mhigo would. It was through the faith of her friend Sapphire that she began to trust more in Menphina after she was brought to Ul'dah.

Seeing relationship after relationship either fall apart or end with another dead lover, combined with the loss of her close friend Natalie in the Order, she has taken Rhalgr as her patron. Recent events in her life have made her come to realize she cannot maintain a neutral ground where politics and justice collide. Through the blessings of Rhalgr she would hope to bring about the destruction of the plots of evil men against her new home.

Coatleque is also closely tied to Nymeia, goddess of fate, whom she believes will place portents of things to come in the dreams of those whom are destined to change them.

Crofte combat.jpg

Coatleque has no martial prowess other than that of the sword, her skill thereof being every bit of that which one would expect from the Sultana's Elite guard - though she is no grandmaster. Her style is one of mobility and brute force. She focuses on dodging attacks while exploiting openings in defense, and therefore will not favor a shield in combat. It is rumored that a full on hit from her blade when wielded with two hands is enough to split a wooden shield, or shatter the victim's arm if it is metal. All pure speculation of course, but few would be foolhardy enough to test such.

It is just as well that she has no love of combat and views all life as sacred. She very rarely spars with any live opponents, preferring the safety of a training dummy. If drawn into actual combat, she strikes only to disarm and subdue. If she ever lashes out to kill it would be out of fear for the lives of those in her care, or for her own safety.

Her personal arsenal has been collected over time from various jobs, missions, gifts, and commissions. The most recent addition being the large gilded sword she now carries often which was gifted to her by her paramour Jameson Taeros. She carries it more as a sentimental item while on duty - it has yet to see actual use, though it is a fully-forged and sharpened blade. Other blades she has kept are a long iron spatha when she needs concealment, a standard issue Brass Blade scimitar, a ceremonial cobalt winglet, and her own commissioned blue-steel winglet which was formerly her primary weapon. The last blade she eventually bestowed to Hroch Greyarm in repayment of a personal debt of blood. She has not seen the man since.

Cc hs croft.png

Coatleque no longer appears to have any aetheric affinities. Whatever conjuration she knew before can no longer be recalled. Nor can she remember the various barriers and shields she had cast as a Paladin. Whenever she attempts to do so, something she cannot describe prevents her. It is as if there is another will striving against her concentration.

Crofte pinkdress.jpg

There was a time when Coatleque was dead-set against speaking of her own background and life before joining the Sultansworn. Even today she is hesitant to share any details with those she does not know. In her line of work, however, she has found there are times when it helps to share certain details to prove she is no better than the criminals she is forced to deal with. People tend to open up slightly when they see each other on common ground.

Birth and Early Life:

Coatleque is from a remote fishing village at the Southern tip of Ala'Mhigo, the beaches of Gyr'Abania. Born Florence Fishbane in the year 1557 of the Sixth Astral Era just after the fall of Ala Mhigo, this makes her Garlean by birth alone if not for location. Built on the coast and of little importance, the village eked out a meagre existence far from the city-state itself. She was a typical country girl, the daughter of a fisherman with no special skills or talents. She spent her youth helping her mother cooking, cleaning, and gutting fish for her father. To this day she cannot bear the taste of seafood. When she came of age, her parents began the process of arranging her to be bonded to the miller's son. A quiet life she was honestly looking forward to.

When Dalamund came raining down, a rather large chunk of it fell to the ocean just off the coast of the villiage itself. The resulting tidal wave destroyed the village and swept away a majority of its inhabitants. Those who survived had fled to the old military outpost built into the cliffs just above the shore. Not even a week later, still in mourning, brigands from the mountains came looking to make quick coin off the salvage from the wreckage. Florence watched in horror as her fiancée was killed and cried out which gave away their position. What villagers were left were captured or killed as they tried to flee. She has never forgiven herself for this, which she considers the single greatest mistake of her life.

Captivity in Ul'dah:

They were carted off in rags and taken by cover of night to Ul'dah first. The leader of the brigands, Cadmus, was an experienced slaver who knew he could exploit the women and especially Florence for a certain quality she had. She was sold to Dace Korlon, proprietor of the Red Sands - an expensive brothel in one of the less frequented parts of Pearl Lane. There she remained for three long years of forced service as a high-class whore.

