Dadarupo Boborupo

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Dadarupo Boborupo
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Founder of Bobo Couture
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'Dah
Guardian Byregot
Nameday 5th Astral Moon 22 (Age: 41)
Marital Status Single
Occupation Master Couturier; Retired Warrior

Biographical Information

Dadarupo Boborupo is a Dunesfolk Lalafell and native of Ul’Dah. He is best known as the designer behind the fashion house of Bobo, which has grown in popularity among Ul’Dah’s more affluent residents due to the brand’s propensity for lavish material and extravagant design.

Lesser known to the general public is Boborupo’s history as one of few unique Lalafel to have trained as a Warrior and to have manifested and overcome the spirit of rage. Though he keeps this part of his life private, the rage can still be observed when Boborupo is in the process of constructing one of his masterpieces; every stitch imbued with the boundless fury and passion of one who has known bloodshed. Though officially retired from the life of havoc to one of self-made luxury, Boborupo is unafraid to take up his axe and fight for himself and his values. His combat presence can be described as being as elegant and merciless as his sewing.


Dadarupo is of the taller Lalafell proportion, and is quite heavy for his relative size due to the dense musculature hidden beneath his childlike form. His eyes are sapphire blue and accented by the deep yet graying blue of his hair and mustache, both of which are carefully groomed at all times. His personal style reflects bridging of plate and fabric; often incorporating armor into his outfits both for functionality and for fashion. His aesthetic could be described as ‘Gentleman Mercenary’, which some find in contrast to the grandeur of the items he produces. He is font of jewel tones and damask in his personal attire.


Dadarupo Boborupo is… very much a man of the Ul’Dah elite, but also with the jading and scars of real life experience which he wears with great pride and a high opinion of himself. Having clawed his way into fortune on his own, he is fiercely protective of it and of his art to the point where it might even seem cruel. He is conservative in politics but highly progressive where the arts are concerned.

Contrary to his childlike appearance, Boborupo is one of those Lalafell who uses his appearance only as a mechanism rather than it defining his personality. He does not appreciate any form of physical contact, nor is he particularly appreciative of anyone else who does. He is also a font of -critiques- of the behavior of others and is prone to unabashed call-outs. When it comes to his work, Boborupo puts his heart and soul into ever fold and every stitch of fabric, and because of this runs his business like a tyrant. Everything must always go his way and when it doesn’t, lives can be ruined. He will not sew a stitch for anyone he deems “ineligible”; his poetic term for anyone he deems unfit to wear his designs.




It is said that a pair of men were found along Ul’Dah’s western trade route horrifically dismembered. Sources say they were small time bandits that had plans to attack and rob Boborupo’s delivery carriage. Boborupo denies any knowledge of this but has been recorded stating that anyone attempting to rob him “would lose far more than his head.”

It's heavily suggested that Bobo dresses and gowns are so expensive that some customers have been driven bankrupt from poorly managing the costs. Boborupo embraces these rumors by stating the following, “If you don’t have what it takes to manage your own money, you certainly don’t have what it takes to wear the clothes. My prices are only unreasonable for the foolish.”

Several women have claims to have been turned away before getting in the door for their looks. Others have claimed they were denied services for being Ala Mighan, or having a stutter. These accusations he neither confirms nor denies which for many of the Ul’Dah well-to- do is all the more alluring in its exclusivity.

Some say Boborupo’s abrasive attitude stems from the fact that he was once engaged to be married but his bride ran off with his twin brother and that Boborupo has not pursued any lovers nor friendships since. Others say the man is asexual, as no attempt to seduce him has ever successfully lowered his price tags.

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