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Ul'dah-transparent.png Ellaria Althene
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"Only the one who has determined goal will be successful."
Professor, Senator, Chairman of Arcadeus, "Crimson Skillet", "Sleeping Phoenix"
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Ul'dah
Religion Thaliak, the Scholar
Age ??
Nameday 28th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
Height/Weight 2 ft 5 inches, 50 lbs
Occupations 43rd Royalist Senator of Ul'dah, Chairman of Arcadeus Corporation and Arcadeus Culinary, Professor and Grand Apothecary of Alchemy Guild
Server Balmung

Ellaria Althene has an original name as Elroro Eloro, but the only ones who knew her real name are the secret keepers of Ul'dah and her deceased family members. Ellaria was named "Ellaria Althene" by her close friend Anelia Sadowyn after accepting interest in Hyur cultures.

Ellaria was born on the Astral Night where there were multiple meteor showers happening in the sky. Many prophets believed that Ellaria was gifted with aether and magic, as well as knowledge and wisdom given by Thaliak the god of knowledge and wisdom, and Althyk - the surveyor of time and space. Ellaria was given the title "prodigal child", and was left in the great library halls of Ul'dah. For many years, many people have sought Ellaria for advice and wisdom. Some people also have sought her for many battle strategies, and prediction of weather. Her senses were sharp, yet she always had plenty of doubts in people.

Despite her time in the library all her life, Ellaria was able to quickly adapt into the society when she left the halls. She became the professor of Alchemy Guild less than two weeks from being a student, and also mastered her ways of cooking, and botany within a week. Ellaria had many interest in business, politics and military so she was involved and became the 53rd Senate of Ul'dah Council, as well as becoming the Council lady of royalist party. She looks over all at Immortal Flame, Sultana, and Sultansworns regarding political matters and military affairs under Flame General Raubahn. Also Ellaria's size did not stop her from excelling her physical training, where she is capable of fighting who was trained by Anelia Sadowyn for a month. Ellaria also has great interests in magic and aether to learn the ways of elements and magic of conjure and arcane. Without a denial, Ellaria was acknowledged by the high locals to be called "prodigal child". Ellaria's greatest political enemy party is monetarists of Ul'dah, and Lolorito of East Aldenard Trading Company. Ellaria also despises any smuggling parties, and outlaw crime organizations - which was why she joined Anelia's cause and helped her name the organization "Arcadeus".

Due to certain circumstances, Anelia Sadowyn has decided to leave Arcadeus to support Sultansworn once again and left the organization under Ellaria's hands. Ellaria has decided to change the ideals of Arcadeus into lesser military purposes and lesser paladin ideals; leaving the reasons that Free Company is really left for members to find their own true path of being good than force them to believe in good.



Given Name: Elroro Eloro: Her actual name when she was born from the name and adopted into the Ul'dah family among the Dunesfolk Lalafells.
Aliases/Nicknames: Ellaria Althene: Ellaria's name is named after Anelia Sadowyn, when they first met. Anelia believed that Elroro was a very weird name and should receive a Midlander's name. Ellaria accepts her new name as Ellaria Althene and registers it into Ul'dah citizenship.
Current Residence: None permanent, roaming.
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual













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Template credit goes to Deidre Taea
Ellaria Althene's Althene is actually referenced from "Athene" as Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom. Athena was well known for her great wisdom and also titled as the unofficial female version of goddess of war, when Ares was really the official god of war.
Ellaria's title: "Crimson Skillet" was actually referenced from the titles "Crimson Lightning" and "Red Comet" by the Japanese science fiction anime known as Mobile Suit Gundam. The anti-hero known as Char Aznable holds the title "Red Comet" while "Crimson Lightning" was given to Johnny Raiden.
Sleeping Phoenix title was actually referenced from The Romance of Three Kingdoms with two characters: Zhuge Liang of Sleeping Dragon and Pang Tong of Young Phoenix.

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