Roen Deneith

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Roen Deneith
"What is a measure of a life's worth?"

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CURRENT ALIAS... Roen Deneith

RACE & CLAN... Hyur, Mixed

NAMEDAY... 5th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon.

GENDER... Female

AGE... Mid Twenties

ORIENTATION... Heterosexual



ETHNICITY... Mixed Heritage


RESIDENCE... Limsa Lominsa

OCCUPATION... Free Paladin/Mercenary

PATRON DEITY... Menphina

HEIGHT... 5 fulms 7 ilms

WEIGHT... 125 ponz

(Art By Jn3)

Once a Sultansworn and now a Free Paladin, Roen Deneith was a woman driven by her ideals. Her staunch adherence to her principles made her seem rigid at times, and others have called her naive or foolish. As she tried to do what was best for those around her, she struggled with staying on the righteous path especially when the world seemed to want to prove to her that virtue had no place in it. Following a fateful meeting with a cynical and ruthless pirate, Roen found her beliefs put to the test, for her heart was put on the opposite side of the law and her values. Her love won that contest only to have it all come to a bloody end. Now with her conscience weighed heavily with guilt, she seeks a new path to forge for herself and to rediscover her faith in herself.

General Appearance

Roen is a woman in her 20's. While she used to call Thanalan her home, she is now rarely seen there unless hidden under a heavy cowl or behind a Brass Blades mask. Away from Ul'dah, she is often seen wearing armor if she is out of the city or a lighter fare of cottons and leathers within the city. She seldom travels without her sword, but when she does, she usually will have a pair of fist-cuffs handy. When she is expecting a battle, she prefers medium armor and dons a shield as well, befitting her paladin training.

She is of slight frame, but her lean muscles and calloused hands show evidence of training. Her fiery red locks and pale grey eyes often makes her easily recognizable to those given her description. The woman does not seem to possess anything of notable wealth, but keeps her armor and weapons in good condition. But despite her usual humble disposition, Roen's carriage tends to indicate that she's had a well-born upbringing.


She's mostly quiet. Roen often holds her tongue on matters she considers not important. She comes quickly to the defense of the weak, an instinct that she still has a hard time suppressing despite her past lessons. She dislikes bullies and will not hesitate to stand up to them, even when she is sorely outmatched or outnumbered. She is not quick to anger, but also is not quick to laugh or smile. She has practiced keeping a stony expression on her face, to not let much show through, but she is a horrible liar. She tries her best not to do it often, if at all.

Roen does not speak of herself too often, but is forthright with her answers when asked. She also does not make small talk well; she is seen as quite serious by most, and some might even accuse her of lacking any sense of humor whatsoever. The truth of her guarded demeanor is more complex, of course, but few understand that. She often struggles now a days, to try and maintain her cynicism of the world. It was a hard lesson learned in the last few years, but one that she seemingly wants to shed. While she can be polite to a fault, she will warm up to strangers slowly, and a full trust is rarely given.

Roen naturally has an inquisitive mind and is quick to learn, and any teaching of craft, skills, or lore offered to her will rarely be refused. Despite her competence with sword and shield, she still seems very green when it comes to the general historical knowledge of the Eorzea overall. It seems what she knows of Eorzea was learned in the last few years.

(Art By LiteBite Studio)
Combat Tendencies

When given a choice, Roen would choose sword and shield above all else. She began her training with swords early in her childhood since she preferred it over the more docile studies, much to her mother's chagrin. Once arriving in Eorzea, she sought out paladin training under a few Sultansworns and Free Paladins. In a fight, she often falls into a defensive stance at the beginning, always preferring to protect others before going on the offensive. Her technical skills leaves very little to be desired, but her lack of experience in certain situations is what handicaps her. She has hesitated in striking down a weaker foe in the past, especially if they showed fear or remorse. If they asked for mercy, she often granted it, even if it was just a ploy. In the recent moons, however, Roen has taken on a more grim outlook in battle, showing little hesitation in striking down a foe if they presented a threat. Of course, she has taken care to choose her fights carefully, preferring to only go up against monsters and beasts.


