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"Hold your tongue. We're talking about ghosts of the past. While I may carry the memories of the man you knew as Cyrilaux Ardouin, we are not the same individual. Not anymore."




A mid-ranking member of the Wood Wailers of Gridania. According to some of the older villagers, Cyrilaux appeared in the Twelveswood shortly after the Calamity of the Seventh Umbral Era with nary a gil or tale to his name. At first glance, he gives the impression of a man of little ambition, seemingly content with keeping out of the spotlight while serving as a mid-level member of the Lancer’s Guild. Despite clearly not being a Gridanian native, his uncanny skill with a spear has helped him earn the trust of the local populations as a reliable, if not unadorned, soldier. His somewhat stiff and noble mannerisms divulge his true background as Show text used to being in the company of lords.


Cyril has been known to carry a spear since taking his first steps in Gridania about five years ago. When on duty as a member of the Lancer’s Guild, Cyril wears the standard Wood Wailer uniform complete with mask. Otherwise, he typically sticks to unassuming clothing so as not to stand out, seemingly by deliberate choice. While he has been a part of the Gridanian military for at least a few years now, he has never been said to have been seriously injured. Thus, it is unknown what caused the prominent scar on the left side of his face.
Aspects That Stand Out:
■ A diagonal scar on the left side of the face, starting just under the eye all the way to the edge of the lower jaw.
■ Long brown hair sometimes worn in a topknot or braid.
■ Light blue eyes reflecting an unassuming yet high-minded demeanor.


When on duty, he will often be found in areas of the Black Shroud, or in Gridania, keeping the peace. He will leave the Twelveswood on official assignments and missions.
The Black Shroud/Gridania: Very high
Thanalan/Ul'dah: Moderate.
La Noscea/Limsa Lominsa: Moderate
Coerthas/Ishgard: Low
Mor Dhona: Low
Dravania and surrounding areas: Low
Gyr Abania and surrounding areas: Very Low
The Far East/Kugane: Very low


Almost as if by deliberate choice, Cyrilaux is content with his role as a steadfast, reliable, yet unambitious member of the Wood Wailers, and very rarely speaks of his own hopes and dreams beyond his standard duties. As a traveling companion, he is happy to let others take the reins, merely providing the support – both in battle prowess and as a motivator – to see others reach their goals. Despite this, he is no stranger to taking command, and would never allow the lack of clear direction or leadership steer a group towards failure, at least in responsibilities to friend and realm. Yet these same qualities would serve to betray his own deep desires and disparage his hidden potential. Something is keeping him shackled – fears, doubts or something more sinister? Without a push in the right direction, he seems intent to live and die without experiencing all that Eorzea has to offer.


Gridania. The city became his home and sanctuary after the Calamity. Cyrilaux is thankful for the citizens of Gridania for taking him in, and proudly does his small part to protect it and the forest from both external and internal threats.
Practical thinkers.
Quiet mornings.
Crisp autumns and cold winters.


The Ishgard-Dravanian Conflict. Cyrilaux has been known to share strong feelings when on the topic of the Dragonsong War, but surprisingly spares no harsh words for the Holy See as well as the Dravanians, when most of his brethren would be hesitant to speak ill of their sister city to the north. Should the time come when Gridania is forced to become involved, other lancers shudder to think of which side he would support.
Religious Worship. Despite claiming Halone as his guardian, Cyrilaux has never considered himself a pious individual and does not worship the Twelve or any other known deity in Eorzea. He does not disparage others from finding comfort in prayer, but would rather not take part in any religious rituals himself.
Lavish decadence.
Hot places and the dead heat of summer.


Literature. Surprisingly for a simple soldier, Cyrilaux has shown remarkable knowledge regarding literature from the Fifth and Sixth Astral Eras.
Amateur zoologist. Related to his appreciation of literature, Cyrilaux is especially fond of bestiaries cataloging the flora and fauna of Hydaelyn. The most famous of these is the Raimdelle Codex. He has a practical knowledge in the morphological and behavioral features of many of the Realm's creatures, both hostile and docile.


Wit. Despite never having received formal schooling, Cyrilaux in his youth spent enough time in the company of “upper crust” individuals that he would be considered fairly well educated by professors in most Eorzean academic circles, at least in comparison to other commoners. However, the lack of specific training means that highly technical and arcane knowledge, such as engineering and advanced magics, is beyond his capability to understand.
A source of strength for his allies. While he may be hesitant to go after his own goals, Cyrilaux is at his best when motivating others to succeed.
Leadership under duress. In times of emotional stress or when there is no clear path, Cyrilaux will not hesitate to place himself in a leadership role if needed in order for his current group to keep moving forward.


