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Ehn Harmonia EhnHarmonia Profile.PNG
Personal Data
Real Name: Ehnek'a Harmonia
Known Aliases: Ehn
Race: Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon
Age: ~20
Name Day: March 6
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Hair Color: Soft Green
Occupation: Odd-Jobs; Arcanima graduate
Relationship Status: Single
Known Relatives: Ehnek Harmonia (Mother)
Voice Claim: Milo Thatch


"If you know many things, but use them only where you learned them, then are you truly learning or do you just know a lot of stuff? Anybody can know stuff. The point of learning is to understand it too; that's why you have to learn from everything and be prepared to use anything.
All knowledge is interdisciplinary; that is why it's power."
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At first glance, Ehn seems like no surprise as an arcanist: bookish, curious, perhaps a lot better with carbuncles than he is with people. Even so he takes in the world with equal parts apprehension and curiosity, soaking up as much knowledge as he can while trying to navigate the terrifying world that is the social scene. Those willing to look past his nervous habits and lack of social graces will find a good-natured soul that's more than willing to step up and in his friends' corner when he's needed. He honestly is trying his best.

First Glances:
Ehn always seems to be wide eyed, be it out of anxiety or curiosity, gaze flicking from one thing to the next and ears constantly swiveling.
It's likely that Rascal--his topaz carbuncle--is not far behind.


Ehn is a lanky miqo’te man who, overall, can be described as pale. Pale skin, pale blue eyes, even light green hair often pulled back into a ponytail at the nape of his neck. In contrast, a pair of dark tattoos mark the sides of his eyes, matching the ones near the bridge of his nose. His only scars are faint ones at his neck, as if someone dragged their nails across the skin when their hand was ripped off.
With a style that could be considered ‘nice, but practical’, Ehn is often dressed in simple pieces, from a white tunic to simple ringbands to plain leather boots pulled up over the knee. The most elaborate thing on his person would be his green longcoat, accented in leather and embroidered in white and gold.

Aspects That Stand Out:
Ehn seems to have tailored his adventurer's garments for his own needs, such as storing ink bottles in potion holders and mounting his grimoire where a scabbard should be. Even the knife holder on his boot now holds an extra supply of quill pens.
There's a massive pearl earring on one ear that seems almost out of place on him. Despite this, he refuses to take it off, almost to the point of being downright defensive about it.


Ehn Moonchild.png

Ehn's first impression really depends on which person you ask. Some folks see Ehn as shy and anxious, preferring carbuncles over people and hiding behind books. Others might see him as awkward and blunt, with a tendency to speak what's on his mind even when it's not the most appropriate thing to say out loud. Others yet might see him as curious, and perhaps a little nosy when something's caught his attention. At his core, though, he is an anxious but well-meaning sort with a healthy appetite for soaking up what knowledge he can and sharing his findings later. He knows what he knows and is eager to learn what he doesn't.

Awkward and sort of shy, Ehn is not quite what someone would call much of a social butterfly. He often gravitates heavily towards familiar faces, and a group of complete strangers is usually met with poorly hidden nerves. His awkward ‘graces’ and tendency to say what's on his mind (even if it's not the nicest of things) can land him in trouble, and people’s understandably upset reactions either cause him confusion or anxiety (or both). Even so, a second glance and a little bit of patience reveals the friendly, well-meaning soul buried underneath. Earning his trust nets you a loyal ally that will have your back even at the cost of his own safety or sanity.

While best known as a member of the arcanist's guild, Ehn is still a member of the adventurer's guild as well, and it isn't really that strange for him to volunteer to come along on an questing party. He's a more studious side of adventurous, preferring to pour himself into quests out of knowledge and research rather than fame or glory. While he's happy in a library or sheltered settlements, he also finds enjoyment in wandering off the beaten path, taking in the world around him and observing the things that live in it.


Very few people know of Ehn's life before the Adventurer's Guild, and from the way he gets reluctant to talk about it, it's probably the way Ehn likes it.