She also under went training with the conjurer's guild while training to be a paladin, and it was noted that she had a great aptitude as a healer as well as a strong connection with the aether, both within and without. But Roen left their guidance after learning the rudimentary skills needed to continue her paladin training. She has since returned to Steelglen Fane a few more times to revisit her training as a healer, at the urging of her former teachers.

Other Proficiencies

Roen has also undergone training in hand-to-hand combat, especially after learning in the most painful way, how vulnerable she was without her weapons. She trains against a wooden training dummy every morning to acclimate herself to such impact against her bare hands. She has also gained some basic proficiency with smaller blades such as daggers and knives. She will not refuse an offer of training or a spar to further these skills.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard.

"Oh yeah! She was chosen by the Immortal Flames for that Little Ladies contest a few cycles back! I don't know what the big fuss was all about, but she sure looked uncomfortable being escorted everywhere by the Yataghans." - An Ul'Dahn citizen

"Oh I could find her easily enough either on Pearl Lane or the refugee camps outside the walls. Was a bleedin' heart that one, always bringing potions and the like. As if that'd make any difference." - Ul'dahn Trader

"Worked with her, I did. A good woman. Got mixed up with a bad man is all." - Broken Nose, Brass Blade

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear.

"She has great potential for conjury. If she would only commit more time to it here in Gridania, I believe she can become quite a powerful conjurer." - A Conjurer in Gridania

"I heard she is connected to the Ala Mhigan Resistance, even helped them a few times. Wasn't she a Sultansworn though?" - Doubtful Ul'dahn Merchant

"I used to see a Wanted notice for her many moons back in the Blades headquarters. It looked like she got mixed up with some pirate who pissed off the wrong people, if ya know what I mean. Not seen that poster in awhile though. I wonder if the bounty is still good." - A Random Mercenary

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard.

"I heard all sorts of rumors of her time as a Brass Blade. Blades aint' too kind to women, and an ex-Sworn to boot. I heard there was a Blade walkin' around wearing the hair he cut off from her head. I ain't seen him in awhile though." - A Brass Blade

"Once Sultansworn then accused Garlean. I heard though that Sultansworns got her freed, so she must be innocent right? And then she went chasin' after Monestarists ... the girl's got a death wish if ye ask me." - A Knowing Mercenary

◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

"After Roen was released, watching her walk by me to go celebrate with others was one of the hardest things I've had to do. She needs someone to blame however, and if that needs be me, then I won't shy from it." - Natalie McBeef

"I think I understand now. The want for distance from everything and everyone. I think I see why it is she grieves." - Delial Grimsong

"What doesn't kill you can make you stronger... if y'pull through. If y'can stand. If y'survive, inside and out." - Osric Melkire

"Roen is the first friend I made outside of the Twelveswood. She has put great trust in me... How does one truly repay that?" - Kiht Jakkya

"Roen is a sweet girl. Kind to a fault and I fear far too trusting for her own good. She saved the man I love and I'll always owe her a debt for that. I'm not sure Ul'dah deserves a girl like Roen Deneith looking out for it." - Obsidian Hornet

"If ever Eorzea had a well-meaning fool... But then, she's just a girl. A girl playing at things she ought not to. She seems to still be in possession of the idealism of youth, and Gods know how the Sultanate hasn't beaten it out of her yet. Still, she's a sweet enough lass, if a bit headstrong. Perhaps I'll keep an eye on her. Just in case." - Brynhilde Wulf

"She's a far different person than I imagined her being. Likable, strong, brave. My only regret is the conditions we were suffering under when I discovered these traits." - Askier Mergrey

"My sister will not be broken by her recent ordeal, I know this because she is a Wolfsong, I only hope the innocence that made her who she is nae gone completely" - Gharen Wolfsong

"Is she still here? I'd hoped she would chose to flee when given the chance." - Coatleque Crofte