She would not have survived her ordeal if not for the kindness of another slave girl, a Miqo'te Seeker called Sapphire due to her deep purple eyes. Sapphire was the longest surviving slave girl at the time and had the Master's favor, being in charge of the other slave girls. She took pity on Florence and often came to her room at night to talk and teach her how to survive. It was Sapphire who gave her the name Coatleque because of her exotic red hair. The purpose being that Florence could pin all the wicked things she had been forced to do on Coatleque, then leave the name behind if the Twelve ever granted her freedom again.

It was Sapphire who taught Coatleque how to read and write, how to speak properly like a lady. How to dress, wear make-up and to look the part. Their clients demanded such from their higher-class girls after all. Sapphire also taught her how to perform simple dances, how to pick locks so they could walk freely at night, and simple tricks of slight-of-hand. The Master expected them to ply their trade to the fullest extent possible, after all, and many a nobleman left with their pockets much lighter than intended.

It was near the end of her imprisonment that Sapphire came to her one night looking very distraught. It seemed she had stolen something from a very influential client. Something she should not have. Despite the Master's insistence that she did well, she feared for her own life and new it was time to leave. Having swiped a key from Dace's room and bribed the guard for the night, she intended to leave and return to her tribe. It was then that she told Coatleque her real name, F'lierre, and the two knew they may never see each other again.

Not one moon after their emotional departure, the Brass Blades descended upon the Red Sands in a false-front raid to 'end slave trafficking'. What Coatleque later found was that F'lierre had stolen a forged signet ring of the house of Ul and the Syndicate was none too happy at its loss. The Blades ransacked the building, set it ablaze, and killed anyone who got in their way. Among the confusion, Coatleque managed to help as many girls as she could escape through the sewers. The next morning many of them saw their first sunrise in years once more as free women.

Answers in the Shroud:

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Return to Ul'dah:

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Meaning in Service:

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An exhaustive, ALPHABETICAL, list of people that Coatleque knows, how, why, and her reaction to them. If your name is not on this list, it is because I either forgot or have not role-played long enough to form a sufficient opinion yet.

Aaros Anduron "In his eyes, I see the potential future of the Order."
Aaros is the youngest son of house Anduron, and perhaps the most idealistic as a result. While his family sees his desire to join the ranks of the Sultansworn as an opportunity for political maneuvering, Aaros takes his decision with the utmost sincerity. Coatleque has seen his kind of idealism before in other young candidates and can only hope he has the will to maintain it where so many others did not.
Alabrous Tane "Don't know what I ever saw in him, or why I still think of him."
A thoroughly despicable man and a shadow of Coatleque's past. Their relationship began while she was enslaved by an Ul'dahn pillowhouse. He came around just long enough for her to start to care about him then suddenly disappeared. Coatleque was forced to deal with him again during one of her investigations. She later discovered he was working for Jameson Taeros. Tane was killed by Jaxon Hawk right in front of Coatleque one night at the Quicksand while they were sharing a drink.
Anden Anduron "If such a man as he can find redemption, I believe anyone can."
Anden is the bastard son of House Anduron, and his behavior has been fitting for such. A cruel, sadistic man who delighted in inflicting misery, he was described as the perfect dog by Jameson Taeros. As such, the man was elevated to an officership in the Brass Blades for a time.

After the murder of Alabrous Tane, Anden sought to take Jaxon Hawk from Coatleque's imprisonment. Even though he had legal grounds for the transfer, Coatleque fought against him when she saw the fear in Jaxon's eyes. Knowing Anden's reputation, and hearing Aaros's pleas, she kept the woman away from him until Tane's murder trial.

At the trial it was revealed that Anden may have abused Jaxon both persoanlly, and with others. Anden fled the trial and murdured Jaxon's friend in the process. He was later taken into custody by the Brass Blades, and Coatleque took Jaxon and Aaros away to hide for their own protection.

Anden was later released under Jameson's orders and quietly sent northward where he disappeared. Weeks after, Coatleque managed to find him when she decided to follow-up on a warning against doing so. She found the man had since turned from his previous path to take up Halone's mantle in his own search for attonement. Chosing to respect his wishes, and allow him to continue his servitude, she has told no one back in Ul'dah of his whereabouts. For all intents, the man is now dead.

It remains to be seen whether or not she made the right choice in sparing him.