Born as the only child to mother Ehnek and late father Fal'ir, Ehn (then Ehnek'a) grew up with his mother and his godfather Ghes'sae, who stepped in to help care for the family after Fal'ir's death. Between Ehnek's failing health and Ghes'sae's own unresolved resentments often causing him to make Ehnek'a a target, Ehnek'a lived an isolated and stressful life, having little time for socialization and instead busying himself with helping care for his mother or reading books in an attempt to stay out of Ghes'sae's way. While Ehnek was not happy with Ghes'sae's treatment of her child, she wasn't much in a position in both finances and health to turn his help away.

As Ehnek'a grew and his mother's health kept slowly declining, tensions between him and his godfather grew more. Ehnek'a often expressed desires to study arcanima in Limsa Lominsa; Ghes'sae always shut him down and emphasizing that he had to remain home and look after his mother while he went out to hunt. At first most incidents between the two were mostly verbal disagreements and shouting matches, but over time the disagreements began to get physical, Ehnek'a often earning slaps and threats in the later months for daring to stand his ground. Finally, on one of the nights that Ghes'sae went out to hunt, Ehnek pulled her sixteen-summers-old son aside and presented him with a beginner's grimoire; before he could ask where she got it, she hushed him further, quietly slipping him a stash of gil and a ticket for a ferry to Limsa Lominsa. With hopes of escaping before Ghes'sae caught him, Ehnek'a slipped out of his home and through the thick of the Shroud, only to run into the man as he was coming back home for a forgotten tool. Ehnek'a never talked about the fight that ensued, but the coming light of dawn saw Ghes'sae returning home with a blinded eye and Ehnek'a reaching the ferry with fresh wounds on his throat and one of his mother's large pearls dangling from his ear.

The ferry ride was mostly uneventful, the most interesting of events to come out of it was the eventual nicknaming of 'Ehn' from a joke by the ferryman. He immediately enrolled in the Arcanists' guild, and after a bit of coaxing from the guildmaster joined the Adventurers' guild not long after alongside his roommate. He proved to be an exceptionally gifted student, near flying through lessons and exams with impressive speed and understanding and graduating a little earlier than most studies. Even now, Ehn has taken his guildmaster's teachings to heart, especially about the bond between carbuncle and master, and continues his studies alongside "Rascal" to gain a deeper understanding of the critters and improve his geometries all around.


A gifted arcanist, Ehn relies on a grimoire and ink in the heat of battle. While he definitely knows his way around devastating spells, most of his technique involves working in tandem with Rascal, keeping the carbuncle at peak performance and dropping day-ruiners on their targets.
Rascal: Ehn's topaz carbuncle, and his go-to summon. Despite his name, Rascal is rather obedient in combat, often deployed as Ehn's main damage-dealing force. Predictably, Rascal is best for channeling earth-attuned magics, such as crystals or shifting grounds.
Weapons of Choice
Grimoire (Unbalanced Equations)
Topaz Carbuncle (Rascal)

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Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"That kid was at he top of his class; flew through his arcanima exams like they were nothing. Even that carbuncle he's always got summoned seems expertly solid and responsive."
"Does Ehn ever sleep? He always seems tired, like the moment he sits down he'll doze off."
"That kid can talk your ear off, but I hear he clams up entirely in front of a crowd. Poor guy."
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"The way he speaks to every animal he meets, it's almost like they can talk back. But that'd be crazy, right? ... right?"
"I hear the only exam he barely passed was the healing spells. He's top notch at everything else, though, which is kind of terrifying actually."
"I wouldn't corner him if I were you; I can name a few people that have come to regret it."
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"There's been whispers of a group researching the summoning arts... Ehn seems like he'd be their first pick to put their theories into practice on, doesn't he?"
"I hear he doesn't visit home anymore. Something about a fight he and his mom's caretaker had before he split."
"He's Ehnek's boy, right? I hope she's still doing all right; she's been sick for years, and his daddy's death couldn't have been easy on her..."


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

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