"Bleedin' heart I call her. Even after what I thought was the hardest lesson, she still hasn't learned. Some people are just too stubborn, I guess." - Shaelen Stormchild

◢ More Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

"I hear her name all the time, but I've never met her. I've been told that we would like each other! She seems to be involved in so much trouble, though..." - Aya Foxheart

"I don't know what happened to her, but Ul'dah seems to have chewed her up and spit her out. I worry about her." - C'kayah Tia

"I have promised to meet her on a day when the world isn't crashing down on either one of us. Easy enough for myself, but I wonder in her case." - Verad Bellveil

"Standing true to an oath even when the world crashes on top of you requires great deal of strength and character." - Xydane Vale

"They speak in hushed, reverent tones. Whatever slander they tried to saddle her with... The people remember who took care of them. We remember." - Warren Castille

"I've met her! And in Ul'dah even! Its so good to see her back, I know her friends have missed her so much. She's so nice, I just hope trouble doesn't catch up to her again!" - Aya Foxheart

"She's fond of ideals. Cook a meal and name it the 'Justice and Peace' and she'd eat it up like a starved coeurl. But she means well, which is a far better sentiment than most people deserve." - Nero Lazarov

"She listened, which was more than I had expected. I would very much like to speak with her again, help show I'm trying to keep my word." - Franz Renatus

"Roen is the kindest being I've ever had the fortune to know, and she's very much the sister I never had but always wanted. Strong, warm, and always willing to throw herself in harm's way for someone who needs it most. I'm proud of her, I always have been, and she's grown so much as a person that I sometimes can't help but just marvel at her. Roen is one of the most important people in my life, I love her more than anything and even if she doesn't say it I know she feels the same. One day maybe we'll be able to just settle in the Shroud and have our talks again, as old ladies with our troubled days behind us. I'd like that for us." - Siha Xinkei

"Madam Deneith is a woman of distinction, and possessed of a fine and resolute character. I would not be so presumptuous as to suppose any nobility of title or breeding, but... certainly it is plain to see that she possesses an admirable nobility of bearing and demeanor." - Gideon North

"I have known the girl through chance encounters, nothing more, but that is all I have needed to gauge that this is, in fact, the type of person who finds themselves attracted to trouble like steel to lodestone. And if my dealings with Ser Natalie are any indication, she is lacking much in the way of pity from her peers. I pray for her, and I do not pray for many." - Edgar Gandervalt

"I met Ms. Roen halpin' out th' poor folks outside Ul'dah. That's th' kinda person she is - she halps people. Whenever I see her, she's halpin' someone - 'n on more than one occasion that someone was me! If there's anyone who has a heart closest ta th' kinda hero I wanna be, it's Ms. Roen." - Chachanji Gegenji

"Roen is the sweetest wide eyed piece of stupid I've ever met. If she lived in reality instead of her own romantic fantasy land she'd be bleeding out in an alley somewhere by now." - Spahro Llorn

"My lovely Red. Her presence... a sunset unhindered by clouds. Her demeanor... a cool, spring breeze. She is passionate in her feelings, noble in her intentions, and selfless in her actions. She holds my allegiance and my trust. I hope she will not disappoint me." - Lynx

"A mysterious woman. Now that she has found her freedom, she chooses to impose upon herself a lonely solitude, away from those who love and worry for her. I do hope she finds what she needs to smile with her friends again." - Edda Eglantine

"I hope that the core of her who I found a good friend in is not gone... but I always fear the thought of her cutting ties with me." - Kage Kiryuu

"...Little Wolf." - Nameless Warrior

"She is armored in every sense of the word, but I've seen between the chinks, and there's light underneath. A bit of work and I think she could shine like a Starlight tree. She's a good woman." - Eliane Dufresne

"Interesting woman, that one. Perceptive and intelligent. Contemplative, too, in a way I wasn't expecting." - Arcian Martell

"She brought Cici back to me! They must be so close; I am so very grateful to her." - Jancis Milburga


