Daniwyda Merlfalkwyn

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 Daniwyda Merlfalkwyn
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Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Eorzean
Age 39
Height 6 fulms 5 ilms
Build Lean
Profession Adventuring
Patron Deity Llymlean
Server Coerl(planned transfer to Balmung)



Rather petite for a Sea Wolf, Daniwyda can still look down upon all but the tallest of Hyur. Her once powerfully muscled frame has begun to show signs of age, leaving her with a lighter and leaner build. Wind and weather have ransacked her face, leaving it leathery and scored by early wrinkles. Some accident has further discoloured her sea green face, with a scattering of shallow burn scars. Their tug upon her features perpetuates the somber expression usually seen in her iron grey eyes. When tired or pressed for speed, Daniwyda walks with a pronounced limp, but hides it quite well at other times.


According to references from the conjuror's guild, Daniwyda was carried into Gridania by a group of travelers several weeks after the Calamity's five year remembrance service. They claimed to have found the ragged Sea Wolf sheltering behind a fallen oak, as they returned home from the gathering. The guild's healers report that Daniwyda was suffering from a compound fracture of her lower right leg, which had been complicated by an open wound and early signs of infection. In addition the large Roegadyn was malnourished, with second degree burns to her face and torso. The guild also reports that she suffered from some form of amnesia, apparently related to the calamity.

After months under the guild's care, Daniwyda was granted elemental permission to remain as a resident of Gridania. However, in what many perceived to be a snub, she left the Twelve's Wood shortly after, striking out for Limsa Lominsia with a small caravan. Upon arrival, the Sea Wolf registered herself in Bahdron's Adventurer guild. Since then her movements have been increasingly erratic. Particularly after the guild authorized her for airship travel.

Searches into Daniwyda's origins prior to her arrival in the Twelve's Wood have been fruitless, leading some to theorize that Daniwyda Merlfalkwyn is in fact a mere alias. One conjuror, who cared for her initial injuries noted that her memories seemed chaotic and she recalled her own name in a hesitant manner.


At first glance, Daniwyda appears serious to a fault, perhaps due in part to the lack of expression in her face. Quiet or gruff around many of her fellows, the Sea Wolf seems to have a soft spot for eager young adventurers, quickly to offer advice or a story. However turning the conversation towards her own past, will quickly send the adventurer into a sullen silence.

Affiliations and Known Associates

Currently a member of both the adventurer's guild and the fisherman's guild in Limsa Lominsia, Daniwyda appears to keep the other members on a business only footing. She has formed few close friendships.

Daniwyda also claims to be eternally bonded, having separated from her husband some years ago. Although her ring appears to be genuine enough, her explanations are generally vague.


  • Nicknames: Dani
  • Age: 39
    • Nameday:
  • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Marital Status: Unknown
  • Height: 6 fulms 5ilms
  • Weight: 245 ponze
  • Body: Fit
  • Hair: Deep green, with shocks of grey.
  • Eyes: Iron Grey
  • Skin: Sea Green
  • Clothing: Functional and generally drab, occasionally with a little red.


  • Drinking
  • Traveling
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Offering Advice


  • Being Idle
  • Taking Orders
  • Giving Compliments
  • Merchants

Areas of Expertise

  • Martial: Dani carries her ax as though it were simply another limb, and her technique with the weapon shows years of experience. However it becomes apparent quickly in combat that her physical strength and reflexes have begun to wane. In addition she is hampered by continued weakness in her right leg, which failed to heal soundly despite all efforts. This has forced Dani to adopt an intelligent fighting style, relying more upon technical tricks than the physical talents she lacks.
  • Crafting: The only trade in which Dani seems to be reasonably proficient is cartography and she has reportedly completed several leves to accompany surveying parties. Although she can cook simple and edible dishes, with reliable success, she is far from a culinarian.
  • Other: Anyone fortunate enough to see Dani aboard a ship would see a different woman. She can work the mast, man a helm, and load a cannon as though she were born doing it.


  • Skilled with an Ax
  • Stubborn and Loyal
  • Experienced Sailor
  • Good at Navigation
  • Level Headed and Serious


  • Lame Leg
  • Stubborn to a Fault
  • Heavy Drinker
  • Overly Serious
  • Lousy Cook

Other Notes


Daniwyda worships the twelve, with particular respect for the navigator.


  • Always carries several maps on her person
  • Enjoys telling long winded tails about life at sea
  • Will often break into song, when drunk


  • Lominsian Style Greatax
  • Two smaller hatchets
  • Generic mail or plate depending upon the situation


The following rumours can be heard about Daniwyda Merlfalkwyn, predominantly in the adventurer guilds of Eorzea. (If your character has an opinion about her, feel free to add it here.)

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