Anelia Sadowyn, Ser "Zealot does not even begin to describe her."
The Azure Falcon of Carteneau Plains, Anelia's history with the Sultansworn was tumultuous at best. Her overzealous pursuit of Monetarist corruption has clashed with the goals of the Order on more than one occasion. Coatleque eventually had to confront her over this and Anelia left the Order soon afterwords to pursue her own goals as a Free Paladin. Since then, the woman has only become more relentless and is prone to overstep her authority to cleanse any perceived corruption even to the point of hunting after Coatleque herself.
Askier Mergrey "He'll keep his nose clean, if he knows what's good for him."
An explosives expert and former Garlean operative in Thanalan, Coatleque knows only as much of his past as is revealed by official briefings. She knows he began to turn over a new leaf at some point but suffered a severely traumatic experience when held captive with Roen Deneith. The man was presumed dead around the time of Ishgard's rejoining the alliance. The paladin has seen no reason, personal or otherwise, to contest this claim.
Aya Foxheart "I miss her effervescence."
The always lovely bar maid of the Quicksand. The nights she is working just seem to pass too quickly. Her constant kindness towards the Coatleque has caused her to take pause on occasion. She considers her a friend now, more than an acquaintance, and would try to keep her at length from the troubles of the city. The words Aya has offered as well as the quiet tea times they share have allowed Coatleque to relax on occasion and take stock of what is truly important to her.

It has been some time since the two have seen each other as Coatleque is away from the city on orders.

Brynnalia Callae "Why her? How is she trusted over me?"
A raven-haired former member of the Ala'Mhigan resistance. Coatleque met Miss Callae through Jameson Taeros by which she is employed. They deal with each other as needed though often with opposing goals. Brynnalia seems to be motivated only by money in Coatleque's eyes. This is blessing and a curse as Coatleque knows the woman can probably be bought, but perhaps by the wrong person. They fell out of contact soon after Jameson's disappearance.

Brynnalia eventually contacted Coatleque again after Jameson's re-emergence. The news that she was once again working with Coatleque's 'former' love did not go over very well.

Delial Grimsong "First the coeurl lost its claws, and now its fangs."
The Kinslayer, bane of the Ala Mhigan resistance. Coatleque knows almost nothing about this woman personally. Their paths often cross at the hands of others, and typically only when dirty deeds need doing. From what dealings they have had, she is none too impressed with Delial. Anyone with as much bad blood in their history as her is not someone Coatleque is willing to trust so readily. She has gone so far as to deliver the woman into the hands of former resistance members to give them the chance at delivering whatever justice is deserved.

Delial escaped that setup with her life and the two women have made a tentative truce. Neither one fully trusts the other, but they at least recognize that they are not their true enemies.

Edda Eglantine "We do not share the same penchant for ripping out one's heart and eating it before them."
To Coatleque, Lady Eglantine is the only sign of nobility outside of Ul'dah she has had direct contact with. Refined, elegant, the picture of everything Coatleque wanted to be. Until she personally revealed that she was betrothed to the man Coatleque loved. Her cold and emotionless expression through the entire ordeal has made Crofte begin to reconsider her own desires out of life, since she is obviously too passionate to play the same political games.

Since that night, Coatleque has tried to remain professional in Edda's sight. She is still part of a wealthy La Noscean house, and Crofte is still a Sultansworn. She wrote her to warn of pending threats to her life now that Edda is tied to Jameson. Beyond such diplomacy, Coatleque has no further desire to speak with her.

Evangeline Primrose "Somewhere inside that soft, bleeding heart of hers beats the cold, iron heart of a warrior."
Dravanian heretic, Ishgardian exile, and self-proclaimed revolutionary. Evangeline has been a thorn in Coatleque's side since she arrived in Ul'dah. Their relationship has been a string of heated debates separated by shite flinging (quite literally once time). In the end, Coatleque's even-temper seems to have won out as Evangeline's strategy has mellowed some. They have even come so far as to be civil in one anothers' company.

In exchange for her cooperation with a recent investigation, Coatleque has agreed to help train Evangeline in the art of the sword. Something her previous mentor, Gharen Wolfsong, was doing before his untimely disappeareance.