(Art by mylsbunagan)


Rain. She loves the sound, smell and the feel of rain.
Riding her chocobo. She loves to race at full gallop on her chocobo, preferably downhill.
Warm bath. It is a luxury she loves to savor.
Sweets. She loves desserts, especially fluffy pastry with cream.
Children. She can just watch them for bells.
Dancing. It reminds her of her mother's elegance.
Fishing. She has fond memories of fishing with her friends. It is a quiet activity for bonding.
Freshly picked La Nocean oranges. She has many good memories tied with this fruit.
Kindness. She takes special note of kindness, especially in strangers.


Sea travel. She gets very seasick. Also small boats gets her a little claustrophobic.
Studying. She finds long tedious studies with books very boring.
Liars. Trust is very important to her and nothing will break it easier than lies.
Bullies. She does not hesitate in standing up to bullies.
Politics. She's had more than her fair share of political conflicts to last a lifetime.
Slimy things. Slimy fish, slimy insects, slimy goo... she detests them all.


Losing a loved one. Losing the one person she wanted to save, it nearly broke her for good.
Losing herself. Once upon a time she was so sure of who she was. And then she wasn't. She is afraid of losing herself that way again.
Heights. Standing on edges of very high places gets her dizzy. She will avoid this.
Shackles. She has an inordinate fear of her hands in shackles.


Romantic Interest  Platonic Love  Positive  Neutral  Negative  Deceased  ? Uncertain 

