Edmont Sondraix

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Ishgard.jpg Edmont Sondraix
Edmont Sondraix.png
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Ishgard
Age 34
Height Six fulms, Seven ilms
Weight 190 ponz
Profession Blade for Hire
Patron Deity Halone
Server Balmung

A Chevalier gone Crooked. Torn from his homeland and branded a heretic. With tarnished morals and his sense of duty tuned to serve only him, he lives off the jobs others would turn away and shakes hands with the shadows to further his own goals.

After all, it is only a task. No job denied, so long as the coin fits the deed.


Nobility seeps through his pores like a sickness, tainting everything it touches with its poisonous influence. Although he may try to hide it, his dress and mannerisms point towards it with painful translucence.

His clothes are pressed and maintained, armor shined and buffed to its finest. The only persistent damage is the emblem that once graced his gauntlets, scratched and clawed away to leave only a shadow of itself behind.

Peel back the finery and armor, the trappings of the proper and patrician, and left behind is a form that was built for battle and forged through zealous fury. His flesh is a tapestry of scars, woven from conflict and bloodshed. Body held together by sinuous muscle, and while lacking the pure bulk or string of a Highlander or Roegadyn it is made up for through grace and agility.


The Formative Years:

Born to as the eldest child of noble birth to unremarkable parents of a minor House, he began what was to be a normal life for a man in his position. As a young man , he grew up with martial training in the forefront of his life. Blades and armor part of his daily routine as he sought to bring further honor to his family and secure his position as successor to his father.

But every day he grew he cast a larger shadow across his younger brother, Aldoix. A bookworm as he was, his attention was turned more towards the stars above. And while he looked up his father stared down, upset with his weakness and refusal to pursue a life more fitting of the family's stature. Slowly resentment built, and Aldoix set his mind on removing the source of the shadow that loomed.

The Exile:

Shortly after turning twenty-five, Edmont had begun to feel accomplished in all he had done. He had experienced combat, both with heretics and dragons in small doses. His prowess had been recognized with gifting of rank, which brought his father much pride as his family name began to crawl out of obscurity.

Little attention was paid to the small escort task that he had been given. Such a mission was easily within his grasp, perhaps even below his newly acquired station. Zeal and pride left him blinded to the oddity of this request, the destination seemed far too out of the way to be of any use.

It was not the danger on the roads that should have been feared that day. Upon his return, guards stood at the ready. His room in the settlement had been searched, draconian artifacts recovered and brought forth. The caravan he escorted, unscheduled. It did not exist, and one could only assume his assistance was lent to a fellow heretic.

From a window above, Aldoix grinned. It was now he who stood before the sun, and the shadow he cast was daunting.

The Escape:

Edmont stood before the abyss, guards closing in around him. Certain imprisonment awaited, the land he had so zealously fought for had turned against him in a moment.

Run! Screamed every voice inside his skull. And run he did, turning to face the frozen wasteland of Coerthas his feet carried him towards freedom in exile. Arrows fell in his wake, blades slashed against his armor. While his body was broken and torn his resolve stood strong, carrying him through the Shroud to Gridania.

Little time was spent licking his wounds, as he knew patrols would be dispatched and no place so close to the Holy See was safe. His eyes fell on Limsa Lominsa, what better place to hide than among the pirates and pillagers.

Knight to Knave:

One can only live so long off the kindness of others. Hunger and desperation can change a man for the worse, and such change comes swiftly.

Brigandry came easily to him. Few traveling merchants were willing to cross blades with an armored assailant on the road. With his face hidden he struck at these citizens, filling his own coffers while gaining reputation. His well spoken demeanor the only attribute his victims could cling to.

What once was done out of necessity, began to shift into pleasure and greed. With his pockets bulging at the seams he continued to stalk, moral compass slowly going askew. Tasks taken that lead him down darker paths. Murder was the next natural step, so long as the bottom line justified the effort.

He continues to wander the southern reaches of Eorzea to practice his trade, hunting for jobs not posted to the public. His focus remains on his own pockets, yet every now and again a longing glance is spared towards Ishgard...


In casual company he maintains the demeanor of a socialite and noble. Always quick to give a smile and share a bottle of wine with those around him, trying his best to be as pleasant as he can be. But like the flip of a switch, business brings out the worst in him, and conversations can swiftly turn from idle chatter to discussions of dark deeds and the gil associated with their completion.

Two sides of the same coin, so long as that coin lands in his pocket.

Affiliations and Known Associates


  • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Fluid
    • Marital Status: Single
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Body: Lean and Toned. Athletic Type
  • Hair: Brown; Long, normally tied back
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Skin: Light Skinned


  • Gil
  • Wine
  • Lominsan shores


  • Impatience
  • Poor manners
  • Interfering morality


  • Bladed weapons - Axes and swords have been a part of every day of his life. Handling them for such times have given him a sense of familiarity with them.
  • Agility - With a body built for swift motions, he excels at shifting blows to a glance rather than absorbing them forthright
  • Temper - He maintains his calm under stress, attempts to provoke him into a rage often fall flat of their expected goal.
  • Firearms - As jobs began getting more difficult, Edmont found himself longing to put more distance between himself and danger. His training with firearms began, and he has quickly turned into a skilled user.


  • Raw Power - What he has in grace he lacks in raw power. Hits that land on his core stagger, and he would struggle to break through a strong bulwark with a brazen charge.
  • Selfish Nature - He comes first in all things. Helping another only if he things it may benefit him. Relationships viewed as commodities.
  • Greed - His lust for coin often leads him deep into danger, leaving him alone to fight his way out.
  • Vanity - Far too interested in his looks, meticulously caring for himself and only showing his unmarred skin to public eye.

Other Notes


He once was a devout of Halone. His life focused around the teachings of the Holy See, but since his exile and rise to criminal success that zeal has faded into doubt. Now coin is his king and religion, even when he has had his fill he always seeks out the next fix for his pocket.


  • He is quite the fan of wordplay, much preferring to engage in a bit of a dance around the topic before striking it head on.
  • He despises looking unkempt, constantly adjust his clothing to ensure he is looking his best.



The following rumours can be heard about Edmont, primarily around Limsa Lominsa and surrounding lands.

Common rumours

  • "Pleasant fellow. Seems like a proper man, through and through."
  • "Pretty sure tha' one has a stick eight fulms long rammed up his arse. Nev'r have I seen such an uptight bloke."

Uncommon rumours

  • "Heard he is a mercenary. Never seen him lingering around the boards though."

Rare rumours

  • "Heard he was on the run. Fellow was poking around Drowning Wench asking about, and his accent definitely wasn't from these parts."
  • "That one has blood on his hands. But you ain't heard that from me."

What PCs are saying

  • “His bold mix of evasiveness and charm do little to assuage my suspicion that he has something to hide. I suppose I will have to see what I find.” - Edda Eglantine

Known Haunts

You might have run into or otherwise know Edmont from:

  • Ishgard/Coerthas - The Sondraix family was disgraced after the accusations cast upon Edmont and his subsequent fleeing. It is said they hire out mercenaries and local knights to search for him and bring him back.
  • Lominsan Underworld - Edmont's dealings have brought him into content with a number of people, both directly and indirect. Those who surround themselves in such environments may have seen about.