Franz "It has been so long, I barely remember him."
An apparently Ishgardian mercenary who Coatleque first met when she separated his fist from Natalie Mcbeef's face in the Quicksand. She knows next to nothing of the man personally, but after recent events he seems to be much more docile, even civilized. They have occasionally traded words in the Quicksand but have seen little of each other lately.
Gharen Wolfsong "I wonder... if his chest is as hard as his face was..."
Free Paladin, and member of the Ala'Mhigan resistance. Coatleque met him first through his sister Roen. A rather private person, in her estimation, their paths do not cross often. She is happy to work with him whenever they do, however. He disappeared rather abruptly after Lazarov's threat to Ul'dah had been dealt with but Coatelque is sure the man can handle himself where ever he has gone.
Gideon North "Perhaps one day he may give me the honor of calling him a friend."
Jameson's now former valet and butler. Coatleque had the displeasure of reinforcing Jameson's dismissal of the man after recent events. Perhaps not so much a friend, she sees him for what he is and can appreciate him as she is a servant herself. In all her dealings with Taeros, Gideon has unwittingly served as a voice on the side who helped to keep her grounded in who she is as the world crumbled around her.

She lost touch with Mister North after Jameson's disappearance. Brynnalia Callae recently let slip that the man was working in or around his employ once more, but Coatleque has yet to confirm such a rumor.

Jameson Taeros "I am not sure which of his lies to believe. Those he spoke before, or these he speaks now."
Jameson Taeros was at one time a wealthy upstart on the Ul'dahn scene, aligned with Monetarist interests. He is a wildly driven man who is not above stooping to underhanded ways of accomplishing his goals. Yet he is shrewed, intelligent, and always careful that none of his dealings can be traced back to himself.

Coatleque met Jameson through her friend Natalie. Both served the Sultansworn at the time. Natalie was the one who dealt with Jameson's schemes while Coatleque was content to simply follow her orders and assist as necessary to get the job done. Whith Natalie's death, it fell to Coatleque to take up the other role as well. With new purpose, she resolved to take more action befitting her position in the Order rather than being content to sit on the side.

She decided to get closer to the man to spy on him, both for her own interests and for her friend Roen, whom believed he had ties to a woman who was hunting her. She could not keep her emotions separate from her job, however, and Coatleque became enamored with the man as she learned more about him. Over the course of months they grew unexpectedly closer, and he began to trust her with more details of his past. When the time came that she could have taken what she needed and left, she found that she could not betray him.

Coatleque stood with Jameson against the pirate Nero Lazarov. While she always maintained this was done out of duty, her heart would have said otherwise. All plans changed, however, when Osric Melkire led an assult on Jameson's personal estate meaning to kill him. Coatleque stood by her love's side and drew steel against some of her closest friends only to watch in horror as Jameson was shot twice by Melkire. The man disappeared that night with no trace but his last word, 'Banurein.'

The next weeks were spent tracking down any lead she could find as to where Jameson would have gone. His trail led her to Gridania, then Coerthas where she learned he was seen flying to Vylbrand. After arriving back to the islands it was revealed that he was bethrothed to Lady Edda Eglantine. The shock of such betrayal of trust drove her back into Coerthas where she aimed to carry out her official orders so she could return to Ul'dah and continue her own life.

Coatleque has only spoken to Jameson one time since then. While it is clear they still love each other, she is unwilling to challenge his plans or tempt a scandal by interfereing with his betrothal. So she sits in Coerthas, and waits.

Jancis Milburga "My dearest friend, and as close to any family as I have left."
Coatleque met Jancis in Gridania just after the Knight had left Ul'dah to take up Conjuration. She was at first a fellow student, though already more advanced, and later became a close friend. Coatleque trusted her and eventually they became like sisters. While Coatleque is busy with her duties in Thanalan, Jancis continues to roam Eorzea freely
Jaxon Hawk "I know both her fears and her pains. She may never realize this."
Jaxon Hawk is the young woman who murdered Alabrous Tane inside the Quicksand at the table across from Coatleque. Her reasoning at the time was unknown. Later it was revealed that Tane had set the woman up to meet Anden Anduron as a client. Anden's treatment of her was deplorable, and she sought revenge.

Jaxon's murder trial was halted after Anden was revealed to also be a murderer. Coatleque took her and Aaros Anduron away for protection until Anden was captured. She learned that Aaros and Jaxon were also in love at the time, a prospect the family would not take kindly to.

She has not seen either of them since then, and is not likely to for some time since her assignment to Coerthas.

Kage Kiryuu, Ser "Much more docile than I remember him..."
Kage was one of the Sultansworn who were under suspension pending an investigation into charges levied after the Nanawa mine incident. He was instrumental in tracking down The Rose and obtaining a redacted statement of Roen's spy allegations. Kage has since left the Order to pursue his own goals. She sometimes sees him in the Quicksand, though they rarely trade words.