Askier Mergrey "Despite the chaos in his eyes, and all the things he did... I still considered him friend in the end."
A miqo'te and a fellow Garlean, made infamous by his attempt to bomb Ul'dah, Roen did not trust him one bit when he stood by Delial's side during Roen's dealing with the Highlander woman, and it was only made worse when he kidnapped her afterwards. But during her captivity, he tried to save her from his vicious partner and was tortured to near death for it. Roen forgave him after the suffering he endured at the hands of Crimson Mountain. She has since learned of his death and has encountered his wife.
Brynhilde Wulf "Twice she aided me in my time of need. Will I ever have the chance to repay her for it?"
A strong and pragmatic Highlander and ex-Resistance fighter, Brynhilde came to Roen's aid when she was trying to save Gharen. Roen looks up to her for her wisdom and sharp-mind and takes her advice to heart, even if the Highlander seems jaded by her long history of warfare against the Garleans. Brynhilde had warned her of her naivete in the past, words that Roen has never forgotten, given the string of betrayals she has suffered since.
Brynnalia Callae "She worked for an enemy, but now protects a friend. I do not trust her... but do I believe her?"
A mercenary bard who was employed by the Monetarists, namely Taeros, that Roen had the pleasure of encountering when she was captured by Jameson. They have not crossed each other's paths much or since, but since the Ul'dah ordeal, the bard sought the paladin out to warn her to stay away from Gideon North, for the valet's safety. Roen was at least convinced of the woman's loyalty to Mister North so she has agreed. But after Taeros' disappearance, Roen has rekindled her friendship with the valet, probably to the dismay of Brynnalia. They have not spoken of late.
Chachanji Gegenji "I have heard mention of him from others. At times I wonder how he fares. I hope he has far surpassed his former mentor."
Roen met this Lalafell youth of bright spirit and cheerful outlook on one of her visits to the refugee camps. She found his pure desire to help people mirroring her own in her earlier days, although it saddened her to realize that she herself had become somewhat jaded since. She agreed to become one of his mentors, in hopes of strengthening her own faith in ideals in doing so. Since she fled Ul'dah, she has not seen her pupil in a long time.
C'kayah Tia "I have not seen him in some time. I hope he no longer involves himself in the world that he used to."
An enigmatic Seeker, Roen did not know much about him, other than two people who were dear to her both cared for this Miqo'te deeply. She knew his dealings and connections to be vast and perhaps not all of them legal, although she never fully delved into them nor was she inclined to. When he offered to help her in a personal matter, it earned him her trust and gratitude. She has not seen nor heard from him since her departure from Ul'dah.
Coatleque Crofte "She is not the woman I once knew, and there is a part of me what wants to discover the truth of what has happened. The question is... does she?"
Once a steadfast Sultansworn, Roen and Coatleque’s friendship was formed in face of much adversity. The two were each other’s confidants until they fell in love with two men that opposed each other, Nero Lazarov and Jameson Taeros. Crofte went as far as to lure Roen out under false pretenses to arrest her, bringing her to Taeros for interrogation. After Taeros' disappearance, Roen and Crofte spoke once more and somewhat reconciled the enmity between them, but they still remained at unease with each other. Now that Taeros seems to have departed Eorzea for good, Roen has once more reached out to her former friend to see if the rift can be mended.
Delial Grimsong "She will try to tell you she is poison. I have no doubt that she believes it to be true. But she has accepted warmth and sympathy despite the shadows of her past and it may have diluted her for good."
When Roen first met Delial seemingly by happenstance, in truth, it was all part of Delial’s plan: to win the paladin’s confidence, use her to hunt down the Resistance. Their relationship since had seen its share of both rifts and mending, but after Delial killed Crimson Mountain--the Roegadyn that kidnapped and tormented Roen--they became neutral towards each other and oddly enough Delial showed a protective attitude towards the paladin. Recently the Highlander had sought out and found Roen's brother who had gone missing; during the ordeal, it had become obvious to Roen that Delial bore deep loyalties to her and her brother. A heated conversation also made the paladin realize that she still harbored some deep seeded resentment toward the Highlander, right along side her undeniable trust in the same woman. When it came to Delial Grimsong, nothing was ever simple.
Edda Eglantine "I have stayed away for her sake. Was I right in doing so?"
Roen met her by chance in Vylbrand and found her well-spoken and thoughtful. They seemed to have a common ground in their adherence to duty, their complicated relationship with their father, and their sheltered upbringing. Roen also sensed a streak of independence in the quiet woman and saw her as somewhat of a kindred spirit, enough so that she had entrusted the fate of her friend Gideon North to the noblewoman. They became somewhat distant with each other during Edda's short engagement to Taeros, but after the man's final disappearance, Edda and Roen have not spoken.
Eliane Dufresne "She seems to truly want to do good for those who have naught else. I believe she would fare better in her efforts than I."
The fact that the Elezen noblewoman was a close acquaintance of Martiallis Heuloix already made it easy for Roen to see Eliane in a favorable light. Although they had only shared limited encounters, both times she was greeted with warmth and cheerfulness, and some unsolicited advice that seemed to strike the paladin deeply. Roen has yet to decide if she feels comfortable around this woman, but cannot help but feel drawn to her kindness.
