Draco Ixtar

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 Draco Ixtar
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Lady Draco Ixtar From House Ixtar
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship First: Limsa Lominsa now: Ul'dah
Age 20
Nameday 21st sun of the 5th umbral moon
Guardian Oschon the wanderer
Occupation Hair to the Ixtar house, Freelance mercenary
Status Noble
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Draco Ixtar (Born Draycoco ixtar) is a blunt, Blind woman, who usually speaks what she feels and goes with her gut instinct, daughter to a wealthy family who own there own family house, the Ixtar name has connections to the politics as well as wealth of Ul'dah, because of this she was raised nobly, until an accident nearly costed her brothers life, for this the parents she had threw her out of the house to be left for dead, since her blinds and brash behaviour could damage the family name, this incident involved an explosion that costed her brother his leg, and embedded a fire shard deeply into Draco's head the tip of which is visible and still active.

after her abandon meant she made her way north into the shroud to which she started to die slowly in starvation, unsure where she is or where she is going, she started to give upend tried to find ways to end her life until the fire shard in the scar on her forehead lit up giving her a friendly voice as well as a warmth only a house fire can give her, when she followed the voice she was told to look up, and to her amazement she could see aether, unsure of this she has followed the voice that spoke to her, and with it learnt how to use basic fire magic as well as fend for herself, as well as teaching her to respect the primal energies from the aether, rekindling her will to live.

from then on she has been slowly making a name of herself as someone who comes across as fearless, her family knowing that she is now known to be alive still, they sent her to the mercenary group Astral Agents under contract with Burgenhiem rousa to keep her out of the way as well as keeping the family name safe.

a year passes working with the FC losing touch to her friend Burgenhiem, she found herself fired after an assault onto the house, her Brother Dominique Ixtar had tried 'his way' to interact with the house before taking her with him, since then she has been abandoned in thanalan taking refuge in Southern Thanalan under the guide of a Ala meeghan monk.


At her size she is considered small even by adverage lalafallen women, she usually keeps her hair messy covering the scar and crystal in her forehead with her blond hair, her Left eye is Blue and her right eye turned Red after the Incident, she has some mussels as well a slender figure, Her signature trait she keeps visible is a grey heart shaped tattoo under her blue eye.

Being a woman of noble birth, she has grown a liking to silks and soft fabrics at most she tries to keep wearing them for comfortably, normally requesting dalamud red colouring due for its 'warm feel', she has multiple set of glasses she uses in order for her to play as if she can see, as well as a few sunglasses to look normal during the day, she also has a chocobo feather hair clip she always wears.


A bit rough around the edges she learnt that people lie from the nobles and that people are harsh and heartless from her parents, due to this she finds interacting with new people extremely difficult however, due to the voice from her head she has learnt that people can be kind, even if they are hated, because of this she normally talks her mind and tries to show what she is thinking most of the time even if it dosnt work, she dose have a soft spot for those who do show kindness to her, her caretaker Burgenhiem rouse, for excample, has kept her safe, in return she has offered him drinks, money, and has even tried to help him on missions. (much to his dismay) her kindness isn't rare, but she doesn't like to show it due to it being a slight weakness.



Trained in Pugulism she has been taught by an ex-monk in some of the older ways of combat, she preforms the moves though imitation, however not being a proper monk she is in capable of opening her chakras, Due to the fire crystal in her head however she has a innate fire affinity, using the crystal as well as aether from her body she is able to ignight her arms creating a literal fists of fire, this tiers her our however, she is also able to cover her bodying flames but due to how much aether this uses its only a last resort for defence, in magic she is able to manipulate fire aether naturally but has difficulties with most other aethers, espechhaly Ice. due to her upbringing she knows the very basics of how to use a sword, with the crystal in her head she can 'summon' a ifrit-egi but she never uses this for fighting due to the strain it puts on her.

when in combat she feels joy, due to her life fighting and surviving and tends to get annoyed when her aponant refuses to fight, because of this she has a slight bloodlust. this bloodlust is brought up with a Black tar like potion, which evokes bloodlust, she uses a white liquid potion to suppress her Bloodlust.