Unambitious. Whatever history that was left behind with the Calamity, Cyrilaux does not seem to want to return to it, and he is slow to act on his own desires.
Lofty. While not living a life of outright asceticism, Cyrilaux is hesitant to seek material needs beyond the basics of food, water and shelter. He believes that such necessities simply “fall into place” as they present themselves, even while understanding that others view these as requirements for a satisfying and productive life. He keeps his feet grounded but tends to look heavensward, searching for deeper meanings to the actions of his fellow man, even when there is nothing to be found. This can sometimes be an annoyance to his present company.
Obsessive when motivated towards a goal.


Truth-seeker. ”To see with eyes unclouded is what I desire. Like looking through still water, I will make the truth clear for all to gaze upon. And in that moment, we will also come to see our own role in it all. There is no more perfect a mirror than this.”


Preferred jobs: Dragoon, Paladin, Dark Knight, and White Mage


Mastery of all types of polearms. “I came out of the womb with spear in hand. If I’m lucky enough, I’ll dig my grave with one, too.”
High proficiency with swords, greatswords, and most types of bladed weapons. “Nothing beats the pure elegance of the lance, but versatility transcends grace. Do what must needs be done for your comrades. Besides - getting down to the basics, weapons are long and pointy, all of 'em. ”
Average to poor skill in hand-to-hand combat and weapons requiring high dexterity. “I fight with the polearm to stay at arm’s length from the bloodthirsty fiend trying to rip your eyes out from their sockets. If the stench from the carcass lingers on my hands for the next week, I got too close.”


Proficiency with basic to mid-level white magic. “Don’t ever underestimate the usefulness of the healing arts in a pinch. When you find your companion with a sword from some madman sticking clean through them, that’s not the time to be out of phoenix downs.”
Unable to use standard black magic or arcane magic. “I once attempted to learn the basics of thaumaturgy as a lad, but I’m afraid I just don’t carry the right state of mind for it. It takes a sort of mad genius to delight in such wanton destructive power. Something about the crackle of flames sprouting from your own hands leaves me feeling uneasy.”


Elementary strategist. ”I’ve no talent for commanding armies, but when you’ve spent your youth in the company of young lords playing King’s Knight all day, you can’t help but pick up a thing or two regarding the importance of ‘get behind your foe.’”


Romantic Interest  Platonic Love  Positive  Neutral  Negative  Deceased  ? Uncertain 

Seran Lancier "Quote about player."
Cyrilaux met Seran by chance while on duty outside the Carline Canopy. Seran, an Ul'dahn, had made inquiries into exploration of the Palace of the Dead, during which Cyrilaux was assigned to assist and monitor his activities as a Gridanian escort. During the expedition, Seran found a spyglass in the depths below the Palace and then suddenly disappeared without a word. Thinking him to be a mere thief of Gridanian secrets, Cyrilaux tracked him down all the way to Vylbrand where Seran had petitioned the scholars of Nymlight reveal more on precise nature of the artifact. This was all a misunderstanding, as the spyglass in fact held an unexpected deep personal value to Seran. Intrigued by Nymlight's impressive group of adventurers and research resources, Cyrilaux and Seran both convinced them to let them join their organization.
J'Roshi Jesal "Quote about player."
Description of relationship.
D'Nishka Farcaster "Quote about player."
Description of relationship.
N'Talia Drago "Quote about player."
Description of relationship.

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.
◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard.

"Cyrilaux’s not much for words, but I guess he lets his lance do all the talking for him. Even though he joined the guild a couple of years after me, I haven’t seen talent like his since my father’s generation. In a skirmish, I’m glad to have him at my back." - A Wood Wailer

"Oh, Cyril? I see him come in to the Canopy a few nights a week. He always seemed to have an unusual air about him, but we all knew he wasn’t born in the Twelveswood. Nice enough fellow, and excellent table etiquette." - Miounne

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear.

"A troubled young man, indeed, that one. I’ve advised him on numerous occasions to take a sabbatical to the Sanctum of the Twelve to seek solace with Nophica and offer his burdens to the Matron. Never seemed to be the pious sort, though." - O-App-Pesi

"This isn’t well known to folks unfamiliar with Ishgardian history, but House Ardouin was once a vassal of House Dzemael, decades ago. I wonder if Cyrilaux’s a long-forgotten descendant?" - Luquelot

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard.