Franz Renatus "We share the same homeland but naught else. A mysterious man, he. But he also has not broken his word to me."
Roen does not know what to make of this Highlander. He speaks in Ishgard at times, but has also spoken to her in Garlean. To her horror, she discovered that a kind Elezen who has helped her in the past has passed, and the Highlander somehow inherited the man's memories. But he also seemed to know Roen from her homeland Garlemald. Her first reaction was that of wariness, but Franz (who borrowed the Elezen's name) seemed so lost. Currently she is giving him the benefit of the doubt and considers him an ally. She has not seen him in over a year.
Gharen Wolfsong "I thank the Twelve and whatever faceless gods that may exist. They found him."
Roen’s discovery that Gharen was her brother came after much trial and sorrow. Their fierce protectiveness over each other's well-being grew even before this knowledge, and only further enforced it thereafter. Until they came to stand on opposing sides when Gharen chose to work against Nero despite Roen's plea. After Nero’s death, Roen fled to Ishgard in shame, refusing to contact anyone that mattered to her, especially her brother. Even when she discovered that her brother had gone missing, Roen refused to get involved in the matter, her heartache and grief still too raw. A part of her desperately feared losing another person she loved, that she denied even the opportunity of letting herself care, much less suffer the pain that could follow. Since his return, Roen has finally worked up the courage to confess some truths to her brother. Their relationship seems to be back on the mend.
Gideon North "Our conversations of late are short and too far in between, but his presence never fails to give me a measure of peace and reassurance."
This well mannered gentleman approached Roen, seeking help in finding justice for his masters who had been murdered. Suspecting the wealthy noble families of Ul'dah to have had a hand in their demise, Roen agreed to help him seek out the truth. She arranged for him to be employed under Jameson Taeros, to serve as a new pair of eyes within the Monetarist society, but later discovered that Nero Lazarov was one of the people that were responsible for the death of Gideon's former masters. She revealed the truth to the valet, much to his sorrow. Throughout the entire ordeal of her trials in Ul'dah, she had come to rely much on Gideon's counsel and support, and now feels that she still owes him much for his unconditional alliance and aid.
Itarliht Syhrkoensyn "If there was ever a man whom I would run through with my own sword... it would be he."
A fiercesome Roegadyn known as Crimson Mountain, Roen met him during her encounter with Delial. Despite a rocky start, they came to agree to a truce of spilling no blood between them. However, he broke this promise when he took part in attacking her and taking her captive against her will. In her captivity, she discovered that Crim has a violent temper and a dark and cruel side to him. He was killed after she was rescued.
Jameson Taeros "An enemy of the man I once loved, I thought I wished him dead. But I forgave him for he once loved my mother. I know not what he is to me now."
This noble and Roen share a sordid history. He has been responsible for getting her disgraced from the Sultansworns as well as an attempt on her brother’s life. But in an emotional confrontation, Roen learned that the man had loved her Garlean mother and had been trying to watch out for the paladin but failing to protect her. Despite his opposition to Nero Lazarov, Roen let him live rather than taking the opportunity to end his life, only to find out later that Osric Melkire shot him. After his return, Taeros left a final message for Roen before he departed Eorzea for good. She still has mixed feelings for the man, but does not believe she will ever see him again.
Kage Kiryuu "Knowing that no matter what, some friends will always consider you dear to them… it is comforting."
A brave and loyal Lalafell gladiator that Natalie also took in as an apprentice, Roen and Kage trained alongside each other and took the Trial of the Sultansworn together. Roen always held a soft spot in her heart for Kage, but after Natalie's death, they grew apart when the Lalafell seemingly severed all ties with his old life. She has recently reconnected with him, and to her surprise still found him to be a loyal friend as he always has been.
Kasrjin Khadai "He helped me remember who I was and what I used to believe."
An intimidating figure of a Xaela, Roen first came upon this Au Ra warrior as he stood amongst dead bodies--those belonging to the mercenaries she was tasked to track down. Their initial reaction to each other was one of hostility and suspicion, the paladin thought him to be a violent and cold-hearted killer. But since traveling with him, she came to realize that there was an optimist hidden behind his severe demeanor, and she even came to his defense against Ishgardian prejudice. She accepted the task of aiding this stranger on his journey, for she knew all too well how the world would want to take advantage of his forthrightness. Despite her intentional aloofness, she began to see him as something of a moral compass, at least where her apathy was concerned. After their recent journey, she has come to trust him deeply, and has also gained further insight into his complicated past. They said their farewells as he returned to his homeland in Othard, but Roen hopes to see him again someday.
Kiht Jakkya "I count on her when I can count on no one else."