More recently, Coatleque saw Kage in Ishgard with Delial Grimsong. How the two came to be travelling together she cannot guess, but knowing the history of each it most likely has something to do with Roen.

Kahleed Aideron "We fight for the same side. Our similarities end there."
An Immortal Flame, turned Blade, turned Bloodsworn. Kale has been a rather blunt voice of the Monetarist persuasion in Ul'dah. He and Coatleque share a number of views on how to go about protecting their city, however their opinions differ greatly on the execution of such views.
Kahn'a Ohditra "I envy the man now, stuck in all that warmth while I freeze in Coerthas."
An Immortal Flame whom Coatleque has worked with on occasion, most recently when a Garlean terrorist attempted to poison the city state of Ul'dah and assassinate the Sultana. She knows little of the man's personal life, but has great respect for him professionally and will trust his judgement.
Koporo Aporo, Ser "So much potential wasted."
A Sultansworn in training. Impatient and short-fused. His anger seems to speak before his better judgement when conflict begins to escalate around him. Coatleque has tried lending her hand to his mentoring to try and guide Ser Aporo down a more diplomatic path.

Koporo later left the Order over frustrations of feeling powerless and the unwillingness of Coatleque to help him in a personal endeavor.

Leanne, of the Fancy Hat "If only more could retain the same sense of wonder in the world."
A young Miqo'te adventurer not from Ul'dah. She seems to wander the length and breadth of Eorzea and pops-up unexpectedly from time to time. Coatleque first saw her at the Grindstone where she was the first competitor to ever enter (and win) with a bow. Since the woman moved on from The Coral Sea to pursue her own path they have not seen much of each other.
Natalie Mcbeef, Ser "She died because of me. Because of my own selfish ... preoccupations."
Never before was there a more perfect example of comedic tragedy such as Natalie Mcbeef. The Miqo'te was a walking disaster with a good heart who Nymeia conspired against almost daily. While the two of them had begun their relationship in bitter conflict, over the course of their work they had grown to respect each other for the roles they each played in the security of the city-state. Natalie was eventually killed in action during a botched raid on La Noscean soil.
Nero Lazarov "Would that his energies were invested in someone else, he may have become a great man."
A gentleman of fortune from Limsa Lominsa that Coatleque met through her friend Roen Deneith. The man had orchestrated an elaborate plan to summarily destroy then rebuild Ul'dah in his own image of perfection. His plans were ultimately foiled while he himself fled.

Coatleque is not aware of his current fate, and believes that Roen may have allowed him to flee to Othard to escape justice.

Oscare Iono, Captain "And oddly quiet man in an oddly flamboyant uniform."
A dark and brooding Highlander and expert with the bow. Coatleque knows little of this man, but sees him around quite often. He takes strong offense to the properness of her speech, becoming quite irate whenever she refers to him as Master, or almost any other title. Coatleque knows he serves the Maelstrom as Captain and that he seems to fancy her friend Jancis. Though her own lack of free time does not afford much opportunity for meddling.
Osric Melkire, Cheif Sergeant "If he comes after him again, he will walk away missing more than an arm. If he walks at all."
Chief Flame Sergeant of the Immortal Flames. Coatleque traded her assistance to him for information in another investigation. Since then, Ser Melkire has been held under duress by a madman. He was complicit to multiple attacks against Ul'dah. While Coatleque understands the man's reasoning, she cannot condone his actions. For her part, she will let the Immortal Flames handle justice of their own. More recently he once again bared his assassin's blade and struck out against Jameson Taeros. Coatleque stood against him during that bloody affair and may never be able to forgive him the harm that was caused all in the name of 'what if'.

Once Jameson was revealed to be alive and well, Coatleque tracked down Melkire in his jail cell where he was awaiting court martial. She spoke very briefly with him to try and determine his current intentions towards the man. She did not attend the trial for personal reasons and has not seen Melkire since then.