"He never speaks of his family, if he ever had ‘em. Every once in a while, though, he’ll let slip a single word under his breath – ‘Valmont.” Maybe he thinks we can’t hear him, but not much gets past these Elezen ears. - Silvairre

"Whenever rumors start coming in about the latest from Ishgard’s tussle with the dragons, Cyrilaux starts tensing up and looking pale. I bet he had a bad run-in with a Dravanian when he was a kid." - Gridanian courier

◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

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"Quote." - Player Name

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A House Disgraced

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Dusk of the Sixth Astral Era

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The Reclamation of the Broodling

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Recent Events

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Player Note
Brand new to RP and starting from scratch here, even though I’m familiar with Final Fantasy XIV. I’m still feeling out what I want from RP and my own personal limits, but I hope to quickly learn as I go.
Personal RP Preferences
I am interested in: Building relationships with other players while IC; character and plot arcs that are believable within in-game lore; personal character development with gradual changes over time. From my limited understanding this would likely fall under medium or heavy RP. I am not opposed to mature or deep storytelling elements if they help serve this purpose.
Thoughts on RP injuries: All injuries should be recoverable and not lead to a character's permanent death, disfigurement, or maiming. If it serves a good story point, injuries requiring convalescence where the IC character is out of commission for a couple IRL days may be ok.
Thoughts on RP combat: FFXIV does have a PVP area for one-on-one duels. It's not necessary for all RP conflicts to go to the Wolves Den but in situations where both characters are about equally skilled in combat IC, I think it would be really cool for OOC player skill to influence a story's outcome. This would also be more exciting than text-only battles.
Thoughts on IC Romance: Probably not all that interested unless it serves for character development. Even then, romance itself should not be a huge focus of an RP session.
Thoughts on chat functions: All chat channels should be appropriate for RP in their intended ways. For most casual conversations /say should be used as this allows others to listen in and get involved, like most IRL conversations go. /tell is specifically for when one character wants to whisper something in private to another character without others knowing. /linkshell is more of a "walkie-talkie" for groups to communicate short messages over distance, but shouldn't substitute face-to-face conversation (sort of like how Minfilia keeps making us come back to the Waking Sands). /yell is for getting the attention of others in a wide area, and so on.
I will not play: ERP, rape/incest, permanent character death, or long-term/permanent injury or imprisonment.
My play schedule is unusual due to my job. I can’t necessarily log in the same time every week. It might take a while to develop a routine playtime for this character.
Region/Time Zone: Southeastern USA, CST.
Discord: Cyrilaux Ardouin#2654.


RP Hooks
Walk-ups. Definitely up for it, but I am not always IC if the RP tag is not on. Cyrilaux is also an unambitious fellow and is slow to initiate conversation with strangers if it is not part of an official duty.
Register your quest with the Twin Adders and requisition the use of a Wood Wailer for your party. Please send a /tell or contact me on the Mateus RP Discord to work out details.
Cultists of the Lambs of Dalamud. Only with those he trusts.
Ishgardian nobility. Only with those he trusts.
Dragonsong War: scandals, inner plots, and the truth behind the conflict. Only with those he trusts.
Inspirations for this character
Ramza Beoulve and Delita Heiral, Final Fantasy Tactics.
Auron, Final Fantasy X.
Theon Greyjoy, A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones.
Broken Sword, Hero (2002 film).
Character Lore Adherence
Final Fantasy as a series usually treats lore in two different ways. The first is the in-universe lore which is usually has specific history, rules, cultures, and customs unique to that numbered game. In XIV's case this would be things like the history of Hydaelyn (the planet), the cycles of astral and umbral eras, the unique culture of each city state, how each class/job came to exist within Hydaelyn, plot events in the MSQ, etc. The second way is how FF as a whole recycles many of the same lore elements as "building blocks" in each game. For example, every game uses many of the same monster designs, jobs like Paladin/White Mage/Dragoon, summons, ability names, mini-games like Triple Triad, locations like Gold Saucer, and musical leitmotifs. Both types of lore are important for a proper FF game, and I consider myself pretty knowledgeable in both - I've been playing XIV since before 2.0, and the FF series for most of my life. I will try to stay true to lore most of the time while IC and lean on the fourth wall where appropriate, such as by making veiled references to other elements of FF.


■ Base page template adapted from User:Abelia Kir Armiger, free for use! Additional inspiration for this page courtesy of Roen Deneith. Thank you all very much.

Cyril WW.png
Name – Cyrilaux Ardouin [Sih-ril-loh Ar-doh-in]
Race – Wildwood Elezen ♂
Age - Mid-twenties
Name Day – First sun of the 5th umbral moon (10/1)
Deity – Declines to answer
Server - Mateus

Aliases: Cyril, Cyr

Citizenship: Gridania

Allegiance: Order of the Twin Adder

Nationality: Show text

Occupation: Wood Wailer

Hair color: Dark Brown

Eye color: Light blue

Alignment: Neutral good

Favorite Food: Bouillabaisse

Favorite Drink: Doman Tea