Diving Thrush

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 Diving Thrush
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa and Ul'dah
Age 25
Occupation Aesthetician
Guardian Azeyma
Orientation Unknown
Family Unknown
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Diving Thrush is a joyous individual. Her emotions--both good and bad--tend to run high, and her loud voice and exuberant behavior is often quite contagious. She has a great love for natural beauty, and for many cycles she's put that careful eye to use as an Aesthetician. Guildless and master-less, she travels the lands surrounding Ul'dah and Limsa Lominsa, visiting her clients. Though she is not averse to cities, rural areas are much more pleasing to her. She prioritizes those of her clients that live away from civilization, and her favourite place tends to be the open road. Nature is her most dear companion, and she often uses it as a lens to focus her work, beautifying her clients with the inspiration of the living world. In conversation, she never speaks much about herself. Her attention is almost always focused outward, either on her work, her surroundings, or any particular problem troubling those who are dear to her.


She keeps her appearance as relatively immaculate as her frequent travels out into the countryside allows. She revels in traveling and looking utterly fantastic, and thus is constantly seeking repair and replacement for her wardrobe. In spite of her oftentimes revealing and expensive clothing, she is quite muscular--it's clear that, by whatever means, Diving Thrush takes very good care of her physique. She has no scars to speak of, and keeps her short blue-green hair styled to the tastes of the times.


Diving Thrush simply...isn't much of a combatant. Those who've spent enough time with her might remark upon her physique and her clearly practiced talent for conjury, but she never flaunts either of these things. She avoids conflict and hardship both, and does what she can so that those close to her can do the same.


Diving Thrush has worked as an aesthetician since before the Calamity brought ruin to Eorzea. Most of her clientele is within the Vylbrand, but in the past several years, she's taken on a wealth of fresh jobs in Ul'dah. She's well-versed in both cities, and has no fear of traveling within them.


Song & Laughter
Ranch Work


Soulkin & Voidsent


Aetheric Synthesis


Favourite Food/Drink: Blood Currant Tart, Pineapple Juice
Favourite Place: The wide-open La Noscean countryside
Favorite Weather: Sunshine
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Color: Ocean Blue
Favorite Scents: Lavender


Romantic Interest Sexual Desire Platonic Love Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing

Friends & Acquaintances

Papaya Paya: ~TBD~ 

Enemies & Rivals

Rurujo Rujo (NPC): A long-term client of DT's who also happens to run a very successful ranch along the La Noscean coastline. Diving Thrush adores this woman and respects her in equal measure, and frequently asks after the well-being of her family. Most recently, she's been asked to look after one of Rurujo's most studious children -- Papaya Paya'

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Theme Song:

Alignment: Chaotic Good