Doendraga Barabharsyn

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Doendraga Barabharsyn
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Guardian Llymlaen, the Navigator
Age 28
Nameday 18th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Occupation Captain of the Lookfar ((Smuggler))
Server Balmung


An independent mariner of the Rhotano Sea, the Roegadyn Doendraga is a magnetic figure among the sights of Limsa Lominsa's dockyards, yet moves with discretion as to be lost in a virtual tide of Sea Wolf buccaneers and sea-faring folk. Captain of his own vessel, the schooner "Lookfar", he is constantly on the move, whether striking out into the deep blue to reap from the bounties of the waters, or ferrying goods and adventurers to all the hidden nooks and crannies of Eorzea's coastline where few barges can find purchase or few sailors are willing to travel. He exudes experience and know-how that far exceeds both his years and his wildly sarcastic and care-free personality, and this persona as well as his more “law-conscious” activities help to deflect attention from his true calling as one of the most highly sought-after smugglers in Limsa Lominsa.


  • "'e's a brash and fearless captain, that one, but word 'as it 'e won't sail out toward the Sea o' Jade...Bit queer innit? Long as the Lookfar 'ugs the coast, it could make the journey just fine..."
  • "'eard 'e fancies the lads...Breaks this 'ore's 'eart, it does..."
  • "Saw 'im giving whatfor to a band of ol' Karkwick's boys out by the docks. Never seen a Roegadyn move that fast..."
  • "You say this shipment was brought in by the Lookfar? How is that possible? Those waters are a graveyard of rocks and twisted hulls!"
  • "Give 'im some 'igh-caliber Lominsan rum. That'll make 'im sing for true."
  • "I've seen that big one - Doendraga's his name - always sitting out by the docks at night. Sometimes he's fishin', but he doesn't really look like he's fishin', ya ken? More like he just wanted an excuse to stare out at the sea and be left alone."
  • "Logaf can get you anything you need, even the illegal stuff - especially the illegal stuff. Say's he knows some Roegadyn who can sneak anything into Limsa Lominsa for the right price. Hells, the way you'd hear him tell it, I'd wager that Roegadyn could sneak anything anywhere'."
  • "I heard he can hold his breath for an entire bell - swim right to the bottom of the Rhotano...Wha? Of course it's possible if you've got a pair of lungs that big! Shaddap woman and bring me another drink!"


Like many Roegadyn, Doendraga is large with generous helpings of muscle tucked beneath his icy cyan skin. Dark mauve hair covers his jaw and adorns his head in a wild cluster, terminating in blistering white highlights. A simple tattoo rests beneath his right eye - a keepsake of his earlier life - and it curves gently whenever a smile bends his eyes into soft crescents. He walks with a silent and still strength, gentle eyes that appear tired in their luster clashing with his powerful frame, and his voice is deep and smokey, but smooth and almost dulcet to the ears.

Spending so much of his time out in the open waters, Doendraga prefers loose fitting, or sparse clothing: thick fabrics and heavy coverings don't serve when one is surrounded by endless seawater, particularly for someone who spends as much time in the water as Doendraga (he's a fantastic swimmer). His clothes regularly carry the feint aroma of ocean sprays, and he is usually sporting a bandanna when he is aboard the Lookfar, complimenting the brass hoops that decorate his ears and the metal choker hugging his thick neck.


Doendraga boasts his own unique set of peepers, and sees a world where - despite its shiny exterior - to live is to suffer. It's nothing to be depressed over, of course, just a simple jagged pill that needs to be swallowed time and time again lest a man become a slave to fancy. Looking at something for what it is and objectifying what doesn't need to be humanized is how Doendraga processes the insane glob that is life. Though this makes him a fairly level-headed and rational man, when coupled with a natural instinct to replace reverence with mockery, it also makes him facetiously cynical. Doendraga's humor is eccentric, yet witty, but his propensity for irreverence and his sardonic charm can make that same humor abrasive to the more sensitive of folk: his outlook can at times be inappropriate, as his sense of humor permeates everything that he does and says on a very subtle level, and his wit is nothing if not wildly sarcastic.