Roen met this Keeper Hunter at the Grindstone tournament. While both were quiet-mannered, they began to appreciate each other's knowledge of battle, and soon each other's unobtrusive company. Roen saw something akin to herself in Kiht, a stranger in a new land, walking her path alone, and trying to do what is right. Kiht has come to Roen's aid more times than the paladin can count. She was the only one Roen asked to accompany her to track down Nero one last time; Kiht was also the only one that stood witness as Roen killed him, believing it was the last resort. Recently, Kiht has helped Delial and Kage track down her brother, and for this Roen feels she owes her friend a great debt. It is because of this that Roen feels a great measure of guilt when it comes to Kiht, after she learned that the Keeper was kidnapped, and Roen failed to come to her side to help her.
Martiallais Heuloix "The love he holds for his nation is an honor to Ishgard. I have not known a more noble knight."
This Duskwight Ishgardian Knight happened upon Roen when she was at one of her lowest moments, searching for guidance at the Saint Reymanaud Cathedral. His gentle demeanor coaxed her into a conversation with him, and after a series of “chance” meetings, they have come to consider each other a trust ally and confidant. Roen sees his commitment to bearing the shield and protecting others as a reminder of who she used to be, and he seems to want to see her return to that person again.
Natalie McBeef "A woman long gone, but her mark still remains."
Roen met this relentless Sultansworn when she accidentally fell under her investigation into the Syndicate. Despite initially finding her cold and intimidating, their relationship grew to one of trust and deep friendship after Natalie took Roen as an apprentice. But that relationship was shattered, first by Natalie's well intended efforts to keep Roen safe, which resulted in a horrific and violent kidnapping, and then Natalie's execution of someone that Roen held dear. She also began to hunt the man that Roen had professed feelings for. After Natalie's passing, Roen struggled to resolve her feelings for the mentor she once called friend then enemy, but recently has allowed herself to forgive her.
Nero Lazarov "He wished to rest, and for me to let him go. My mind understands this… but my heart is still slow to recover. But for the first time… I believe that someday, it will."
Roen sought this smuggler out while she was investigating Jameson Taeros. After a frank but secreted conversation, she discovered that Nero was not who he seemed, and had altruistic motives for Ul'dah. Seeing that she and he shared the same dream to help those in need, they agreed to an alliance, one that then took a turbulent course since its inception. After the tragic death of Nero's first mate, Roen became more determined than ever to try and help the pirate, especially after realizing she had developed feelings for the man. Despite Nero's ruthless tendencies, Roen tried to hold onto her values, and hoped to save him from the dark path he paved for himself. But it was all for naught. In the end, he refused to turn away from the ways of violence, so Roen ended his life rather than letting others kill him.
Osric Melkire "I used to wonder how he spread himself so thin, trying to protect too many, however best he could. I think he is glad to be unburdened of such a weight now."
Their acquaintance really began with a lie, when he duped her into meeting Gharen under the pretense that it was for Erik's sake. The two have had some rocky encounters since that meeting, but she's always seen him fight on the just side of things. She's also sought him out for some lessons in hand-to-hand combat. She knows vaguely of his trials and his questionable methods, but trusts him nonetheless.
Shaelen Stormchild "She and I share the same homeland, and our mixed feelings about it."
Roen met this smuggler through the Ala Mhigan Resistance, and over the years their friendship and loyalty to each other has grown. But recently Shael has disappeared from Eorzea, and has not answered Roen's missives. The paladin is left to wonder about her safety and well-being, although from past experiences, Roen knows all too well that Shael is capable of taking care of herself. But she also knows the woman's reckless and chaotic side, and worries for her.
Siha Xinkei "I do not see her nearly as often as I would like. But the last time I saw her, she seemed happy. And for that I am glad."
A Keeper and a seer, Roen met Siha while training to be a Sultansworn and she was the first that Roen ever confided in of her Garlemald origins. It was also Siha who saw a vision of a woman that was possibly Roen's ancestor, which led the paladin to eventually find her long lost brother, Gharen Wolfsong. Roen considers Siha her Oath-sister, and even while they had been absent in each other's lives for many years, upon their brief reunion, Roen realized their bond had never suffered.
Tengri Geneq "An enemy of a friend, but also an enemy of a madman. What does that make him?"
When Roen met this Au Ra, the last thing she suspected of him was that he was a former Garlean. Or the fact that he was the one responsible for tasking Askier Mergrey with destroying Ul'dah. She suspects him to still harbor megalomaniac tendencies despite his claims in wanting peace, for he wears and displays his arrogance with unwavering confidence. But the paladin still entered into an uneasy agreement with the Au Ra nonetheless, for keeping certain enemies close was preferable to staying ignorant about them. She has not heard from this Garlean in sometime.
Verad Bellveil "I had dreaded our reunion, for reasons that I now cannot fathom. He looked well, and as usual, was neck deep in some strange ploy. I am glad that he is still as I remember him."
An eccentric and bombastic Duskwight Elezen, Roen met this merchant of "dubious" goods in Limsa when she was wandering about aimlessly after her kidnapping ordeal. He played a vital role in drawing her out of her shell and restoring some of her idealism. She saw 'Mister Bellveil' as a trusted friend, and welcomed his wisdom and company whenever she felt lost or conflicted. During her alliance with Nero however, the merchant came to betray her trust in trying to lead her down a righteous path, and the paladin ended their friendship. They have reconciled since, and Roen has promised to aid him in his recent engagement to an Ishgardian noble.