Otto Vann "I've yet to meet his match. In business OR fashion sense."
A wealthy merchant and clothing designer who has made himself a name in Ul'dah. He seems to respect the Knight and always stops to greet her when they pass. She helped him resolve an issue regarding some stolen pants, and in return he made her an exquisite white dress which she wears now whenever possible. Regardless of how others see his doting upon her at times, she considers the eccentric artisan to be a friend.
R'elend Tia "He always seems to have trouble with his rigging. T'is a wonder he can set sail at all."
A Brass Blade who was recently transferred to the city from another tour. Coatleque has only recently met him, and has not had time to form any sort of opinion yet.
Roen Deneith, Ser "She was right. I was wrong. I would admit this to her every day if it could erase what was done."
One of three Sultansworn whom Coatleque helped to exonerate. During Roen's imprisonment, Coatleque was her personal gaoler and attended her every morning and evening. Through their chats at night a friendship eventually bloomed. Later, Coatleque encouraged her friend to pursue a relationship with Nero Lazarov before either of them knew what the man was planning. To her regret, she eventually had to apprehend Roen once again in an attempt to draw the pirate out of hiding. Roen may never fully forgive her for this breach of trust, and Coatleque will always bear that scar on her conscience, but she maintains to this day that it was necessary to preserve the peace.

Since then, they have spoken only once under the watchful gaze of Halone's statue. Coatleque does not believe Roen wishes to see her again, and has no intention of pressing the issue.

Shaelen Stormchild "I often wonder... if the fates had been different, would I have been like her?"
Smuggler and Ala Mhigan resistance member. Coatleque first met this woman while working to prove Roen's innocence of her false charges of spying. From there they have had limited interaction as the woman is rather aloof and nervous of being near law enforcement. Recently Coatleque has struck a deal with her to deliver Delial Grimsong into her hands in the exchange for information on where to find Nero Lazarov. An opportunity that seems to have been wasted.
Sharla Blackheart, Ser "She understands what it means to swear an oath. More than can be said of most paladins."
A veteran Paladin of the Order. Shas left the city under favorable terms a few years ago. She has since returned to Ul'dah and the Order and has been a tremendous help to Coatleque at reigning in all of the younger initiates. Shas tends to be more blunt than Crofte but she still keeps a rather level head. Since the opening of Ishgard's doors, the two have had need to travel to Coerthas for separate and personal reasons. Coatleque made sure they both had official orders as a cover to explain their time away from Ul'dah.
'Shooey' "Careful. Once you get him started, the man never stops talking."
Sei Castille "She and Lady Eglantine may get along swimmingly now."
A Miqo'te woman whom was previously set to wed Ser Warren Castille. For unknown reasons, the two had parted long ago. Coatleque helped Warren search Coerthas for her when she disappeared suddenly. Since then she has come back into Warren's life and the two have been competing for his affections. Warren chose his former love in the end. Coatleque does not trust her intentions and believes she will only hurt Warren again.
Septima Vitae "As a priestess of Menphina, she takes her duties quite... literally."
Spahro Llorn "Despite all rumors to the contrary, Miss Llorn is in fact a person."
The scathingly angry reporter for the Tonberry's Lantern paper that is circulated across Eorzea. Miss Llorn never shies away from speaking her mind in and out of the papers. She has blasted both Jameson, and Crofte alike. For these reasons Coatleque avoids talking in her presence as much as possible. Still, there are occasions where the girl can sometimes come across as being almost friendly.
Tash Hollbrook "Perhaps the loosest of canons I have ever met. With the strongest of left hooks."
Vandol Morn "What in the Twelve hells is a 'chicken wing'?"
Verad Bellveil "The most honest man in Ul'dah that I know."
One of the few honest merchants in Ul'dah. The man excels at selling low quality merchandise at overly affordable prices. In fact, most of his goods he practically gives away. Coatleque has yet to buy anything from him, but still keeps the 'plot device' he gave her just in case she has need for instant smoke in the middle of the desert. Having read his personal memoirs, she has a certain insight to the man that others may not have.
Warren Castille, Ser "Next time our blades cross, it will be HE who loses a hand."
Often found in the Quicksand in past times. They were quickly drawn to each other and shared an intimate, though brief relationship. It ended when he left her to once again pursue his former love who had left him before. Coatleque has never quite gotten over his reasons, but understands them to the best of her abilities. The air around them has been tense since then, as former lovers tend to be.

(Please feel free to leave whatever IC rumors, true or not, that you want)

PC Rumors

Alexei Volkov:
"The knight? Capable arm, dependable. Seems to be drawing much attention quickly. Good. Let her draw attention, vill continue to vork from shadows."

Askier Mergrey:
"She doesn't approve of my explosives. Well I don't approve of her not approving my explosives!"