It’s easy for Doendraga to objectify his experiences (good or bad), and in doing so, reduce them into trifling shadows: keen wits and a gift of self-awareness help him to make sense of his plot in life by understanding how he got there in the first place. He reflects on his actions and those around habitually, his mind forever wandering backward where others might wander forward, though his strong-willed demeanor shows little evidence of him being a retrospective man to most on-lookers. Nonetheless, despite what appears to be such a careless demeanor his brain is always active, and it tends to result in him losing his time to the unfettered whims of his memories and thoughts. For all his barbed grins and snark, and despite his love of drink, he's an addict of the quiet times.


Of course, he hardly makes such an impression at a distance: there's always work to be done after all, and he is nothing if not driven by necessities. Strong-willed, determined, and immensely stubborn, his hard-line views of life can at makes him seem apathetic and cold, and while the motivations behind such characteristics are varied and deep, the product of each can make him seem unapproachable and overbearing. Given his reflective nature, though, he's aware of how he can come across to others; interpersonal consequences, as a result, typically roll off his shoulders without much care. After all, conflict is part of life, and it can't be avoided forever. Doendraga makes his peace with that truth, and he doesn't invest too much emotion into anything as a result, making him too casual to the point of being almost nihilistic.

Hardly a dry personality, though, he is a sailor through and through, and his speech reflects this: he is often crass, unapologetic with his choice in words, and speaks with a thick Lominsan accent. His vernacular is especially colorful, with an eclectic mixture of sacrilegious profanity and witty exposition.


  • Navigation
  • Ship-handling and line-handling
  • Ropework
  • Fluency with maritime law
  • Meteorology
  • Swimming
  • Free-diving
  • Freshwater and Saltwater fishing
  • Smuggling
  • Suspicious degree of knowledge regarding coastal markets and contraband
  • Deadly Proficiency with the Lominsan Bearded War Axe and dual knife-fighting

The Lookfar

The Lookfar is a lateen-rigged schooner measuring approximately 50 yalms in length, and sporting two masts as well as a triangular headsail. Its hull is made of Lominsan pearlbirch - beautifully pale but immensely sturdy and dependable - that contrasts its sapphire sails majestically. The Lookfar is an extremely maneuverable and swift vessel when the wind is in its favor, easily outpacing larger ships and many small ships such a ketch or yawl, but as it lacks any oars it ultimately lies at the mercy of the weather. Also, given its size and predilection for speed and agility, the Lookfar is not a ship made for war, possessing only two light canons at port and two at starboard.

The advantage of a schooner, particularly the specific rigging of the Lookfar, allows the ship to be managed efficiently with a crew as small as eight, and depending on the needs of the contract, the Lookfar will often fill its deck with anywhere from 8-15 able bodied sailors from various ports. The four officers of the Lookfar, all men and women who have sailed with Doendraga since the beginning are:

  • Flameshe Merovign - First Mate/Quartermaster - The Duskwight woman Flameshe is the second in command of the Lookfar, and close confidant of its captain, Doendraga Barabharsyn. She is known for her steely, cold demeanor, and runs a tight watch over the Lookfar's crew, and is rumored to have sailed with Doendraga aboard his father's ship, the Blue Cry.
  • Tifgin Dalgin - Boatswain - An alcoholic plainsfolk with a surprising propensity for detail, Tifgin is a natural sailor and his obsessive compulsiveness in maintaining the deck and hull of the Lookfar somehow perseveres through the thickest haze of liquor.
  • Darius Culhen - Navigator - a young midlander and son of the deceased Erdric Culhen (a captain in the Lominsan Navy), Darius is a keen youth with an near-eidetic memory, and a strong sense of direction.
  • Zaensunn - Master Carpenter/Sail Maker - old even by Roegadyn standards, Zaensunn is a salty and cantankerous Sea Wolf who never seems fully pleased with anything. He tolerates Flameshe and Doendraga far more than he does anyone else, though, hinting at some degree of respect (or fear with regards to Flameshe) that he doesn't openly admit.


Doendraga's past is a suspiciously simple one: born a bastard upon the high seas, and instantly a crewman of his father Barabhar's merchant vessel, the Blue Cry, he spent his youth touring the great open waters of Eorzea. Or so he claims.

