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Cyrilus Arcman
Dispossessed Warden


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NAME... Ishiki Kirodatto (family name first)


RACE & CLAN... Au Ra Raen

GENDER... Male

AGE... Mid-thirties

ORIENTATION... Straight; polyamorous; monogamous [i.e. emotionally devoted to his wife, but both are sexually open]

RELATIONSHIP STATUS... Married to Feryal

ALIGNMENT... Lawful good/Lawful Neutral



CURRENT RESIDENCE... Ishgard and Gridania

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 7ft 4in / 223.52cm & 257lb / 116.573kg

EYE COLOR... Brown

HAIR COLOR... Dark bark brown

PROFESSION... Lead Coordinator of True North; "Hunter"; Expeditionary Attache

AFFLILATIONS... True North; The Twin Adders (attache of the Eorzean Alliance); Ishgardian (through marriage); Clan Centurio (rank-and-file hunter and consultant); Aether Cats (through his wife only; technically a co-sponsor)

Body: Sinewy; athletic
Skin: Tanned.
Hair: Dark bark brown hair is kept loose, free, and decently groomed - at his wife's insistence. Though moderately thick, this hair still remains straight as well as mildly oily. His eyes are nearly the exact same color, but of slightly brighter shade.
Eyes: His left eye exhibits a strange, blue ring along the outside of the iris that is unnatural in origin, and bleeds a constant stream of aether.
Cyrilus is a man of almost pure sinew, and little visible bulk. Rather than mountainous, he is instead physically quite dense: thick bone, hard plates of scale in the chest, and steel-like horns. This sinew extends throughout his entire body, reflecting a man not prepared merely to fight, but also to survive, and thrive. Scars are plentiful, but small at the front of his body, with some scant evidence of deep puncture wounds close to his solar plexus and stomach. His back, however, is a holocaust of scars, and scabs; some having been the result of reopened wounds as inflicted by a scourge or similarly vicious implement. These scars start at the shoulder, and end at the lower back.
Clothes: The Warden is very particular about keeping himself clean, and retains an unperfumed, slightly musky scent when freshly bathed. His preferred dress is always simple, and functional. He dislikes ceremonial garb, or anything ostentatious as a whole.
Jewelery: Cyrilus only wears his wedding band but carries a lantern when out in the field.

"At our hearts, I believe us all truly simple. We seek simple things; we just walk mazes to find them."

Of moderate stature and mild temperament, the stone of the Raen's normal expression hides a molten, passionate heart. Pious, though not to his adopted patron, he follows the will of his family's patriarch - a doctrine simply called 'The Word' - in a perpetual war against the Void's blight. He often attaches himself to expeditionary groups as either a point-man or a guide. He also will occasionally act as a consultant to projects that he can't actually be physically present for. He operates under strong conviction that it is his birthright to cleanse the world of the Void. At World's End, he will be one of the few to keep the lamps lit for those that survive.

He is married to Feryal of the Ishgardian House of Maintigny, but he rarely, if ever, makes a point of his association with nobility in public. Their marriage is a healthy one, though one that still has the pair of them reconciling with the fact that they come from very different worlds. It isn't an easy road, but it's a road that Cyrilus cannot envision deviating from. Together, they raise Feryal's daughter from her first marriage, and will occasionally collaborate on Void-related projects.

Despite his profession and generally very serious - bordering on black-and-white - outlook on the world around him, he is reasonably well-adjusted and friendly. He still has odd mannerisms all the same, as he tends to speak in dry and flat tones, and tends to be straightforward to the point of near tactlessness. All of the broodiness and the expected dark and mysterious nature of a man of his profession is largely absent; Cyrilus wears his heart on his sleeve, and is unapologetic of who and what he is.

"The presence is faith is far more important a thing than its object."

The aether lantern he carries into the field is curiously blessed with the ability to retain aether for exceptionally long periods of time. At its most basic, it is essentially a focus that Cyrilus can funnel his own aetherial energy into; typically done via prayer. It has the perpetual property of pulsing with aether that is corrosive to Voidsent. The effect can be as minor as simply making them uncomfortable, and as dramatic as lightly burning them depending on how powerful and how well anchored to Hydaelyn they are. This effect can be magnified significantly at will. There are almost definitely other uses of the lantern...

Cyrilus' aether-blessed eye allows him some measure of reactive aether manipulation that would normally not be possible. These manipulations are comparatively very minor in the face of what dedicated magic-users can accomplish, but do afford him a form of preternatural enhancement to existing skill. No doubt, there are other secrets behind the eye than merely giving him the ability to do what most Eorzeans are already capable of...

Is not Hingashi born, nor does he speak Hingan. Neither do most modern Hingans, for that matter.
Left-hand dominant; ambidextrous through conditioning. Blind in right eye.
Carries an old, self-made kendama. It's his most prized physical possession
Most of Cyrilus' family is alive and well, but he clearly has no contact with them for some reason...
He has some progressive philosophies, but is typically very conservative; he is also highly religious and occasionally will quote scripture of some sort
Links out to Cyrilus' kinks and roll sheet.
He has some progressive philosophies, but is typically very conservative; he is also highly religious and occasionally will quote scripture of some sort
Server: Mateus | American Player: EST/EDT | Player name: Cyrilus Arcsman.
I am not a casual roleplayer. Just typing words out of my character's mouth with no commitment to a scene and not being in the right headspace doesn't feel natural to me. Expect RP with me, in general, to be uncommon overall. See final point as well.
I will not chase you and Cyrilus will not chase your character. I have an extremely low tolerance for people who would rather play adolescent games for attention than actually get anything done. I understand this excludes me from about 97% of the people on Mateus, but I'm sure I'll find a way to carry on. "This isn't a courtship; this is a fuckship." -F.A.
As you can already guess, I'm not very friendly. If you walk up to me and randomly emote at me without actually starting a conversation, I will ignore you. Similarly, if you walk up to me and stand still targeting me without actually sending me a tell, I will completely ignore you. I don't care how naked your character is or how obvious you think your intentions are.
I don't like shy people in general. It's the internet. You have complete safety within your chosen pseudonym. Strike up a conversation if you're interested - even if it's just as simple as 'Hey, want to typefuck?' You're more likely to get a positive response than playing coy or silent.
He has some progressive philosophies, but is typically very conservative; he is also highly religious and occasionally will quote scripture of some sort
I VERY rarely RP in public. I don't feel comfortable RPing in public. I don't like most roleplayers. Expect any public RP to be low effort and generally terse.
If you're interested in Cyrilus for some reason, send me a /t. I tend to prefer 'top-down' approaches to character relationships that might involve sex (i.e. sex first; story from that.) If you want to know why, ask. It might not be the reason you think. Any other questions, ask. I'm pretty open about answering questions. No promises that you'll like the answer.
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