Aya Foxheart:

  • "She likes to keep an eye on the Quick Sand, and make sure that no one gets up to any trouble. She's the kind of Sultansworn that they're supposed to be. I trust her."
  • "I'm not sure I've ever met anyone who so deserved things to go right for her - its such a shame that they never seem to. I'd do whatever I could for her, I'm lucky to call her a friend!"
  • "Ser Crofte never seems to stop. I know she'll always do what's right, but sometimes it seems like she embraces the struggle too readily - she mustn't lose sight of what she's trying to protect. She needs to take time to stop and look around her, and remember the world in which she lives."
  • "I fear Ser Crofte must find the strength to hold the pillars of Ul'dah; alone, if she must."
  • "It has been so long since I have seen her." She sighs wistfully, "She would be a most welcome sight."
  • Rare Rumor "I know she found herself really wound up in something she shouldn't have. Sometimes I worry that is why I have not seen her..."
  • "No... I really don't know what has become of her. But its not the same city without her..."

Berrod Armstrong:
"Well she ain't a sellout, I'll tell ya that. I done cat-called her on the street once. Was a real bastard 'bout it. Up ta now she ain't told nobody, and I even got a chance ta tell 'er sorry."

Cyneler Fenrir:
"She was my guide to the Sultansworn."

Delial Grimsong:
"I have said some unkind things of her, certainly. Imagine my surprise when the solution turned out to be wine!"

Edda Eglantine:
"She seems so sorrowful as of late, a far cry from the stoic woman I had initially taken her for. Perhaps I understand why, and yet…"

Evangeline Primrose:
"I used to think Lady Crofte was an Evil Bitch. Turns out she is just a bitch, and not bad as bitches go."

Fio Arasgain:
"One of the few who haven't been corrupted by gil in this cesspool of a city. I can only admire her sense of duty. However, would it kill her to take a day or two off?"

Franz Renatus:

  • "I kept seeing her in the Quicksand after that one fight I had, but never talked to her. After that event, we've been talking more. She's more interesting than she lets on."
  • "Have you seen her drink before? That girl with a steel will who is the symbol of being fair and just hides something else. I'd like to see it one day."

Gharen Wolfsong:
"She strikes me as an honorable woman, th' type te ne'er go against her word. I hope she's as incorruptible as th' mask she chooses fer everyone te see might indicate, lest th' pit o' vipers tha' is Ul'dah get th' better o' her."

Gideon North:
"I had at first presumed her to be a woman bound by duty, and of rigid adherence to code. It would be more accurate, I believe, to say that Miss Crofte will hesitate at... very little... to achieve her own ends. One might, however, see that as more respectable than the former."

Jana Ridah:
"I wish she could see the yoke lifted off her shoulders for what it was, but I am of no station fit to tell her so myself."

Jancis Milburga:

  • "So many ask me about her. Wish to know her. I shall tell her you asked!"
  • "She has gone through a lot in the past Turn. So many lost memories. I am so happy to have her back."
  • Rarer Rumor "Cici is the one who made me understand what family and life mean."

Kage Kiryuu:

  • "Ser Crofte is missing as well? This is ridiculous..."
  • Rarer Rumor "I can't believe she slept with him."

Kahn'a Ohditra:

  • "I've treated with her as a Sultansworn. Beyond the uniform? Never."

Kale Aideron:
"Does she bloody smile? I ploughin' bet you I work 'arder than 'er, 'nd even -I- can kick back 'nd relax, least once a seven-day. But yea', fine, I like 'er. Knows what the fuck needs to be done, unlike the latest batch of pansy paladins 'trained' by Captain Jenlyns..."

Kiht Jakkya:
"Crofte? I still hardly know her, but we recently spent some time together... Learning about Dragons... I should go."

Lilithium Altair:
"I see her around all the time! Never spoken much with her though, save when she's kept Ado out of trouble."

L'yhta Mahre:
"I heard she was in charge of security at half the taverns in Eorzea! You definitely don't want to get on her bad side, at least if you want to get a drink anywhere outside of Mor Dhona!"

Natalie Mcbeef:
"She's not quite as annoying as I first thought. She wears the armor like she was born to do so, I wish I felt as comfortable in it."

Orrin Halgren:

"The Sultansworn? My experience with her is that she puts Ul'dah's safety above all other reason. It makes her commendable in service and obstructive in others..."

Obsidian Hornet:
"All the good intentions in the world don't mean a thing if you don't have the wit or skill to make good on them. Crofte means well but she needs to be better. I trust her, she's a good person, but her incompetence could get people killed. Herself included."

