Eamont Desormaux

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Gridania-transparent.png Eamont Desormaux
Eamont Smile Face.png
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Gridania
Age 43 (or elezen equivalent)
Height Tall
Build Athletic/Wiry
Profession Voice of the Ivory Tower
Pronunciation AY-mon de-Sore-moh
Server Balmung
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Basic Info

Eamont is a tall Wildwood male with an athletic build and dark green hair and eyes. His face is dominated by sharply defined cheek bones and a prominent nose. His sad, almond-shaped eyes and facial scars hint at a troubled past. However, he usually has a gentle expression and speaks in a soft, non-threatening voice. Clearly older than the average adventurer, Eamont’s face has an ageless quality that could place him out of young adulthood but not yet passed middle aged (human equivalent of 30s-40s).


(This is kept intentionally vague in areas so that additions/clarifications to existing lore will not conflict with the character’s background.) Eamont was born in Gridania decades before The Calamity. The young elezen showed a natural gift for channeling the Aether around him. He also exhibited decent athletic abilities, growing taller and stronger than others of his age. With his talent for magic and a loving, supportive family, all should have gone well for Eamont. However, a short temper, tremendous laziness, and misanthropy were the hallmarks of his early life. Never fitting in and too idle to put even his martial talents to constructive use, Eamont used aggression to ease his discomfort. Of course, this only furthered his feelings of isolation. By the time Eamont on the cusp of being of age, he had become a fairly skilled brawler and was generally regarded as a cad and a bully. He had reached the “enlightened” conclusion that no one in Gridania would appreciate his skills or “clearly superior” outlook on the world. With much youthful hubris, he set off for a more cosmopolitan city that would surely be full of people who would recognize his talents: Ul’dah. Ul’dah was indeed more cosmopolitan. It did not take long for the eager young elezen to greedily gather many new experiences. Very quickly, he developed a habit for overindulging in food, drink, flesh, and gaming. As keen as he was for these new experiences, the consequences came as quite a shock. In less than a few years, Eamont was deeply in debt to many people, including one of Ul’dah’s criminal organizations. In order to pay off his debt, he began working for this organization as an enforcer, collecting protection money and intimidating rival syndicates. Initially, he reveled in his new life, feeling that his skills were recognized and he could continue his life of excess. However, after several years the shine wore off this life and Eamont found himself trapped. He began toying with the idea of disappearing, perhaps returning to Gridania or traveling to Limsa Lominsa. It was when a routine job -- shaking down a shop owner for protection money -- went wrong that everything changed. On a night Eamont is still not willing to discuss, the shop caught fire resulting in the deaths of several people. That night, he discarded all of his belongings and fled Ul’dah. The fire was declared an accident due to bribery by his previous employers. While Ul’dah law enforcement was not looking for him, the members of his former criminal organization likely were. Eamont spent the intervening years living in small camps and outposts doing odd jobs, still afraid to go home to Gridania. While he had not truly begun to atone for his past, Eamont strived to lead a good life, free of the indulgences of his past. He tried to hone his talent for channeling Aether through self-study, but did not get very far. After some years, he returned to Gridania and joined the Conjurer’s Guild. There was contentment to be found in healing the sick and injured, but Eamont was afraid of his past and so he kept to the city, never venturing far from Gridania. As such, he was not at the Battle of Carteneau. Eamont lived through Bahamut’s attack and was never more thankful for his healing talent than when he was able to help its victims. In the last five years, he has overcome his fear of his past, feeling that Eorzea’s people need the skills of a healer far too much. Recently he learned that the organization he was affiliated with in Ul’dah was crippled after The Calamity, losing many of its members. Due to the lengthy time since his association with them and their reduced reach, Eamont feels more and more confident that he can live openly without risking danger to himself or others. Whether he is correct about this remains to be seen.


Eamont Desormaux

Eamont is most governed by his desire to atone for the missteps of his past. Although his past is not something that he will readily discuss, it informs all of his actions. In his eyes, he is unworthy of his second chance at life in Gridania, the forgiveness of his family and friends, and surviving the Calamity. His main goal is to help others and become a worthy person again. This does not mean that he is pessimistic. Instead, he is accepting of these qualities in himself and seeking to change them. Outwardly, Eamont appears to be tranquil and contemplative. This is a state he goes well out of his way to achieve, as he tries to lead a simple, useful life. That being said, he is by no means cheerless. He enjoys the beauties of the natural world and the camaraderie of his fellow adventurers. While he can be quite warm and genial, he tends to maintain a certain amount of distance from others. Eamont is very patient and tries to be understanding, even of things he might personally find repellent. The temper of his younger days is not gone. While it may take an impressive amount to anger him, if that occurs he is capable of striking out violently. Knowing this, Eamont goes well out of his way to leave situations before this might happen.


Conjurer’s Guild of Gridania

Areas of Expertise

  • Conjuring/Healing
  • Understanding the criminal element
  • Patient listening*
  • Dispensing advice*

(* An expert, perhaps only in his own mind. :) )


  • Conjuring/Healing: While he may possess talent in other forms of magic, the ability to channel Aether from the land came almost naturally to Eamont. It was his stubborn nature, not a lack of talent, which resulted in a late start of his magical studies.
  • Physical Prowess: Although he was more gifted in magic, he also possesses athletic abilities. Even now he still retains some of the strong build of his younger days.
  • Patience: Years of learning to restrain baser impulses has given Eamont an impressive amount of patience. He is very slow to anger.


  • Addiction: Eamont has trouble with alcohol and gambling, though he has successfully kept from indulging in these for many years, most recently by throwing himself into his study of healing magics.
  • Temper: Although he now possesses a patient and tolerant demeanor, the fiery temper of his youth is not completely gone. It and its effects are certainly not forgotten.
  • Blinded by a desire to help: While generally a good judge of character, Eamont tends to act against his better judgment when he thinks he can help a young person avoid a bad fate. A fervent believer than anyone can turn their life around and “be the better man,” he can often fools himself into believing that the desire to do so is there. This could put himself and allies at risk.

Other Notes


The pronunciation of his first name is unusual. It is not pronounced Ay-moan as one would expect, but Ay-mon. If asked about it he would reply, perhaps with a bemused smile, that his mother said it just sounded better that way. He has long given up on Hyur pronouncing his last name correctly.


  • He occasionally uses his older age to fool young adventures into thinking he is a bit of an old fogey. His usual methods of giving them the business are pretending to be socially conservative and acting as if he does not get their jokes.
  • Surprising said previous young adventures with the fact that he is in fact not quite so old by laughing at their ribald jokes (or making one of his own) or making wry observations. Honestly when you do not drink, smoke, or eat fancy foods, what is left?


  • Someone of a similar appearance, though very different demeanor, worked for one of the crime organizations of Ul’dah but disappeared years before The Calamity.

Player Character Rumours

  • "Eamont's like my wise old uncle, you know? I poke fun at him now and again, but I don't trust anyone's counsel more." -- L'yhta Mahre
  • "If I one day fall silent, I know I'll always have my Voice. But don't tell him I said that..." - Kellach Woods
  • "Master Eamont's an odd one. He's the leader of the Tower, right? But he doesn't get any leadership perks! There's barely any respect and he doesn't have any concubines. I've been trying to fix that by spreading skinship to the Tower's members, but I'm having little luck!" -- Karaki Crystalis

OOC Inspirations

Sheppard Book (Firefly), John Bates (Downton Abbey), and Rupert Giles (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Images of Eamont Desormaux

Eamont as a young ruff in Ul'dah