The threads below are chronologically ordered. Legacy In Blood and Absolution are still ongoing threads. Through Ruin Or Redemption is most recently completed thread of current events.

(Art By BritishMuffin)

"A Legacy In Blood"

A tale of three people whose fates are entwined together by their blood and heritage.

"Second Hand Faith"

Three Sultansworns are disgraced and struggle to find redemption.

"No Good Deed"

An alliance is formed between two people who share the same dream but opposing ideals.

"A Forlorn Fortnight"

A fortnight conversation between a condemned man and a hopeful paladin.

"The Coming Storm"

An escalation of events between those who hold the power in Ul'dah and those who seek to topple it.

"Starlit Illumination"

Reflections of the past and loved ones during Starlight.

"Paladin's Proof"

Roen acquires a new pupil. He may teach her a few thing or two.

"What You Are In The Dark"

It is said that the person's true nature is revealed when nobody is watching. Will they discover who they truly are?


"What is a measure of a life's worth?" A glimpse into the paladin's ongoing journey as she tries to find the answer.

"A Vision Of Fog"

It takes a foreigner to recognize everyone's blindness about preconceptions and assumptions.

"Through Ruin Or Redemption"

A mysterious organization seeks to bring ruin to many. Can Roen and Khadai work together to stop them?


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The Pirate

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The Outsider

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This wiki page contains details about Roen's past, especially in the History section. Some of it may be discovered by those who actively seek it out, but much of it is not generally known. General and Behavior information are free for any observant character to play off of, and the same goes for the Rumors. History is purely there for OOC knowledge and is to help with plot development with those I am involved in a storyline with. Same goes for Recent Events, Relationships, and all the stories in the Written Works section. If you are interested in taking part, please let me know! And this page will be edited intermittently.


I am open to both casual slice of life RP as well as long-term plots. For any plots that may span multiple scenes and encounters, I would like to open an OOC dialogue beforehand, so we can figure out how our character's paths may cross and mesh together. Feel free to use any hooks below (or anything that sparks your interest in the rumors page) for initiating RP. I would be happy to accommodate on the spot, as long as I have the RP icon next to my name. If I am running around without it, likely I am putzing around doing PVE. Still, feel free to poke me!
■ Roen was once a Sultansworn, then demoted for a very short period of time as a Brass Blade. It was poor fit. Members of either organization might remember her.
■ Roen also was implicated (never proven) as an accomplice to an outlaw Lominsan pirate who raided the Monetarist merchant ships on the seas. That case seemed to have cooled for the most part, considering the raids were ended over a year ago.
■ Roen is an investor in an Ishgard based foundary, called The Dufresne Bellworks. This is a little known fact however, but those in the know within the Ishgard noble circles might have caught wind of the fact that Eliane Dufresne accepted an foreign investor. Odd since Lady Dufresne rarely accepts investors.
■ Roen has recently traveled to Kugane in search of someone. She seems like a very lost ijin in the Hingan port city.