Oscare Iono:
"What was it, Wristcleaver? Wristbreaker? Bah, it doesn't matter. If you like your head on your shoulders though, it'd be smart to behave around her."

Osric Melkire:
"Ser Crofte? Aye, I know her. She 'n' I find ourselves workin' cross-purposes more often than either o' us would like. Would that that could change, eh?"

Remimont Portier:
"She appears to possess a remarkable sense of duty and justice both. All of my interactions with her feel as if I am speaking with a character from any number of novels I have read. Tis astounding to meet such a person in the flesh. She is an example, truly."

Roen Deneith:
"I no longer bear any grudge against her. She has suffered much… all in the name of love. I wish to see her return to the woman I once knew, the one I used to call friend."

Shael Stormchild:
"I haven't seen her in ages. Someone who actually tries to uphold the law, that one. Is she still alive?"

Sharla Blackheart:
"For some reason, I feel she's one of the few people around that I willingly trust. Maybe I should tell her the truth one of these days."

Spahro Llorn:
"Crofte has this amazing ability to aquire power and forsake any responsibility to use it. It's like watching a dragon fret over whether or not it'll run out of eggs before it gets married."

Verad Bellveil:
"She's a good woman, so much so that I have no idea how she manages to tolerate my presence. Making me question my own dubiousness! A cunning plan."

Warren Castille:
"She's chosen. I wonder if she sleeps at night. Rumor says she doesn't."

X'Kohu Tia:
"Coat's an alright girl, got a good head on her shoulders and a good heart in her chest. Still, if she wants to keep patrolling taverns, she's gotta learn to hold her liquor!"

NPC Rumors (Newer)

  • Random Brass Blade: "A pain in our collective arses she is, but we have orders to 'put up with her' for the time being."
  • Ul'dahn Nobleman: "Hrmpf... I see that Royalist wench coming and going from the estate of Taeros far to often. About time he produced an heir anyway."
  • Sultansworn Squire: "Don't you believe those naysayers. Ser Crofte is still as loyal to her Grace as she has ever been."
  • Ala Mhigan Refugee: *snorts* "Oh how the mighty have fallen."

NPC Rumors (Older)

  • Quicksand Patron: "Poor woman can't hold her liquor. After just one drink she starts speaking in tongues or the like."
  • Woman in Mourning: "I've seen her in the Ossuary paying respects to some unknown man. They must have been close."
  • Long-necked Sultansworn: "If you see that Highlander buzzing around her again, tell him I'm watching him."
  • Ul'dah Guttersnipe: "I heard 'er talking te that pimp o'er in Pearl Lane. He sure put 'er in 'er place. Good te know she ain't as high 'n mighty as she thinks."
  • Quicksand Patron: "I seen her get'n all kissy-faced with that other Paladin. They think they're subtle, but they ain't."
  • Random Palace Guard: "Ser Crofte has paid the ultimate price for Her Grace, and by some miracle survived to serve again. She is an inspiration to all of us who swear the Oath."
  • Random Brass Blade: "She's all fancy talk and good looks. Keep the pressure on her and she'll go right back to 'er whore'n ways."
  • Random Brass Blade: "Oh, I remember her. Quite good with her mouth that one, mmm-hahahaha!"
  • Random Brass Blade: "She was my favorite. Just something about those eyes... and red hair. *sigh* Shame when we had to take that place down."
Crofte Sideglance.png

"Look Jancis, I'm flying!" ~ while being carried to an inn room after too much wine

"I'm not a warrior like you, Tasa. I was supposed to be a house-wife!" ~ personal moment with Tasa Rhyzul

Jancis: "Can you see from back there?" Coatleque: "I can see exactly what I need to." ~ while watching Warren at the Grindstone

"Everyone is fragile, Ser. It merely depends on what height we are dropped from." ~ Advice given to Warren Castille

"Titles change often, Miss. You are what you chose to be. Remember what you are, and title may yet return in time." ~ Advice given to Roen Deneith

"Aye, he says mae subornimate has a plan. Which I think means Natalie is about tae step in shite again..." ~ After too much whiskey.

"Compassion is never wrong, but when you begin to show too much of it the line of justice becomes harder to cross. And then one day your enemies are as dear to your heart as your family." ~ to Roen, regarding due process

"The best games are those you do not know you are playing until the very end." ~ Words of Jameson Taeros over dinner

"One moment of reason in a sea of madness does not make for a smooth sail." ~ said to Osric Melkire before court martial

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