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Ul'dah-transparent.png Elsa "Edelweiss" Engstrom
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 29
Height/Weight 71 ilms / 145 ponz
Occupation Underworld Generalist
Nameday 3rd Sun, 2nd Astral Moon - 1548
Server Balmung



  • Elsa "Edelweiss" Engstrom has a relatively conventional look about her for an Ala Mhigan Highlander. She is of average height and build, although she may seem slightly less muscled and stout than her ilk on account of the malnutrition that comes with a migrant lifestyle.
  • Her sun-baked complexion and light blonde hair give her a distinctive appearance that some have come to associate with her namesake flower - the Edelweiss: A dark, sturdy stem with a white-gold petals that thrives in rugged conditions. She can typically be seen wearing her hair cropped short, though she has been known to let it grow for long periods of time between cutting it. Typically, her hair is styled to hide the light, faded scar streaking across the right side of her face.
  • Despite a rough-living look about her, Elsa has a disarmingly gentle countenance. It is very likely she is aware of this and actively maintains the condition of her skin - but whether it is for the satisfaction of being attractive or as one of many manipulation tools. . It is impossible to say.
  • This disarming gentleness that she has been known to display through facial features is betrayed by a pair of cold, slate-coloured eyes. While not necessarily unattractive, this intense feature combined with her generally blank and listless demeanor could serve to mislead her acquaintances into thinking that she is calculated and unfeeling.
  • Elsa's garb is typically functional over ornate, though she has taken to displaying the literal symbolism of her moniker by always pinning a small edelweiss flower to her collar or sleeve. What little jewelry she owns consists mostly of an unrefined stone in a makeshift bone or coral setting. It would seem she has an aversion to precious, sparkling gems or metals as a means of fashion.


"Edelweiss" is well-known to her friends and associates as a particularly private person. Even among her closest companions, very little about her life is discussed. She has a specific interest in watching /listening to witty and charismatic individuals as they interact with others, though she seems hesitant to join in on the confident banter. She has something of a reputation for seeming emotionally disconnected and terse. She will answer questions with "Yes" or "No" when possible and generally is very direct in a discussion. In the past, her poor communication skills have served and hindered her alike. Fellow criminals enjoy working with her because of her long track record of staying quiet and accepting her punishment without confessing to an accusation or crime. It is because of this she is often described in the Eorzean underworld as a "true professional".


Somehow, Elsa has managed to survive 29 years of conflict, crime, and incarceration with no major injuries to speak of. She makes a concerted effort to stay healthy through rigorous exercise and an adamant refusal to consume alcohol or drugs. After a scrape with an Amalj'aa sentry while incarcerated in the Sagolii desert, she was left with a small, superficial, quickly-fading scar across the right side of her face. The wound healed quickly and no permanent damage was sustained.

Elsa has always been psychologically imbalanced. As a child, she was institutionalised for her erratic behavior and what seemed to be a complete lack of empathy. While she had no violent manifestations, it was clear that she would have difficulty adjusting to societal norms. To this day, issues of ethics, morality, empathy, sympathy, justice, and other cornerstones of societal order completely elude her. While the people she encounters are quick to judge her as cold and unfeeling, Elsa is merely exhibiting symptoms of a psychological condition.


  • No formal education on account of early-childhood institutionalisation
  • Literacy obtained while incarcerated
  • Has a particular interest, albeit rudimentary in depth, for history and economics



Elsa, unwilling to trust the craftsmanship of others, typically fashions and improvises her own weaponry. Most of the main armaments she employs can double as hunting tools, and she is nothing if not hyper-efficient. Specifically, she specialises in a small selection of weaponry:

  • The Bow: She commonly poaches for food and armour/clothing/tool materials. She favours the bow because of how seamless the transition from hunting tool to armament a simple bow can be. She is certainly no crack shot, but she is plenty skilled enough to be a threat when armed with this type of weapon.
  • The Spear: A simple, utilitarian weapon at its core. Her even center of gravity and deceptively strong frame allow for quick and powerful thrusts along with long-reaching throws for ranged foes. While she may be deadlier with a bow, she prefers the use of a spear due to the modicum of defense it offers her in close range.
  • Unarmed: As something of a runt in the eyes of other Highlanders, Elsa has taken her share of beatings while learning a thing or two about dishing them out along the way. While this may be her least confident method of fighting, she is a scrappy survivor and will put every last onze of strength into the fight while it occurs. Her fighting style is basic and pure revolving around a mixture of evasive defense and light, rapid fist and leg attacks.





Vanity of others
Ethical/Moral appeals
Drunks/Substance abusers


A knack for forging documents
A skilled hunter
Has experience with harsh climate survival


True Neutral alignment
Speaks with a strong Sagolii accent
Has a refined palate

Youth/Formative Years

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Expatriation & Resettlement

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Contemporary Events

Record of Birth

  • A certificate of birth and citizenship for one 'Elsa Engstrom' in the city-state of Ala Mhigo exists somewhere in Garlean Imperial archives. Though the document is largely meaningless as it was issued by a governing authority that no longer exists, Engstrom does not shy from using this information to seek "asylum" when pursued by enemies or law enforcement.

Institutionalisation & Incarceration

Ala Mhigo College of Chirurgical Sciences, 1553-1556

  • Ages 5-8 (3 years)
  • Reason: Medical research; rudimentary psychiatric therapy
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Copperbell Correctional Work Camp, 1562-1564

  • Ages 14-16 (2 years)
  • Reason: Illegal import of somnus through Ul'dah territory
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Amalj'aa-controlled Zanr'ak Detention Camp, 1572-1576

  • Ages 24-28 (4 years)
  • Reason: Illegal weapons import; conflict-profiteering
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Criminal Record by City-State/Independent Territory


  • Illegal import of contraband (Time served)
  • Illegal transport of foreign nationals (Fines paid)
  • Vandalism of private property (Fines paid)


  • Wildlife poaching (Fines outstanding)
  • Illegal transport of foreign nationals (Fines outstanding)

Limsa Lominsa

  • No public record


  • No public record


  • Illegal immigration (Deported)
  • Illegal immigration (Deported, again.)
  • Illegal immigration (Deported, a third time. . .)

Amalj'aa Tribal Territory

  • Conflict-profiteering (Time served)
  • Illegal import of arms (Time served)

Little Ala Mhigo

  • Unspecified charges (Exiled indefinitely)




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