Ellavione Boudreaux

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Gridania-transparent.png Ellavione Boudreaux
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"Any seed will grow given the opportunity"
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Gridania
Age 31
Guardian Halone
Namesday 22nd Day of the First Astral Moon
Profession Chocobo Caregiver and Garden Master


♦ History -- WIP

Ishgard WIP
Ellavione, daughter of Barrimount and Lijette Boudreaux, grew up in a modest merchant household and spent most of her young years within the City State of Ishgard. Here she met and became engaged to her childhood bestfriend/sweetheart Leocroiux Chevalier - an up and coming Dragoon Knight. However, shortly before their Eternal Bonding day Leocroiux fell to a Draconian assault while patrolling the Hinterlands. This threw Ellavione into a depression where she secluded herself to her chambers just to watch the world go by from her window. After a year of mourning her father began introducing Ella into the family business.

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Chocobo Raising
Magical Studies
Exploring the Shroud
Relaxing in The Mist
Drinking Wine




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Saefinn Liljasson – She simply refers to him as Captain when addressing him or The Captain when describing him to other individuals. One of the only individuals she would trust with her life.
Strawberry Charlotte – Miss Berry is what she calls this Lalafell. Ella enjoys her company because Berry's kind heart and upbeat attitude brings back the fond memory of her mother.
Laura Stormblade – Her experience with Laura have been pleasant. However, she has yet to really see how Laura is in a more laid back setting. So far Ella sees this Highlander as some she would want at her side on the battlefield.
Laurenenne Tierney – Laur helps Ella not feel so 'on the outside' in a Free Company of pirates. Ella enjoys Laur's ability to speak her mind regardless of who is around.
Neviana Whisperwind – A former client and close personal friend. Though Neviana has began exploring lands beyond the Great Cities they often exchange letters.


Yoru Oshiguruma – Ella only recently met this new member of the crew. She is not sure what to make of the quiet AuRa, but he does have another Lesser Panda for Momo to play with.
Sasaki Haru – Nothing is much known about this woman to Ella other than her and her bodyguard(?) almost entered into a bar fight with the Captain.
Alaz Kha – She believes this AuRa to be Sasaki's bodyguard and does not know what to make of the two. He did however show he was extremely protective of his charge by almost engaging the Captain (with the crew standing behind him) in a bar fight so Ella gives him credit for guts.
Ryillin Duskwither – An extremely mysterious BlackMage who she only met once. But it seems he has a history with the Free Company.
Felicia Faram – Another new member of the crew she met recently. Ella does not know much but is looking forward to showing her how fun the Hunt can be.
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