Drunken Daisy

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 Drunken Daisy
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Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Unaffiliated
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Drunken Daisy, Daisy to most, at first glance appears to be a Roegadyn who can regale an audience with stories of battle and glory, stemming from her muscular build and the obvious scar over her eye. Daisy would be the first to tell you how incorrect this assumption is. She, like several others of her clan, was at one time a sellsword, but rather than excitement or a decent living, Daisy simply found boredom in risking her own hide for the benefit of others. Constantly being hired by less than reputable people did not help things; despite her father telling her to get rid of it, Daisy's moral compass is quite apparent. Instead of selling her services with a blade for combat or defense purposes, Daisy found a more lucrative use for her blade arm for more honest, sometimes eyebrow raising work. However, if the gil were good and the employer on the level, Daisy would have little qualms with taking blade to beast again. Oh, and don't ask her about the scar. It's an embarrassing story.


Standing at above six fulm, Daisy is fairly tall though not as tall as others within her clan; indeed she is on the short end all things considered. She is not forthcoming about her weight, only that her body contains very little fat - though she seldom goes beast hunting, she still keeps up her exercise regimen. Afterall, her blades are still heavy and stamina is always important no matter the occupation. Her skin is a dark olive tone and her eyes are bluer than a Lominsan ocean. Generally, she keeps her hair short but she has grown it out out of laziness every now and then. While naturally a dark red, Daisy dyes her hair black as she feels it suits her overall look better; again because of her laziness, streaks of her natural red often dot her bangs.


While not truly a gentle giant, Drunken Daisy would just as soon spend a day mingling with the patrons of a pub or on the streets than venturing into the wilderness. She is calm most of the time and only angers after repeated prodding. Daisy is quite the lazy lady which makes her work ethic less than perfect. Stemming from her constant days spent lounging around the streets and pubs of the cities, Drunken is exceptionally sociable, always having something to converse with someone. These people skills have served her well thus far, and on more than one occasion it has aided in getting past that initial shock of her potentially frightening appearance.

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