Sadly, as he would tell it, after the Blue Cry survived Leviathan’s rampage, Sahagin attacks, and Reaver piracy for years it was finally claimed by the Calamity at the onset of the 7th Umbral Era. Its captain, and Doendraga’s father, was claimed with it leaving Doendraga like many other mariners land-locked in Limsa Lominsa without a ship to call home. He worked in the docks and help rebuild for some time until the waters of the Rhotano finally calmed themselves, upon which many new ships were looking for able-bodied crew. Doendraga signed on with one surviving vessel after another, earning his pay with his tireless labors until eventually finding a place as First Mate of a ship called the Lookfar in the 3rd year of the Seventh Umbral Era (1575), where he was joined by another survivor mariner of his father’s ship, the Blue Cry: the Duskwright Flameshe Merovign. When the ship’s captain – Tamitha Gant – died in a Sahagin night raid upon the ship later that year, however, Doendraga assumed command of the speedy schooner. He has since spent his days alongside the crew of his ship plying the waters of Eorzea, reaping the bounties of the sea, trading in commodities, and privately ferrying passengers seeking discretion and not-oft travelled destinations within the Rhotano Sea, the Indigo Deep, and the Strait of Merlthor. Discreetly, Doendraga has involved himself heavily in smuggling – both in goods and in people – though he has managed to keep the true talent of his ship and crew hidden from port authorities.

When the Eorzean Alliance was reborn under the looming threat of the Garlean Empire, and the Admiral mobilized the Lominsan Armada to blockade Castrum Marinum in Operation Archon, the Lookfar was conscripted as a “gunship” vessel of the Third Squadron, and outfitted with far more cannons that it was designed for. Originally tasked with hunting down blockade running ships, Doendraga and his crew inadvertently stumbled upon a Garlean scheme that sought to sabotage the blockade of the Maelstrom by discreetly capturing one of its galleons, the Brave Deep. Doendraga, along with Flameshe, infiltrated the vessel after the Garleans had successfully taken the ship during the night, and crippled its armed crew allowing the Lookfar and the rest Doendraga’s mariners to board and overtake the Garlean buccaneers. During the final moments of the conflict, Doendraga confronted and slayed the commanding officer of the operation: Corivius sas Orvin, an infamous Tribunus of the Garlean navy.

With the Brave Deep temporarily commandeered, Doendraga used the Empire’s own scheme against them: while the Brave Deep was originally poised to punch through the Lominsan blockade after rigging the Brave Deep with explosives and ramming the blockade line, Doendraga ran the Garlean colors over the sails and drove the Brave Deep into the Garlean harbor of Castrum Marinum instead, taking the Garleans by surprise and obliterating the destroyers they were planning to launch toward the Lominsan ships after creating an opening in their blockade. Doendraga and (most of ) his crew escaped back onto the Lookfar (which had been kept in tow as if captured) before the Garleans could retaliate through the chaos. Though the Lookfar saw only light military action for the remainder of Operation Archon, he was rewarded for his bravery and tenacity by the Admiral of the Maelstrom herself after the Grand Companies had succeeded in hamstringing the Garlean campaign into Eorzea. It remains doubtful that Admiral Bloefhiswyn did not know Doendraga was a smuggler, nor do any believe the irony of awarding medals of honor to a discreet criminal was lost to her. Be that as it may, Doendraga had – as he does in the present – kept his tracks hidden well enough that formal charges would never stick.

Recently, Doendraga was put in touch with the Spectrum Guard operating out of Camp Bronze Lake by an old associate: the merchant captain Boscolo. Once a major provisioner to the camp, Boscolo tipped off Doendraga to the "special needs" of the Guard, and knew that the Lookfar and its captain would be the perfect match for the men and women who called the hot springs home. Doendraga become the primary supplier of goods to Camp Bronze Lake, as well as a procurer for the Guard's more discreet acquisitions, and his ship and crew were regularly chartered to deliver and extract the Spectrum Guard from locales across the boundless coasts of Eorzea as well as smuggle the rare, odd commodities.

After the Spectrum Guard was disbanded Doendraga returned to the open seas and harbors along with the Lookfar and its crew.

Note from the writer

Expect more of his profile, particularly his history, to expand as he develops (along with his personal story: I have plans *muwhahaha*)

In the mean time, hit me up whenever you feel like it - either in game, or on RPC - if you have any ideas or interests that would include our little/big Roegadyn. I'm always looking out for opportunities to roleplay and create substantial stories or relationships.