She tends to rely heavily on her Fire usage, due to this reliance on a finite source she tends to act quick so it dosnt drain much, if the fights last on for to long she will start backing off and use her speed in defence while building energy for her crystal, her 'fists of fire' is her signature move,


  • Soft clothing and fabrics
  • The warm feeling of gentle fires
  • Chocobos
  • Morbols (she likes them due to her pet morbol)


  • Nobles
  • Rudeness
  • Being left alone.


  • Reading aetherical ink books
  • Chocobo riding
  • Training
  • Drinking Hot Chocolate


  • Tends to lose her temper easily .
  • Used to rely on getting drunk to talk to people.
  • She uses the Ifrit-egi "iffy" to talk to when she is lonely.



Lord Aveon Ixtar (father, lalafell diseased )

Lady Ember Ixtar (Step-Mother, miqo'te)

Lord Dominique Ixtar (Step-Brother miqo'te)

Dew the chocobo (Pet Chocobo)

Lory the chocobo (Pet Chocobo)

Malby the morbol (Pet Morbol -Missing-)


Burgenhiem Rousa Her garudian originally contracted by her farther with 2 goals make sure she stays alive (due to if she died it would mean they would have to be shown caring) and to make sure she dosnt hurt the Ixtar nam, after a while however he taught her how to read atherical ink, as well as listened to her and showed her kindness, between the two there is a deep trust between them.

Camy laykk The first to greet her in Astral agents she took interest in draco's life as well trying to stop her dependance on her alcohol, to which she almost didn't win, because of her kindness and interest in her she took the time to be nice to her and have the start of a friendship.

B'ren Lyrgh, originally wearing a mask draco thought his face was made of wood giving him the nick name woodman, however now that she has gotten used to him she only uses it in a playful sense then a literal sense, she feels she can talk more freely around him.

"Iffy" the Ifrit-Egi (her summon) 'Iffy' was a summon she learned to summon while she was abandoned in the forests of the shroud, she only managed to summon a small flame sprite and it took its shape of a standard ifrit egi after training with friendly amalj'aa. though she hasn't summoned it much, she summons it when she is alone or cold, so that it feels like someone is near her.

Berrod Armstrong - the leader of the astral agents, thought not seeing eye to eye, they have a mutual understanding,

Dacien Bernadotte - though normally at opposite ends she sees him more of a rival as he treats and taunts her as a normal seeing person, (as much as he gains amusement from mocking a blind girl) she however likes to -try- throwing books back at him, when on official bissness she speaks to him as she would a proper friend.

T'hriko Tia (diseased) - An old rival paladin she fought usually so she had someone to fight against, she held a form of respect for him as a paladin, however when he fell she saw it as her responsibility to try and bring him back from his darkness, she was saddened and anger to learn of his passing. she has it now set up as an agreement to have a candle burn for him in the paladin guild.


Zozola Zola Assassins, Anyone against House ixtar


Common Rumors

  • "the Daughter of ixtar, i hope she's doing well"
  • "I wonder why her father lets her do such common things."
  • "i herd she visits the quicksand for a meal just to 'people watch"

Moderate Rumors

  • "she must train daily, her body isn't what i expected from a noble woman"
  • "i herd she enjoys fire, i hope she is careful with herself."
  • "i notice she is normally in a fowl mood, i wonder if she is angry or sad about something"

Rare Rumors

  • "i wonder what she means by 'may the aether watch over you'"
  • "i herd she was abandond by her family"
  • "I herd if her father sees her on her Family grounds she will be excicuted by him personally."
  • "I herd she lives down in southern thanalan now, with the poor ala meeghans. do you think she ran out of gil?"

PC Rumors

  • "she is a bit hot headed at times, but she means well" Burgenhiem rousa
  • "she must be a right beastie in bed" Brand bakerson (about her short temper)
  • "she's a bit of a ... odd... one "Athe Baros

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